Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Possible Interpretation of Torino Italy Crop Circle 2015

This Crop Circle appeared last June 2015 at almost the same time the crop circle appeared in southern England near the famous Stonehenge structure.  

Just like the Stonehenge crop circle, the ETs are definitely sending a message to us on Earth.  The choice of location for them to display this artistry means there is a significance to those locations.  This one appeared near the airport of Torino, Italy.  And Torino is near the border of France and Switzerland.  It must be telling us that the "ARRIVAL" of the ancestors of humanity is near!


There are 16 ornate design that surrounds the circle which probably imply the light of the Sun for the Year 2016.  And along with this 8 groups of series of Motherships all lined up headed towards entering the Solar System.  A total 128 of them.  The shaded black (filled) color means it is visually visible to the human eye.  While the blank (white) outlined color means it is cloaked so as to be invisible to the human eyes.

The Message is clear:  The Year 2016 and beyond will be the start of the Mass Landing on Earth of the Galactic Federation of Light.  

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  1. I thing that this crop-circle means how to biult a space ship. the base to biult a ship is the magnete, the triangle neans the pole negative and positive.The circle insaider is hold by magnete, the big triangle are movibile they can be open or close,