Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Teleportation Light Beam

 These Light Beams that we see in the sky according to Zorra are Teleportation Beams which are transporting some of the Galactics into the surface of the world.  Their missions are varied; and one of those are just to see and meet their twinflames on earth.  At the same time, for the mentors from the Galactic Federation to start 'teaching' the selected people of the Earth about what is to come into the future.

This means that light is really capable of transporting solid objects from one place to another in an instant.  Back in the year 2013 we saw another instance of the light beam, projected into the Malaysian aircraft just before it vanished from radar.  And according to Zorra and Billie those passengers of the aircraft are all safe inside the Hollow Earth as they were saved seconds before the crash using the teleportation beam of the Agarthans and or the people of Hollow Earth.  After the Galactic disclosure in the future, these passengers will then be allowed to return to the surface of the world. 

Several years ago there was an experimental/research done in Germany and that they were able to successfully transport a tiny solid object into another end of the light ray.  Meaning, they created a teleportation device.  But after that, we never heard anything about it again.  It must have been covered up in secrecy as they must have contemplated the industrial and military use of such a technology, including the danger or consequences if such a thing falls into the wrong hands.

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