Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Birth of Amy's Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant

From Manuel:  Amy stole my idea of starting a fastfood chain of vegan/vegetarian restaurants around the world.  But its okay as long as it promotes healthy non-GMO food supplies from organic sources of farmers who does not use pesticides and herbicides and serve only either vegan and vegetarian menus then I'm ok with that.   In the future, the world will know scientifically and medically that eating animal meat that was slaughtered do have a negative effect to the human body.  






Amy's Drive Thru is changing the fast food game — one vegan mac 'n' cheese at a time.

One of the nation's first vegetarian, organic fast food restaurants just opened and people can't get enough of it.


When you think about fast food, what comes to mind?

If you're like me, you probably start salivating as you imagine greasy burgers, gloriously deep-fried onion rings, and calorie-laden milkshakes. Yum.
Basically, this. Image via Thinkstock.


A new fast food restaurant in California is aiming to broaden that image by introducing a vegetarian option.

Andy and Rachel Berliner, the founders of Amy's Kitchen, originally launched their line of vegetarian frozen, canned, and prepackaged foods in grocery stores (you've probably seen Amy's organic, vegetarian, and vegan food in your local grocery store) after they found themselves frustrated with the vegetarian options available at the time.
Then the Berliners decided they wanted to take their mission one step further, envisioning a fast food restaurant where employees (who were paid a living wage plus health benefits) served vegetarian meals full of fresh local veggies.
That idea became Amy's Drive Thru, one of the first organic, vegetarian drive-thru restaurants in the country.

As of their opening in July, Amy's Drive Thru has proven to be a ridiculous success.

On opening day, Amy's served over 500 people — most of whom waited for more than an hour in line just to order. And although they expected business to slow a bit in the following weeks, the demand has just continued to grow.
There it is — the restaurant that vegetarian fast food dreams are made of. Photos via Amy's Kitchen.

Why the crazy business? An Amy's spokesperson told Upworthy that it's likely all about pent up demand. People love fast food, but they want variety. And Amy's is delivering.

Not to mention, the food at Amy's Drive Thru is getting rave reviews.

Amy's serves organic veggie burgers, burritos, mac 'n' cheese, pizza, salads, chili fries, and even milkshakes (and, yes, you can choose from dairy or non-dairy options). Every menu item at Amy's can be made either gluten-free or vegan as well.

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