Monday, September 21, 2015

Commentary: Significance of Russian Presence in Syria

Russia is indeed completely committed to help its ally in the Middle East which is Syria.  Russia is now very serious in sending its military equipments, soldiers and its expertise in helping the government of Syria.  The problems of Syria has escalated that the war inside there has protracted and had been prolonged for a more extended period of time.  And this has dire consequences to the civilian population of Syria.  The temporary camps that were setup near Syria like those in Jordan and Turkey are no longer capable of sustaining the influx of refugees fleeing their war torn land.  In addition to this, the extended period of time the war has been going on took its toll as it now lasted for more than four years since this war started; the people of Syria have no other choice but to seek foreign land in order to offer their families a better living conditions and a better future.  And this is the dilemma that we have right now.  The amount of refugees headed towards Europe is staggering.  The last time the world have witnessed something that much was during the time of World War II.  

What is the solution to this?  There's got to be an effort to end this war? The war in the beginning seemed manageable by the Syrian government. They thought back then that they can finish the rebellion right away. But how did it ended up lasting for long periods of time?  This situation seemed to reveal that this aggression by the rebels in Syria are not organized by just some fly by night Islamic group.  They obviously have fundings and supported by some "UNKNOWN" governments of the world who are hiding behind the veil of terrorism.  

And this is where Russia will come into the picture.


Russia to the Rescue

Russia had been patient for quite sometime.  Because many times in the past they were being blamed for all kinds of non-sense they did not do.  But now it is time for some action.  They are now making "MOVES" to find out who are the real SOURCE of support and mastermind for the so called "ISIS" group.  This militant group all of a sudden appeared out of nowhere and stole the centerstage of popularity away from Al Qaeda which makes Al Qaeda very jealous because before, they are the ones who used to be featured very often by the mainstream media.  And now the focus had been shifted away from them as though some UNKNOWN executives suddenly shifted gears and decided to create a new tele-series focusing on the new unfolding drama entitled: ISIS fighters.

"The build up and formation of ISIS can be likened to a drop of OIL in a garage floor that magically transforms into a magnificent sports car overnight - all by itself!" 

Russia feels that the ISIS or ISIL group who banded to form a militant organization inside Syria are not a new kids on the block kind of group who wanted to be popular.  Rather, they were hired and gathered together to do these kinds of things.  And that they are getting support not just funding but also military supplies and equipments from secret governments of the world.  This is what Russia is sensing in the current never ending drama unfolding in the Middle East.

And Russia wants to solve this mysterious support from other governments of the world once and for all.  The Russians are sending all their high tech equipments both heavy and light machineries in the Syrian territory.  This build up of Russian presence can indeed threaten the activities and existence of this militant group. 

With Russian presence in Syria they can then "CURTAIL" the movements of these revolutionary fighters.  Obviously, the only way why these fighters were able to last for several years against the government of Syria is that they must have OUTSIDE help. 

The Russian with the help of their newest communication equipments can also pick up the communications of these groups that is waging war with the Syrian government.  They will be able to find out if this group are indeed acting out on their own or are they secretly supported by other outside group or even governments of other nations.  The Russians will get first hand evidence as their equipments will pick up communication signals whether digital, analog and even encrypted forms of communications.  Whoever is behind this group will be busted as they will be revealed by Russia.  

The Russians are now observing the movements of the fighters within Syria using satellite imagery.  Any aircrafts that are flying inside Syria will be observe and monitored if they are indeed bombing the ISIS or they are helping ISIS.  This is what will become evident as Russia continues to make their presence felt inside Syria.  

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