Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Featured Book: The Gods of Clover

The Gods of Clover
a novel by Rita Bowles

Set in 1960s England, against a backdrop of village life and international events, Eileen Devonport comes of age juggling a depressed mother, a transsexual sibling, and an alcoholic father. Having promised her grandfather that she will write her own story, she must now come to terms with other stories being written alongside her own, jeopardizing the outcome of her every chapter, and requiring constant adaptation. Anxious and hyperactive, Eileen tells most of her story as she lives it, in a series of letters to a long-time friend, Ian. When the day-to-day business of keeping her younger siblings safe and fed begins to overwhelm her, Eileen’s dream of a university education begins to blur. Will friends and neighbours be able to guide her through the thorns and thistles of her adolescence to the threshold of total independence? Or will the needs of her mother and her younger siblings delay what she has fought so hard for? 

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