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Hollow Earth Networks BlogTalk Radio Show Transcript

Hollow Earth Network
Saturday, Aug 29, 2015
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Zorra Shakes Up Our Historical Reality,
Saryya Calms Our Nerves
Healing Pulse Offers Cancer Cures

Music ends [2:10]

Anne: I love that song. I love that song. Next to Zorra, this is my favorite part of the show; it just gets us off to such a good start. And for those of you that may be new when Zorra told us to use this song for our theme song and we thanked him, he said it wasn't his choice. He was told by Prime Creator that we should use this song. Isn't that wonderful?

Well good morning everybody. These shows do me good. Let's get the time line in. This is Anne DeHart in Southern Arizona welcoming you to our Hollow Earth Network Saturday morning call that we had to skip last week.

It was actually scheduled for last week but Zorra had an important meeting and couldn't make the call. He was meeting with Sananda and Prime Creator and [I'm forgetting the third].

Let's get the date line in. Today is Saturday, August 29, 2015. We have a schedule of two hours for this call. We can run into overtime so those of you that are listening on the telephone your call will continue, as will the recording of this on Blog Talk Radio, however those listening online, it will end for you abruptly in two hours.

I see that Zorra is here; not Zorra but he could be. The line is here. Also Leo in the Netherlands, I’ve got you spotted. Leo’s got a great story for us.

Well before we get going any further I’ve been asked – and if I forget I get sent back like a little kid, “You didn’t wash behind your ears yet,” – well I get sent back to do the invocation. So I don’t want to get scolded so let’s just do it. I’ve already done it for my own morning meditation.

INVOCATION -------------------------------

First we’re going to do the Violet Flame given to us by our beloved St Germain.

This is a Divine Dispensation given to those of us enduring what we endure here, and learning what we learn here, on the surface. We learn by our mistakes.

Ashtar and Sananda told us ‘don’t worry about human mistakes and frailties.’ When we make a mistake we don’t forget it; that’s the way we learn. But we also must learn to let it go -- it’s served its purpose -- and not let it pull us backward and downward and work against our own ascension. And so those lingering energies, now that the episode is over, we don’t want someone introducing the subject and then having old memories and unfriendly emotions show up. So let’s just take care of them.

It’s good to do this with your morning meditation in a series of four. That’s what our dear Peter Olsen has reminded us: Short affirmations are very powerful in a series of four. So I’m going to go ahead.

We stand with our feet flat on the floor, our hands down at our sides, palms facing beloved Gaia/Mother Earth, and we visualize – and there’s pictures of it on our website HollowEarthNetwork.com on our St Germain Quotes page (and also several other pages) – this cool, soothing, relieving Violet Flame coming up all around us. Coming up through the soles of our feet, the palms of our hands, and this is what we say:

I Am the mighty Violet Consuming Flame
Now and forever consuming all
past and present mistakes.
Their cause, their core, their effect, and their Akashic Record.

We’re free of it. Free! Whatever caused it in the beginning has been consumed. The core that it attached to is no longer there. The effect that it caused doesn’t linger. And the Akashic Record is clean again.

And our other invocation was given to us by our dear beloved Lord Ashtar to his dearly beloved Twin Flame Pallas Athena, my very dear friend. And she is very meticulous in taking down these messages that we often get from Ashtar through his own Twin Flame.

So we stand again with our feet flat on the floor, our hands up above our heads with our fingers pointing upward to our own beloved I AM Presence.

Now this is an internal thing when we bring this white Pillar of Protection down around us. It is generated by our own Higher-Self, right above us, so don't make the mistake of thinking someone can place a Pillar of Protection above us. That doesn't work. It's our work, it’s a beloved work to do, and it’s an internal connection.

And so we stand with our hands above our head, fingers pointing up and as we say this I like to just draw that beautiful Pillar of white light Protection down around me just like a snug cocoon, three feet around in every direction. So here we go.

Beloved I Am Presence, intensify your Protective Pillar of pure positive cosmic white light substance in me, through me, and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable, that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the light and keep it sustained. Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and to your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

So be it.
As above so below.

Here we are all nice and snug in our beautiful cocoons of White Light and ready for wonderful guidance and inspiration from our beloved Zorra.

I see hands are up already. I’m going to turn this over to Zaraya, son of Zorra, and his beloved dear Quazar. So I'm opening your line folks and there you are.

Quazar: Hello beloved Lady Nada and hello beloved brothers and sisters.

Wow! It seems like it's been a while since we've spoken to Zorra and of course we know that there's so much that has been happening most recently. So we have many things to cover today and we thank all of you for being here with us.

So without further ado I think I’m going to hand this over to Zaraya. I'm sure that Zaraya has a few things as well that she would like to share with all of us and then I'll take it back and by that time Zorra will be here and then we can proceed.


Zaraya: Okay people, beloved masters. I'm doing great. Well, health-wise I'm doing great.

Quazar: How are you doing with all these energies? How are you doing with all this transformation that's going on?

Zaraya: It's wonderful. I've been observing it. I've been observing it in other people around me, especially Quazar. She's changing in ways she doesn't realize.

Wild Fires, Drought, Ramtha, and You
There is a lot going on but first I want to address the [wild] fires that are taking place.

A lot of it is natural, not induced by anyone. Due to the drought the dry areas at a certain temperature, they burst into flame, the grass the trees and stuff, especially pine trees. They get to a certain temperature and they just burst into flame and it's not because of lightning, it’s not because of someone throwing a cigarette into the forest. It's just because of the drought.

The person or the Being that's in charge of that is Ramtha. So as my father has said before call on Ramtha to bring relief to those areas. And what I mean by bringing relief to these areas is really simple. Get a group together, hold hands in a circle and call on Ramtha to give relief to the drought stricken areas.

It may sound funny; it may sound stupid to some people; but try it, it works. A farmer up in Illinois did that with a group of people and the next thing they knew they had water for their crops. So it works people. You just have to be committed and steadfast in your understanding and belief. And above all: in one accord. Everybody has to agree on bringing relief to these drought stricken areas.

It's not going to work if you’ve got doubts. You have to be committed just like whenever you heal, you are committed to heal.

Everyone out there, me included, Quazar, everyone who realizes who they are, who realizes the god within them. We’ve given you the tools. We’ve given you the techniques, the healing techniques, the purification techniques and time after time after time people come back with the same thing, the same issues.

And we have told them over and over and over: they are gods; they are goddesses. They have the ability to heal. But they don't believe it because it’s been so ingrained into their knowingness through so-called higher education and religion. that you are limited beings.

Well eliminate that thought! You are unlimited … you are endless beings. You know I don't want to say unlimited. You are endless beings; you don't have an end. You don't have death. Don't let fear control your lives and you shouldn't let circumstances that are in your control take control. Because when you do that you lose your battle. So what you need to do, people in these drought stricken areas, get it in to your brain that you can do this -- you can eliminate your drought -- and do it.

Attitude is more important in trying to accomplish something then allowing fear to enter. So get rid of the fear. Get rid of the doubt and just go out there, contact your Godself simply by saying ‘The Lord God of My Being’ and put those fires out! Put that drought out. Get rid of it.

Your attitude, when people see a drought they say ‘Oh why are we having this? What have we done?’

If you stop and think, why are you having that? Because the thought was planted in your mind: drought, lack of water, lack of rain, and you fed on it. And the more you fed on it the more it became concrete. You need to break down that concrete and turn it back to the dust where it came from and bring the water, bring the rain. You can do it.


Quazar: Thank you Zaraya.

Zaraya: That's not from my father, that’s from me.

Quazar: I'm sure your father will have more to say on the matter also. So are you leaving? (Zaraya: In a minute.)

I can tell you this before Zorra comes, as far as the intensity of the energies that are beaming down on us you know for myself I have felt fluctuations in my emotions. I have felt a lot of things coming up to the surface and for those of you whether or not it's an illness whether or not it's a challenge that’s in your life, whatever it is that is coming forth on the surface for you, it is only for all of us to be able to acknowledge it and then to be able to transform that, transmute that into love.

Many times it's love for self because so many times we see ourselves as … again as Zaraya is talking about we have the power to make changes physically in this world.

It doesn't matter whether or not it's due to if we think it's due to the government, whether it's due to all the high technology that our governments are having out there to be able to control the weather; to be able to control us; to be able to control our finances; to control how we live. You know we have that power really to change that.

So these are the times for us when challenges are really coming at us. You know people feeling more poverty, feeling more lack. It's for us to be stronger because we are to realize we do have power to make those changes however little steps we take on a daily basis.

So I think that Zorra is about here. And I know that he has many wonderful things to share with us. I will ask Zorra out what that meeting was all about.

He'll talk to us a little bit more about the beams or tunnels of light that have been coming on to the Earth … quite a few things. What's happening with prosperity programs. Why are there continued delays and are we really this close with what's going on with the economy … so many things that we are being faced with right now. So with that …

For those of you who are new to this …
Anne: Jane/ Quazar I forgot to tell the new people what's going on here.

Zorra [Zaraya’s father] comes from Hollow Earth and his essence of being occupies Zaraya’s [aka Col. Billie Faye Woodard’s surface-Earth name] Earth-surface body. We just heard from Zaraya. Now Zorra and Zaraya are trading bodies. We’re in our fifth year of this so we're pretty used to it but there's always new people.

So the next voice we hear will be Zorra speaking to us on the telephone using Zaraya's body. And maybe he'll tell us where Zaraya is, in his father’s 15’-stature body; maybe in Hollow Earth, maybe in his beautiful new 2000’ diameter ship.

Then our beloved Quazar [Jane’s galactic name] will hear Zorra say “Quazar, bye-bye” which means she is going to trade bodies with Zorra's other half, Saryya, and we’ll be hearing Zorra and Saryya where now we just heard Quazar and Zaraya.

I have to think when I say all these names but I did it! So that's what's going on for you that are new. You've never been on a call like this before where the first two people become two new people as they trade bodies. But it's well perfected, we’re in our fifth year and looking forward to hearing from Zorra and maybe he'll tell us where Zaraya is in his body. And thank you Quazar I'm sorry I had to interrupt.

[Anne’s Higher Presence is Lady Nada which is why you’ll hear Zorra calling her by that name.]


Zorra thanks Anne for waiving her Ascension which allows this call.
Zorra: Indeed beloved Lady Nada and how be you this day?

Anne: Welcome Zorra. So good to have our call. We didn't know if we were going to have it this week or not. Where did Zaraya go? I was just telling …

Zorra: See what you would have missed if you had been gone. [Zorra recently asked Anne to delay her scheduled Ascension to continue mothering/providing support to the ever-expanding HEN family.]

Anne: Well you know I realized that this last week because there was a lot of vital information that I was putting out and sharing with people. And I thought if I wasn't here this couldn't have happened. So I'm happy to stay and serve because the information is so vital. But I'm ready to go too, Zorra!

Zorra: Oh I know you are. But you are still needed here. And everyone loves you more than you can possibly imagine. And your service will definitely be re-rewarded 100 fold for waving your ascension time. And that is wonderful.

Anyway. I want to address what is termed …

Quazar: Maybe you should tell them … the new people out there.

Zorra: All right. For you people out there who have never heard what is going on, if it is new to you -- you out there in Topeka Kansas and over there in what is termed Japan and what is termed as over there in Australia – you’re new. Well this is what is occurring.

What is known as trans channeling: You have channeling, normal channeling where someone sits in a chair and they receive information and they speak but they do not move, they do not get up. They sit in one spot. And they put on what is termed as a message comes through.

Many times the voice doesn't change at all. But in some cases it does. However especially in the case of what is termed a female giving a channeling in male voice or vice versa.

So what is happening now is my beloved Zaraya is off in my ship and he is what is termed over what is termed a place called Republic in what is termed the northern part this of the United States and the southern part of Canada. There is major fires up in that area and they are being observed.

Galactics/Ascendeds ready to extinguish wild fires. We need to organize and ask for help
Understand, our ships have the ability to snuff out fires and they will once the people ask. Once the people ask them to do so, they will. They are waiting for you to become what is known as One Accord. You know what that means One Accord?

It means agreeing on the same topic, the same subject. You are all scattered, not together. You need to get together. Bring yourselves together in groups and ask us to help you. We cannot, come unless you do ask. But you must ask in One Accord. That's the hard part. It's another test, indeed, Quazar.

It's a test for you to come to realize that you are gods and goddesses. Many gods and goddesses coming together in one place can do many wonderful things if they only realize they can.

So those in the droughted areas you want to change this? Change this! You are gods and you are goddesses. You have the power within you to change your portion of the world. All you have to do is come to the realization of what we are saying is true and not just hearsay.

We are not telling you are gods and goddesses just to make you feel better. We are telling you this because it is reality.

Use the power within you. Point your hands in the direction of the fires (if you're not in that area) and concentrate your love energy to that area to help those in the drought stricken areas. And send forth a beam of love to that area. The love will seed the clouds with rain … with love. And what will fall will be a loving rain.

Those of you that have headbands wear them while you are doing this because it concentrates your thoughts in a very powerful beam. When you do what is termed as face in the direction of the drought stricken areas and if you have what is termed as a healing rod, point it toward the sun and then you point it toward the direction of the drought stricken areas.

Create the rain clouds and let them fall, let the rain fall. Let the love fall. The answer is love.

Everyone who is in drought, everyone who is in what is termed different situations that is being harmful to their area, you can eliminate them. Eliminate the drought. Eliminate the cloudless skies. Create the clouds with your thoughts. Thought is the creator as thought always is. Whatever you think so be it unto you. So be careful what you think.

Quazar: Zorra so perhaps during the Healing Pulse maybe we can all concentrate on helping to bring forth rain to where the fires are to quench the thirst of the areas as well that have drought and we could do that, right? (Zorra: Indeed) Which will be powerful.


Direct quote: HAARP can control NOTHING
We had many questions in regards to the fires especially in Washington area even as it's moving toward Canada. What is causing all of that? We know the government has weather technology…

Zorra: Let me bring something to your understanding. First of all HAARP can control nothing.

Understand, the weather you are having has been because of the way you are thinking. Understand HAARP has no control over weather.

What has control over weather is Mother Terra; what has control over weather is our ships; but not … NOT your government facilities. Nothing that your government has created can control the weather at all.

Quazar: So what does HAARP control?

Zorra: They think they control the weather. They control nothing.

Understand machines can easily be manipulated. Indeed. They may think they are controlling something and they say they do what is termed as supposedly turn a hurricane toward a certain direction. They think that HAARP did this. HAARP did not do that.

What did that was Mother Terra. Sending the storm to where it was needed. [To Quazar] I'm speaking of hurricanes. The storm, the area was in need of water or it was in need of something else.

The fires as Zaraya has said, many fires that have started were not intentional. They were just because of weather. Some because of lightning strikes and some because of what is termed as the temperatures in those areas causing the trees to burst into flame.

So not all fires are intentional. Some are. But these are not.

Understand intentional fires are controlled fires meaning they have a specific purpose, intentional. Meaning they're clearing an area or whatever, but we have already cleared the areas that we need to have cleared. These fires are not of our doing. They are of the weather and they are of nature. [Quazar: inaudible]

Lightning doesn't have a direction it just strikes, so it has no direction and causes fires. Understand the drought stricken areas, ones that have had no rain for many, many days weeks even months, people are all thinking, ‘oh it is HAARP doing it,’ or it is something of this doing it.

It is of your own creation. That is hard to say but understand it; what it means.

Once again, we need to change our verbiage
Reprogram our intent
Your world has come to a state of mind individually where your programming needs to be reprogrammed and here's how you do it: by eliminating the thought. Eliminating the word ‘drought’ from your minds. Eliminating the word ‘fires’ from your mind. And replace it with thoughts of love, thoughts of beauty, thoughts of restoration, thoughts of creation.

Fire is destructive what is termed and drought is destructive, so change your attitudes, change your vocabulary and you will change your weather. I can assure you of that.

Many areas that do not have drought do not have drought why? Because they have thoughts of beauty, they have thoughts of restoration, thoughts of love. That's why they're not in drought. But when the thought is planted in someone's mind and becomes culminated/collected, you create a warp or a drought/spot in an area and then it becomes drought stricken.

Anne: Zorra, I would think that all of the news broadcasts (Zorra: Doesn’t help) and all of the drama that is fed to people every day (Zorra: Of course) with these very words you said we shouldn't think of is in fact programming people for what they don't want.

Zorra: It is indeed. When you watch a news broadcast of a fire or you see a flashing sign on the freeway block it from your mind. Just erase it and send forth love instead. You can actually turn off that sign by thoughts of love and by thoughts of recreation; thoughts of what is termed healing the planet.

Heal the planet. Bring the rain. You can do it. You have the power.

Many of you doubt you have power. For you new peoples, I want to do a simple practice. You are going to surprise yourself. Rub your hands together take them 18 to 24 inches apart and then bring them together very slowly. Go ahead it may sound silly but try it. You there in Topeka go ahead.

There you are keep coming together you will feel as if you are pushing against a force. Keep coming together. You will begin to feel a heat between your hands. Did it shock you? Oh indeed. That is because that is your healing power beloved god and goddess.

That is what you are. You are gods and you are goddesses. We taught you this in the Old Testament and we taught you that in the New Testament. So marvel not what I do for greater shall you do if you only believe that you can. And beloveds you can.

God said, “Let us make man in our image and in our likeness and with our powers and abilities. We also brought that to you, the truth of the Scripture: You are gods and goddesses, never doubt that. Know that you are healers from the smallest child to the eldest of elder, you are all healers every one of you. Whether you are incarcerated or whether you are in bondage, you are still a healer. It matters not. All the population of this planet are healers. Once they realize that this world is going to change asap as you term it.

So, and also bringing also forth knowledge of the Pillars of Light.


Quazar: Before we go over to the Pillars of Light Zorra, this is since we’re still talking about the fires (Zorra: Indeed) this is from one of our beloved HEN people. She says here in the Rogue[??] Valley in Klamath we’ve had unhealthy to hazardous smoke all month. We know the cabal caused the drought in the first place … [Zorra: inaudible] … okay.

As Ashland and Shasta have more vegetarian and spiritual people per capita than almost anywhere in the United States other than Sedona and perhaps Asheville, North Carolina, and we’re doing all we know with meditation asking for help from the Masters and Galactics. Why is there no relief?

Zorra: I have answered that.

Quazar: Okay. Well if there are people there that have already been meditating why is it not having the power to do so?

Zorra: I just gave them instruction on what to do. Once you have meditated then go out and point your hands, palms outward in the direction of the fires. And with your love intention send a powerful beam in that direction in the sky. It will bring rain clouds it will bring loving rain to wash away. You know what to do. Now is it up to you to do it.

Do it in love. Do not fear. Get that word out of your minds, ‘fear.’ Replace it with love. ‘Fires,’ get that out of your mind. Replace it with rain.

You have the power, you have the tools, you have the instruction now, and you have the power to accomplish your desire. Now all you have to do is come together in One Accord.

I am not speaking of two and three, I am speaking of fifty, a hundred. That is hard to do. Get a group of you together, a large group together, and send your love intention to the areas you wish to change and you will change them.

And get the thought out of your head that your government caused this or the cabal. The minions do not have the power to do that and the cabal seniors are gone.


Attention Americans: Our True Colonial History
Now I wish to address what is termed as your … this is going to be a wake up call for all Americans.

How many of you think that you are paying your taxes to your government? Oh I see hands rising. This is funny and yet it is also tragedy.

Your government agreement's with the United Kingdom hierarchy. Your government was never and has never gained independence from England, never! It was a show of good what is termed allowance if you will. Your 1776 was an allowance from the Crown. That is what it was.

And the thoughts that you are free from the Crown was the Declaration of Independence, all well and good. However your taxes go to the Crown. They do not stay in America.

And that first it goes to what is termed IRS. Then from there it goes into the Federal Reserve and from there it goes to the Queen of England. Does that surprise you? Why should it? Even your national anthem is God Save the Queen … the music is God Save the Queen. Think of it. Same music different words but it all means the same. You are under the rule of England … always have been. I know that is shocking for many but it is true.


Away with the IRS
Quazar: So then the question begs when is the IRS leaving?

Zorra: Here we go with dates again!

Quazar: Well, then how about time frames, Zorra.

Zorra: Sooner than you may expect it will happen. It began, many things were started back on what is termed the 17th of August in different parts of the world, in America. Now understand it was the beginning not a completion but a beginning and the beginning of what is termed the abolishment of the IRS and also debt forgiveness.

Soon many people are going to be receiving letters of forgiveness from what is termed debts. They are going to be coming from creditors. Many creditors are already going out of business because they have been told that what they are doing is illegal and therefore they are shutting down are being shut down by US marshals. So change coming? Yes. When? I will not give a date.

Where RV exchanges are happening
Quazar: Since we are already on this topic Zorra what is the update on the GCR and the RV?

Zorra: [Laughing] I knew you were going to ask that question! It is going on as we speak.

I understand you do not see it but we do. And we are observing, we are watching, and as I have said before there has been exchanges taking place. In America and in Europe and also in what is termed in Russia and parts of what is termed India there are definitely exchanges going on. They are private groups that are going but they are not allowed to say anything because they have signed what is termed an NDA. You know what that means nondisclosure agreement. Yes?

Quazar: So and I know you can't give us any dates Zorra but you know with all of the energies coming now we would like to see it happen before the end of September. What do you think about that?

Zorra: And what is the word I'm going to tell you?

Quazar: “We shall see!”

Zorra: “Manifest!” [Quazar laughing] Not ‘we shall see.’ Manifest it.

Quazar: All right. In regards to the relationship to the exchange already occurring and the debt forgiveness as well as the IRS abolishment already beginning on its journey for revelation. Now has this also triggered … (Zorra: If you mean NESARA …)

So NESARA will be coming shortly. Did all of that also trigger the markets going down/ way down? (Zorra: Yes!) So tell us a little bit about in a larger picture.

Zorra: People are panicking in what is termed the New York Stock Exchange because things are occurring so rapidly that it is causing fluctuation on the downward side of the markets. Indeed.

The markets are not the economy. You are. You have the answers. You have the tools to accomplish your desires to change your world. You have the power to do it. You always have had it you just did not realize it.

Quazar: I guess what I just wanted to confirm is that this is all on a positive trend for our prosperity to come.

Zorra: It is indeed.

Quazar: Okay. So do not be in fear, it's all right …

Zorra: And do not get rid of your dinars either or your dong or your zim or your rupiah. Do not cash it in because you will not get much for it anyway at this time. (Quazar: You have to persevere.) Indeed.

Persevere, commitment to your desire, and manifest. I cannot stress this more. Manifest what you wish to come to pass.


BEAMS OF LIGHT as seen around the world
Welcome/Welcome Back Mentors, Ambassadors

Quazar: Okay Zorra. Well Zorra tell us a little bit about the beams of light then.

Zorra: I started to do that. I was stopped. [Laughter]

Quazar: Yes you were. Sorry Zorra.

Zorra: Now understand the colors of light or beams of light as you term them, when they come down many are very wide, many are very narrow.

And who got precedence over us last week?
They are beaming down different groups of mentors and ambassadors. And the reason why there was not a call last week because me, Prime Creator, Archangel Michael, and Sananda met with them in a place called Tellos beneath Mount Shasta. From there they were dispersed.

But there are going to be many more coming. Many more colors of light or beams of light. They're going to be coming in great number they're going to be much wider as existence proceeds. And the wider they come, the more groups that are coming.

And soon they will be knocking on your doors so prepare your home. Get your house in order. You are soon going to have a visitor and many people have already had a visitation. Yes? Indeed? (Quazar: [??] visitor)

Zorra: Not us. Many peoples throughout the world, in different parts of the world, has already had a mentor come. You know of one do you not Lady Nada?

Anne: A close friend of mine told me that she was told, “I am …” and then the name was given and she says, “I am one of your mentors.” She was told that within.

Zorra: Indeed. Soon the mentor will be knocking on her door.

Ambassadors to Seats of Government
Anne: Tell us about the ambassadors Zorra. What is their role?

Zorra: The ambassadors are going to what is termed to seats of government. They are going to appear as a candidate and they are going to win.

They're going to be placed in what is termed seats of government which will bring about the new governance. So there are many in Washington already now. There are many in Paris France, in Moscow, in England, they are all prepared and ready to take their place. So your governments are going to change whether they want to or not.

The time for allowance is passed. Now we are stepping in … or the Galactics are. I know it is good news.

You are going to see changes taking place in the Vatican. That's a big one. And the Queen of England will be stepping down.
She will be stepping down. Understand ones that were causing the conflict on the earth between governments is being removed. Families, hierarchy as you term it. And soon the United States and all other countries will be free, independent. It will truly be a celebration of independence. But not a Fourth of July!

Quazar: Those are the Chinese fireworks Zorra.

Zorra: Indeed. So there are changes taking place. Just go out and look out into your area into Mother Nature. See the green of the plants and the green of the foliage. And even in those areas of drought you are going to see areas of green very soon.

Zorra asks Ramtha on our behalf to bring rain
But we still must act on One Accord
I have contacted Ramtha and I have contacted his what is termed his assistance. And they are going to visit the areas of drought and do away with it. That is part of it, areas of drought were many fires did originate.

So, but that does not mean you sit back and wait. Take action. Get your groups together, get your Lightworkers together that you know in your area. Get them all together and have what is termed as a meeting out in a field. Get as many as you can, the more the better, and send forth your intention of love into the sky.

Create rain clouds in your area. Think rain, think rain clouds, no lightning, rain. Just rain no lightning whatsoever. You do not want turbulence, you want rain. No tornadoes.

Pyramids Create Tornado-Safe Zones
Speaking of tornadoes, in areas in the United States you have what is termed as areas that are prone to tornadoes to have them what is termed Tornado Alley. If you wish to eliminate Tornado Alley it is simple.

The states that are in line of Tornado Alley need to do the following: create or build pyramid structures. You want it to be the same dimensions as the Pyramid of Giza. Sounds very strange, yes? Here's why.

You do not have to build the actual complete pyramid just the outline of it. And then you will encircle the structure -- whatever you build it from, you want something that is nonconductive, nonmagnetic if you will -- you want copper cable to spiral down the sides that create the form and also on the base.

You also want to make the base not perfectly square. You want to indent the sides at least 6’ to 12’ inward and then from the sky it would look like a four-point star.

And then take the copper cable and encase the bottom as well. When you do this the following will occur: lack of tornadoes.

By doing this you create a line of pyramids that will literally obliterate tornadoes completely.

You can make miniature ones too for your own specific household and it will keep away the tornadoes from your home. Put it on top of your house. This may seem ludicrous to many. It may seem crazy too much, but I can tell you it works. That will eliminate tornadoes from your Tornado Alley to do that. Those areas that were stricken with tornadoes, cities that were stricken with tornadoes; if they would have had one of those pyramids in the vicinity or in the center of their community they would not have had a tornado.

So now you have another tool to in essence control weather. [Quazar: inaudible] It is wonderful to have pyramids in your home. If you wish to have better sleep put one above your bed. If you wish to have a pest free home make one that encompasses the entire property. And I have told you how to do that.

Quazar: Okay Zorra maybe there are some questions before our testimonials.

Zorra: Indeed. Let us have some more questions Lady Nada.

Anne: Does Quazar have any because you might be saying bye-bye to her in a minute.

Quazar: No I think we addressed everything already.

Leo Loves Soul
Anne: Before you leave Quazar, since you were a part of this, let me open Leo's line from the Netherlands. Because he has a great story and I believe Quazar and Zaraya were part of it. Come on Leo your line is open.

Leo: Hi this is Leo. Can you hear me? (Zorra: Indeed) I've listened to all the calls for the past few months and trying to get up to speed.

I bought Soul, six-months of product like a big box of 20 kilos. I finished the first box and I've noticed a lot of improvement in my overall health. And it's getting better. I'm recovering from a burnout and everything that helps is very much welcome. So it's getting better every day. I take three sachets before dinner and yeah, it's going well.

Anne: Leo, do you mind if I read your letter just to kind to reinforce and let me see if I have this right.

You said Soul from Rain International you said: “It is a product I’ve started to take a week ago,” one week ago [emphasis added] and there's 30 packs in a box.

And you said; “Soul from Rain is a product I started to take a week ago. My first box is empty. I take three sachets a day.” They’re little individual servings of these highly concentrated seed juices. And then you said: “I just feel noticeably better and have noticeably more energy. It's not something specific but I just feel better overall. My body is getting the nutrition to function properly I think. I felt a connection with this product so I ordered 20 kilos for half a years supply.”

That is so … what a … there are people that are really envying you with a half-a-year’s supply of Soul! “I'm recovering from a burnout so everything that helps me recovering is just tremendous. I can recommend it to anyone who needs a supplement to function and/or perform better.”

And this is from Leo in Valadium the Netherlands. That was so nice of you to write that nice letter. I didn't want to let it go to waste and to have you on the call verifying it as well Leo.

Leo: Thanks. No problem.

Anne: Quazar are you still here?

Zorra: Leo do you have anything specific you wish to address?

Leo: No not specific I can recommend it to anyone. It's a good product. I've noticed I can determine a good product because of the detox (Zorra: Indeed) It detoxes very well so it's a good indication for me that it works. And it's also handy as a snack in between meals. So I snack a lot less, you know like candy bars and that kind of stuff. But yeah, it's good.

Anne: You're taking three a day did you say Leo?

Leo: Yeah, approximately, sometimes four. Sometimes I forget and just two a day but roughly 3 a day.

Anne: Do take it with meals, between meals, how do you take it?

Leo: Usually between meals on an empty stomach.

Anne: Oh, very good. Well that's wonderful news. What time is it in the Netherlands now? you said you were getting ready to fix dinner when you sent this e-mail.

Leo: Yeah it's like just before dinner. It's like seven o'clock here at the moment.

Anne: Oh well that's a good time. You didn't have to get up in the middle of the night.

Well Leo we’re very grateful for your sharing this and I know there's a lot of people that are wishing they were in your shoes with a good solid stockpile of the Soul. And you didn't have anything specific wrong with you, you just needed strength and energy and focus and determination and upliftment. How about your mind? Does that make your mind and your consciousness go higher?

Leo: Yeah I could just … it sounds maybe weird but I could think more clear, better. You know my concentration is better. I can concentrate on a book longer. So if I'm writing an e-mail it doesn't take more energy, it takes less energy when I took Soul.

Anne: That's what we're all looking for. We want clarity and upliftment of consciousness. I better get going. Thank you for your thoughts on this and sending both the e-mail and joining us on the call today. Thank you Leo. Bye.


Where have all the bird’s songs gone
Anne: Oh I want to read something, Zorra, before we get into this. This man asked me if I would personally ask you.

He is in the UK, in England and he says: “I live in the countryside. It really is beautiful where I am like heaven on earth you could say. Over the past month or so now I get up early here in the UK most mornings about 4:30- 4:45. I like the sunrises. But with those sunrises and just before the dawn here in the UK and especially where I live, there has been no dawn chorus.

The birds have not sung at all. I usually hear a robin or a blackbird and then the rest joining in. For the last month or more also the evening chorus has stopped. I find this totally unusual. Even in the fields the sheep this year have been ever so quiet.

I have noticed a lot of changes and yet most are oblivious to what is happening. As you can guess what the question is dear Zorra, is this happening all over the world as part of our ascension? Our friends the birds and all our four-legged friends in field and plain letting us know that it is changing? Are these the signs people should be noticing as we approach our ascension as well?”

This was from John. Can you comment on that Zorra?

Zorra: He is correct in his assumption that it is a sign of the ascension. Plus the energy that is coming upon the earth will be causing much of this.

There is nothing to be concerned about, just the absence of song, but they shall return once the birds have become fully acclimated to the energies coming in. And they are being quiet because they are in an expectant mode. And it is happening all over.

It is not happening right here. The birds here squawk a lot but, of course, that's because they are being fed so they are squawking. But in other places the same is happening.

Anne: And he said in the last month -- and of course this new wave of energy began 15 August and that's just been a couple of weeks or so not quite a couple of weeks but everything is being affected then. That's good. That makes us more aware of this. Thank you. Thank you John and thank you Zorra.

Zorra: Indeed. Goodbye Quazar.

Anne: [Laughing] Goodbye Quazar. That means Saryya will be here very shortly. She and Quazar are trading bodies right now.


LISTENER QUESTIONS -------------------------

RV debut to be leaked on YouTube
954: Hi I'm Joe from Florida. I was just curious are we still going to hear from the RV before the end of the month like you said?

Zorra: That is the plan. However it may go into the next month as well. It is still coming in soon you will be seeing signs of it. There will first piece start to be begin to show up on your computers what is termed as YouTube. So watch it. Watch for changes.

954: Oh that's awesome. Thank you.

Anne: All right. Well that's interesting. We appreciate your question.


Her vibration is lifting and it’s appearing as light
239: Yes, hi this is Diana I'm in Southwest Florida. Just recently I have noticed that where the third eye as you call it is, is beaming light now. Sometimes it's violet. I'm just wondering when it changes color like that when it's violet doesn't mean everything around me needs to be transmuted or is it just doing it because it knows what to do now? And sometimes it's just white and sometimes it's violet. A lot of light-body growing going on here.

The light is coming from my forehead it's like a beam light and sometimes it's violet and I was wondering if that meant I needed transmute energies around me. Sometimes it's white, sometimes it's calm, sometimes it's gold. And it's got to be a light body change so if you could explain what that means, please, what's happening.

Zorra: You’re up my dear.

Saryya: Indeed. Beloved master. This is I, Saryya.

Your third eye is opening up beautifully. It is for you to realize what those colors are for you. Many things around you are changing. Different frequencies of energies are coming out. Those are different frequencies that you are experiencing. So when you realize the frequencies and what they mean you will become even more conscious. Your vibration is lifting beautifully. They do have meaning. It is for you as well to go within to find out the meanings of the colors, for you to realize what you can do with these frequencies that are coming around you. Anything else?

239: Okay thank you I will meditate on them then.

Saryya: Indeed.

Anne: Well what good news!


Questioner wants specifics on pyramid building
[Hint: Check previous calls for details provided by Zorra and Zaraya. Or Google Pyramid of Giza)
609: Hello. Hi there. Zorra my name is Denise I'm in New Jersey.

A couple of quick questions. Zorra just spoke about the pyramids that you can make, one for over your bed for sleeping and one for over your house to rid it of pests. Are these pyramids that can be purchased or do they have to be made and if so on what scale? And also you mentioned the pyramid a pyramid that could be built in Tornado Alley. Who is sending this information to the officials in that area? And his voice kind of trailed off so I don't know if there's somebody taking down exact dimensions and exact ways that that should be built and who's getting that information to the people in that area who can possibly build it.

Zorra: What is termed as engineers can make it and what is termed as homebuilders could also build one. But they need to be very large, extremely large. Ones the size of Giza would be appropriate. However if it is not feasible to make one that large make one of a smaller scale, but preferably make one the same size.

609: You’re same for the ones that you hang over your bed they should be made off of the same scale?

Zorra: Well of the same type of the same measurements but scaled down from the pyramid of Giza.

609: Is anyone making these where they can be purchased?

Anne: Yes I've seen them online.

Zorra: Dr. Flanagan is one. Russell Michael.

Anne: Yes if you go online and search for pyramid's you'll have a selection and I believe he shows up.

609: Now you're saying to search YouTube for information.

Anne: No, the internet, go to Google not YouTube.

609: And you're saying you'll see it on YouTube first to watch for changes

Zorra: Speaking of what is termed as the RV or the GCR. It will show up on YouTube first before it shows up in the media.

609: Specifically we will search on Google for the RV. We’re not going to search RV are we in Google?

Zorra: There are groups around the world private groups around the world that are exchanging. And it is inevitable that someone is going to leak the information because of just the way people are. And it is going to appear on YouTube before it is in the mass media.

Anne: Zorra, can I ask? You know all of us in the HEN family, many of us did register with a private group a year ago. It's one of the original groups so in fact the original members were a bit upset when they saw that we were joining their group. But we are in. Can you look at that group specifically and give us any idea of the timeline for their exchange?

Zorra: They are meeting with what is termed the members of the Dragon family very soon. They are going to be called to a meeting. So I will not give a date or a time when this will occur. I will say it is eminent.

Anne: Oh that is good.

Protocol for healing others
Help heal loved one by not standing in their way
609: Can I ask another question? Specifically on healing. (Zorra: Indeed) We are all gods and goddesses that we can all heal. Is there anything we can specifically do for healing of a person degenerative bone or spinal bone degenerative diseases?

Zorra: Yes indeed. You could do what is termed as rub your hands together placing one on one side of the body one on the other side of the body directly opposite the other hand. That creates what is termed as a completed circuit. Understand? And as you do that call forth the Lord God of Your Being to send forth the healing to that individual or to yourself whatever may be the case.

609: Okay I did that to my [inaudible] who is 93. I'm hoping he can stay with us through this whole ascension process.

Zorra: And who are we speaking of?

609: My father John. He is 93.

Zorra: Indeed. You may ask him a question. Ask him a question as to what whether or not he wishes to remain here with his pain or whether he wishes to go home. Wishes to remain in this body being afflicted or to go to a higher existence, one of fifth dimension, ascend. That is a question that can be given or asked of those that are what is termed close to their time for ascension. Many wish to remain, many wish to go. It is their choice.

609: Well so far he's doing good and maintaining and I told him he might get a chance to ride in a spaceship. So he's looking forward I think.

Zorra: Indeed. So ask him that question and what ever answer you receive will be his answer.

This we do always do what is termed when we are going to administer healing to someone directly you always ask them first if they wish it. Do not try and heal someone without their knowledge or without them wanting. Otherwise it will negate it.

609: Right. I've heard you say before and I've read it in the Bible as well. (Zorra: Indeed) I've been doing reconnective healing so I'm going forward with that.

Zorra: Indeed. My beloved may have some to say about this.

Saryya: Beloved master, you as a healer know as a different modality to assist in the healing process. You are through your particular classes that you have taken have an understanding of how to communicate with your loved one as well as with their higher self to see if this is for their highest good.

Any healing that to do with their permission if they cannot speak you ask their Higher Self. You will intuitively receive the answer and then you may proceed. Even if one is deciding to ascend without their body then they also can be healed in the process. So it is not so difficult for them on a physical level. You will help to move them into a higher dimension so that they are accepting of this decision.

609: Yes I know it can also work that way as well.

Saryya: Indeed.

609: And the reconnective healing modality you're saying is an assistance to healing bringing the light and information.

Saryya: It is. All healing that is from love will always be healing in one form of another.

609: That's good to know. And I will check with my father again.

Saryya: Indeed.

609: He's been saying for years, ‘they know something they're just not telling us.’ [Laughter]

Anne: Wise words for sure.

609: Yeah, wise man.

Zorra: Indeed he is.

Anne: Thank you. You know Zorra that makes me want to ask because I think others might be having the same question. Before one offers healing they ask do you want the healing or do you want to go home.

Now, what about those that want to go home. Can they initiate somehow a request and easily slide across then if they do want to go home? Is there any procedure for people who choose to go home?

Zorra: They can simply ask to go home. And if their companion -- not speaking in the physical but their companion, one that is watching over them -- will address it accordingly.

Anne: So it's the part of the companion to allow them [to stay or ascend] and [we are] not to cause internal conflict: ‘He wants to go home but I want you to stay.’ We don't have that right do we?

Zorra: No you do not. It is an individual choice.

Anne: And loving support of their departure is the kindest thing that we can do.

Saryya: Indeed. It is about letting go and have them go on their path, which ever they choose. The companion is there to give support and allowance. Let it be so with love.

Anne: Okay, thank you.


864: Hi Anne, it’s Sephora in South Carolina. How are you all today? I’ve got an observation, a question, and a couple of updates for you.

My dad is doing better. I spoke to him three days ago on his birthday to wish him a happy 66th birthday. And Zorra I did let him know that I had asked you for help in healing him. He expressed gratitude, said tell him I say thank you and I appreciate it. And he also asked a question I hadn't thought about.

He said when I spoke to him and told him that you are from Hollow Earth. He said is he one of the ant people? [Zorra laughing] I said honestly I don't know I didn't think to ask.

Zorra: I am not an ant, no. And what is he referring to?

864: I know what he is referring to. He is referring to our indigenous people, referring to the 15th feet tall people from Inner Hollow Earth as ant people because they come up out of the ground.

Zorra: [Laughing] You’re speaking of the Agarthans. I'm not an Agarthan, no. I am a Lemurian.
I have a turquoise green skin.

864: All right. I’ll let him know and thank you for helping.

Something I thought about earlier during when Zaraya was speaking earlier saying love is the answer. Today is what would have been Michael Jackson's 57th birthday. He has a line in the song I Just Can't Stop Loving You, exactly those words: “Love is the answer.” He was trying to tell us all. I have my suspicions about who he really is or was but I won't say it on the air. All I'll say is am I correct?

Zorra: Say it on the air.

864: Archangel Michael.

Zorra: No.

864: Hmmm. There are a lot of things he did and said that pointed back in that direction. Specifically naming his youngest son Prince Michael. There's only one Being that's known by that that I am aware of anyway.

I also have a bit of an observation and maybe a message for everyone. I've had cardinals flying into my living room windows every day for the last four or five days. As matter of fact I've had a female cardinal fly into the front living room window about 20 minutes ago trying to get into the house. (Zorra: Indeed) Nature is trying to tell us something. (Zorra: Yes) It's as if they're trying to say let us in. And as a cardinal right outside the window that's open sitting there singing in agreement with what I'm saying. (Zorra: Indeed)

All right that was all I wanted I had to say. Thank you so much for the help Zorra it's appreciated. (Zorra: indeed)


Immediate Gratification: Following Zorra’s instructions, she felt rain in wild fire area
509: Good morning. Patty in Spokane, Washington. I took a moment and went outside and put my hands up in the air because of the smoke and the fires here and rain hit me on the nose. Yes it's starting to rain here. And I was a volunteer firefighter 30 years ago so I know a lot of about fire and I know that through the HEN group I have learned how to be what I have to be.

I'm having a little difficulty with this choose-to-go or choose-to-stay only because I'm 64 years old and I got cancer four years ago. My doctor said I was going to go in 2 years. But my Higher Self keeps going ‘you are staying here!’ And I keep going ‘really?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Yes really.’

So I'm going to just stay here and keep doing what I'm doing. I did the Soul and Core every day for one month and felt great. Ran out of money; just about to get some more money in September; gonna order; and I'm gonna do this alive! I don't want to do it dead! I want to do this alive. [Laughing]

Zorra: Indeed. Understand beloved there is no death.

509: Oh I know. But I want to keep this body. It's not that bad! (Zorra: indeed)

Anne: Thank you. And thank you for your good rain work.


A Sovereign Trust Suggestion
860: Good rise and shine! This is Nadia from Connecticut. I love to listen to all your calls, Zorra and Zaraya, but it's wonderful. And I would like to tell all the peoples, so many questions where you give now for Zorra, it's already answered. In one wonderful site is www.sovcpr.com Sovereign Civil Peoples Rights. And they have a trust and every one of you including children grandchildren can go on that website sign for Bathsheba and Esther Trust. It’s a redemption list. This is money for all humanity in the world. 197 countries in world. You can have your family [abroad?] everybody. You don’t need to look for exchange which is going to be happen anyway but you will surprise what waits you in the future now. It’s not about the money. Something more.

I listen yesterday. Three judges [interference/ inaudible] … and they looked to me like Galactics. They are with all the heart and love from them. Not the guys we know in the regular court. It’s many archive here. You can listen in … [interference/ inaudible]

Anne: Your line is really getting some interference here. It keeps coming in on top of you but thank you for sharing with us. Okay honey. I’d better scoot.

860: Love and Light!


Recommendation of Dr Robert Morse,
Arcturian Healer
352: Hi Anne, this is Rod in Florida. How’re ya doin’?

Anne: My goodness! It’s been a while.

352: Well as you know I had lung cancer and I've tried everything. Hopefully more of those things that are natural other than chemo. I tried chemo for five days and I said to myself no, this isn't the way to go so I quit it. And I got a call from one of our group who suggested I go to Dr. Morse.
And I would suggest those people who have friends or relatives or themselves are suffering from cancer to pay attention to this one because it's unbelievable. It's DrRobertMorse.com. And if you forget Morse it's like Morse code. But I’ve been on it for almost 2 months now it's a natural approach. I'm not even going to try to sell you on why you should listen to it but if you've got any interest to really change your life you’ll go to this website and look up these 500 videos that he covers most diseases with. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Dr.+Robert+Morse
I've had physical changes. He’s even been able to reconnect severed spinal cords. His cancer cure rate is above 70%. And unlike some suggestions that have been made, this isn't going to break the bank. It's much more acceptable by everybody in fact you won't even hardly believe it.

Zorra: How has it helped you?

352: Well I've had a pain in the neck for six months or a year. And I had trouble swallowing and that's gone. My weight went from 215 down to 183. I had had compression in it and film in my ears and I've had that for about four years. And that's all cleared up and my hearing is improved.

I had dizziness and weakness and the dizziness left about three weeks ago now. I haven't had a situation reoccurrence on that. I had a cyst on my cheek and it disappeared. I had a lot of phlegm constant phlegm and that's all disappeared. And at 84 years old I had bowel movement concerns and that has changed 1000%.

But unlike some suggestions where it's going to cost you based on the consumption -- like this guy had told us he's taken three a day for six months -- that's going to cost you about 1800 bucks. This won't cost you any more than your normal food bill. So go to Robert Morse, check it out and for subsequent conversations on the phone let's see what you get as a result.

That's all I've got to say Anne. It's a wonderful website and he's also a spiritual teacher so he's got our interests at heart.

Anne: Okay. Allrighty. Yes, well that’s good to know. DrRobertMorse.com. http://www.drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com/

Zorra: Indeed. Dr Robert Morse is an Arcturian healer.

352: He’s a wonderful guy and has all the education to convince you that he's on the right track so. Take a peek.

Anne: It's always good to hear your voice and thank you for sharing. And thank you Zorra for acknowledging that Dr. Morse is an Arcturian healer. That's excellent.


Zorra: indeed. Well, there are two announcements my beloved Saryya give you.

Saryya: Quazar and Zaraya wanted to let everyone know that there will be a call with a Dr. Russell Johnson next Wednesday. My beloved will be interviewed once again by Russell Johnson. So we hope that everyone will be able to listen then. Lightsinthenight.TV

You are at a point of experiencing chaos, emotions... a part of your Ascension process
And then secondly, we are still at a point in this existence where there is so much chaos and many emotions coming up. All kinds of physical happenings as well on your planet, it is part of your ascension. It is part of you really coming to who you really are. That you are ascended beings that you are gods and goddesses that you are coming into the knowledge of who you truly are that you are not from this beautiful planet, that you have come here to be able to save this beautiful planet along with us.

Let us bring it back to how it used to be, the most pristine blue planet as we have seen from above. And so with that we also would like to say thank you to our beloved ones who are healers and who know it and do so. All of you are healers. Please go ahead and either heal a tree or communicating with the tree or heal one another today. Every day. The more you do it the more you will realize who you truly are.

In addition the products that have been endorsed as well by Zaraya and Quazar. Those are all very good for you. And so Rain International now has a new product called Form. Please check out their particular website to see what that is all about. It is great for all of you to also begin to realize that your bodies are already morphing, changing into its crystalline body. It needs the support of only nutritious goods, nutritious foods, plants as well as fruits that really are your basis for an enlightenment of your ascension. Put good things into your bodies now and stay away from meat if at all possible.

HEALING PULSE ------------------------------

And so now we shall begin our pulse. (Zorra: Go ahead.) And so I shall begin. (Zorra: Indeed)

All of you please take three beautiful deep breaths and release and let go. (Zorra: start from the feet and go up)

So again breathe in through your nostrils. Feel this energy as we say … hmm, that's a good idea. Let us start with your feet. As you ground your feet to Mother Terra bring in this beautiful energy that she has abundance of. Bring it forth through your feet up into your legs, up into your intestinal areas, up your spine, up into your heart area, and then all the way up into your brain or your vault of knowledge.

Feel that beautiful healing energy. And if you could visualize a color, the color could be green because green is healing. It is also of the Mother Earth. And so bring that forth and merge with the color of yellow. A yellow is also is of light and of healing. And then bring it up and begin to emerge it now with gold and white and now you are being filled with this enormous loving light. And thus we shall begin the healing.

Zorra: Indeed. Those of you out there who have what is termed as Lyme disease from an insect, a tick, well five, four, three, two, one. I want you to do what is termed as to rub your hands together and place them on your head one on either side and count from five to one and say so be it and what is termed receive. Say that to yourself to the Lord God of your Being.

And then slowly bring your hands down over your throat and then do what is termed as if you have someone there with you do it to each other. Put your hands on either shoulder and very slowly go down the arms down to the fingertips and go back underneath the arms down both sides of the body and then go down slowly and as you do visualize your body being healed. All parts of your body that are afflicted with the Lyme disease, do away with it. You are healed. So, five, four, three, two, one. Lyme disease be gone! So be it.

Saryya: Let us do this since we have no more time on the air. We are going to give a Healing Pulse for all of you plus all of what is happening on the surface. Let's quelch and bring in the rain where there is drought. Let us tame the tornadoes or hurricanes or as you call earthquakes that may be on its way to the surface. Sinkholes and the like.

Zorra: Five, four, three, two, one. This time I want you to put your palms outward in front of you pointing into the region that is having drought that needs to rain. Not lightning but rain. A gentle rain to cleanse the sky to do away with the smoke to nourish the earth to bring back the green. Five, four, three, two, one. Send it forth. Transmit it from you the god that you are. And send it forth outward from you in the direction of the afflicted areas.

Next for humanity, globally, healing from the entire body. Five, four, three, two, and one. Receive!

Now for those of you who have bone cancer five, four, three, two, one, receive. Yes. All cancers, bone marrow that need bone marrow replacement. You need it no longer you now have it. Totally and completely renewed. So be it. Cancer of the lungs, cancer of the uterus, cancer of the prostate cancers of the brain, all cancers.

I'm going to tell you of three forms of cancer healing.

One is an iodine a clinical iodine injected 1 to 2 cc into the parent tumor. It will kill the cancer tumor from the inside out. I know it is difficult to but there are ways of getting it as well. Anyway another is what is termed as by way of frequency. A frequency device known as the GEN, SuperGen. And they are a frequency creator an orgone accumulator. And that will cure cancer too. And then you have what is termed as baking soda. Taken one teaspoon (tablespoon?) a day. Take that and it will also kill cancer. And of course Soul does have a cancer suppressant as well.

My beloveds Jane or Quazar cannot say legally cannot say that Soul and Core will cure. But I can. I cannot be sued. [Laughter] I can assure you Soul will address whatever ails you. And it will in some cases completely eliminate the situation.

Quazar says it ‘assists’ in the healing but I tell you over time it will heal. Indeed.

You may say more if you wish.

Saryya: Beloved Children of the Light you have within your power to eliminate all diseases, all ailments of any kind for your self as well as for each other as well as for your planet. Utilize that power that you have, your divine power that comes from Prime Creator to each and every one of you as well as for us.

We are here only to remind you of who you are. Every day let go of something else that is not a part of who you truly are. It comes up because you need to let go.

And relish in Mother Earth. She is there to help you heal you. Always reach out to us, to Mother Earth. To many of you have guides as well as divine communications with others. Bring that forth to help to heal this divine planet of yours, of ours. [Zorra/Saryya conversation in background]

If you wish to hear of any of these testimonials you may go into the information that lovely Lady Nada has on, I think it is Health Programs, and look up the information about these products. These are products that are already, that have been endorsed, that have already been given our blessings so to speak, because they are good for you to support you through these times, these beautiful ascension times. Bring it forth your ascension.

Zorra: Indeed. I will also tell you that the Soul product has what is termed alleviated the Lyme disease from a few individuals. One was termed as a Doctor [name??] and she is an athlete wanting to run and she could not. And then she took the Soul. Over time it completely eliminated the Lyme disease from her. So it does work and we do endorse it. And in time, they may also do what is termed as reduce the price possibly if enough people request it.

Lady Nada is there anything more that you need to speak of?

Anne: I've handled the questions that I had. I think were fine. What is your plan for your next call Zorra and Saryya?

Zorra: Well Quazar and Zaraya will be having a call, a product call as you term it and healing in a week or so.

Anne: Okay, we’ll post that. All right.

Zorra: And now I hear a New World coming.

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