Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hollow Earth Networks BlogTalkRadio Show - September 19, 2015

Words from Hollow Earth Network:
Wow! What a call! Packed with current information! We are SO privileged to receive this first-hand knowledge! - Let's go! -- We were told HOW to heal, ourselves and others - Are we in the Photon Belt? You will know when... - That rocket seen in Florida - Handling nuclear weapons - Chemtrails today? - A pole shift? - Fukushima? - Nuclear power plants built on "zippers!" - Is Yellowstone a threat? - Using our 5D communication now - All will change after the Pope's visit! - There is no 3D - 4D! - Power bestowed on Man at time of Creation - How Jesus healed - RV? - The Pope and Disclosure - How this Awakening Wave, peaking 28th - 29th will "personally" treat Earth - Dragon Family and Obama? - Obama's unexpected visitors in Oval Office
When will we have "open media?" - Pope closes global government corporations - The "US of A Corporation?" - The New Republic? - How families will ascend - Galactic base on Moon? - Blue Avians/Corey Goode? - Refugees? - ISIS? - Will Gaia become a star? Explain Gaia's "terra forming" - The Gathering will happen when... - How long for Gaia to do her terra forming? - How Pope will deal with UN and USA - St Germain's fund and NESARA - Nibiru is really...


Not working - see below
Telephone after-call replay: 1 857-957-1119 + 439724# Ref No: 129#

Calling all techies! Not only was the live telephone call abruptly stopped, so was the replay! And this was one of our MOST POWERFUL, INFORMATIVE CALLS! - Now... I am looking for someone who can invest three hours to somehow take the radio show audio and play it into our conference call audio IN REAL TIME so we can recreate this call for our loyal telephone listeners. I know it can be done. WHO can help? Please, ONLY CALL if you know how to do this! ~ Anne: 520-625-5300

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