Monday, September 14, 2015

Sananda & Ancient Awakenings - Sept. 13, 2015

Descriptions by Anne DeHart:

We have received many compliments on this new call. Sananda helped us go back to the time of the great Clarion Call when we all volunteered, so long ago and why - we learned about crossing the "finish line," when, and what will follow. - What would be an example of this new "global love consciousness?" - There is no turning back, so prepare! - Hold the state of consciousness that we want these energies to accentuate! - Nuclear wars? Pandemics? Depopulation? Cabal?? - Breaking bread with Sananda. -- Q & A: Our coming "R & R" and where! - Do you see numbers... "11:11 - 12:12 - 5:55" ??? - Will physical pain be relieved before ascension? - Double vision? - Bring children to your group meetings! - Male/Female relationships - Various unique "Ascension reactions." - When/where does NESARA fit in? - How Wave affects one with Love / one with fear. - Stressful people falling out of her life - Noticing "signals" - If you look at "doom and gloom..." -- Messages from the birds - Ancient Awakenings will again meet with us first Sunday after the 28th - Divine Mother closes the call.

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