Sunday, September 20, 2015

Start a New Party!

The news is spreading fast about a possible take down of the US Corporate Government by US Military and American Veterans is being talked about and reported in various alternative media.  Whether that is true or not I hope it can be done peacefully without violence. 

I would like to offer an additional idea that might help the American people achieve their objective without much violence.  And that is to start a NEW POLITICAL PARTY.  As of this moment the American Politics are dominated by two major political party:  Democratic and Republican.  Why not start a new one that is completely NOT influenced and NOT Controlled by both foreign and local Corporations?  Possible names such as:  "Veterans Party" and I suggest that this party will be formed and overseen by the people of the Veterans Today such as:   Gordon Duff, Jonas Alexis, Jim Dean, Kevin Barret, Bob Nichols and etc.

These people knows the ins and outs of the private-corporate government of America and the secret group of people that forms an Oligarchy that controls everything.  If these veterans can start a political party that is completely detached from the mainstream control then that can be the pathway for a real, honest and thorough changes not just in the states but also to the world.  

Once the party had been formed then inform all the people and gather donations to get it up and running.  The Veteran Party can topple and challenge both the Republican and Democratic party.  

The Veteran Party can gain members amongst the plethora of veterans throughout the US.  The Party should make sure that they will never be infiltrated by individuals and corporations that have dark or evil interest. The candidates that they will promote must be someone who knows the secret Oligarchy operating in their country and someone who truly cares for the people.  As no one knows the problems of the average Americans better than the US Veterans themselves. And with their knowledge and experience they can then correct whatever is wrong with their government and society.  

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