Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The End of The Beginning or... The Beginning of The End by Sananda

The End of The Beginning


The Beginning of The End

This is Sananda. It is a great time to be with you here at this point. It is a great frequency that has developed here on this planet. You who are listening on these calls have no idea about how far you have come and how far you have yet to go.

When we first came here, there was a great deal of darkness. The light was barely shining through. But with all the travails you have gone through, lifetime after lifetime and after lifetime you will come to the point now, where it will be all worth it! You will wonder what it will be like at the end when you finish this job.

This is a journey. You are on this journey. You are near completing this part of the journey. It is not the end. It is never going to be the end. This is the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end. However you wish to look at it.

When you feel these energies move through you, yes, on the 28th , maybe a few days before, maybe a few days after, maybe a week later - we are not going to say exactly, because everybody will resonate to these energies differently. So, you, yourselves, we can tell you to prepare.

... So we tell you again now, be ready. Those times are here. You are ready to cross the finish line. There is no turning back at this point. Why would anyone want to turn back? We know you don't. We know that you came here to finish this race, to finish this journey. You are all working together with us and we are working together with you. And together, my brothers, my sisters and my friends we are going to make this happen. It is a joint effort, a unified effort. We will come together in Oneness.

Archangel Michael has been speaking of peace. We will come together in peace. The entire planet will come together in peace. It is destined. It cannot be stopped.

So, I tell you now, all of you listening to this call, heed my words: "This is it!" This is the end or the beginning. You decide. It is coming to the crescendo, a culmination, and it will be very, very shortly.

I will be with you many times in the future. There will be times when we will be joining hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, sitting across the table from one another, breaking bread and yes, even wine. The celebration has been prepared and it is waiting for you to sit at the tables!

Sananda - September 13 2015

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