Monday, September 7, 2015

You Are Not Your Body!

"Just like there are a variety of brands of cars out there; it's actually the same thing with human beings.  There's Maserati, Volks Wagen, Honda, Saab, Hyundai and so on.  It's the same thing with humans, there are black, white, red, brown, yellow and etc."

I'm originally from Sevethday Adventist and they believe that our bodies is what makes us as a person or a being.  But now, I am so convinced that there are ABSOLUTE lies added to the bible.  We are not our body.  The real person is the ONE inside the body.  Some call it the SOUL or a spirit, because it is literally not made of physical matter.  This soul is the one driving the physical body just like a driver will drive to operate a car.  The being or the person is the one driving the car and the car is not the person.  This is why in some instance the bible calls the body as a vessel because it is really like a transport or an avatar that serves as a temporary housing for the SOUL/Spirit of a being.

Human bodies therefore is much like the clothings we have in our closet.  You get to choose and use those clothes on a variety of occasions.  The TRUTH is all of us had been using various kinds of human vessel (clothes) for a very long time, literally for eons.  Some of us had been white, black, brown, yellow in our PREVIOUS lifetimes.  Most of us have had hundreds or thousands of lifetimes in the past and we were assigned various human bodies with different kinds of races.  So sometimes in one lifetime we were white, sometimes yellow, sometimes black and vice versa.  We are really not our bodies.

Did you know that one of the teachings of Jesus was about "Reincarnation"? The bible that we have today have been deliberately edited and added some lies courtesy of the powers that be during those biblical times.  A copy of the "Unedited Version of the bible" had been found by an Irish Priest in Tibet written in Aramaic form.  On that bible, it was very clear that Jesus was teaching reincarnation but the part where he speaks on those subjects was removed from the bible that we have today.  A few traces can still be found though. Several lines of paragraphs were removed from this conversation between Jesus and a member of the Sanhedrim which was Nicodemus.  The interview of Nicodemus was aimed to clarify and to hear the subject of reincarnation (being born again to another body) right from the teacher himself which is Jesus (Sananda).  In the book of John chapter 3 where it says Jesus was quoted as saying: "We speak of what we know and we testify of what we've seen".  These words meant that they (Jesus and his disciples) not only believed the subject of reincarnation but also they  testified that it is true because they saw the evidences themselves.  The Incarnation of Sananda into a body that became Jesus is one example.  Technically, it is reincarnation because he had a previous lifetime and that as a person known as Sananda. But it didn't end there.  Jesus taught people everywhere to remember who they really are, that they too were reincarnating in various physical bodies for several thousands of years in this world! In other words, all of us have been recycled again and again being assigned to various human bodies of all kinds of races!

One of the instances of this intriguing deliberate editing of the bible was the part when Jesus was asked by his disciples; "who sinned, this blind person or his parents?"  Take note, the complete answer of Jesus to this question was removed from the bible. The disciples asked this question in view of the reference they have from the Old Testament that punishment can be given on those who sinned.  But Jesus goes on to say that (in effect);"Neither this person nor his parents have sinned."  It was done because of his previous lifetime.  That statement in itself is one of the best statements that supports the teaching of reincarnation.  During those times "Karma" was still in effect, and so that person who was born blind was experiencing blindness in order to further his learning experience.  Perhaps, in previous lifetime he was arrogant and his Higher Self decided to put him in a situation where that person can LEARN humility by being born blind.  Regardless of the actual circumstances, the fact of the matter Jesus came to TEACH and that ONE of his teachings was centered around REINCARNATION.  He needed to teach this because not only the people of the world forgot about it but also that they were deceived by the religious philosophies.   

This MIXED-UP strategy that was allowed by the Prime Creator and that of Heaven is a way to train us to be more loving of other beings and to further develop of our own consciousness.  And to realize and learn through our personal experience what it is like to be when we are assigned to a body that is either black, white, yellow and etc.  Having said this, we should then realize the utter futility of having racial prejudice amongst the various races.  Did you know that today we now know medically that what makes the color of skin of humans are defined by the amount of elements that are assigned on a given genes that will make human beings?  A certain amount of copper added to the genetic make up will make people to have a darker tone of skin leading to a brown and or black skin color.  In other words human race and its inherent varieties of traits and characteristics are pre-defined right from the day of creation.  Yes, it was designed.  But the very basic foundation of it all is just the same.  It's just like a visual aesthetics designed to create a diversity rather than making it all the same. 

"Understanding this truth can free us from the lies that was told to us from religion and tradition."

It's really absurd that we have built a culture of prejudice around others that seem to look different from us.  It's like saying that Lamborghini's should not associate with other cars simply because their design and brand including the PAINT that was used to color the exterior of the car is entirely different.  But now we know, that the human beings and its various races are nothing different from clothes that we wear.  It is no different from various cars we find in the market.  

Although it is advisable that we should not mix colored shirts with white ones when washing them.  But it is really not a good policy to segregate and create prejudice amongst various colors of shirts simply because the ink color that was used to dye a particular shirt was different from the others.  

The bottomline is: the crux of the matter is that it was meant as a challenge as well as a learning experience.  The character of a person is revealed when  beings are assigned to various racial bodies.  Do you have to hate other people simply because they look different from you?  How well do we treat others who look different from us? The test will reveal those who have matured CONSCIOUSLY among those who are stucked in their mindset; who have let the aesthetic outside differences govern their outlook in life.  Just because a person have a white skin does not automatically mean that they have a good internal character.  In the same way, those who have darker skin does not automatically means they are evil. Just like what was said in the bible that God looks at the Heart and not at the outside appearance.  Because sometimes the outside appearance can be deceiving.  We are all like travelers on a trip for personal learning through experience.  What type of car we use or what clothes we wear does not dictate what KIND of person we are INSIDE.  But rather, the varieties tend to show the kind of maturity and immaturity  people have in this journey of life on Earth.


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