Saturday, October 10, 2015

Groundbreaking Technology from Keshe Foundation


Keshe Foundation and their new technology called Plasma can revolutionize how we obtain energy and electricity in this world.  Not only applicable for household electrical appliance use, but also for transportation as well.  

The implications of this technology is staggering as it will literally put to rest the use of fossil fuel and or petroleum products.  What's more, this can power our homes and we would not have to rely on power companies for electricity which means there will be no more monthly electric bills.  Yes, this technology is definitely a free energy device that extracts electricity in a revolutionary way that shatters the traditional and conventional means of energy extraction and production.

Another implications of this is that this can literally be used not just for energy source for land transport, ocean and air but also for space travel.  This is really, the sky is the limit! 

May God bless Mr. Keshe and his Foundation for this generosity in sharing their inventions to the world.     

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