Monday, October 5, 2015

Hollow Earths Blog Talk Radio Show - October 3, 2015

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Words from Hollow Earth Network:

So much NEW news! - What followed/follows the Pope's visit? - Using our new power - Where are we frequency-wise? - Named surface governments jointly sharing base on dark side of moon and in Mars and other planets as they play at "separation" here on the surface. WHY? -- They are ready to release this space technology to us now. WHY? - Stolen wealth to be returned - Galactics / Prime Creator / Zorra having big meeting dark side of moon this week that will be glorious - Look for media change - Time for us to know Corey Goode's ongoing message - Time to remove Hollywood's fear/programming campaign against ET's - Get ready, our DNA Key Codes activating to reveal lucid remembering, full awakening! Healing Calls help awaken (Wed Oct 7) Help transcending to crystalline bodies. Use crystal headbands, rods (discount coming). Importance of SOUL, StemFit, etc. - Dianne Robbins' new Crystal Kingdom book, and Trees. - Pillars of Light bringing... - Photon Belt and us - Mentors/Zorra/Prime Creator/St Germain/Archangel Michael meeting, and then... a knock on the door! - Where was Tesla from? - Starships from Mars to replace airlines soon - Q & A - Healing Pulse

Telephone after-call replay: 1 641-715-3589 + 771358# Ref No: 3#
Note! - Press "6" to fast forward; Press "4" to rewind!

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