Monday, October 26, 2015

Hollow Earth Networks Blog Talk Radio Show - Oct. 24, 2015

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It seems Albert Einstein is back!  This time in the person of Mr. Mehran Keshe of Keshe Foundation.  This was revealed by Zorra when he mentioned that Mr. Keshe was the re-incarnation of Einstein.  As said by Zorra in the past, a soul or a being has at least a minimum of 5 years before the soul will be re-assigned to a new body for re-incarnation.  And so this means when Einstein died several decades ago; after a few years, the soul of Einstein was re-assigned to a new body.  And that body was born and grew up to be Mr. Keshe.  And Einstein did pick up from where he left off, the last time he was around he was into atomic energies and now he's back to continue the work.  Listen to the show to learn more. 


Words from Hollo Earth Network:
We learned much of what is to come and... where we will be when it happens! - Gaia will swell and many "zippers" will open at the same time! Continents will part. - WHO was Keshe before?  A "second Sun?" - "Sister planet?" Who will go there? - What IS "The Gathering?" - How MANY vessels/ships are here to help? How big are they? - What Zorra sees of the HEN family globally? - Government change - What level is Earth's consciousness now? - Some didn't feel the "Shift" - How overcome latent cabal programming?? - We move Earth to Disclosure - China's "City in the clouds!" - Set up "Gifted Headbands" page for those in need - Q & A - Helping our twins? - Autism - Zorra gave us "Magic Bullet!" - Healing resistant others - Discernment of "channels" - Attachments - HEALING PULSE!

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