Saturday, October 17, 2015

Keshe Foundation in Rome, Italy - October 16, 2015

The distribution of Free Energy Device technology has finally been done throughout much of the world which officially started yesterday October 16, 2015 in Rome, Italy during the Keshe Foundations 3rd World Ambassador Meeting.  

The use and manufacture (mass production) of this technology will now start.  Others will take this technology and innovate from it.  So, imagine all these present technology that we have which are using petroleum products such as power/electricity generation for industrial and residential use, gas for cooking, transportation and etc. will eventually become OBSOLETE in the very near future! 

For now, the new technology is not yet easy to explain in lay mans terms.  But as time moves on and more and more people will be studying it and tinkering these devices then we will have a much better and easier understanding of how it works - comparing it to the traditional and conventional understanding of physics.  

"What this technology is bringing into light is that we are now discovering that the Universe is really immersed and filled with an "Infinite Source of Energy". This energy is all around us, literally its allover the universe.  Where is fire/electricity when you cannot see it?  Obviously, this  energy source in its dormant and untapped state is present and active in all areas of space; we just have to find an innovative and ingenious way of tapping into it.  And this technology from Keshe Foundation is doing just that. It harness the invisible Infinite Source of Energy in an easier method than what we are used to before.  And once we do, we then have a perpetual source of energy that does not end." Manny Pineda

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