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The Parable of the Worlds Central Banks

The Parable of the Worlds Central Banks
by Manny R. Pineda


Once upon a time there was a planet at the backside of the sun that had been invaded by a rogue group of beings who are diametrically oppose to the Principles of LOVE and Oneness;  which is a Standard principle that operates in all the Universes. They came and conquered.  They very much adhere to their point of view of being INDIFFERENT from everyone in the universe. And so they see everyone as strangers to themselves and felt everyone who is not part of them should become slaves.  They settled in that planet and taken over everything; first by force (violence and wars) and then by way of deception and lies.  They started using monetary system with the use of coins from various kinds of metals.  They literally founded the use of money and capitalism on that planet as that world were only using barter trade system before the conquerors arrive.

They treated everyone on that planet as servants and or "SLAVES" and introduced monetary system, taxation, debt and etc.  And thus, the widespread use of BRIBERY that eventually extended throughout that world were used by this group to dominate and control that planet. 

"This planet exist at the back of the sun and is never seen from Earth as it always rotates in synchronized fashion.  Which means while the Earth moves around the sun this planet moves at the same time and this is why it is never seen from the Earth as its always at the back.  A few decades ago this was seen by NASA but NASA kept it as a secret until now."

On their quest for worldwide domination they started religion in order to control the world.  Those religions aside from the monetary system; created the enslavement of the world, as the society were conditioned to believed in a fearsome God (which is a God of War, not a God of Love) who will punish everyone who disobeys his direct order.  In addition to the taxes, the people were required to pay religious taxes and offerings as well.  All the while they kept all these proceeds to themselves and never shared to the people.

As time progressed they were able to transition from metal coins into printable paper currencies.  But before that first they have to divide the people of the world into various countries.  And as soon as they did, nations were created and empires were further strengthened all the while everyone pay homage to the conquerors whether knowingly or unknowingly.  That world instantly became divided into several nations forming borders and local governments whereas, it used to be since time in memorial, it was a world where everyone is part of a COMMUNITY united together as ONE and no divisions and no borders.  And that absolutely everyone is a member of a global family and no one was poor among them as they never allow such thing to happen.  There were no nations that divided people but rather just ONE WORLD & ONE PEOPLE regardless of races.  And they have local and regional "Councils" to keep things in order.

As soon as division of nations became effective they immediately setup the central banking system on every nation, and monetary system into all the world.  And so part of their goal since then is to infiltrate that planets various countries and seize control the production of money supply by installing controllable puppets who will obey all their commands.  The nations of that world were deceived to think that their Central Banks were government owned but in reality it was actually privately owned by the conquerors.  

With the use of All Foreign Currencies through foreign exchange or forex they were able to generate enormous wealth to themselves in addition to their fiat (worthless) printing of currencies.  They know that by artificial secretive rigging that if they were able to set different rates of all the currencies in the world they can then extract profits by the differences of rates of all those countries currencies through foreign exchange.  And this method is one of the main sources of profits of banks of that world.

In their quest for global dominance they use their secret advance technologies to subdue all the nations and to make them bow down on their knees (so to speak) before the so called mighty conquerors.  They make sure that wealth should only be given to those few that they have chosen amongst the population of the world who are devoted and obedient to their rule.  And that wealth in itself should be hoarded and kept ONLY to themselves.  They have sophisticated secret form of "ESPIONAGE" to spy on everyone as a collective as well as for individuals who they view as a threat to their systems of control. They also use various kinds of manipulations to control that world:
  1. Weather Manipulation -  Their technologies can artificially create custom made weather disturbances.  Storms, hurricanes, floods, heatwave, extreme blizzards, earthquakes, tsunamis, drought, famine and etc.
  2. Currency Rates Manipulation
  3. Price of Goods and Commodities Manipulation
  4. Introduction of various diseases into the world in which they created in their own laboratories intended to plague the worlds population.
  5. Founded Pharmaceutical companies to drug the world as they systematically added toxins and micro organisms to kick start a disease in later stage of peoples life.  
  6. They Formed various corporations that will further enslaved everybody on that planet.  Made sure that everyone is enslave to the system to provide continuous supply of funds acquired as extortion in the form of taxes.  It ensures that everyone is pre-occupied to consume so much of their lifetime to earn a living by working several hours a day. 
  7. They fabricate wars and terrorism's to weaken the nations.  They make people believe that there is a constant threat of violence brewing elsewhere in the world.
  8. They made sure that everyone on Earth feels scarcity and sense of lack when in reality there is actually "Prosperity" in the universe. 
  9. These and many other forms of control in which they use to manipulate everyone.

But one day, while these conquerors from other worlds were busy and celebrating about the success of their global dominance they noticed that there at least a few nations who consistently refuse to bow down to them.  These nations for some unknown reasons all their efforts to control them were utterly ineffective.  They have done everything they could and applied various strategies but still they could NOT successfully infiltrate those few nations to seize control over the production and creation of their money supply (Central Banks).  And this gave them problems and they sought to solve this dilemma with every ways possible. 


And then one day, the people of that planet has finally AWAKENED to the TRUTH! The People finally realized as to why are they allowing themselves to be divided when they can stand and live together as ONE like a family of nations and peoples!  They realised that the conquerors are secretly controlling and were using their apparent division as a major weakpoint in order to gain control over everyone in that world.  They realised that their nations Central Banks are actually owned by the private corporations and that their governments are manned by controlled puppets of the conquerors.  And that as long as they are divided and adhere to the system established by the conquerors they cannot escape the control and the manipulation.

But with the help of those nations who refuse to bow down from the reign and rule of the conquerors they were able to successfully free themselves from the grips of control.  In addition to that, a group of loving ancient families who remembered the distant past of that planets history; remained true to the principles of LOVE and Unity as ONE.  They strategically CHALLENGE the status quo of the conquerors and they won!

These ancient families distributed something the conquerors could never do which is to care for everyone.  They care because they love everyone. They literally gave every man, woman and child in that world millions and millions of moneys that eventually collapse the worldwide banking - financial cartel owned by the conquerors.  

All of a sudden the people of that world were no longer poor and everyone became RICH overnight! People allover the world refused to patronise the businesses along with the products and services of the conquerors and instead they switched to the alternative companies that are founded by ordinary people.  

People REALIZED that the currencies are used to literally control all of them.  The conquerors were printing currencies even when it does not have inherent / intrinsic value. And thus those funds are just "ILLUSIONS" created out of thin air.  


Meaning of the Parable

That planet at the back side of the Sun is Earth.  There is indeed also another planet that looks very identical to the Earth that is located at the backside of the Sun and NASA knows this.  The name of this planet is Hercolubus and it looks exactly like Earth.  But of course they will never tell the truth as they always do because they are owned by the secretive private corporation.  The conquerors are the Bankers of this world who owns the majority of Central Banks of the World as well as the biggest banks of the world including the biggest corporations.  They were able to penetrate and infiltrate all the nations of the world to control their local governments by installing puppets and create Central Banks.  

The identities of the Ancient Families are the "Dragon Family".  Aside from their native locations in Asia they were also incarnating on other parts of the world such as Europe and elsewhere.  They knew as they looked into the future that the Corporations will eventually enslaved everyone and so what they did is that they hatched a plan to counter the ideology of the rogue group of beings.  They made sure that they will have "WEALTH" more or less twelve times more than the combined wealth of the conquerors in which was acquired by various fraud and deception.  In contrast to that, the wealth of the dragon family of Asia came from ancient repository of gold as well as the setting up of various trusts that are now valued into several quadrillions of dollars. You see, the seeming mortality or short lifespan of people in this world is not coincidental in nature.  Just like the crops are genetically modified,  humans on the otherhand were also genetically modified by them long time ago. 

The identities of those few nations who refuse to bow down to the system and rule of the conquerors are the Russians and the Chinese with some other nations who also stand valiant and rejected outside control of their societies they are:  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iran.  These countries were not completely controlled by the conquerors.  

All the historical civil wars that happened inside Russia and China were the result of these STRUGGLES between the hired forces of those conquerors and the local people who refuse to be influenced by them.  The conquerors attempted to control these two nations and they failed. Historically it resulted in millions and millions of deaths as an aftermath of these wars.  And when the conquerors could not control these two nations, they then focused their attention to these smaller nations of: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iran.  The following list some of the things that were done with these nations in order to control their central banks and install controllable puppets in their local governments by removing the legitimate ones.

For example, just look at what has happened to some of the countries that were not considered to be “integrated” into the “global community”…

-In 2001, the United States invaded Afghanistan. In 2003, Da Afghanistan Bank (who picked that name?) was established by presidential decree. You can find the official website of the bank right here. Now Afghanistan has a modern central bank just like the rest of us.

-In 2003, the United States invaded Iraq. In early 2004, the Central Bank of Iraq was established to manage the Iraqi currency and integrate Iraq into the global financial system. The following comes from the official website of the Central Bank of Iraq…

Following the deposition of Saddam Hussein in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the Iraqi Governing Council and the Office for Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance began printing more Saddam dinar notes as a stopgap measure to maintain the money supply until new currency could be introduced.

The Banking Law was issued September 19, 2003. The law brings Iraq’s legal framework for banking in line with international standards, and seeks to promote confidence in the banking system by establishing a safe, sound, competitive and accessible banking system.

Between October 15, 2003 and January 15, 2004, the Coalition Provisional Authority issued new Iraqi dinar coins and notes, with the notes printed using modern anti-forgery techniques, to “create a single unified currency that is used throughout all of Iraq and will also make money more convenient to use in people’s everyday lives. Old banknotes were exchanged for new at a one-to-one rate, except for the Swiss dinars, which were exchanged at a rate of 150 new dinars for one Swiss dinar.

The Central Bank of Iraq (Arabic: ????? ??????? ???????) was established as Iraq’s independent central bank by the Central Bank of Iraq Law of March 6, 2004

-In 2011, the United States bombed the living daylights out of Libya. Before Muammar Gaddafi was even overthrown, the U.S. helped the rebels establish a new Central Bank of Libya and form a new national oil company.

Central banks are specifically designed to trap nations in debt spirals from which they can never possibly escape. Today, the debt to GDP ratio for the entire planet is up to an all-time high record of 286 percent. Humanity is being enslaved by a perpetual debt machine, but most people are not even aware that it is happening.

The Identity of the Conquerors are the descendants of the people who settled to the ancient world of Sumeria.  And Babylon is one of the first empire they founded and established. They are from another world.  They do not follow the principle of LOVE and ONENESS which is a standard principle that revolves in the whole universes.  They are the Annunakis and the Reptilians.  They came here to conquer by way of force and deception and they wanted to enslave everyone.

And with that, it is no longer a mystery why there seemed to be a concerted efforts by a group of nations whose governments are controlled by a secret Oligarchy to destabilize the nations of: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iran as they the conquerors are very determined to make sure that everyone on Earth bows down to their slavery system and install controlled puppets to operate the local government and central banks of the world.  And so the wars and violence in the world are not coincidences, instead they are cunningly crafted to achieve their evil objectives.  


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