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Transcript of Hollow Earth Networks October 3 Show


October 3 2015








Music ends: 2:20

Anne: Okay. Let me just finish this here. I bet I scared you with that other music. It's on automatic for the other show, for the Ancient Awakenings Show. It's this real jazzy beginning to Pocketful Of Sunshine. Somehow it got crossed with – I like to start ours myself because they start it too loud and somehow or another it crossed and we got the beginning of the other music. So that just makes us appreciate our theme song all the more. It's a love song for many of us. And to those of you that are new, let's get the introductions underway.

First of all this is Anne. I am Anne DeHart in southern Arizona. And we are in our 5th year introducing Zorra from Hollow Earth.

It all began way back in April of 2011 -- and the whole story, for those of you who are new, can be heard through the recorded words of Zorra's son Zaraya who was asked to come up here on the surface and be this liaison, which he is, the telephone line where he and his father Zorra -- father in Hollow Earth -- can switch bodies. He occupies Zorra's 15’-stature body and allows Zorra to come up here on the surface and enter Zaraya’s surface body and talk to us on the telephone.

That's how we do it. It's been working into our 5th year now.

And recently, Zaraya's other half Quazar has perfected the same telephone-line-system so, on occasion, Zaraya can talk to his mother when she trades bodies with Quazar. And so he has a nice telephone line to talk to his mother sometimes.

And here on the show that also occurs and we find that first we are speaking with Zaraya and Quazar in their own Earth bodies and before you know it Zaraya has traded with Zorra and Zorra is here.

And then we’ll hear Zorra unexpectedly sometimes tell Quazar... say bye-bye... and that means that Quazar will leave us and her Earth body and trade with Saryya from Hollow Earth. And now we have Zorra and Saryya up here talking with us and Zaraya and Quazar are in those beautiful Hollow Earth bodies wherever they might be of Zorra's and Saryya’s. They might be in Hollow Earth, they might be up in Zorra's new beautiful 2,000’ starship gifted to him by the Pleiadians in the Galactic Federation. So they don't know where they're going to be.

But that's the way we do it, folks. You can hear the whole story, there's wonderful information -- if you haven't heard that introduction -- by Zaraya telling how this all began. When I heard that, and that call is over a year old now, when I heard information from Zaraya that I'd never heard before.

I think it's on that call, [where] he talks about being there in the Council Room when Admiral Byrd arrived and spoke with the Council. It's just a wonderful call. So it's posted on BlogTalk HollowEarthNetwork. It's our featured call. It's always posted there: How This All Began.

So, let's get the dateline in. Today is October … but I'm still getting bitten by the no-see-ums! It's October the 3rd, Saturday, in the year 2015. (I almost forgot it, didn’t I Phyllis. Phyllis is the one who keeps an eye on me about that.) October 3rd, 2015 and I guess we’re good to go. That's enough introduction.

I'm requested to do our invocation before I turn the show over to Zaraya and Quazar and we like to do two invocations.


INVOCATIONS -----------------------------

One is the Violet Flame invocation that is given to us by St. Germain in his discourse series the I Am Discourses by Godfrey Ray King and it's wonderful. The first two books everybody should read. Get to know St. Germain. It's better reading than … it’s just wonderful.

So let's do the Violet Flame. Standing with our feet flat on the floor, with our hands down at our sides, palms facing our beloved Mother Earth. We're going to invite this Violet Flame to flow up through the soles of our feet and the palms of our hands, all around us. This is a special dispensation given to those who are here, knowing what we’re going through up here on the surface. It’s a special dispensation to give us release from human mistakes and frailties that they expect us to make.

Those are the lessons we learned the best and stay with us, but we can’t keep whipping ourselves over that. We need to be as fair as with ourselves as with others and release the emotions that tie us to that, so whenever somebody mentions the subject it yanks us into these old memories. We don't need that and so we’re going to erase those. And this is gifted to us for this very reason.

So here we go, standing with our hands and feet just like I told you …

I AM the mighty Violet consuming Flame
consuming and transmuting
all past and present mistakes
their cause, core, effect, and Akashic record.

Sometimes we don't even know what the cause was, what caused the whole thing, but it's there and so we remove the cause. And the core is what it hooks onto within us and we want to remove that core. The effect will no longer apply. We’re free of any of the effects of that as well as the Akashic record.

Now we’ll do Ashtar's Pillar of pure White Protection. This was dictated by Ashtar through his own twin who is incarnated here Pallas Athena my good friend. And Pallas Athena is extremely meticulous in reading back every word. So we’re going to do the Pillar of Protection gifted to us by our beloved Lord Ashtar, my good friend and brother.

We stand with our hands – I'm always afraid I’m going to forget something. I do this by memory and I think oh, I hope I can remember yet I say it every day!

So you stand with your feet flat on the floor your hands above the head with our hands together and our fingers pointing up above to our own beloved I AM Presence. It's our own Presence that is blessing us with this Pillar of Protection. It's an internal thing between us and our I AM Presence. I even talk to my I AM Presence in a couple of sessions with Michael Ellegion. You know that can happen. It's all recorded you can listen to it. So we’re calling to our own I AM Presence to protect us. No one can do it for us they can't place a Pillar of Protection over us. This is our own work with our own beloved Presence and so we say:

Beloved I AM Presence,
Intensify your Protective Pillar
of pure positive cosmic white Light substance
in me, through me, and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light
and keep it sustained.
Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates. So be it.

I'm sorry for all the chit chat I do it a little different each time but it's there. We’re all one, we’re insulated in our wonderful, protective cocoons of pure positive white Light substance. And we're ready. We're ready for a wonderful event that's getting ready to unfold before us.

And with that I'm going to turn this over to Quazar and Zaraya. Your line is open folks so we’re all here. Come on.


Quazar & Zaraya: Good morning!

Zaraya: How's everybody doing? I hope you're doing fine.

And I note some of you out there that hold large sums of the dinar and the dong have already cashed out but of course you can't talk about it, we know that because you signed an NDA, but we do know that there are groups that have and are exchanging their currencies.

So it is going on, people. You may not see it in your part of the world yet but you will. There is another group that not too far from us that have also done their exchanges. So anyway like I said, that is ongoing and is going to continue gaining momentum as it goes along. What they're doing is they're doing ones that have the most first; like trillions and quadrillions or whatever it is. But we are up next! So keep heart and hang in there. So that's all I’ve got say.


Quazar: Hello everyone and welcome again to this wonderful, wonderful call that we have with our beloved Lady Nada as our hostess. And it's really been wonderful moments especially just prior to and then during this time now of extreme, enormous high-frequency energies that are around us. And we hope that you are all enjoying it and feeling it. We also know that many of you are still feeling some of the symptoms that go along with the high energies and I'm sure that Zorra will address that as well this morning or this day. So we welcome all of you again.

Good Bye? Sweet Lady Nada
Before we get started I would like to say that this is also a transitional call. It's a transition because we want to say thank you to our beloved Lady Nada for being at the forefront of this ascension period and for all that she has done for all of us. We will be transitioning shortly and so this is also a day of extending our extreme gratitude to her as she begins preparing herself for ascension.

I know also that Zorra will have something which he would like to say to our beloved Lady Nada.

So time for letting go of the things that no longer serve us; time to start the new beginnings of these new Galactic human bodies that we have. It's time to bring in the new and to look forward to that, and to let go of all the lower densities of thought and frequencies that can no longer hold us down.

I think that with that I would like to … is your dad around? Okay I think we're ready for your dad unless you have … oh I know. Why don't you tell our folks, our beloved brothers and sisters, how you have fared with these extreme energies of love. Tell us how you’ve been feeling, you being from Hollow Earth.

Zaraya: Uplifted, energized [???]. So, what all can I say about all of it except that it's exhilarating; the energies of the Wave that came in and peaked out on the 28th.

The Wave will hang around for a little while

But what I've also been told is this Wave didn't continue on, going thru the universe. It's basically stalled out over the Earth. It's not going anywhere. It's staying around until ascension. So people that have these gifts that you have had or have realized you probably realize stronger and will continue to get stronger – such as abilities that a lot of you have realized such as telekinesis, such as telepathy, such as psychokinesis, and clairvoyance, and stuff like this -- awakening your inbred powers that you are born with. (Quazar: …stand still.)

Yeah, still moving forward and more and more people are going to be awakening to the realization that they are gods and goddesses.

Instantaneous Healings During Healing Calls
A little while back we had a healing call which was phenomenal. The healing call was done differently than normally because what it was that whenever people called in, they were healed right then. They weren’t put off, they weren’t put on a list or anything like that, they went ahead and did them as they called in. They were able to experience their healing and share that experience with others that were listening to the call. And I think that's the way the healing calls should be done because it needs to be addressed right away; you know, people that are in need of a healing.

Anyway. I'm going to shut up. [Laughing]


Quazar: Okay Zaraya. We love you and we’ll see you again shortly.

My thought on what Zaraya just said is that all of us are now much more receptive to energy so when we send out, and when Zorra sends out, and Zaraya sends out the healing to various individuals; because of where they are on a conscious and vibrational level, they are able to receive it and immediately feel the results of the energy pulse. And of course Zorra has always said that we can all do it. And we do hope that all of you are practicing either on yourselves or on others just to see the magnificence of the power that you have.

So with that I'd love to say hello to Zorra. (Zorra: Indeed)

We’ve missed you by the way.

Pope Fidgets Under “Weight” of Zorra’s Hand
Zorra: Oh I know that. I've been observing actions of peoples; I was observing the Pope when he was addressing Congress and while he was addressing the UN. And in actuality I was standing right next to him, at the time, with my hand on his shoulder. You may have noticed he was sort of moving his shoulder a bit because of my hand on his shoulder and he felt the presence of it. Anyway.

Resignations Came and More to Come
But much took place at that meeting that was not given out to the public. For one, one of your politicians resigned. Two resigned alright anyway, because they realized what they were doing was wrong and they did not want to suffer from it. So they resigned and that was a good thing.

And there's going to be a few more resigning as well once they have come to the realization that if they stay in office will be brought up on charges. So they will be resigning as well. Anyway. And the new what is called new governance is beginning to take shape and so you can also look forward to that as well.

Media Finally Free to Deliver Actual News
The media as you know it to be is now being freed up so you're going to be seeing and hearing more than what you were allowed to hear when it comes to politics and peoples in your government.

New Republic Stepping Into Place Shortly
And the ones that are going to be replacing them are the New Republic, the new governance, so that is also being put into place as we speak.

RV and GCR
Now your revaluation of global world currencies, the GCR, is also moving along steadily. And of course some of you are saying ‘if it's moving along steadily why can I not go to the bank and have mine exchanged?’ Well they have what they call due process I think they term it and presently those who have extremely multiple amounts are being exchanged as we speak. This very moment, this very hour, in all parts of the world and mainly also in all parts of the United States. Denver, Seattle, major cities, Chicago, and many that have when they first heard of the currency would revalue they went out and broke the bank so to speak and they invested large sums of money to purchase these currencies. So I think they were termed the as SOV the sov or something of this nature, so they are being exchanged as we speak.

And then what will be coming next will be the groups and what will be coming is what is termed the internet groups and things of this nature will also be exchanging as well. That would be you. That would be the ones that are listening to this call. The ones that are listening to Tony. The ones that are listening to Stage2Omega and all of these others.

Do not, as I repeat again, do not take your dinar or your dong or your zim and cash them in now. That would be a mistake. So do not do that. You would rob yourself of the blessing that you have coming to you so you do not want to do that.

Overcome Our Programming and
Stand Up For Our Birthrights
And as I remind you again as every call you are gods and you are goddesses act like it. User your sovereign power; use your heritage; use your gifts that you have been given from birth. And the more you do this the more powerful you will become. People think -- that they have been programmed to think -- that they are limited beings, that you must have what is called an overseer. And you do not.

You are your own overseer; you are your own god or goddess. So you need to realize that you have more power than your so-called government or I should say Corporation because that is what it is: CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES, and it's a large corporation. Anyway.

So what have you been doing with your now realized power that you have been blessed with? I have been observing. I’ve been watching. That's why I have not been speaking with Zaraya or Quazar. I know they miss me but I have been out observing the world and what is going on with it.

And the more I see the more my joy becomes more fuller because I'm realizing that you are more than your essence. You are more than what you think you are. You are the very powerful unlimited force … endless force. Do not even put the word unlimited or limited in there because it denotes limitation. You do not have limitation at all.

You are endless beings. You do not die, you ascend. You do not die. You ascend.

I repeat that because many people do not listen or they listen and it goes in one ear and out the other. So I'm trying to instill it within your subconscious being. The more that your subconscious being receives the acknowledgment the more you will awaken, you will become enlightened beings, you will be reminded of the power that you are.

Understand beloved masters, all of you have more power with in your hands than any governments on the Earth. The more you use your God power the more you will change this world.

This world needs changing and you are the key to do it.

There was a person that sent in what is termed as an email talking about birds. Let me explain birds to you. The creatures of the Earth known as the fowl, they have a purpose. Understand, when birds partake of fruit of a tree and people think they are destroying the tree, they are not destroying the tree. They are destroying what is termed the bad crop if you will, meaning when it comes back again it will be much stronger, it will be more plentiful and things of this nature.

When you do what is termed as make crystals to surround your crops you are wanting to alleviate pestilence such as insects that are destroying your crops. This is what these crystals do. They create a force field and the destructive insects that destroy crops they cannot stand the energy from the pyramid so they vacate.

Birds on the other hand – why curse them -- they are a blessing. Do not curse the birds for eating some of your fruits. Love them send love to them and they will act accordingly. When you will do what is termed as shoot them or wish them away from your trees you are also wishing away or what is termed pushing away a blessing. Do not do that. Allow them to feed. Allow them to feed for there is a blessing as well.

Quazar: Thank you Zorra. (Zorra: Indeed) Thank you. I'd like to backtrack a little bit Zorra.


Send Healing To Our Oceans and Cousins
Zorra: Oh, one more. Dolphins beloved creatures. I want all of you to take a moment, rub your hands together, point them toward the oceans, the palms of your hands outward toward the oceans to send a love vibration to the oceans, to the dolphins. Give them encouragement to your cetacean brothers and sisters and send them encouragement and send them the love that you are transmitting to them. It helps them to realize that they are not alone in their quest for ascension. And they also assist you in ascension. They are sending love to you constantly as your oceans are as well. Now send it back to them. Five, four, three, two, and one. So be it. It is done.

Quazar: So that is all for our cetaceans. Not just the dolphins but the whales as well. All of them. Thank you.


Where are we in frequency
now that the Awakening Wave is upon us?
If I can maybe we could backtrack just a little bit. (Zorra: All right) And I'd like to talk a little bit about this Awakening Wave, which is what you call it. (Zorra: Indeed) And we understand that you been out there and being with the Pope, etc. (Zorra: Indeed)

Can you give us a general perspective as far now where we are in frequency and what have you really seen since then that has happened on the Earth and how it has affected us? And we've already noticed, that we have had the media already; we were able to listen to the Pope; we've been able to also see what they are already doing as far as helping, one country helping another, and other countries working together. We saw China shaking hands with the United States. We saw Russia and the United States also beginning to talk. So some of those things we were able to be aware of because of the media. But can you tell us … because it seems like we know so little because you say so much has already been done since then. Can you expound on that?

Revealed... the dark side of the Moon - inside Mars..

Zorra: Well first off I'm going to give you a bit of education when it comes your different perspective governments as in terms of China and Russia and America.

Now you had what is termed on your Earth known as the Cold War. And what was that? That was a camouflage, if you will, to what was really going on. What is going on is you have a joint Soviet Russian Russia and also China and also Korea and also what is termed America and Germany and South America, a joint what is termed base on the dark side of the moon working in unison. And also in Mars as well.

You have colonies on several different planets. Inside, not on the outside.

Now what has been taking place since the time of what you term the Cold War. That was created to keep you in the darkness. It was created to make you think that there is a separation between your governments. There is none.

There is no separation between the governments I mentioned, at all. They are all working together. So if they're working together, why this ploy? Why this camouflage? Right? Even the past two years the separation between the countries and things of this nature especially the major countries the ones that have the ability to develop technologies.

Now, they have been, there is more out there as far as technology that you have not even heard of much less know of. Anyway. The Tesla projects and inventions and other things of this nature have been working full force for many, many years in private behind the scenes if you will. In Mars and the moon and things of this nature … but not here because they wanted to keep you under a thumb shelter because if you were to realize what is actually happening this world would not be in the situation it is in now. Because you would know that you are gods and goddesses it would not have been hidden from you.

Quazar: Zorra, if they were already working together in secret for so many years -- the Cold War was a long time ago -- and you say the reason why they kept it from us on the surface was because they wanted to control the people here more so. Why? Was that because of the power and the control and the money? (Zorra: Of course)

However, they were able to coordinate their efforts beyond Earth. That doesn't seem to make sense at all. If they can cooperate elsewhere outside of our planet why couldn't they do that here and still prosper?

Zorra: Well they are going to do what is termed as bring forth this technology back to the Earth. (Quazar: Why now?) Why now, because Prime Creator said so. That's why. Prime Creator stepped forth and told them to bring their blessings, the new technologies that were discovered or rediscovered on the far side of the moon and in Mars, and all of this will be coming back to the Earth to make the Earth more livable and to better mankind. Simply put.

Quazar: I think for most of us we know that we have had the control coming from the cabal.

Cabal is Gone but their Minions Linger On …
but not for long!
Zorra: The cabal is gone but you have a few minions still around that are causing difficulties. And when Pope spoke to Congress and Pope spoke to the UN the minions began running and hiding and their influence is now at an end. So you are going to see changes taking place in the near months; not years but near months are going to be great changes taking place.

The fear that people have had, and the inventors have had in the past, they were warned to be silent; not to bring forth these wondrous inventions. That fear is no longer and they are going to be able to bring forth the inventions. Free energy devices and things of this nature to help mankind better themselves.

And also the what is termed what is called the ‘families’ [Rothschilds/Rockerfellers/Bushes/et al] as they term them, they are going too, they have lost their grip already completely. And they have realized that all the wealth that they have stolen will be returned to the rightful places where they came from: the rightful countries, the rightful peoples.

Meeting with Prime Creator - it will be glorious!

The Galactics are standing ready of course as they have had been. And of course Prime Creator is -- we are going to be meeting with Prime Creator in the coming week and something is going to occur. I am not at liberty to say what except it will be glorious for you.


We’re talking about something else. Not the RV. something far greater than the RV. More of a reunion of sorts. (Quazar: Over wonderful!) So we're going to be meeting this week with Prime Creator and also with the bases in Mars and in Venus and also the dark side of the moon. So, anyway, look forward to seeing your media change: more factual and less propaganda. So watch your media. Watch your governments, officials and things of this nature. They are changing their attitudes.


How Whistleblowers Are Changing the Narrative
Quazar: You know speaking about the space programs that we have on the moon, on Mars, etc. (Zorra: In Mars) We spoke about this briefly last time Zorra regarding this individual named Cory Goode and of course David Wilcock. They have now their own show, so to speak, and they talk in detail regarding what is happening in the different solar systems and what their plans are, etc, etc. Maybe you could tell us a little bit about how that has been instrumental in these secrets finally coming out about extraterrestrials: that we've been working with them for a long, long time; and also Ben Fulford and all of his disclosures as well. It seems like all of that is really coming to the front. So can you speak more about such individuals?

Zorra: You have what is termed many individuals what you term whistleblowers as you term them that are coming forth bringing knowledge that has been hidden, that has been forbidden to be spoke of. But they are now bringing forth the knowledge of what had been happening to these beyond their time. Because it is time.

Quazar: So Cory Goode is a good guy?

Zorra: He is. So is Fulford and David Wilcock, etc. They are bringing forth the truth. They are bringing forth knowledge that you need to know about.

Understand the negative part of this movement is also going to be dealt with. That is one of the reasons for the meeting that is taking place.

Quazar: What negative? What do you mean negative?

Zorra: The disagreements that were taking place between a few of the bases. Distrust if you will. Distrust of other stars/civilizations outside of the Earth. But that will be dealt with as well. It is time for them to take off their masks.

Preparations Being Made for Disclosure
Quazar: Good. Well with all of that being said, Zorra, where are we in the announcements of disclosure coming from either Obama or the Galactics? Where are we with that now that things are really coming to a head?

Zorra: Well they are in preparation for that. They do not want to cause what is termed as a panic on your planet Earth. They do not want to appear in the skies. That would cause much fear because there has been for many years you have had what you term Hollywood has been programming through movies negative results toward extraterrestrial beings. So now that is something that is also having to be dealt with as well. We have to be careful as you term it not to cause an alarm and this we do not want to have happen. So the Wave was part of the preparation and it is part of the preparation. It is here to distill the fear, to remove the programming that all what is termed extraterrestrial beings are out to get you. They are not. They are out to help you.

And we are here to help you as well. Otherwise I would not be coming forth and giving the messages I am giving. Obviously there are some things that I am not at bay to tell you under instructions from Prime Creator. But I will tell you [that] everything that I am not able to tell you is a good thing. Nothing negative at all.

Quazar: So did we do like a paradigm shift over the past few days?

Zorra: You did indeed. You did a paradigm shift.

Activating our DNA Key Code and then...

Quazar: Could you elaborate in terms of what has happened within our bodies and within our consciousness?

Zorra: Your DNA codes are beginning to awaken, are beginning to be realized. You have within your DNA you have a code that is I guess you may term it a key code. And when that key code is activated which is in the process of happening now is going to be what you term as an epiphany or an “ah ha!” moment to realize all that you have been missing. And when this is fully activated you are going to see things that you have not seen before. You are going to experience feelings that you have not experienced before. You are going to experience visions and these visions are going to be very lucid. You are going to have a massive amount of dreams and remembering what you dreamed, which is going to be alarming to many and are going to be a blessing for many as well. For those that are not fully what is termed awakened they are going to be a reality check, if you will, to what is happening with them.

Suffice to say that everything that we are giving you is for your benefit. That’s for sure.

Quazar: I think what you are … if I can interpret this somewhat, that the full remembrance and awakening of our gifts that did not come on the 28th for some people. (Zorra: For many it did) So for some it did not happen or didn't feel any kind of awakening, that's because it wasn't time. (Zorra: Correct) So just know, everybody just needs to know that this energy this huge energy of love and … go ahead Zorra.

Zorra: Of love and compassion and enlightenment is here to stay.

Quazar: Does that also get more intense?

Zorra: It does indeed. Each day to drawing toward the winter of your year, you are going to many are going to awaken to their true reality, to their true knowingness.

What we have been giving in what is termed the healing calls and pulses and things of this nature, that is to help you to awaken, help you to receive. And everything, all the tools that we have been revealing to you are also for your ascension to bring forth the life that you deserve; the life that is warranted you that has been eluding you so to speak. So you are definitely a blessed being, a blessed entity if you will as Ramtha puts it: calls everyone an entity.

Quazar: So would you say that this time now, Zorra, that this is what you have been waiting for?

Zorra: Indeed and observing.

So all of you out there, I know that coming from what we are speaking of, to many of you, you are doing your eyes are rolling back in your head and you are saying I’ve heard this before or I've heard that before and we've heard this over and over and over. Why have you been hearing it over and over and over? It must sink into your heads. That is why.

We repeat it over and over and over until you get it. You are gods and goddesses. That is important key there. You are gods and goddesses and you need to realize this, you need to use and you need to reclaim your heritage. Reclaim your godhood. Reclaim your healing power.

Crystalline Bodies and Crystalline Frequencies
Quazar: As we move towards our full awakening Zorra our bodies when you say are changing we are becoming more crystalline and lighter in our bodies. Could you expound on the crystalline frequencies that are helping us.

Zorra: Crystalline frequencies. Well you have what is termed as -- you term it crystalline frequencies -- is helping your bodies to transcend or transition if you will into a crystalline body. And so embrace them. Allow them to change you.

Quazar: So we should be able to align very easily with all the crystals that we have around us.

Ascension Tools
Zorra: Indeed. If you have headbands wear them. If you don't have one get one. (Quazar: If you can.) Of course you can. And the other gifts and the other tools that we have given you: the healing rod, what is termed the Soul, the Laminine, the StemFit, what is termed Zero Point energies, all of this is for your benefit and for your upliftment and for your healing. And awakening and knowingness.

Many of you say well if they are such a wonderful tool why not give them to you free. (Quazar: We wish we could!) Yes, we wish we could do that. But of course as well as you know the world is, people that receive things for free gain no value from it. If they have invested something in it, it is more valuable to them. So if we were to give it to you for free what would that be? A dependence. No. You must do what is termed invest a little to get your tools for ascension, for healing.

And do not begrudge those that are doing what is termed as distributors to help distribute these tools. They have a life to live too. They must live in this 5th dimensional, lower 5th dimensional existence, which also requires, unfortunately, money. So when you do what is termed as complain that they are too high or they are what is termed unaccessible, they are not unaccessible.

Quazar: In addition we spoke with Christine who is making our headbands and healing rods and she said she's working on, and it will be ready pretty soon, some pyramids and orgone accumulators. So maybe you should explain what that is.


Zorra: The orgone accumulators is a frequency device. And what it does is you have in each part of your body has a frequency. Different things have a frequency. Illnesses have a frequency. And when you tune in to a frequency to eliminate you type in or you punch in the number of the frequency and then you turn the device on and it eliminates that frequency.

Cancer is a frequency. It has a certain set of numbers and when you eliminate those numbers you eliminate the cancer. So the orgone devices will electronically eliminate your disease. (Quazar: inaudible) It will eliminate it. (Quazar: inaudible) I know you like to say ‘assist.’ (Quazar: Well I’m saying that because … inaudible)

Even what is termed the Rain International, they have what is called a set of rules that distributors must abide by. I do not have to abide by those. (Quazar: inaudible) I can tell you when something will heal you and they can do nothing about it. On the other hand Zaraya and Quazar are bound by these rules and therefore cannot say what will heal you. I on the other hand can say it will. Soul will heal you. After taking it for X amount of time it will heal you. It will heal all ills that you have.

So, and I can tell you this as an appellation. It will.
If you say it is not doing anything for you then you're not taking it or taking enough of it.

So do what is termed as if you have a situation in your body take three a day, at least three a day or more if you desire to. If you do not have a situation in your body and you want preventive measures take two a day 30 minutes prior to eating on an empty stomach. Same with your StemFit and other things.

But also use your healing rods that you have, that you are getting. Use your headbands for meditation. Use your headbands for what is termed as being out in Mother Nature walking amongst the trees.

Trees: Earth’s Record Keepers
Ah, speaking of trees we have what is termed Diane Robbins and she is a wonderful author and she has a book out called, a new one out, well it’s a reversion of the crystal kingdom book and it is a wondrous book to have. It has more poems of other elementals and the merpeople's and things of this nature. And in the older version of it, in a moment I'm going to have Quazar to read from it. (Quazar: inaudible) Well that will be later of course.

I would like you to do it before you go bye-bye.

Quazar: We have questions Zorra.

Zorra: I know you have questions. But you can read that before the questions. Indeed? Anyway and it talks about trees. It is poems from the trees.

Many of you think of trees just as something to give shade to you or something to give you fruit. It is more than that. They are record keepers and they know more in what is going on with the Earth than anyone you can ask questions of.

If you want to know about the Earth go out and hug a tree and talk to it. And they will talk back. So it is a couple of pages. Go ahead and do it and read it and then we will commence with the questions.

Quazar: Okay everyone. Why don’t you just sit (Zorra: Close your eyes) relax. You can close your eyes if you wish.

And this book again this is an excerpt from a book by Robin Williams. Messages …

Zorra: Robin Williams??? [Laughter]

Quazar: That was a Freudian Slip! I must’ve been thinking about him.

Zorra: Is he not an actor or was an actor?

Quazar: Yes!

From Diane Robbins.

The title is We Are The Trees. So here we go.

WE ARE THE TREES by Dianne Robbins

We are the trees.
Our foliage is thick, our bark is strong,
and we are here to sing our song of love
to the Earth of love to you
letting you know we see you true.
Earth's ascension, there is no question
that you are moving into the 5th dimension.
The Creator’s note that keeps you afloat
and you travel home to your no time zone.
Moving with hyperspeed, becoming all that you
can be through the Stargate of Arcturus.
We all are curious to know,
how did you do it after losing your way?
And you can reply, “We did it God’s way.
(Quazar interjects: Or Zorra’s way!)
We are the trees waving goodbye
we leave you with our lullabies.
If you can hear it on the wind
you are sure to feel it if you go within.

And the next one …

The Trees Talk About The Cities Of Light

We are the trees, as pleased as can be
to be here with you so you can see
through your imagination and inner sight
as we talk to you about the cities of light.
Our branches reach out and our leaves wave
as you pass, for we came here to see you and hold you at last
in our arms of bark as we embark on Earths long trip.
She’s our mothership taking us up to glorious new heights
to open up our inner sight.
So open your eyes and you will see
your journey in light will set you free.
Your vision will clear and you will hear
the nature spirits who are so dear.
We stand before you and touch your skin
and close your eyes and go within.
We will show you and clear the way for you
to experience a bright new day when all on Earth will be rebirthed
with enhanced sight, as you will be able to see the Cities of Light.
That tower above you and that magically sway
just walk through our forest we will show you the way
into your heart where it all starts.
The cities are real made of crystal and light
sparkle and dance as you focus your sight.
The hand above you reach up in the air
and you will soon see them so don't despair.
The time is now when you will see all
just open your hearts to our inner call.
So come and visit us and touch our bark.
Put your arms around us and feel our hearts.
It pulses like yours to the very same beat
as our branches reach down and touch your feet.
From our glorious heights we stand here so tall
and watch you beneath us and listen for your call.
So call to us as you pass us by
and dare to look us in the eye and we will see
and you will feel eternity. And it’s very real.
It's within us all just go in and feel.
We stand by you and say good night
and thank you for listening to us speak
about the Cities of Light.


Congratulations and Thank You Lady Nada
On A Mission Well Served
Zorra: Indeed. How are you Lady Nada?

Anne: I am fine thank you. I have a question.

You mentioned the media is getting freed up where it can speak truth. (Zorra: Indeed) It will eventually introduce the populations to our Galactics and soften them down for reunion? (Zorra: Indeed) Will the media, at a point, take over the responsibilities of Hollow Earth Network?

Zorra: Will the media?

Anne: In other words, people are looking to us to give these news broadcasts that you gave so beautifully today. Will that information eventually be given through the media to the entire surface population? (Zorra: Yes) And at that time Anne wouldn't have to stay on the surface [Laughter] and maintain the news that we've supplied?

Zorra: We shall see.

Anne: Well you're the one that got me started and I am preparing myself as you said. (Zorra: Indeed)

Quazar: You have some words to her … words in this process to her for when that might be?

Zorra: I cannot give her a time.

Quazar: Right. We know. But let us know little bit more about what is going to happen in terms of transition.

Zorra: Continue to prepare for your departure. (Anne: Yes) And when the time has come you will receive the call.

Anne: Yes, that's what I' have been doing and I am content to do that.

Zorra: And that is all my beloved Prime Creator is allowing me to tell you.

Anne: Well I’m happy and grateful that I can serve. And I am not resenting it in anyway, the service. It’s something I was grateful that I was able to provide. So that's fine. I'm happy to stay until it's convenient for me to go.

Quazar: Maybe you could say more about her mission that was called.

Zorra: Understand beloved Lady Nada's mission was to allow the Hollow Earth Network to become a reality: to bring forth the knowledge, to bring forth the messages that we have been giving forth.

She has been instrumental … she has been instrumental in allowing me to come forth through communications to you. And she is a blessed, Blessed Master. (Quazar: You are referring to Lady Nada.) Of course I'm referring to Lady Nada. Did I not say Lady Nada?

Anne: You did. And thank you Zorra. I haven't really introduced myself as such. I still, of course, refer to myself as Anne or even Mother Hen, which we kind of all grew into. And I'm very happy with that. I do love all our children, and that's my purpose, to serve our children.

Zorra: Indeed. But as your time draws closer and closer to ascension, you will not have to be told it is time. You will know.

And of course, your beloved Sananda will also be standing by, as well, and he is with you all the time.

Anne: Yes, he is. I'll be speaking with or hearing him tomorrow. He is going to do a live transmission through Ancient Awakenings.

Mentors Continue To Arrive - Pillars of Light

Quazar: Hey Lady Nada, I have a couple of questions before I hand this over back to you.

You know, talking about your ascension, I know that lots of people still would like to know about the mentoring program that is going to be coming soon and where we are with that program, Zorra.

Zorra: The program? (Quazar: Yeah for the mentors.) You mean the schedule. [Laughter] The mentors have been arriving on the Earth for several months now. And their mode of arrival would be what is termed as Pillars of Light. Some are thin, some are wide.

When they are thin there’s not many coming down. When they are wide, there are many coming down.

You have seen on YouTube, you have seen Pillars of Light appearing in San Francisco next to the Golden Gate Bridge. You have seen others arriving in rural areas in what is termed and some in the middle of the city. So you have seen these beams of light or Pillars of Light all over. And you will see even more of them.

And they are not the Photon Belt.

What will Happen When Our Solar System Enters
The Photon Belt?

Believe me. Understand this when the Photon Belt engulfs the planet Earth, there will not be any doubt of it because you will have what will be termed as a "an experience of light" and I mean: globally. It will not be just one area having light, it will be the entire planet. That is the Photon Belt.

Quazar: Are we coming close to that also?

Zorra: You are coming close to it. And you will notice the, what is termed, the results from it early as it is termed... longer days, less night, and then suddenly there will be no night anywhere.

Once you are fully engulfed in the Photon Belt, which you will be there for 12 days -- literally -- days of pure light. 12 days of light around the world so everyone will be definitely realize that there is something going on.

Quazar: How soon do you think that will be in our Earth time frame?

Zorra: In our Earth time? It will be in your lifetime. Don't worry about that. As the trees have said, you are going to be going into a no-time zone. Because that will be the time when it will be … a no time zone. There will be no way to gauge time because there will be no night to deal with.

Quazar: It sounds kind of like Hollow Earth too.

Zorra: It is like Hollow Earth. No time and no night.

Now we do have what is termed we have visitors that come from the surface that have watches and they use them. But that is the only way they tell time because there is no way to gauge it in Hollow Earth for there is no night. (Quazar: Let’s get back to the mentors.)

The mentors. She put me back on track here. Anyway the mentors are going to be more arriving. And once they have all arrived they will be in a meeting between myself and Prime Creator and St. Germain and Archangel Michael. And then they will be dispersed from there and you will get knocks on your doors. So expect it.


Nikola Tesla’s Free Energy
Quazar: I guess the last question I have before I hand this over to beloved Lady Nada is regarding Tesla. Nicky asks if Tesla was from Hollow Earth and will we have time to use his free energy ideas before ascension?

Zorra: When you ask if he was from Hollow Earth, in a sense, yes. Is he the from their originally, no. (Quazar: Where is he from?) Alfa Centauri. But not in that form. (Quazar: What was he, Zorra?) Does it matter? (Quazar: No. I'm always curious.) I know you are … always curious.

Quazar: The other question is, "Will we have time to use his free energy ideas before ascension?"

Zorra: Of course. All you have to do is make them. The patents are available to the public. So build them is what I say to you. Build them.

If you have them build them. You will not be with what is termed prosecuted for it. That's over with. None of you inventors out there that are listening to my words need be in fear anymore. Go ahead and build your free energy devices. You will not be persecuted or prosecuted for it. That is over with.

Coming Soon: Now Boarding Mars Starship Airline

More and more technology will be coming forth. And soon, what you term "airlines" shall be obsolete … well they’re obsolete now but … [Laughter] Primitive conveyances!

But soon what is termed the Mars base or Mars population from Earth will be bringing forth some starships that will be taking the place of your airlines. Instead of taking hours to get from point A to point B, it shall take minutes; not hours.

Quazar: is that before Disclosure Zorra?

Zorra: Possibly. So that is a hint of what is coming.

Quazar: Interesting. Lady Nada, your turn.


Zorra’s Choice of Aeroship
Anne: Well I have a couple questions I just received this morning so before I start opening the lines, let me see how many we have here. We have seven.

Okay. Let me read these two very quickly from Max in Orlando before I start the live calls. I think this incorporates a lot of misunderstandings but I will let you do the correction.

He says this question is for you beloved Zorra. I heard you say that Prime Creator gave you a ship the size of Sananda’s ship but why did you choose to have such a small ship in the first place when we know that you are the creator of this massive galaxy?

There're quite a few discrepancies I think you might want to put to rest there.

Zorra: Why would you want to be hoggish. I am speaking of my ships. I am quite content with a small one.

Anne: And is you’re the size of Sananda’s?

Zorra: Of course not. You are speaking of New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem is not 2000 feet in diameter; it is 2000 miles in diameter. (Anne: A bit of a difference!) A bit of a big difference I would think. The same size as Sananda’s?!?! I think not!

I can assure you. New Jerusalem is 2000 miles in diameter. That is why it would be difficult to bring the vessel down to land on the Earth.

Anne: And then why would you choose to have such a small ship in the first place when we know that you are the creator of this massive galaxy?

Zorra: Well I can assure you I have another vessel which is quite large but I will not give you the circumference of it because it is not needed to know.

Anne: Checking out your garage, huh? [Laughter]

Zorra: The smaller vessels are easier to maneuver in your atmosphere.

Did My Mentor Initiate Contact?
Anne: Alright. The second question is: One month after I started taking Laminine, I had a crack in my veil when the Lion’s Gate opened in August. (Zorra: Indeed) I was feeling overwhelmed with the pressure in my head and as I was in the car waiting for my mom that morning, I just decided I would close my eyes to relax a little bit. (Zorra: Indeed) Then suddenly I started drifting into this mental state and lo and behold I saw in my perception, a being – I would say energetic in nature or without physicality. He just has the shape of a human body. Who is that and what was he trying to communicate?

Zorra: It would have been his mentor that was trying to communicate.

Anne: So that would indicate that the mentors are actually already energetically connecting with their pupils.

Zorra: They are indeed.


LIVE Q & A --------------------------

Folks please come in quickly with your name, your location and one quick question. And please don’t be tempted to enjoin a conversation at the expense of others maybe not being able to offer their questions.

Zorra: One question only! And no conversation.

Photon Belt vs
The Wave: Explained in detail
865: This is Christine from Knoxville. I want to know the difference between the Photon Belt and the Wave. They’re two different things, are they not?

Zorra: They are indeed. They are definitely both different. The Wave of intelligence and love which is now present on the Earth is nothing like the Photon Belt.

The Photon Belt is a belt of light that shall engulf the planet Earth. And when it does, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the Photon Belt.

Quazar: What is the purpose of it?

Zorra: To bring Light to the Earth; Galactic Light to the Earth.

865: So the Wave is a wave of Love, quantum love and the Photon Belt is the Light from the Galactic’s love?

Zorra: From Prime Creator.

Anne: And we understand that it’s [the Wave] stopped moving now. Zaraya mentioned that. We understand that it’s actually kind of circling our globe. It hasn’t traveled beyond Earth. This was its’ destination.

Zorra: In a sense yes. It will move on once ascension has taken place. Speaking of the Wave, not the Photon Belt.

865: Okay, I’m still not clear. I understand they’re both here to help us ascend. I’m clear about the Wave, I’m not clear about what the Photon Belt is here for us for.

Zorra: The Photon Belt is a belt that is located toward the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. As your solar system is moving toward the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, you will encounter the Photon Belt. It is a belt that is quite large in distance and will take approximately 12 Earth-days to go through it. So when you do encounter it you will know, without any doubt, where you are. And also, your constellations will start changing positions at the same time.

I’m going to let my beloved Saryya explain more of it.

Saryya: Indeed beloved masters.

Anne: Welcome Saryya.

Saryya: Thank you beloved Lady Nada.

This Photon Belt is enormous Light when it will be coming to you in some period of events to happen yet. And when this occurs you already know this lovely Mother Terra is always moving and evolving. This is also what is happening to each of you to all of the life and humanity that is on this planet. You are already moving towards the goal of which you are to be at. That is why the Photon Belt will be coming upon all of you. It is a great, magnificent galactic light that will help to move you towards where our beloved Terra is to reside. Where your New Earth will be abiding. So look forward to this. It will be of great manifestation again of wonderful things to come.

That is all.

Anne: 865, you were very fortunate to get a comprehensive answer to your question and we were very fortunate that you asked it. It was very interesting.


What Can Be Done To Stop The Bear Hunt?
407: Hi Anne, this is Gloria in Florida. Saryya and Zorra, I have a quandary here. The State of Florida okayed bear hunting [for the first time in] 20 year or more. And because they’re knocking down all the woods [i.e. wiping out their habitat to build housing], the bears are coming into the [populated areas] getting into trash cans, so they decided open hunting on them starting October 24th. The governor would not stop it. The groups that are anti-hunting took it to a judge yesterday and he won’t stop it. They are also going to kill the females which leaves the babies without mothers and then they wander out onto the highway and get killed. They have 2,000 permits sold already. What can we do?

Zorra: Hmm. What you should do is get a petition together, send it to the governor …

407: They already did that and the governor didn’t stop it.

Zorra: Understand, they did not give an alternative. They did what was termed as say do not hunt the bear. But why not do this: do what is termed as build a petition together. Not to kill the bears but to relocate them. Relocate them to northern states, Montana or some other states or forest preserves, animal reserves. It would be more humane.

407: Yeah, we have a big national forest in northern Florida. Ocala National Forest. And they’ve relocated some of them up there but they said it was too expensive for them to do it to relocate all of them. We’re just kind of beating our heads against the wall trying to figure out what to do.

Zorra: The petition would be a wonderful idea and do what is termed do that straight away and go, do what is termed go in your city, go in your surrounding communities to get signatures.

Anne: Have you used Have you put it on the internet? You will get many, many signatures.

(407: No my computer is down.) Well I’ve got your number if someone can help you they can call me and I’ll get them connected with you and help you with that.

Zorra: And we shall do what is termed as to send forth a love vibration to those that are doing what is termed the hunting to do what is termed send a telepathic message to them.

Let us do that now. Everyone together, rub your hands together and point the palms of your hands in the direction of Florida and do what is termed as to send forth a love vibration towards those that are perpetrating this hunt, so to speak, and to what will do, it will send a, what is called a … what is the term? … more than a vibration. It will send a vision to the hunters to do what is right; to refrain from hunting; to refrain from killing Mother Nature. Understand Mother Nature will not stand for it. Five, four, three, two, one send. Transmit. It is done. Indeed.

Anne: Very good. Thank you.


Attending Private Disclosure Event
760: Hi, good morning Zorra and everyone. This is Rich in California. I had talked to you about, there was an event happening I guess a private disclosure of the of what's going on in a, what do you call it, in kind of a recapitulation of the Tesla information and some other things. You mentioned that that would not happen and it is, so I’m wondering what you think about that.

Zorra: Say again.

I had mentioned that there would be an event, private event over here in California. And you said it would not take place and it is.

Zorra: An event such as what?

760: A celebration of the disclosure, giving information about the disclosure and Tesla information and other things that relate to what we would be talking about, all the things we’re talking about... they have a private... they have an area that’s set aside for landings and stuff like that. (Zorra: Indeed) Out in the woods or whatever and out in the... I guess it's in the low mountains out there. (Zorra: And your question is that you want to know …) You said it wouldn't take place. (Zorra: What would not take place?) Because it wouldn't happen when I asked you a few weeks ago about a month ago you said or whatever you said it wouldn't happen and it's happening.

Zorra: Why would I say it would not happen?

760: I don’t know why you said ... you didn’t tell me why you said you didn’t say why you said that.

Anne: I think there's a misunderstanding of intention. They might have the event, but the fulfillment of it probably would not happen. I think that might be what Zorra intended.

760: Why are you speaking for Zorra? Why can’t he tell me?

Anne: Well I’m just trying to help you two get together and let him refresh himself on that.

Zorra: The event is what is termed as bringing forth the knowledge of it?

760: No an actual event for people can go to that are going to go to this and they’re gonna talk. It's called what was the name of it what was the name of the group? The group is um, let me go get it.

Zorra: Anything that is going to bring forth knowledge that is going to benefit mankind would not be I would never say that it would never occur.

760: The name of the group is the dianrsar … here’s the name of the group. Denarius Educational Foundation. The 32nd Interplanetary Conclave Of Light. And the heading is We Are Not Alone so it's a disclosure that’s an it's a 32nd and they’re also talking about us being the 33rd planet in the group of planets that you already know about that is the 33rd we’re the 33rd planet in the group. That the Earth is becoming the 33rd planet or already is I don't know. But this has been going on for 32 years or 32 times that they've had this conclave and this is the 32nd of them. So it's related to when I said to you that time and you said it wouldn't happen so I couldn’t understand why you would say that.

Saryya: I think -- this is Saryya -- I think that there was a little misunderstanding. My beloved always as we always support knowledge about events to occur of the Light. However, the as you say caveat to that is the disclosure would not be occurring at the time of this particular meeting. I think this is where the misunderstanding occurred. The event for sure is of benefit to humanity. Disclosure does not come just for a small group of people, you see. It is for everyone. And I think, I apologize but I think that it is a slight misunderstanding.

760: Oh well anyway. so anyway I just didn’t understand why you would say that. (Saryya: Indeed) It's happening! And it's next weekend.

Zorra: If it's for the good of mankind it should occur of course. What was probably spoken was that the suppression of this meeting would not occur. (760: The suppression?) The stopping of it would not occur.

760: No I didn't refer to that. I was just asking.

Anne: I think it was a little hazy. It left me sort of adrift when the question was posed previously. It was a little ambiguous and I didn't quite understand it myself to be honest.

760: It wasn't even a question I was just mentioning that was going to take place. I didn’t ask a question.

Anne: Well, you were expecting an answer. May we move on because we know the event is underway and we have a lot of people waiting with questions that could apply to many of us.

760: Yeah. Okay. Just wanted to confirm. Thank you.

Soryya: We should like to say to Rich to enjoy the event.

Anne: Yeah. He'll meet some like-minded people there. It'll be very good.


What Energies Is The Wave Bringing In
Int’l: Hi my name is Diane and I'm calling from Portugal. I'd like to ask Zorra about these energies that are coming that have come in these past two weeks and I would say that many people have been feeling them. They are very intense energies and what exactly is happening to our bodies at this moment? Is this a cleansing? Are we transforming?

Zorra: Indeed. Yet the question was already answered on that. You are being changed from a carbon-based to a crystalline-based unit. And so the Wave that is on the Earth and shall remain here, is for the transformation of your DNA and for the better of course, and also to awaken the dormant powers that you all possess. And they are awakening now. That is what people are feeling. So, when it comes to what is termed the Enlightenment Wave that is upon the Earth now, that was its purpose: to awaken the sleeping peoples. To awaken them to the reality of who and what they are.

Int’l: Okay well thank you very much.

Anne: Well welcome from Portugal. Nice to hear from you.


When Will Cities of Light Appear
405: This is Marjorie in Oklahoma. So thankful for this call. I wanted to ask Zorra could you give us a timeframe when the Cities of Light will be coming into view for us. And also when we can go, so we can go in and have those that really need healing -- my family we all need some healing and my mother, I'm very concerned for my little 92-year-old she has full-blown Alzheimer's because of the statin drugs they put her on to lower her cholesterol. And then I have another family member that has some brain issues and healing there. And I wanted to know how soon and and if she can make ascension. I'm concerned because she's praying to make ascension with me and I wondered if she can make it. Longevity ran in her family but her mother lived to over 105 but she's been compromised now with these drugs. I would just love to see these Cities come on board here soon.

Zorra: Indeed. Well the Cities of Light, many of them are here already. They are just not manifested materialization mainly because we do not wish to cause fear again. So you can do something beforehand and that is use your god power to heal. You have the ability within yourself because you are a goddess. Have you tried?

405: Oh yes we pray daily.

Zorra: I did not say pray. I said heal them. Using your hands.

405: Yes, that. I use my hands for that and I put my intentions out there for healing. (Zorra: Indeed) And she’s maybe being sustained but I fear she’s just not any better. She’s losing a lot of her you know abilities that she had you know.

Zorra: Indeed. Are you taking what is termed the Soul product?

405: She took some Soul yes. We're out of it now financially we haven’t been able to stock up on things that we really need.

Zorra: Indeed. Do you have what is termed the dong or the dinar?

405: Oh yes. Yes I'm waiting for that. Yes.

Zorra: Indeed. You should see that coming very shortly. Straightaway. What is termed you are on the internet calls?

405: I can be but were not getting on it too much because remember some time back you said we need to move away from the internet and the radiation was not doing our bodies good.

Zorra: Understand beloved master they have what is called Zero Point Energy. and go there and you can buy some what is termed … what are they called? You have what is called the pyramid and also the devices that you put inside of your computers. Strips. They are strips of Zero Point that are put inside of your cell phone, inside of your computers, and they stick. They are able to stick to device and it eliminates this radiation you are speaking of and totally eliminates it. EMF. So contact Zero Point Global and contact them to get these devices. Go to the Hollow Earth website …
405: Are they affordable before the money comes? Is there something that we can …

Zorra: Yes they are affordable and it’s very effective. It will stop the EMF on cell phones and also on your laptops, desktops, anything electronic, TVs and all this. It eliminates all the EMF results completely. So that is another tool for your ascension so you can do that.

405: I just wanted to ask you, you had mentioned some time back I believe you made this statement – I might not be correct about it -- that anyone living today, alive and well today, would be able to make ascension. It’s possible that we're all of course I know there's different variations but said almost anyone now can make ascension. Does that apply to us?

Zorra: Of course it does. Why would it be not?

But there are many what is termed elderly that will ascend before you. And they have chosen to not take their bodies with them. They are ready for ascension; they are in line for ascension. I will have my beloved speak further on that.


Saryya: For all of you that are concerned regarding your beloved who are either sick or who are already up in age who are much older and are at a point where they could either remain here on this planet or they could leave. When we say leave we say ascended as well. So you could ascend either with your bodies or without these vessels. So that is their, that is an individual decision. All we do is we send love so that their Higher Self will now what is best for them. Indeed.

405: Thank you very much.

Zorra: Indeed.

Now concerning your beloved others that need healing, let us do what is termed as send a Healing Pulse to them now. Five, four, three, two, one. Receive. Do you feel the warmth engulfing your body?

405: I feel warmth in my hand it’s on my mother's head.

Zorra: Good. Now you want to place one hand on what is termed over the forehead, one hand over the back of the head, and count from 5 to 1. And then say ‘From the Lord God of my Being,’ (and you are speaking to the Lord God of her being) to completely and ultimately return her memory to her. Five, four, three, two, one. Transmit. So be it.

405: So be it. It is done. Thank you. Thank you.

Zorra: Indeed.

Anne: Wonderful. Thank you Marjorie and our best to your mother. We all send our love. Bye now.


Keshe And New Technologies
770: Hi Anne, this is Vivian. Hi Zorra. Thank you for this call. This week Anne posted on the site a conference from Keshe about a power unit that will do a lot of what you’re talking earlier as far as quick travel and energy, heating and cooling of our homes, and you mentioned automobiles too. Can you just say anything on that Zorra?

Zorra: Keshe technology: yes, that is one of the inventions for free energy devices and that is a good thing. Evolutionary and very, very extremely powerful. So if you can afford to have it do it.

770: I’m sorry. I didn’t complete my question. He also mentioned he was going to introduce it at the Peace Conference this month. (Zorra: Indeed) To establish world peace between the countries. What’s your comment on that?

Zorra: My comment on that is good, good, very good. (770: Thank you Zorra.) And he will be protected also. He will be protected and allowed to give forth the knowledge. Indeed.


What Dimension is Hollow Earth In
650: Hi Anne! This is Joy from Dallas. I wanted to first thank you for the call you had. And you mentioned that we all need to focus on our ascension and ascension has been on my mind since then. And every time I see something negative that is going on in the news I keep reminding myself ascension! ascension! that's the goal. So thank you for doing that. And I also wanted to comment before when I asked about the Pope was talking I was really, really excited. I was on the verge of tears. I don't know why, I have no idea why but it was really -- even now when I'm talking about that that brings back some of the emotion that I had. I don't know why but it was really extraordinary.

So my question is I have two questions first of all it’s about Hollow Earth. I was always wondering is Hollow Earth is on the third dimension or only on the 5th dimension and going on.

Zorra: Hollow Earth is in sixth dimension. But we were only allowed one question please.

Guess What? We’re All Aliens!
Human Race Not From Earth At All
650: Can I ask another one? (Zorra: Alright go ahead.) The other question I had is maybe a little broader than that. I was wondering about the history of the human race because we have different races on the planet as we know it today and I was wondering if the Bible story is the true one or Darwin theory is the true one. Can you elaborate a little bit about our ancestors?

Zorra: You did not come from a monkey. You came from star systems.

650: So the different races we have today on the planet came from different solar systems you would call it or different …

Zorra: Galaxies. Understand beloved master. Not one human on this planet is from this planet.

650: And obviously they couldn't tell that in the Bible so they had to come up with something?

Zorra: In the Bible you have some discrepancies in the Bible such as the when God was speaking about creation of man: “Let us make man in our image in our likeness and with our powers and abilities.” In what is termed the Matthew he's speaking of Sananda talking to the disciples: “Marvel not what I do for greater shall you do if only believe that you can.”

What does that tell you?

605: That we all have the power. That we’re all gods and goddesses.

Zorra: Indeed. You all do. There's no reason for anyone to be sick. At all. There is no reason for anyone to not be healed when you all have the power to heal.

650: So the Garden of Eden was it real or was it in Hollow Earth?

Zorra: In Hollow Earth. The city of Eden is the Garden of Eden.

650: Thank you so much. Thank you Zorra.

Zorra: Indeed.

Anne: Well I think it will all be more clear when we get more aware. Meanwhile we just keep working on our own self and our own ascension. So thank you Joy that was good.


WHAT IS A GOD? Endless Light, Endless Love
413: This is Marilyn from Massachusetts. I would like some clarification on, you keep telling us that we’re all gods and goddesses and mentally I can accept that. But then I think what is a god and a goddess because our role models for gods and goddesses have been the Greek myth gods of mythology and the God of the Bible which can be very terrible as well as very loving. So I think if we could have some role models spelled out for us as to exactly what is god and goddess. What do they look like? What do they do? You know it's like saying to us well you’re a great pianist but we've only seen banjo players and drummers. You know?

Saryya: Beloved master, when we speak of gods and goddesses we speak of those beings of Light and Love. We call that Endless Light, Endless Love. These gods and goddesses are not what you have seen or read in many of your books. Your mentors, your Ascended Masters, Sananda (Jesus to you), Buddha, you have had many manifestations and incarnations of such divine light and love upon this planet who have ascended. Those would be good beings for you to emulate.

We do not speak of those that have had even … excuse me. We also have St. Germain as well and many others of the Light who have come from there, who have become higher beings who have decided to be here on this beloved Terra with you.

So those are examples that you can, that are good examples for you to model after. So what do we mean by gods and goddesses? When you go within and you realize who you are, who your higher self is, who that God self is; that is your God that is within you. That is the God that is within you. That is who you really are. It is difficult sometimes to explain fully gods and goddesses of a higher realm of which you are aspiring to, which you have had many examples set before you. (Zorra: Indeed) You can expound my beloved.

Zorra: When I speak of what is termed gods and goddesses these are beings who know who and what they are. They are pure love. They are pure compassion. They are none of anything that has to do with fear, with Satanism, with what is termed anything negative. They are positive – completely. There is no negative in them. That is a God. That is a Goddess. Pure love, pure understanding, pure compassion, and pure harmony; that is what a god and goddess is.

Saryya: I have just thought of another example. (Zorra: Indeed) Your Dalai Lama is another example, indeed.

413: Oh, you brought him up now the Dalai Lama has condemned some peoples and there's been some flack about him so.

Zorra: [We] are speaking of the original Dalai Lama not the newer one.

The original Dalai Lama was a man of pure harmony, pure love. There was nothing negative coming from him ever. The original Dalai Lama, not the descendents of.

413: Okay that clears that up but there always seems like there are always people that are alone. They’re not the moms and the dads and the kids that are here every day. They always seem like special people who have special jobs, not everyday people.

Zorra: Well understand, gods can be anyone because you are all gods and goddesses. You are aspiring to become the God that you are and of course that had been hidden from you through what is termed religions, through what is termed as higher education supposedly. So do not use what is termed as examples from your religions or from what is termed as you are higher educations and things of this nature. I can assure you your higher education facilities faculties institutions are kindergartens compared to Hollow Earth.


Mentor Made First Contact: How to invite back in
928: Anne, I love your sweet blessing every time I hear your voice. Thank you and Zorra and everyone attending these sessions. This is Sue from Arizona.
My one question is, last night in the middle of the night I heard a voice speak to me that was very supportive. I don't have the exact words to replicate or the terms that he or she indicated to me but I feel, I don't know, my mentor my guide my higher self definitely a hand being extended to me in my life at this time. And I feel that this need to connect more with this energy, this being. But I feel it's like we being a

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