Monday, November 30, 2015

Kudos for Chancellor Angela Merkel - the German Leader

She maybe a woman but her leadership is setting a good example for others to follow.  

A lot of people not just in Germany but also on other parts of the world disagrees with her decision to allow so many refugees into Europe and into Germany.  Of course she knows that they cannot allow the transfer of all citizens of those nations fleeing war torn regions of Syria, Iraq and elsewhere to come to Europe, but at least she showed to the world that they care by allowing some of the refugees (which is a good number of them) into their land and stay for a while.

For many decades after World War II, Germany was viewed as an evil nation who started wars and aggression with his neighboring countries.  After the war, Germany suffered defeat and humiliation.  For average Germans they would rather not talk about the war and just moved on with their lives and forget about the past.  And for most of them this has been their attitude ever since.  

However, the actions and decisions of their present leader: Angela Merkel is shattering the traditional view that the world sees about Germany.  The German leader is UNDOING the mistakes, the wrongdoing that the German army did to the world in the past.  They are earning respect for their admirable and mature approach in facing the problems of the world. The actions of the Germans today is erasing the bad image that they acquired.  Today, the world is seeing them as peace loving people, who welcomes those who are hurting and are in need of serious help. The Germans today are not the same people that we read in the history books and war documentaries.  They do care to people not just their own but also extended to other people of other nations.  We know that they cannot help everyone; but their resolve and actions to help people is a shinning light to a darkened world of selfishness and greed.  

Today Germany is one of the nations in the world who gives free tuition and scholarships and some financial allowance to students not just their own but also from other nations as well.  In fact, there are a lot of American students who are now studying in Germany as they try to avoid the high cost of tuition in their own country that can put them in serious debt.  Compare that to the USA and UK who have so many people who are in debt because of student loan while their governments are so busy in war activities worldwide that their priorities are mostly for military and war expenditures. Germany today is really not the germans we read in the history books.  They truly care and they are a peace loving people.


Ashtar On The Road - November 24, 2015

Note:  Remember the words spoken by the family members of JFK when they saw the body after the autopsy? They said that it was not JFK, though it looks identical.  They could sense that it was not the real JFK that they knew.  And those are very profound words given by the people (family members) of JFK who knows him better than anyone else, that the one who was assassinated on that fateful day of Nov. 22, 1963 was not the real president Kennedy.  It was a clone!  

JFK was in contact with the Galactics years prior to the assassination.  The Galactics learned about the plan of the secret government - oligarchy and so they switched the body of the president with a clone and saved him from the incident.  

The Galactic disclosure will take place sometime in the mid 2016.  And on that time, JFK will be reconnected to the world.  And he will have a lot to say about the world that we live in.  He will definitely reveal the lies and deception that was perpetrated into this world.

During Galactic Disclosure:  All electronic devices on Earth will receive the transmission of their broadcast.  Even if the device is not on, they can literally turn it on and receive the live broadcast of their announcement.  An example of this capability was demonstrated by Tesla long time ago, that electricity can be distributed wirelessly into every devices and into peoples homes without the need for cables and electric pole/post. 

The galactics made a test broadcast a few decades ago that was felt in the UK.  In 1977, Vrillion of the Ashtar Command gave a sample broadcast while their cloaked spaceship was orbiting around the Earth.  


Next Year 2016 will be the Galactic Disclosure.  Expect the global broadcast and everyone on Earth will hear about it through radios, television, internet, smartphone, computers and etc.  Their broadcast can override the mainstream medias programming.  It will be a great surprise for the whole world to know that one of the people who will announce the disclosure of the Galactics is the one who bravely fought the Illuminati, who never bowed down to serve the secret government of the world and that is John F. Kennedy.  He will stand beside the Galactics in announcing to the world the reality of extra terrestrials, something that was prevented intentionally by the PTB for the whole world to know. 




Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - November 24, 2015
JFK: "We Are the Light of Love - Nous Sommes Unis"

"Greetings, my Fellow Citizens of Planet Earth! I am President John Fitzgerald Kennedy of the United States of America. And the dream I dreamt has never been more alive than it is in this moment for, you see, when I was the President, I had the dream for the World! But as the leader of what was deemed to be, at least one of the most powerful countries in the World, I had the vision that I could make great changes. I had the vision for bringing the World to Peace!!! And while, yes, as President, I had to make decisions to stand up, and sometimes to send military personnel to places where wars were going on; nevertheless, I held fast to that vision, as did my brothers, my family, and many, many citizens of the World.

"I was regarded with mixed feelings. There were those who felt that my human side was a bit excessive, shall we say, but that is of no consequence, because my legacy to the World was not of, third dimensional vibration, but rather High Dimensional Love! For it is only through True Love, Unconditional, Compassionate, Forgiving - and, yes, with Gratitude for the wisdoms gained - that true Peace on Earth can be accomplished. And this was what I chose to further, because I knew that I had a Mission!!!

"Now my father thought that that Mission lay with my older brother*, but he left his body, and it fell to me. This is not the first time that this kind of an event has happened on Planet Earth. But I did get elected to the Office of the President and there was not a day when I did not confer with my brothers** and others who shared my vision.

"And, yes, I knew about the space programs and, yes, I knew that at some point the Ashtar Command and our Galactic brothers and sisters would be able to come forward to help make the Peace and to help keep the Peace!!! For I knew that it was not the few who were at that time seeming to be in charge, but I knew that there was a vast company, ready to come in and be of assistance and, indeed, I gave permission. That is how I was taken up on the ship and a clone was put in my place on that day in Dallas. I still live in my body! And thanks to the technologies that I have been able to avail myself of while on the ship, I’m in pretty good shape for someone my age - a human that is - and I shall return, because there are many that I have special connections with – Love Connections!!!

"There were many who recognized the Light in me, and they began shining their Lights even brighter. And there were those who lit the candles and the Eternal Flame*** to let me know that we do share this Love, this Connection, this Light. And so you see, even though it might seem as though my life was cut short, my legacy has lived on and grown even stronger and more radiant!

"Now I do not give myself full credit or, I should say, the totality of the credit. I give the credit to you, my Beloved Fellow Citizens! I honor each and every one of you, and your lives. Some of you are back for the second time since you lived when I was President. I honor you for your commitment, for your quest, your determination and your accomplishments in bringing in the Light, keeping the visions of Peace on Earth in your Hearts and fanning it into this beautiful flame which is predominating in the Hearts of Humanity!

"Do not be discouraged! Do not be deterred at all in your Missions. For I promise you, I see the Lights of all of you, and I know that you and those who are committed to this Worldwide -below, on and above - have joined together in the greatest assemblage of Light Beings and Light Workers ever seen, and that you are successful in accomplishing the Mission of bringing the World into the Light, the LoveLight, the Higher Dimensional Destination, which has always been the promise that you made long ago and far away. And I was among you then!!!

"And so - and so, my fellow citizens. It is to keep the Lights bright. It is to SHINE THE LIGHT for those who are in charge of making the various Announcements that will truly open the doors to the Golden Age! You all so deserve to enjoy it, not because of what you have done as much as because of Who You Are, Beings of Light, Beings of Love. So stay the Course and know that I am with you in my Heart, and that I share the LoveLight with you!

"You know, there are many events which are called 'events of terrorism,' which are taking place in the World. It is to shine the Lights of Love upon ALL involved with Compassion. There is a Great One who stands with me now. You know him as Sananda. And there is a quote that has been given to him, or ascribed to him, which is Truth. And it is to apply to all, and that quotation, of course, is 'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.' Well, I tell you, Beloved Fellow Citizens, it is for all of us to forgive – ourselves and everyone else - because we all share the same energies, the same knowing!!!

"And for those who insist upon remaining in the dark, it is to steadfastly shine the Light for them as well, that they, too, may come Home. And if they choose not so to do, let them find justice, but send them on their way with only Love and Gratitude for what they have taught, because they are teaching the World right now that violence is what the World wants to end! The Consciousness is calling for Peace on Earth, and that Peace is found in Love!!!

"So let us celebrate together the return to Love, the lighting of all of the flames, or the candles. Where once I stood in a place in the country of Germany, and proclaimed for the World to hear, 'Ich bin ein Berliner.'**** I now join with you in saying to the World, all of the World, 'NOUS SOMMES UNIS!!!'***** And so it is!

"Thank you, my Beloved Citizens, Fellow Citizens of Planet Earth. We travel the Path together. We are the Light that we have been waiting for!!! Peace unto all and Joy and, most of all, Eternal, Unconditional and High Dimensional, Divine Love. Thank you! Namaste!"

Galactic Federation of Light through Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek - Nov. 29, 2015

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek


3:06 PM Mountain Time

Know that the Ashtar Command is a divine peace keeping force of interplanetary and intergalactic affairs of cosmic significance, in which our responsibility is to see that there is balance within free will planets which often become vulnerable to dark forces that wish to enslave all sentient life forms within these planets, provided that the inhabitants do not allow such a degree of manipulation to be imposed onto them. Such as the case upon Earth that has been ongoing for 13.000 years now, where the Earth and all her inhabitants have been enslaved and subjugated under the control of these intergalactic dark forces which use fear and destructive antics to get their way and point across, using, media, government, religion, cooperate slavery, poverty and war to enslave the masses in ignorance.

The Ashtar Command accords itself through the cosmic laws of creation and serves the most high Creator, under the administrative office of the Christ, where this divine body of conscious beings known as the Ashtar Command are under the leadership of Commander Ashtar himself; who is under the leadership of Master Sananda, known and recognized on Earth as Jesus Christ, who is in charge as Commander in Chief within the Christ Office and in which we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. The Ashtar Command sees to divine justice concerning intergalactic and planetary affairs; yet, because we accord ourselves to cosmic law, there exists laws which do not just allow us to assist a planet when it is faced with danger, even if we really wanted to. We can only assist the species within the planet so far.

The law states that there will, under no circumstance, be off-planet interference or intervention from divine forces. If ever a planet faces a threat or is subject to interference from dark forces outside of the planet... unless a mass population within the planet acknowledges these divine forces and invites them to assist in the particular situation, only then can intervention be allowed or permitted. It is important to understand, that we of the Ashtar Command maintain full respect for every being's freewill choice through all experiences, as we do this out of the utmost love for you.

Know that the Earth has reached the critical mass amount of being's which were required to allow divine intervention from us of the Ashtar Command in order to restore balance and implement justice over all affairs upon the Earth's surface. Ascension has also allowed us to appear in more numbers than we have ever maintained in our Galactic missions on any other planet, consisting now in almost close to 3.000.000 star ships positioned around the solar system and within the Earth's atmosphere. These ships are occupied with divine beings who have traveled from other universes and dimensions, just to assist the Earth and humanity ascend in this Now, as more higher dimensional beings continue to make their appearances, just to witness this event of a huge divine magnitude.

12:42 PM Mountain Time

Know that it is not so much important as to who the author of the information contained herein is; what is most important is whether it resonates with one's heart as the truth or not. If it doesn't, then you will realise that there are an array of those who transcript similar information through channelings and creative writing to whom one can then turn their focus and attention on, as reading these transmissions is a freewill choice of one's own creation as Source.

The most important focus continues to be within you in this Now and is never within something outside of you. This is never about what is happening out there or who is doing and saying what. All the information contained herein already exists within the sacred heart space and can be accessed through one's pure will and intent to receive this abundance of knowing within themselves, as Source. These transmissions are never about being dependent upon an outside source for information; but more in going within to inquire on truth through your own ability to trust in your own inner knowing and guidance.

Divine truth can be accessed by one's ability to cultivate a still and receptive state of being through an open heart where, when allowing yourself to be without any filters of thought from the mind-made illusion of separation, and letting go, entirely, of basing reality on what is happening outside of you... the heart then opens to allow you access to the vast information that already exists within you, as Source.

12:29 PM Mountain Time

Know that these transmissions are now being translated into various other languages to include German, Japanese, Chinese, Asian and Russian, in which anyone else who wishes to translate them into their language of understanding is more than welcome to, as it honors me to have this guidance reach all inhabitants of the world in their diverse and unique divine expressions. I would also like to thank those who offered to willingly translate these powerful transmissions into their language: gratitude my friends, thank you for continuing to shine the Light and for assisting me raise awareness on your part of the world for those who might not have the fullest capability in the English language.

Transcript of Zorra's Saturday Call - November 21, 2015

Total Run Time: 2:12:04

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Telephone Replay: 1-641-715-3589 + 771358
Ref No: 10


Our Response Indicates
Our Level Of Growth

(No Death: Ascension Only)

“Allow yourself to feel the perfection that is”
~ Saryya

Music Ends [2:14]

Anne: Well here we are. It's been a race for me you wouldn't believe it if you saw it but it all came together. I love it when the plan comes together.

This is Anne. Anne in southern Arizona welcoming you to our every other Saturday call with Zorra and his other half Saryya from Hollow Earth.

This may be a little unusual for newcomers. Those of us that are in our fifth year with Zorra are quite matter-of-fact about it as Zorra exchanges bodies with his son who was placed up here in 1951 as a toddler and is now in his 60s, finally completing his mission getting the word out – somebody finally listened and that’s us – and the word is out that yes, there is a highly advanced civilization within the center of our planet. All planets are hollow. We’re still believing things were told when we were in kindergarten because everybody else is told the same thing. Well we’re waking up.

Anyway, Zorra has now established this wonderful communication system by utilizing his son Zaraya’s body, now in its 60s, they just trade bodies. And Zaraya inhabits Zorra's 15-foot stature body wherever it might be in Hollow Earth or on his 2000-foot starship. And we talk to Zorra directly on the phone just as we would be talking to Zaraya, his son. But Zaraya is totally gone. We’re talking purely to Zorra. This isn't filtered through any channel.

And Zaraya's other half, Quazar, who has been moderating this call for all these many years will also, she has perfected the same technique now. I admire her greatly. She didn't know anything about this any more than you or I and now Quazar is able to trade bodies with Zorra's other half, Saryya, and Quazar joins Saryya's body wherever that might be there with Zorra, and Saryya joins us on the call. So you're going to start out with Zaraya and Quazar welcoming us and giving us an intro. Then we’re going to find that Zorra has slipped in to Zaraya's body and in a short while you'll hear Zorra telling Quazar ‘bye-bye’ telling her she's got a move out and let Saryya in and then we have Zorra and Saryya for the balance of the call. That's the way it works folks and it's doing a great job. You'll never hear another call like this.

So with that let me get the timeline in. Hang on just a second. (I don't know what the time is. I’ve gotta look.) Today is Saturday, November the 21st in the year 2015. Let me go ahead and prepare all of us for the perfect receptivity to the coming messages with our invocations that I've been asked to give.


INVOCATIONS -----------------------------------

First we’re going to turn to St. Germain. We’re going to utilize the grace of the Violet Flame to clear us of any troubling lingering energies from mistakes we might have made that are still bothering us. We were expected to make mistakes and we shouldn't be hard on ourselves. We learn from our mistakes but we can't drag on with those lingering energies that hold our vibrations down and that of the planet. So let's just clear those.

We stand with our feet flat on the floor, our hands down at our sides palms facing beloved Mother Earth and we say:

I AM the mighty Violet consuming Flame that now and forever consumes and transmutes all past and present mistakes their cause, core, effect, and Akashic record.

All wiped clean. I say this four times when I began my meditation. Peter Olson has told us that short affirmations are even more effective when repeated four times.

And now we will turn to our own beloved I AM Presence and establish our pillar of pure cosmic white light. We're doing this, nobody can do this for us, by the way. If one says well I had a pillar of light placed over my head by so and so, that doesn't work. The pillar of light is between us and our own higher self, it's an internal job. We call on our own beloved I AM Presence standing with our feet on the floor, our hands up above our head fingers pointing to our beloved Presence. And as I say this I like to just draw down around me this beloved protective pillar of pure white light. Here we go.

Beloved I AM Presence intensify your protective pillar of pure positive cosmic white light substance in through and around me. Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the light and keep it sustained. Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

So be it. It is done.

Here we are all set. And with that I'm going to open the line to Zaraya and Quazar and the show is about to begin. Come on folks your line is open.


Quasar: Well hello there Lady Nada. (Anne: Good morning, good morning.) Oh it's lovely to hear your beautiful voice. And welcome beloved brothers and sisters of the Hollow Earth Network and all new ones as well. And here we are again. And we know many questions already that have come thru which will be answered today and we will have time for Q&A today.

But I think today I would like to probably get started because of certain events that have recently occurred there has been much discussion much bringing out of all this information that has been negative and maybe what I’d like to do is start with Zaraya, because I live with Zaraya, how he keeps himself very apart, separate from all of the negativity that is always and always seems to come up here and there and especially the event in Paris. So Zaraya as we get started on our call today we've had lots of people ask questions about this event. And we also would like to thank Archangel Michael [] and his message as well as Cosmic Awareness [ ] because of those they brought forth a lot of good information for everyone to have read. But for yourself since you are a Being separate from all of us and come from Hollow Earth. How do you deal with all of that negativity that seems to come and go? It seems people really get caught up in all the drama as well. How do you keep yourself separate from all of that and how do you maintain calm and always be in good spirits all of the time?


Like a Hollywood Movie Set, It’s Only a Façade
Zaraya: Well the easy way to do it is just knowing it's all a façade, it's all a front, and it's all negative, and you can't be in negativity and be happy. You need to be separate from it. So to separate yourself from it you just simply go into yourself and say, “From the Lord God of my Being I will not be a part of this” period!

Refuse to play a part
I refuse to be because all that does is bring your vibrations down to 3D and 3D is gone. I don't know about other people but I can tell you right now 3D is no more. So people that are jumping around doing 3D things they'd better stop because it's not going to work. The 3D mentality is gone. It's not even 4D. It's now 5 and that's what people can get wrapped around their brain.

And the way that you know that it's 5D is actually just by looking out your window at Mother Nature. People that are in areas that there's a lot of foliage, a lot of forest it's greener, it's brighter it has more vibrant colors. Even that the leaves are changing, the leaves are changing in very bright and vibrant colors. More vivid. And the animals seem more friendly and less standoffish. You may have more birds coming around you closer to you. They're not afraid of you because they know the change is coming.

Change Your View, Change Your World
Quazar: I think part of it Zaraya is actually a change in perception. (Zaraya: Yeah that too.) When you change your perception you transcend this so-called reality that we live in, then you move into a higher vibration automatically. (Zaraya: Yes) So it's really from 3D perception. Here's a good example:

We have an individual who is always complaining about being sick. And you could go over and visit this individual who is laying in bed or just kind of walking around like, ‘oh I feel horrible. This is such a depressing day, etc, etc.’ So with that energy of negativity you could get involved in it and be a part of it and say “I'm so sorry you feel bad, poor you,” etc, etc. So what do we do when we do that? We only encourage that energy even further so that person then even feels worse. It only confirms what he or she is feeling.

But if we change the attitude in terms of, “Well it's such a beautiful day! Come out onto the porch and look at this wonderful sunshine,” or this wonderful whatever it is. Something that is uplifting. You know people that are (we) of a higher vibration we can do that for all of the world, not just for your next-door neighbor or for someone you love because you don't want them to be in that lower, feeling-bad situation or energy. You want them to be uplifting that is where you are.

So as far as negativity around us, we see it as well. And it is, because of our old programming it’s easy to get caught up in it again. But it's time to change perception; it’s time to lift that veil and to see it differently. And thank goodness that we have individuals such as Zorra and other Divine Beings that come through and really tell us the truth. It can be uplifting for us. So that being the case Zaraya, would you like to bring your dad?

Zaraya: Not yet. I want to talk a little bit more.

Lead By Example – Clear Yourself Before Expecting Others To Do So
I’ve been reading nightly to my beloved companion from a book from Ramtha called Love Yourself Into Life. And that book is powerful. That book, if you can get a hold of a copy of it, that book will open your eyes to a lot of things. It will open your eyes to knowing that you are more than you see in the mirror. You are more in your God essence, you are more than this world is.

You can't go out and help someone, you cannot go out and minister to their needs, if your own house is out of order because it's going to reflect on them. What I'm saying by this is if you are/if your house is in disarray and you're going out trying to tell people how to live and your house is not in perfect order as it should be what right do you have to tell them anything. You have to get your own house in order first then you can go out and you can help others. But you do it by example. You yourself must be that example to your neighbors to whomever you come in contact with. If you come in contact with someone and you are in pure joy, you’re laughing and giggling or whenever, it rubs off on them and they get happy. Then they wonder why you're so happy and they start asking you questions why are you so happy? And you can tell them why you’re happy, because you have realized you are more than what they see. You are more than what you see in yourself. I think that pretty well covers it.

Quazar: I think so. That was beautiful. Thank you Zaraya.

Zaraya: Thank you. So now I'm going to hush up and let my father pop in and let him say some words. He's going to talk about Paris and the true meaning of what took place there and what you need to separate yourself from. So I'd better shut up. Yes, Dad! [Laughter] I'm going to go bye-bye.

Quazar: So there goes Zaraya. And of course it’s so easy for Zaraya to do this now; changing vibrations, changing souls. Hi there Zorra!


Zorra: Indeed. Indeed beloved masters. And, how be you this wondrous and glorious and loving day? And when I say that all of you should be doing the same. When you get up in the morning before you do anything, you stand up, you walk to the window, you look out, and you say ‘what a wondrous, glorious, and loving day it is!’ And that wells up within you and it starts bringing joy to you and your day goes wonderful because you have affirmed it is a glorious, wondrous and loving day. And it is indeed.

Paris False-Flag – We’ve Seen It All Before
Now you had an incident occur on your Earth plane in what is termed as Paris France.

Quazar: On an unlucky day, Friday the 13th.

Zorra: A mythical day as Friday the 13th as you term it is bad luck. Heh! It is only bad luck if you think it be bad luck. In many cases it is a wondrous day and many wonderful things occur for those that are thinking positively. Anyway.

Understand what took place, what took place at Sandy Hook, what took place in Colorado at the school, it was all a ploy, all what is termed a propaganda, if you will. What is termed as a last ditch effort of the cabal minions to bring havoc and to bring fear and to bring chaos into your world. And it was accomplished.

It was on the airwaves and it was on people's minds and they were having moments of silence for the people that perished in Paris, France. We understand this but it is also what is termed a repeat, a repeat of another event that was done and it was all for the purpose to bring fear into your life into your reality.

Don’t Lower Yourself To Their Level … Literally!
Understand beloved masters you need to separate yourself from this because it pulls your energy down. It pulls your vibrations down. It pulls your frequency down. This you do not need in your life. You need to be uplifted. You need to up lift them. That is what you need to do!

Do not say, ‘oh the poor people in France.’ Understand, the people who ascended -- they did not die they ascended. There is no such thing as death. Get that through your heads people. Death is an illusion, just a word in the English vocabulary. It is a no-thing. No one in Paris died. Understand? You can roll your eyes all you wish it is a truth. No one died in Paris. They ascended to a full fifth dimensional body.

Like An Irish Wake
Do not cry and despair and bring fear into your knowingness. Bring joy, bring happiness, bring laughter! People tell you, ‘oh wasn't that a terrible thing that happened in Paris,’ and you start laughing. And they look at you like you're crazy. Why are you laughing at such a terrible event? Because I know the truth behind it! I know what the plan was. I know the reasons for it: to bring fear into your reality. Knowing that, what the reality is -- and the minions didn't realize it. All they did when they did what they did was send people on their way much quicker to ascension. So they did not accomplish anything except bring fear to the rest of the world.

Quazar: That wasn't good.

It’s Their Stall Tactic
Zorra: No that wasn't good. But see the minions understand that their time is at an end. Their little ploys, their little events, all that is doing is what is called a reprieve from the end of it, of their time. It is just putting off what is inevitable. So why did they do what they did? Because they wanted to bring fear into your reality.

And when they accomplished that in the past it worked for them but now the plan is not working. Is not working anymore for them and they realize this. So what they accomplished was nothing, save one thing: bringing fear and uneasiness into your reality. That is all they did. But understand beloved masters, there are those who had loved ones in Paris who ascended. Rejoice for them and rejoice for you knowing that you know the truth. You know the plan. You know what took place was a re-creation of another event.

Quazar: So would you say Zorra, that for a number of people -- in fact we received information from some of our HEN family who’ve said, ‘that's not real, that was a hoax.’ It was. I mean it was real, but it was staged again.

Zorra: It was planned a week or two before.

Did Our Response Fulfill The Minion’s Intentions?
Quazar: I guess what I'm trying to say is that people are really waking up.

Zorra: They are indeed! Understand that the Wave that is upon the Earth now, that came and is now lingering around the Earth, it is bringing enlightenment to you. It is waking up the sleeping. It is bringing about change. And people say, ‘well I do not see the change.’ You do not see the change because you choose not to see the change.

Understand this: You choose not to see the change because you want something fabulous. I think that's the word, fabulous, outstanding, earthshaking change. That is not how it is. It is subtle.

What are Galactics' waiting for?
And it is also people are asking, ‘why are the Galactics taking so long?’ And why would you think they are taking so long? They are watching, they are observing and at the right time they will reveal themselves globally. And this they are doing in other countries and in America people are seeing more and more daylight sightings. Is not being televised because they don't want to bring this reality to the media.

Why didn't they intervene?
Quazar: And Zorra, why couldn't the Galactics have intervened in this attack?

Zorra: Because it is all part of the Divine Plan. Everything that is taking place: allowing the minions to do their last ditch efforts, to get away with, to accomplish nothing but to make themselves feel better, but it doesn't accomplish anything. It doesn't extend their stay on the planet, it doesn't extend their reach on the planet, it doesn't increase their power on the planet. Their power is coming to an end.

Earth 2 (As bad as most remakes?)
Even moment by moment the minions are losing ground; and minute by minute and they realize it. And some are coming to the Light and some are not but the ones that do not come to the Light there is a place for them. It is on another planet on the far side of your sun. You may term it as Earth 2 (Two, II, Too) but be it a sister world of this one. In the same orbit line but on the opposite side of the sun out of your view. The minions are going there. That is where their superiors are.

But even that world will be set free as well.


Disclosure Will Bring Independence
Quazar: Well Zorra, you’re alluding to they're almost gone, almost at the end, but when is the end? How do we know it's the end? When is this going to happen that they’re going to be completely gone? (Zorra: You're asking for another date.) No I'm not asking for a date, I’m asking for an event, I’m asking for something other than a date … I think.

Zorra: From what is termed as Disclosure arrives, that is the date. When Disclosure has been fully realized globally, and it will be, then the minions will no longer have any hold on this planet and their time will be at a complete and absolute end. They will not have any more dominion, any more power of any kind or influence on anyone at that time.

And the world will be free, completely. You will term it the Day of Independence if you will.


Say This, Not That
Implementing the Law of Attraction
Anne: Zorra I'm speaking because I'm right here with the Earth Collective. (Zorra: Indeed) No special powers or abilities, I'm seeing through human eyes and hearing through human ears. I catch myself saying, because I'm repeating the same cycle: here it is Friday, I'm changing the newsletter to Friday and I think, ‘seems like I just did that!’ And I did that before and did that before and I'm like on the treadmill, I’m repeating the same cycle over and over and I'm working so hard but I'm not seeing progress. I'm just repeating what I did the previous week. When you put so much energy and effort you want the reward of progress, accomplishment, movement. And often times when those things pile up it almost seems like it's endless, it'll never end, it just keeps recycling, recycling, recycling. And then I catch myself thinking, don't ever say it’s endless. Look what you're saying. Don't dare say that.

And yet I think that many of us have that same frustration. We don't see progress, we don't see newness, we just see repetition of the same cycle.

Would it help if when we catch ourselves saying, ‘oh, it’s endless, this keeps going on,’ and ‘next week will just be like this week’, and ‘we didn't go anywhere’. Can we say: “It's ending. It's over. It's finished.” We have to find something that is a better replacement and watch ourselves because it is very tempting even for me to fall into that frustration. (Zorra: Indeed) What would you say about that Zorra?

Zorra: Understand what is happening. You have a term is called the Law of Attraction. Let me explain this. When you say it is endless it is going to be happening the same thing next week. What are you doing? You are attracting the same thing to you by the Law of Attraction.

But when you say, I'll give you an example if someone goes out to his mailbox and he pulls out bills and he looks at them and he goes “I don't want any more bills. I don't want any more of this in my mailbox.” By the Law of Attraction he is stating he wants more bills. And he gets them.

How Do We Help End This?
Anne: So what will we say using the Law of Attraction? What would we replace that with?

Zorra: What a wondrous, glorious day it is! That's what I would say to replace that. Because it takes the negative and abolishes it and brings positive action in. (Anne: Okay)

Now do not ponder on things in your mind’s eye that it seems to be continuous. That is the illusion. And you wish to abolish or diminish the illusion. And when you make the statement, ‘what a wondrous glorious loving day it is,’ a big smile comes upon your face and you begin to laugh and you begin to feel wonderful and begin to feel giddy and giggle a bit. And what does that do? It brings positive action into your being and when you do that all this negativity cannot enter. It cannot enter into a positive environment.

By creating a positive environment around you, around your household, you keep out the negativity. But understand when you see or hear, on your television or in your radio or in your computer, things that are occurring around the world in different parts of the world and you say, “Oh those poor people why this is happening to them,” in essence you are stating and bringing more hurt to them by the Law of Attraction.

You just state to yourself to your Inner Being that this is ending! Over! Gone! A no-thing.

When you see people what is termed perishing or the words perishing or death or being hurt in some way, raise your vibrations, raise their vibrations by saying what wondrous glorious and loving day it is! Those simple words are very powerful and by saying them on a daily basis and many times a day, not just in the morning but whenever you feel like saying it, it brings a new reality of positivity into your existence, into your reality. And that is what we need.

We do not need all of this negativity from the media, negativity from news broadcasts, YouTube or any of this. We need to remain positive. And choice your words or state your words in a very, very positive manner. Because when you do the negative you are drawing that to you or you’re drawing it to someone else. So you want to choose your words carefully before speaking them. Think them very carefully before thinking them. Indeed. So when you said what you are saying it seems endless and a repeat a repeat a repeat a repeat, when you say that by the Law of Attraction you are attracting that to you. You understand?

The same with bad events. When you hear of them or see them on your television or your YouTube or whatever/however they come to you, just put a positive note to it. They’re ascending. They ascended. They did not die they ascended. Replace death with ascension, the word ascension, and notice the change will come over you.


So How Did We Do?
Quazar: Well Zorra let me ask you, when this happened I’m sure all of you in the higher realms knew that this was coming. And of course we had to experience it ourselves. You had to watch to see how we would react to it. And so in terms of how we did globally how did we really do?

Zorra: The plan was to have a global impact of fear. It was not accomplished. A few did, a few did go into fear but many knew it was another false flag as you term it. So I didn't accomplished what it set out to do. In essence what it set out to do was to bring about a global marshall law. It did not accomplish that. That was where all the nations would shut down their borders and no one be able to travel but as you can see people are still traveling people are still going from country to country in freedom. So did it accomplish what they set out to do? No.


RV Update
Quazar: We've got a lot of questions here and I'm sure that beloved Anne/Lady Nada has a lot of people with their hands up. But before we go there, you know the one question that we always have. Another update, Zorra if you will.

Zorra: Understand beloved masters, the RV as you term the global reset is rolling out as we speak. It is rolled out in the countries of Australia, slowly but not quickly but it is beginning to have the rollout there, and also in areas such as Spain, and such as South America and Mexico and Japan and China. It is happening. The reason you're not seeing it is because the media is owned and operated by the IMF and so they're only going to give them what they want to say. They don’t want them to say what is in actuality occurring.

Quazar: I don't think they want it to be …

Zorra: Global, yes. But it is going to be global. And the Iraq Dinar for the rollout to occur in the United States, the Iraqi Dinar is the key. So this is taking place. There has been what is termed exchanges taken place in Reno it has taken place in different places such as Denver and Chicago and Michigan and many states there it is rolling out in private sectors, in what is termed private groups.

So do not despair and do not what you term cash in your dinars and your dong and your Zimbabwe and your Indonesian rupia or your yen. Hang on to it because it is going to, it is in the process of being reset/revaled as you term it. So

I know you, many are hurting and we are observing this. Many are still in the process of what is termed in foreclosure and things of this nature. All of that is going to come to an end. You are soon going to be getting a letter from your mortgage peoples that your debts are forgiven. So your mortgage will be no more. You will be receiving a letter stating paid in full.

Quazar: So you see this before the end of the year right?

Zorra: I do indeed. Most likely we are wanting this to occur before you're sitting down and eating your turkey. For those of you that want to eat turkey. For those that are not vegetarian. For those that are vegetarian, of course we want you to have this before you have your salad or vegetarian foods.

Quazar: Now we should get to the questions. Okay thank you Zorra. Thank you for that. I'm sure they'll probably be other questions besides.

What’s Taking Disclosure So Long?
Bob is asking: I’m specifically talking about Disclosure. Zorra told us the Galactics had lost patience with world leaders not doing Disclosure and were going to do Disclosure themselves. That was several months ago. I tried to find the exact date of the show but was unable to. Melchizedek announced the exact timing, the same thing, on October 27th. And even that is over two weeks ago. The point is that the Galactics had been totally in charge of Disclosure in charge of Disclosure for several months. No one on Earth is involved or can influence Disclosure, Lightworkers, cabal or anyone else. We may be creators but the Disclosure show is entirely in the hands of the Galactics. So my two questions are what is taking the Galactics so long and when are they going to do Disclosure?

Zorra: I answered that one.

Quazar: Would you answer that again, Zorra.

Zorra: They are not taking so long. They are observing. They are observing what is taking place upon Mother Terra and then they're going to do what is termed as they are waiting for this Disclosure to come about at the right time. But they do not want to cause any fear or chaos, or people running to and fro thinking it is the end of the world, or they are being invaded by creatures that are going to eat them. They are not.


Ascension waves?
Quazar: This is from Charles. Is the first wave of ascension completed? Are we waiting on the second one to begin?

Zorra: There is not a first or a second or a third or a fourth wave. It is one. It is ongoing. People are ascending daily so it is an ongoing wave, an ongoing ascension until it is all complete.


Cut thru the crust to get to H.E.
Quazar: Has anybody been successful in building the dimensional portal and going to Hollow Earth? Hmm, that’s a good question.

Zorra: Dimensional portal. Understand beloved masters there is no dimensional portal that is going to take you to Hollow Earth. There are many physical points that you can go into and traverse thru the crust of the Earth to go to Hollow Earth if you desire if you are adventurous to do so. And there also entrances you can go in to acquire a shuttle that will also take you into Hollow Earth. So is there a dimensional door for Hollow Earth? They are physical doors.

Quazar: That's right thank you Zorra.

They Might Be Giants
Sue asks if Lemurians are the giants of our folklore and what are the physical differences between the Lemurians and Agarthans if any

Zorra: And what did they mean by folklore? Apollo? The Titans?

Quazar: She just wants to know if there the giants in the folklore. There’s always myths that there are giants in Hollow Earth.

Zorra: Of course there are giants in Hollow Earth.

Quazar: Are they were referring to the Lemurians. (Zorra: No) What are they referring to?

Zorra: The Agarthans, they’re very tall. Lemurians are very tall too but Lemurians are the ones that what is termed in the Hollow of the Earth we have a appearance known as a green hue or turquoise pallor due to the high content of copper in the water. And those in the Earth's crust are different in color. Some are blue, some are what is termed white. In different areas of the crust of the earth they are different colors just as you have different colors on the surface of Terra.

Quazar: So the difference between Lemurians and the Agarthans is primarily that the Lemurians are mostly all turquoise skin (Zorra: Green skinned, turquoise in pallor.) And the Agarthans …

Zorra: Some are blue and some are white. But they're all the same. (Quazar: Stature?) They are tall. As are Lemurians.

And the Agarthans can also regulate their height just as the Hollow Earth Beings can.

UPS and DHS Join Forces In Another Fairy Tale (No offense to fairies intended)
Quazar: Another question here Zorra. It says I understand that money deliveries are coming soon. In one post it said the trucks are coming. Could this be to scare people off and not receive their prosperity funds? Apparently there was a UPS warning, a U.S. government Homeland Security alert. There has been a huge purchase of $32,000 worth of United Parcel Service uniforms on eBay over the last 30 days. This could represent a serious threat as bogus drivers or terrorists could drop off anything to anyone with deadly consequences. If you have any questions when a UPS driver appears at your door, they should be able to furnish a valid ID. Additionally someone in UPS uniform comes to make a drop off or pick up, make absolutely sure they are driving a UPS truck. UPS doesn't make deliveries or pickups in anything except company vehicles. If you have a problem call your local law enforcement agent right away.

So I guess it's something we need to take very seriously. So I guess that's the question. Could this be to scare people off and not receive their prosperity funds?

Zorra: Understand people are going to receive their prosperity funds and it will not be by UPS. [Laughing]

Pope Francis
Quazar: And here's one from Suzanne and she says I have heard from others that Pope Francis is very ill. I think in fact there was also a note that someone had sent that Pope Francis had a tumor. How can that be when he has higher beings living in his body? He was doing so much good work that no one else could do. I hope this is just a rumor. So could you tell us what's going on with Pope Francis in terms of his illness, Zorra?

Zorra: Understand ever since the appearance of Pope Francis in what is termed the Americas there’s been stories about his health and that he is in ill health. This is another what is termed ploy that is being put out to undermine what he has stated and what he is put into motion so they feel if he has a tumor and he is unfit then what he said is null and void. And I can assure you it is not null and void. It is coming about and coming to pass. Do not worry for Pope Francis and his health. He is in our hands.

Quazar: I was wondering Zorra could you just expound on that a little bit as far as what Pope Francis’s mission is and is going forward with it?

Zorra: Well he spoke to your Congress and you heard it on the news and on the media and it was not shut up. And what he stated the statements he made were true and factual and his what is termed his plan that was put into effect is being implemented even as we speak now presently. Next question


Obama = Light Warrior
Quazar: Is Obama a Lightworker?

Zorra: He is Mushaban.

Quazar: Can you explain. Is he a Lightworker?

Zorra: He is indeed. And if you look on what is termed your YouTube you will see an object in the sky on the day of his inauguration. And the object was a Mushaben ship of observing him. So yes he is a Lightworker contrary to all other things you have heard of him.

Quazar: Since we’re talking about Obama, could you give us an update on what the plans are as far as what he is expected to announce or what is happening with him.

Zorra: Indeed. He is doing well. He is bringing about change in your economy; he’s bringing about change in the medical world such as what you term Obama Care what you term it. He is bringing about eligibility to those that would otherwise have [no] chance to have it.

Quazar: Okay so he’s doing what he's meant to do as far as his mission. (Zorra: Indeed)

If not Obama, Who will announce Disclosure?

Anne: Zorra before you change subjects, I think lingering in some people's minds is that at one time he was to make the Disclosure announcement. Has that been changed and can you tell us who will make the Disclosure announcement?

Zorra: The Galactics. Obama is no longer going to be the one that will announce it, it will be the Galactics themselves. Indeed?

Anne: Oh yes and you're going to be there too, aren’t you Zorra?

Zorra: That is the plan.

Anne: We have to really work hard don't we Quazar, to get an answer. (Quazar: Yes!) [Laughing] Which Galactics? You will be there, who else?

Zorra: Prime Creator in female form approximately 15 to 16 feet tall at Disclosure. He will be the one giving letting Earth know they are not alone.

Anne: Oh boy! And how will that be presented to the people. How will we see it?

Zorra: You will see it on your iPhones you will see it on your computers; you will see it on your airwaves; on your communication devices of all sorts and it will be simultaneous and instantaneous globally.

Anne: Will my dear Galactic family, Sananda and Ashtar, will they be there?

Zorra: They will indeed. (Quazar: The whole family!)

Anne: I'm getting homesick. Thank you Zorra. Thank you. We really love hearing about it. I know we've heard it before but it's nice to hear it again.

Zorra: And you will be there, standing next to Sananda.

Anne: Oh Zorra!! Oh that makes it all worthwhile! Oh thank you so much. Thank you Zorra, thank you. (Zorra: Indeed)

Quazar: That's beautiful Lady Nada. Some things to really look forward to. How beautiful!


Our Last Electoral/Campaign Circus (Yay!!)
Back to Earth. Are we going to have another election Zorra?

Zorra: We shall see.

Quazar: Okay. Okay so that's probably up in the air then whether or not we have another election. So that means Disclosure could come before then.

Zorra: It is going to occur before election.

Quazar: It is?! Okay folks here it is! It’s going to occur before the election. Disclosure. So let's get on with the RV, huh Zorra. (Zorra: Well before.) Well before! That's wonderful. That's great, great news!

Does Soros Even Have a Love Button
So the last question I have here before we hand it over to beloved Lady Nada is regarding George Soros, billionaire. He seems like a villainous individual as far as his impact on the world. So they would like to know could you speak about him or what you think about this individual, Soros.

Anne: We were told in Archangel Michael's message … oh I get it mixed up with Agarthan … I try not even to speak the word out loud -- the bad guys that start within an “A.” (Quazar: Archon)

There's 12 of them behind all of this trying to take over the Earth. Ten of them not even in this quadrant but two of them, at least one of them, is here and active. And I wasn't going to bring out the name but I'm glad that Quazar did. Could he be the one [Soros]? But we can't send him love because they can’t receive love. So how do we deal with that one that is masterminding all of this, all of these false flags?

Zorra: Understand beloved master that all beings, no matter who they happen to be, are not oblivious to Love.

Anne: Oh I thought they had turned off their love buttons so they had no compassion. …

Zorra: You cannot turn off a love button. [Laughter] There is no such thing as a love button because they are made from love.

Anne: I know. Yes, well then we can send love.

Zorra: You can send them love indeed. You can send him love.

Anne: Oh good because that is our greatest power and remedy for all problems is love. If we can just smother him with love.

We have an upcoming global meditation that’ll start an hour after the close of this call. Do you have any comments to make about that global meditation?

Zorra: I would say do it in earnest. Do it with all your heart and all your mind and all your spirit.

We are also going to have a healing call next Wednesday morning or Tuesday evening whichever is better for you. I feel it is needed at that time.


Q&A -------------------------------------------------------------

IRS: Master Harassers

215: This is George in Pennsylvania. Is the IRS still going to be active, are they going to get phased out right around RV time, or are we going to get harassed by that group?.

Zorra: You need not worry about what you term the IRS. The IRS is owned by the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank or the Federal Reserve System is on its way out even as we speak.

Understand beloved master I'm going to bring a little education to all of you. First off you do not owe taxes. No one does. You do not owe it because you understand what you are doing. You are paying taxes out of the term ignorance because understand where this goes. Many of you are under the impression that when you pay your taxes it goes to your government. I can assure you it does not. It goes to the Crown of England.

Your country at no time has ever gained independence from England. You are part of England whether you wish to admit it or not. You are what is termed your anthem, your national anthem is the same music as God Save The Queen. The only things that have changed are the words.

So understand why would you continue wanting to pay taxes that are going to be paid to the Crown of England.

When Will We See NESARA Debt Forgiveness

Quazar: Zorra in addition to his question when is that going to be completely, when is all this debt forgiveness and the IRS is going to be resolved so we don't even have to think about taxes?

Zorra: That will be coming about very soon; imminent as it is so termed.

215: I was going to say they've taken tens of thousands of dollars right [off the top] and so that's why I ask. Are they going to continue to harass us?

Zorra: No they are not going to continue to harass you because they're going to come to the realization -- people who are working for what is termed the IRS in different segments/institutions -- are going to realize who they are working for and they're going to quit. Due to the fact of the realization that when you pay your taxes first it goes to the IRS, and from the IRS it goes to the Federal Reserve Bank, and from the Federal Reserve Bank it goes directly to the Crown of England. So this harassment will come to an end as well because it's been a fraud of course and it’s a façade it is a lie.

And if you understand also your IRS was also voted into existence when Congress was in recess. So there was no one there to oppose it.

215: I'm familiar with the Grace Commission which validates what you just said, but we don't have any choice, they just take it right out of the bank or wherever we have.

Zorra: It will be coming back to you. All the millions of dollars that the IRS has accumulated has been put into what is termed an account a humongous account and it is also been frozen by the Galactics. (Anne: Has it gone to the Crown?)

All that money that is going to the Crown has been frozen to the point where it cannot be touched by any governmental agency of any sort. And once this the IRS has been abolished all those monies that were taken illegally will be returned to their proper owners. Part of NESARA.

215: And the other thing, I just lost my house to these people and again why I wanted to question how soon they're going to go.

Zorra: That is understandable. It will be happening sooner than you realize.

215: Okay thank you very much. Appreciate it. (Zorra: Indeed)

Anne: Thank you George I'm sure you're speaking for many out there that have been so abused. (Zorra: Indeed) We cannot validate it by sympathizing we can celebrate knowing it's coming back. (Zorra: Indeed!) Yes I learned my lesson Zorra.


WeRe Bank
(Recommended by Michael Ellegion)
760: Good morning this is Richard in California. I wanted to ask Zorra if he knows about a bank called WERE Bank. Are you familiar with that particular name? (Zorra: There are many banks.) This one maybe could just tune in whatever this one was founded by a person by the name of Peter of England. And his bank is a private situation it's not a normal bank. It eliminates peoples debts and you sign a promissory note and it’s based on constitutional law and on that aspect of how to eliminate debts without having to be responsible for them I guess is what you’d call it. It eliminates any debt one has whatever it is.

Anne: Let’s see what Zorra says. Maybe NESARA might have something to do with that.

Zorra: The new governance has something to do with that. That will be one of the only banks that will survive when what is termed as NESARA takes effect.

760: I just question the integrity of this particular situation. I just want to know what level of integrity this particular bank is in because it’s very different than anything else and there’s some questions as to what they do is they send you checks and you send a WeRe Bank check to whoever is you have a debt with, public debt. And but there's been some issues about the banks not honoring it and some of them have been and some of them haven't been but there's been questions as to whether or not it actually is an entity that is in integrity. That's what I want to find out from you if it in fact is it in 100 percent integrity.

Zorra: Understand this beloved master, when what is termed the new governance takes effect all banks must come into compliance with that and the ones that do not will be abolished. And that bank will be one that will stand.

760: The thing is Zorra this is a stop-gap type of thing. This is between now and when that happens because there’s a mystery as to when everything happens but this thing is in active mode now that can help people to eliminate like with this person with his house or any other public debt it’s a stop-gap between now and whenever that what you just said takes place. So I'm wanting to know if this is something that’s in integrity to help people now to get through their debt issues and then when it finally happens then that’s a whole nuther story.

Zorra: Indeed. Look into it further.

760: We've been looking to it but we want to get your opinion or your insight on what you feel the integrity of it is. That's really where we're coming from. To see what you’d say about it if you feel it’s in integrity to look further in to it. I mean there’s a lot of controversy as to whether to do it or not to do it.

Zorra: This decision is individual. This is a choice you must make. I cannot make it for you.

760: I'm not saying to make a choice I'm saying to know whether this thing is in integrity not a choice. I just want to know the integrity.

Zorra: It does.

760: Yeah, integrity. Is this guy legitimate? Is this a flake? A legitimate situation. Then we make a choice if I know it's in integrity then we make a choice then.

Zorra: Yes, it does have integrity.

760: Is it 100 percent though or is it kind of slipping flopping.

Zorra: Understand all what is termed institutions that consider themselves a bank are going to go through what is termed ups and downs and so 100 percent there is no such thing. Not on this plane, of course. But it is as close to 100 percent as you can get, yes. But it is up to you beloved master.

760: When you say it’s is close to 100 percent. How close do you see it at? Close is … you know.

Anne: I would ask my pendulum if it was me. If it were me I would ask my own Higher Self. (Zorra: Indeed)

760: I don't mean me in general I mean this is a lot of people I'm talking about a, it's just like anything else. You want to know I don't do anything unless it's in integrity and sometimes it's hard to find out unless you ask a Higher Being like yourself that would probably know is what I think. I'm getting some vagueness.

Anne: Richard I think we’re pressing an issue that we have squeezed the last drop out of and people are waiting. You'll have to accept what Zorra has offered. There are no absolutes. He cannot give an absolute evaluation. He said it is as close to 100 percent as possible but he can't get into the influences that could deter this way or that way. We’re going to have to go ahead now and close your line because of others waiting and you've offered some good information and I've got your phone number if anybody wants to talk with you. I'm moving on with respect for those that are standing by.


Even Columbus Didn’t Actually
Believe The Earth Was Flat

860: Love and light Zorra and Anne. This is Nadia I have a question.

I see so many videos [inaudible] destruction and everything what is going on now? On Internet on YouTube we have so many videos they say the flood is biblical truth and there are so many names here and they say the Earth is not round, [it] is flat.

Zorra: Beloved master the Earth is not flat. The Earth is hollow. You have a sphere. You have a round sphere.

Because so many information is coming in confuse some people. They teach in the school …

Zorra: Understand beloved master the world is not flat. It could not be hollow if it was flat. So that answers your question.

Anne: And Zorra's from there so let's just move on. It’s somebody just getting people stirred up out there trying to see if they’ll believe anything they hear.


IRS Will Return Illegally Gotten Gains

831: I'm Carol from California. My question got answered it was about the IRS. The question actually about the IRS is my mother had to sell her house and she now owes 40,000 to the IRS. And she's feeling very stressed and she's meeting with an attorney over it and I keep telling her it's not real, don't pay them because it’s going to be going away but they really pressure her and she doesn't want to go to jail. What do I tell her? Will she get that money back if she pays it?

Zorra: All monies that are being taken illegally by the IRS will be returned to their proper owners once NESARA is in effect.


Good Wishes To All
718: Good morning Zorra good morning Mother HEN. It's Lincoln. I just want to say happy Thanksgiving to the rest of the family.

Anne: I haven't heard from you in years Lincoln it's good to hear your voice.

Zorra: Thank you very much.

718: Hello Zorra. (Zorra: Hello beloved master.) Zorra, Zorra how are you?

Zorra: I am wonderful beloved master. How be you?

718: I'm doing great. I heard you talking a lot of prophecy and we all here are really hurting you may have heard of but there's a lot going on for us. (Zorra: Indeed there is.) And we’re looking for everything to come to pass. Okay? I’m waiting for NESARA.

Anne: Okay we’re happy to hear your voice Lincoln.


Day before Paris...?
Recognize the similarities of Paris & 911
216: My name is Jason from Cleveland, Ohio. Now we saw on the news that just the day before the attack on Paris happened Obama had announced that the head leader of ISIS was captured and the next day the attacks happened. Do you have any more information that helps us understand what happened. Was this a lie? Was this just media manipulation?

Zorra: Understand beloved master Paris was a repeat of another event that took place in America in Sandy Hook and the Boston as well. If you notice in the videos one particular entity was present at all events.

You want to stop ISIS? Tell Langley to quit it!
I will tell you this what is termed as ISIS is a creation of your government. (718: That’s what I expected.) Now you know what ISIS it is.

Anne: Thank you Jason and I'm glad that that came up because Zorra twice has said that was a repeat of another event and I was waiting for a fulfillment of that statement. So thank you for bringing that up.


Israel, Russia, Syria, UK, Planned Paris Event with WWIII in Mind
407: Hi Anne. This is Gloria down in Florida. I heard that Israel was also in on this ISIL thing and I just wondered that the last week before the Paris thing that Netanyahu was in Washington talking to Obama. I know Obama is not involved in it but then right after Netanyahu was in Washington the Paris and these others have happened. Is that tied in?

Zorra: There was a meeting that took place in France a week before the incident occurred and no one, many peoples were wondering what the meeting was about. That meeting was a combination of Russian, what is termed Syrian, what is termed Israel, what is termed Great Britain, and Obama was not included. And understand that meeting that took place planned that event. Understand the main purpose for that was to try and bring about a world war and that would not be allowed by the Galactics nor by us either.

407: You know the other day I was watching on the Internet and it said Pope Francis right after the thing in France happened, they said and I know it’s not true, they said Pope Francis said this is the beginning of World War III. And we know that’s just not true. It’s just somebody trying to start something.

Just want to let you know too that I've been disconnected on the phone three times and I’ve never been disconnected. I was just wondering if anybody else was getting messed up today.

Zorra: And one other thing, as I have said before, even if they were to accomplish a World War III it would not include nuclear war. It would be conventional weapons and not any nuclear weapons. We are not going to allow you people to annihilate your planet on the surface because that would cause annihilation in the interior as well. So understand we will not -- and I repeat we will not allow you any nuclear confrontation. Period.

Galactic Intervention
Where Prime Creator Draws the Line

Anne: Thank you Zorra. This is when the Galactics can step into our arena when it threatens genocide or global confrontation. Then they do have the authority to move in. Is that correct? (Zorra: Say that again.)

Well we've always told people that the Galactics can't just come in and rearrange everything and make it nice for us. That's why we all dropped into this deep density to be a part of this dimension. They’re always saying, you're doing the work, you’re doing the work but we’re here backing you up. People are saying well just come in and straighten it all out. Do it for us. There are parameters that govern how much those from other worlds and dimensions can come in and interfere with what's going on (on say Earth).

But if it is something like this it could be nuclear that could affect the whole globe, that could even result in genocide, then that supersedes and they can come in and prevent those things from happening. I'm just clarifying Galactic law.

Zorra: Indeed. Understand beloved master if you were what is termed if they were ignorant enough to begin or start a World War III at that moment there would appear in the skies ships beyond [number], unnumbered ships would appear. And I can assure you, I can assure you no weapons of any kind on this planet will affect them at all. Understand no weapons and I mean no weapons that includes pistols, that includes rifles, that includes missiles, or whatever you have on your planet would fail to function. Completely! All weapons would come to a standstill and there would be intervention.

This is coming from Prime Creator not from me!

Anne: Boy that's wonderful. Thank you. So glad you told us that Zorra.


No more money worries
609: I'm Denise from New Jersey good afternoon Zorra. I have a question concerning securities in banks. If we are depending on retirement securities that we are holding in different banks should we remove those monies completely, take out what we need for depending on those monies monthly to live and pay bills and that type of thing?

Zorra: Hmm. Understand beloved master, when you make the statement you’re making you are making a statement from what is termed lack and you have no lack. Understand do not bring to you lack by the Law of Attraction that is exactly what you are doing. Just know that your monies are safe (609: Okay) and know that the monies that are in the bank are going to accumulate as well. (609: Okay great.)

And understand also in what is termed as Disclosure comes about, there will be no more need for worrying about money because everything will be given that is needed by every individual on the planet.

609: Right. Thank you. Blessings to you. (Zorra: And to you.) Thank you.

[1:38: 04]

Healing Ships to Land First (I call dibbs!)

303: Thank you Anne. This is [???] from Denver. Blessings to all. My question is regarding the ships and the sightings. I see a plethora of [???] clouds and that’s pretty much daily and I have seen some ships behind them even. About few short months ago I was driving up north and I noticed a sphere between a sapphire blue and an indigo blue that [inaudible]. In a [inaudible] I saw what appeared to be the same color of ship and it looked like it was actually in the same path around the earth. It was quite fascinating how still and quiet and swift it was. I was wondering if Zorra might be able to comment on whose ship that might have been.

Zorra: It was an Arcturian healing vessel.

303: Fascinating.

Anne: You know bringing that up about the Arcturian healing vessel, so many people are suffering so much. And I don’t know how many times in personal conversations with them I’ve said when the Galactics come they'll bring their healing ships. Won't they be the among the first to land Zorra? Can you tell us anything about that?

Zorra: Yes, they will be the first to descend upon the Earth.

Anne: And as they help our people they will ease other people's concerns because they’ll know they’re here not to eat us up but to make us well and happy again.

Zorra: Indeed and they will restore all those who have lost limbs as well. All those that are missing legs and arms and appendages will be restored straight away and immediate.

Anne: Oh what a blessing. All right. Are you finished there in Denver or did you have any further question?

Rare to Meet Your Twin Flame Incarnate

303: Well the one question I had was a comment about the woman in north Colorado that comes on frequently (I forgot her name) regarding twin flames, (Anne: Barbara) Yeah hi Barbara if you're on. My teacher/mentor -- I do a lot of healing work myself and I realize we’re all healers but I do it specifically through a certain [inaudible]. The comment or question for Zorra also would be
my teacher/mentor mentioned quite some time ago that most twin flames usually when you come across them in person on Earth, it’s not always a harmonious … that's not quite the right word, is not always like Jesus and Lady Nada would have been. I wonder if you could comment on that because a lot of times there's a lot of chaos with in that because perhaps both parties are not ready to unite. Would that be accurate to say?

Zorra: That would be very accurate to say. In some cases a twin flame may already be attached to another. Though there is a twin flame that is they are they are not necessarily single so you must do what is termed as let nature as it is termed take its course.

303: So they may very well be someone you come across and meet but it may not necessarily be intended that you unite in this incarnation, correct?

Zorra: Correct.

Anne: Okay. That was good. I'm glad you brought that up because so many people are thinking they found their twin flame here on the surface but that's usually rare, because one usually, like Sananda stays in another dimension while I'm down here. Both don't expose themselves that often in these lower densities at the same time.

303: Very well. Thank you so much. God bless all.


352: This is Rod how are you doing this morning? I've got a question about the Law of Attraction. Relative to the number of people that we have that have dinar which are probably 5 or 6 million, what percentage of the total necessary positive vibrations do we account for out of the whole?

What percentage of the people that own dinar effect the total outcome of it occurring? In other words, how much of an impact do the people that own dinar have right now in their efforts to have this thing to come to fruition?

Anne/Zorra: I don’t understand it either. / No.

352: Okay let's say there's 10,000 people that own dinar and their positive-ness or their Law of Attraction attitude presents 50% of the total necessary to make the dInar happen. What percentage of the people that own dinar right now have in the total effect if it happening?

Zorra: There is none needed because it is already happening.

Anne: That’s true. Yeah. It’s a good question…

352: You took the other ones right out of my mouth about the Disclosure, the healing pads will they be presented to us. Now the only question is do I live long enough for it to happen?

Zorra: Yes!

352: Thank You! I appreciate that answer. I’m going to let you go but thanks for coming on Zorra and letting us nit-pick you this morning.


708: Good day Zorra. This is Dave from Indiana. Is this going to be recorded today?

Anne: Yes it is being recorded today. The playback number will be posted on Breaking News on our website,


Photon Belt/NESARA Which Comes First
925: Hi, hello. This is Jennifer calling from California. It's been told to us that the RV/GCR and NESARA will happen when the Galactics reach the center of the Photon Belt according to the newsletter that posted the arrival, and masses of ships will uncloak. You’ve said the RV has already started with Reno or Las Vegas and Australia and other places. Is this still going to happen? Are we still going to see a massive uncloaking and I guess us, the Earth is going thru the center of the Photon Belt before all this occurs? But it’s already started to occur. And I know that more ships have been seen – personally I haven’t seen any – but will this still happen?

Zorra: Understand beloved master. First off the Photon Belt is not on the Earth yet. Trust me when the Photon Belt engulfs the Earth, there will be no doubt in anyone's mind what has happened.

925: Is that when we’re going to have the all day and all night of light for three days or how ever? (Zorra: That is correct.) And is that when the massive uncloaking is going to happen?

Zorra: And for it to occur what is termed at the revaluation of currency is only hopeful thinking because it is not happening at that time. It will be after, I can assure you, Because it is now in the process of coming out upon the world the revaluation or the RV as you term it and the Photon Belt has not arrived yet. So I can assure you of that.

Anne: It's just that the Galactics said they would like to use that time to make their Disclosure. They said it would be very appropriate to use that Photon light as part of the scene of their Disclosure, is what I remember them saying.

925: Okay, well that makes sense. So if the IMF is in charge of all these abundance programs, who -- and from what I've read I mean I don't understand everything, Christine Legarde is running the IMF -- is it other people that are inhibiting her from pressing the button go or is it just kind of seeping out little by little and we don’t know who’s stopping it.

Zorra: It is rolling out.

Anne: We don’t worry about who is doing what. We don't want to put labels. It’s rolling out. That’s what we want to hear.


Clinton Switching Sides and Coming to the Light?

740: Hello my name is Don Johnson. How are you doing Zorra? Are people like Hillary Clinton changing their point of view pretty much right now? Are we starting to see people do a turnaround or is this just the same-old-same-old?

Zorra: They are turning around. Great.

740: Okay! Well that's my only question. (Anne: And it was a good one.) Thank you for being here.

Anne: Great. Good. Very well done and we’re glad to hear that. Thank you.


So much better to see the Super Bowl, my dear

860: John/Connecticut. Will the Photon Belt be here before the Super Bowl? [Laughter]

Zorra: No.


Time to transcend and be aware of your perspective

480: Hi Anne, it's Mary Louise in Arizona. I’ve heard all the talk about the people who are going to be forgiven their mortgages and so forth. How about those of us who have already lost our homes, have no mortgage but are paying high rent because our credit is smashed and we can't get a mortgage no matter what? So what’s going to happen for us?

Saryya: Good day. This is Saryya. Hello beloved Lady Nada. In regards to all these worries, we should continue to just focus on the positive side of life as you call it. There is nothing to worry about. You will have abundance very shortly. Focus on the abundance that is arising. You will not have to worry about dwellings, clothing, food, shelter; you will have all. Know in your heart it is coming to you rather than it is gone.

It is time to transcend and to be aware of your, your perspective on life. When you again begin to think that there is lack or think that things are not good enough, and that you wish things would be better, only think and know that it is better. Look outside your window and look how glorious and marvelous it is and bring forth that joy and magnificence within you. And then know that yes, indeed, things are perfect.

When you allow yourself to feel the perfection that it is, you will see things quite differently. There is no lack. When you think things are perfect and moving perfectly in the right direction for you, you will be led to where things will be fulfilled for you rather than the opposite.

I know this did not answer your question from your point of view. It is for me to show you a different way of seeing things. Perhaps my beloved Zorra can add to this.

Zorra: Indeed. Understand beloved masters, many people who have lost their homes – understand, the homes that they lost were not meant for them. There is a better home waiting for you and soon you will have it. The one you left was in decay and was falling below standard and would've been condemned very shortly after. So understand it was good that you no longer have that house.

Prosperity programs will bring about the abundance that is needed for you to live in harmony, in peace, in joy, without any worries of any site, without any kind of problems with your dwelling. So in essence it was a good thing that you lost this house. You may have thought it was perfect but it was not. It was already in decay.

So, you are going to have a much better home when you have received your blessing and the home that you receive will be meant for you and your beloved ones. I know that answered your question.

480: It sure did! Thank you very much. It was a brand-new home. I only lived in it a year or two but I do believe that it wasn't the right home for me.

Zorra: Understand beloved master, the homes that are being built now, they go up within a week or two and they are made with inferior product so they would not last for long anyway. Even a brand-new home can be condemned because of using inferior structures and things of this nature. You want a strong home. You want one that is going to withstand the weathering and things of this nature.

I might give you some advice: build a pyramid home.

480: Got it. Got it! Thank you very much.

Anne: Thank you Mary Louise and enjoy your new home.


Zorra, there’s questions waiting but we’ve used our two hours and we've got the global meditation starting in one hour. It’s a meditation that Zorra says we should go into with all our hearts. Zorra, I’ll let you and Saryya close the call.

HEALING PULSE -----------------------------

Indeed beloved master. I was requested by my beloved to do a quick Healing Pulse which I will do.

Five, four, three, two, one. If you're wearing glasses remove them. If you have hearing aids turn them down. If you have what is called other devices that are enabling you to breathe, just do not use them while this is going on because you are going to receive a healing.

Five, four, three, two, one. Receive. The Healing Pulse entered through the heart mind is spreading upward into the crown chakra and now beginning to drop first into the vault of knowledge and around it any tumors that may have been grown onto the stems of the brain have now been loosed and they are now going down thru the body to be done away with in the waste.

What is termed as these dropping down behind and outward thru the inner ear, behind the optical nerves, clearing up any vision issues such as glaucoma and any cataracts and things of that nature. Any macular degeneration has now been reversed and you now see and hear. Your Inner ear, what is termed as the lack of eardrums or the damaging of such are now been reversed and you now have good hearing. You may have some beloved ones come behind you and speak to you and you can now hear them.

The energy is now dropping downward into the mouth area and behind the nostrils for breathing. Air passageways have been opened and you no longer need the use of oxygen. So take the devices out of your nose and breathe. Ooo you surprised yourself there in Cincinnati, Ohio. Yes I'm talking with you. You can breathe now, can you not? They are jumping up and down. Oh good. So they no longer need the oxygen. You can knock that bill off of your list.

Now the energy is now dropping downward into what is termed the throat and what is termed the thyroid area and what is termed as also the breathing passageways are opened and cleared and you now can breathe deeply.

The energy is now dropping downward out to the collarbone, in to the rotator cuffs of both shoulders. Those who have this issue pain in the rotator cuffs raise your arms above your head, directly up. Don't think about it. Do it. Do not hesitate.

The energy is dropping downward down thru the arms, down to the elbows pausing for a moment, a second, and now dropping down into what is termed the carpal tunnel area of both arms/wrists. Those wearing the braces take them off; you no longer need them. It is done.

Now the energy is now dropping down into what is termed down thru the fingers. All the arthritic pain is being pulled down from the rotator cuffs down past the elbows down out the fingertips. Go ahead and bend your elbows, no pain. Gone. Move your fingers make a fist. No pain. Done.

The energy is now doing what is termed as going down into what is called the lungs of the body and also down the spine of the body where it connects to the brainstem. Down the back, down to, in a few cases curvature of the spine is now been straightened. Stand straight up. No pain. Done.

Now the energy is now dropping down into the lower back; into the lumbars, the discs in the back. Ones that have been fused have now been loosed. Ones that have been frozen are now freed. And ones that had been missing have now been replaced. You now have no more pain in your back, lower back area.

Now the energy is now going spreading down outward to the hips, the pelvis of the body.

The energy is spreading outward down thru there down into the digestive system, to the liver, the kidneys, the prostate, ovaries, uterus, all of this area is being healed. The men who were impotent are no longer impotent. The women that were without ability to give birth, that were sterile are not now. Men that were sterile are not now. So beware when you have intercourse.

Now, the energy is dropping downward into what is termed the into the upper thighs, down to the knees. Pausing at the knees getting rid of any rheumatoid arthritis. Any arthritic pain is gone. It's being pulled down thru the upper calves, mid calves, down to what is termed as the ankles, down to what is termed as the heels, down into what is termed as the arches. Those with flat feet now have arches. You just felt your arch create itself. You no longer have flat feet.

Those who have one leg longer than the other you'll feel a tingling in the shorter. In a moment you'll feel it pulling, getting even with the other. So be it.

The energy is now dropping outward through the toes, into the balls of the feet, into the toenails, into what is termed between the toes. All fungi is gone. What is termed out through the toes.

So be it. It is complete. It is done. So be it.

And a new world I hear coming.

Anne: Thank you Zorra. Thank you Saryya. And we'll see everybody on the global meditation. Thank you everyone who offered your questions and our beloved Zorra and Zaraya for being here for us. We appreciate you so much. And here comes that new world. Here it is.

Cue Music [2:09:41]