Sunday, November 8, 2015

Approaching Photon Belt ETA: April 22 - July 17, 2016

This is just my opinion of what might happen beginning next year.  

As far as biblical prophecy is concerned the time is ripe for fulfillment. Did you know that the stars and all the constellations that we know since the days Galileo observed the skies using his telescope are now gone and or different? What do I mean by that?  Well, the entire solar system is on the move.  This explains the dislocation of the clusters of stars that we know from the zodiac, astronomy and etc. are simply not the way it used to be.  

The solar system is being pulled by a force driven by divine providence.  Our solar system used to be since ancient times is a resident of a neighborhood of stars on the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy.  We were at the very edge of the galaxy.  With this location and address that we held for a long, long time, we were accustomed to the usual and fixed location of the planets and stars in this Galaxy that we see in the skies from that vantage point.  However, that has all changed since the planet Earth and its sisters of planets in this solar system went on the voyage and journey that signaled the end of time.  Time in this regard, is just referring to the way the world operates.  The system of the world is ending.  The dawn of the New Era is on the horizon and we cannot avoid it whether we like it or not. 

The on-going move or journey of the solar system is progressing towards the center of the Milky Way Galaxy where the Galactic Central Sun is located. And as of this moment we are approaching the region of the galaxy known as the "Photon Belt".  The expected time of arrival (ETA) of the solar system is from April 22, 2016 and onwards.  The speed at which the solar system is moving can be slowed down or even make it faster.  And so it means it can be earlier or later. When we reach the photon belt; the world including the entire solar system will be bathe and immersed in the light! A phenomenon will take place which is very rare:  

1.) For one to 2 weeks there will be no night!
2.) The members of the Galactic Federation of Light will be "UNVEILED" for the whole world to see.  

There will be several days where the night time will simply not exist!  Along with that, shadows will not be evident and or we will not see any shadows casting on every objects on Earth.  This is because the photon belt can literally lit every areas of the world.  The Photon Belt is filled with photons which is a particle of light. 

This event will signal that the reign of darkness on Earth is OVER and done! Motherships from various regions of the Galaxy and beyond will suddenly appear for the whole world to behold.  

In the New Testament bible it says: "Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will not give its light and the moon will turn bloody red and the stars will fall from the sky".  This is the sign that Jesus gave to answer the question of his disciple about the End of the Age and his return to Earth.  The so called tribulation already occurred and the signs on the sun and moon also already occurred recently.  Which leads us to the next phase which is the STARS WILL FALL FROM THE SKY spectacle that will take place.  

The stars that will fall from the sky that Jesus Sananda was referring to is no other than the multitude of spaceships of the Galactics that will appear in our skies or Earths atmosphere and then will eventually descend to land 'en masse' on Earth.  Remember, Jesus was picked up by a lenticular clouds camouflaged as UFO spaceship during the time of his bodily ascension on the hills of ancient Palestine.  And when he comes back it will also be the same.  A UFO will land him on Earth.  Which is exactly what was said by the angel that appeared when Jesus Sananda was taken on board, on one of the Galactic ships and that we will see him in the same manner when he comes back.  It may not be the exact same ship but the procedure is the same, involving a UFO camouflaged with a lenticular cloud appearing to land on Earth.

The New Jerusalem Mothership will appear and hover above the Earth.  Commander Ashtar of the Galactic Federation will activate the 'Zero Point' and with this technology it will render all kinds of weapons on Earth to be inert.  This will be effective worldwide.  This means no weapons will function while the zero point is activated.  Bullets fired from automatic weapons will not reach its intended target as it will just fall to the ground as the zero point will cancel the G-force and Inertia that causes the forward thrust and trajectory of such weapons.  The zero point will also cancels the electronic and device mechanisms of all kinds of missiles from small to big ICBMs. This and many other things applicable to other weapons and that there simply no weapon on Earth can prosper during the time of this event. 

What will happen when there's not just one but dozens of Motherships simultaneously appearing in the skies of the world?  Well this, in itself is Prime Time Disclosure.  Absolutely nobody on Earth will be able to deny the existence of the Galactics. People around the world will be glued to see them up in the sky.  There will be a flurry of sales on purchases of various kinds and makes of cameras, telescope with long range lenses to zoom in close up to see more details of the orbiting spaceships.  Headlines in all the worlds newspaper will feature all this hovering motherships surrounding the Earth;  as they will be seen 24 hours a day - stationary in one place and move from time to time.  Of course it will not be "Invasion" this is because those who are on the ships are families of everyone on Earth, as the people of the Earth were sent here as incarnates to become human beings.  Frankly and practically all people regardless of race are not native to this planet, we were all sent here as volunteers to be part of the special project of Heaven for the good of all.   

What else can we expect in the future related to this topic?  Remember also what Jesus said in the bible that Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies.  My opinion on that: "I think eventually the NWO along with the Zionist will be rounded up and will be cornered in that part of the world as they do not want to give up their selfish and evil ways.  Those who refuse to love their neighbors as themselves will be transferred to another planet which is located at the back of the sun.  On that planet they will be allowed to continue with their ways as they wish; until they get tired of it and learned from the consequences of those actions as the ultimate lesson of the causes and effects of operating based on non-loving actions and deeds. 



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