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Hollow Earth Network October 24, 2015 - transcript


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Anne: Well alrighty. Okay, it’s all ours. All right. Let me get this turned off. There we go.

Good morning everybody. Saturday morning and we had to wait three weeks so we’re primed and ready for Zorra and Saryya from Hollow Earth.

Welcome! My name is Anne. I’m here in southern Arizona and I’ll be facilitating the call as we first connect with Zaraya, son of Zorra, and Quazar, partner of Zaraya. And so with that I’m going to get the timeline in here … just a second here I have to look!

Today is Saturday October 24th in the year 2015. There were times I never dreamed I would ever be saying that but here we are. We’re coming down the home stretch. No fooling. I bet when everybody listened to that song we listened to every word because it's so precious to us and as we have commented before, when I thanked Zorra for recommending this song he said it was Prime Creator who told him that we should use this song. So how good can it get that our theme song was selected for us by Prime Creator.

Briefly before we get started for those of you that are new: yes we are going to speak with Zorra and his partner Saryya from Hollow Earth. They're going to be speaking to us through the surface bodies of Zaraya and Quazar. First will see Zaraya leaving. We’ll here a word or two and Quazar will saying goodbye Zaraya. And within about a minute Zorra will be occupying Zaraya's Earth body and Zaraya will find himself in Zorra's magnificent 15 foot – look at your ceiling how tall is it 8 feet - 10 feet? Well Zorra's body is 15 feet tall. And the first time he appeared to Zaraya he actually went right through the rooftop. Zaraya had to go outside to talk to him.

That's all part of our history and if you do as many do, start at the beginning and you will see how to do that going to on the recorded calls page. Just travel the road that we have all traveled. It's not boring I assure you. It's better than anything you'll ever find on television, that's for sure.

Okay, so that's how we do it. They trade bodies and Quazar has since perfected the same ability and when we hear Zorra say bye-bye to Quazar we know she's on her way to trade bodies with Saryya. So then we’ll have Zorra and his partner Saryya up here for the rest of the call. And we may or may not find out where Zaraya and Quazar found themselves, wherever Zorra and Saryya happen to be at the moment. That's the way we do it folks. It’s been working for -- we’re in our fifth year -- and all is well.

Before I hand this over to Quazar and Zaraya I have been asked to now introduce our invocations; to get us all on the same page, in the same state of readiness for all that we will be hearing and perhaps speaking.


INVOCATIONS -----------------------------------

So we’re going to first call on St. Germain's magnificent Violet Flame invocation which is a call to the Violet Flame. It's a special dispensation given to those of us on the surface that have accumulated so much, so much emotion from our journey here through many lifetimes that sometimes we get stuck in old mistakes of the past that are behind us. And we've learned, as we've been told by the Galactics, you learn by your mistakes. Don't reprimand yourself. But also don't hang onto that lingering emotion or allow it to be triggered when someone brings up a certain subject. So we just through this dispensation which were going to say right now, we do that.

And when I do that before my morning meditation I like to do it four times. It's very effective speaking it four times is what Peter Olson of our Many Of One Show has told us. So here we go.

Stand with feet flat on the floor, hands down at your sides with your palms facing to Mother Earth. We're going to call up the Violet Flame through the soles of our feet and palms of our hands. You've seen pictures of it on our website engulfing us with this soothing, releasing Violet Flame. And here we go.

I AM the mighty Violet consuming Flame
that now and forever consumes and transmutes
all past and present mistakes
their cause, core, effect, and Akashic Record.

It's like it never happened. Allow it to go release anything that could be there. You don’t even have to know the particulars. It could be a seed just waiting to germinate so that's why I do it. I'm pretty clean but I do it. You don't know where there might be a little seed yet that could germinate.

Now we are going to do the second half which is the protective pillar of pure white light given to us by our beloved and my dear, dear friend and brother, Lord Ashtar. It came to us as he dictated it to his beloved Twin Flame who is incarnate here on the surface and my good friend. And she very meticulously took down the words.

We're going to stand with our feet flat on the floor, our hands above our heads with fingers pointing up to our Higher Self because when we establish and reinforce this pillar of protection it's an internal thing. It's between us here incarnate and our beloved Higher Self always there above us looking after us. So no one can say I’ll have so-and-so put some protection over me. It doesn't work that way. We call on our own Higher Self.

And as I say this I like to draw my hands down and sort of just pull down that beautiful solid pillar. It's not a tube, it's not a bell. it's a pillar. And you'll understand as you listen to the words. So here we go.

Beloved I AM Presence,
intensify your protective pillar of pure positive cosmic white light substance in through and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable, that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the light and keep it sustained.
Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

So be it. As above so below.

I AM That I AM
I AM That I AM
I AM That I AM
I AM That I AM

And now we turn it over to Zaraya son of Zorra and his beloved Quazar. Come on guys


Quazar: Well of good morning beloved Lady Nada/ Anne and all you beloved masters. We’re so delighted to be here once again although we wish we would have all ascended already! But, here we are doing what we have to do on a daily basis to continue to raise our vibrations and consciousness and in doing so helping the rest of humanity.

You know because of all of the frustrations and everything else that we’re all going through in one way or another, I think Billie/Zaraya and I have been talking a little bit about it so Zaraya is going to say a couple of words how he feels with it, being from a different world than we. So here's Zaraya.


Delays, Holdups, Postponements:
How Zaraya Manages
Zaraya: Hello everybody. I’ve been reading a few questions that have been coming through and they’re interesting because they are trying … I do not recall at any time of my father saying the ascension was going to happen on the 28th of September.

Quazar: Zaraya, excuse me for interrupting here but we’re going to talk about that because there’s a ton of questions for today. We wanted to ask you how you’re handling all this frustration and all these ups and downs and all the turmoil that’s going on: no RV and no ascension and all of that. How are you handling all that because we already know that you would love to be in Hollow Earth already.

Zaraya: Of course I’d love to be back home. How I feel is that it is done. (Quazar: What is done?) Well the RV is done and it’s just taking its sweet time getting to the masses. But that’s another thing I need to reiterate. Do not, I repeat, do not turn in your dinar and your dong and all that out of frustration because you're going to rob yourself of the blessing you’re going to have. And that’s still in the process.

And me, how I deal with it is knowing it’s getting better and it’s going to continue to get better. That’s how I continue looking at it.

Anne: Zaraya, since you were asked how you were dealing with the frustrations of delays and so on and how does that affect you going home. I think we were skipping over a key point. Why have you been kept here longer than your intended return two or three years ago? You guys gave away everything that you owned. You closed bank accounts and you gave away everything that you own and then the final word was your contract was that you had to stay until when?

Zaraya: Until Disclosure.

Anne: There you go. So the reason we’re talking about the RV folks, relative to Zaraya's return home to Hollow Earth, how does that connect, the RV is sort of the kickoff on the way to Disclosure.

That's why we’re talking about the RV. And Zaraya is not going to take any exchanged monies down to Hollow Earth with him; that doesn't relate. But he is committed to be here, as I am, to give you this connection.

If he was gone and if I had ascended we wouldn't have a connection. So I think I’m pretty much involved in that same deadline but it's coming up. So I just wanted to … a lot of people weren't here two or three years ago when you guys divested yourselves of everything, everything, and then you were told. That's when Zorra talked with Adama in Inner Earth and Adama said the contract was stay until disclosure. Why? Because then the Galactics will take over the work of educating and updating and it'll be on mainstream media. And we won't have to have conference calls because everyone on the surface will be getting the same message from the Galactics on mainstream media. And they won't have to step out of the box. They'll all be in the same box watching the same releases of information.

So I'll get out of the way. I just wanted to bring that up. I thought maybe it might be a little confusing to talk about RVs and you going home to Hollow Earth. You’re certainly not going to need any money in Hollow Earth.

Zaraya: Another thing is the blessing that is coming upon us, and in speaking of us I mean Quazar and me. We're going to help a lot of people ourselves. Lots of people. And a lot of you are going to do the same thing and we’re going to do the same thing. We're going to do all we can to help those less fortunate than us. And as Anne said we're not going to take any of that money with us. It's all going to be distributed outward to people that need it.

So I'm coping knowing that it's getting better. And I continue to hold fast to this because I know that’s a fact. Even though I am extremely homesick and Quazar has seen it and in fact she's even said go ahead and go home. But no, I'm not going home yet because when I go she goes. I mean that’s just it. You know I'm not living are here I'm taking her with me.

Anne: And if you went Zorra wouldn’t be here anymore and that would be the end of it right there.

Zaraya: Well he’d have to choose somebody else to come through. That’s fine but the thing is as it stands right now I'm the only one out here that Zorra wants to speak through right now. So if I was gone and Lady Nada had ascended where would your knowledge come from? Where would your answers to your questions come from? Given the website and all that.

And another thing when it comes to the website, it really gets me -- I teach this over and over -- it really gets me how people just because we don't have a call, they jump to another website, listen to what they say and it causes more confusion. And I'm not saying listen to what Zorra says and that’s it. Test it, discern it and just come to your own reality of what he is saying is fact and not just hearsay because what he’s saying is fact and not just hearsay. Because what he’s saying is fact.

Don’t confuse Wave X with Ascension
When people read into what they want to hear -- the other people didn't hear what they heard -- they read into what they want to hear, such as the ascension happening on 28th of September. At no time was that stated that that was going to happen actually. It alluded to the possibility that it would happen at that time and it's happening on-going.

Other people, many people have ascended at the perplexity of their family members. And it happened in the way it was described: where the bodies lit up and they were gone and everyone was at a loss as to where they went. It wasn't your textbook passing on or death as you term it. Death is an illusion. Death is not real. Even though you see it every day it is, re-term it, it is ascension. The bodies have passed now are ascending. They’re not just dying they are ascending. And when they ascend the process is that their body becomes very light, glowing, and they’re gone. End of story.

So it’s happening. That’s how it’s happening. And mainstream media hasn't recorded this or hasn't put it out there because the “little minions” that are still running around are preventing that from happening. If they were to allow that to happen their hold on this planet would be gone … totally. And they know it! That's why they're not allowing any of the media to speak it forth.

Anne: Just to clarify again -- I'm sorry to keep interrupting but people are hanging on to every word – you said people are no longer dying now there’re ascending, but they're not all taking the body with them. Some of them do leave the body behind. They don't start glowing. Everyone that’s dieing who are leaving now don’t go through the glowing process.

Zaraya: I'm speaking of particular cases where the ascension of the body takes place. Now there is the other way … But those who don't take the body still ascend.

The other way of ascending is just the process of passing. Letting go of the body and just going. And of course then they have the body to bury or cremate or whatever.

Ascension: Take It or Leave It (Your body, that is)
But, there's basically two ways of ascending. The first way is not taking your body with you, which is common. But then the other way is the miraculous way. I call it miraculous way because when you ascend and you do it in the presence of the family members – like in one case my father just told me about, was that a father had come home, they were having a get together, family outing or whatever and they were all sitting around the table having dinner and the father glowed and was gone. And of course that scared the daylights out of everybody there that was present and so things like this are happening daily; every hour, every minute, every second, somewhere someone is ascending.

Quazar: Is your dad tapping you on your shoulder?

Zaraya: Yeah so I’m going to shut up.

I think I said more this time around than I said in the last three weeks or four weeks ago.

Quasar: Okay everybody we will have our beloved Zorra be here any second now. And again for those of you that do not understand the process, Anne always says it so beautifully that Zaraya and her dad just change bodies/souls totally. Zorra still uses Zaraya's body to be able to communicate with all of us. And of course the same thing with Saryya. And now we have Zorra.


Welcome Saryya

Zorra: No, Saryya hasn’t come yet. [Laughter]

Quazar: I know! Hi Zorra! How are you?

Zorra’s Observations Since We Last Spoke

Zippers will open; Gaia will swell
(but not to worry, we’ll be safe elsewhere)
Zorra: Indeed. Wonderful and how are you? It is nice to be here. Anyway I haven't been sitting idle. I have been observing your world and I have been observing what is termed your peoples that have been taking place but they are nothing compared to what will happen once you have been removed from the planet. That is when Terra will basically and in essence swell. The planet will swell and we mean get bigger. And also the surface areas will become more larger.

So when this occurs there must be a quaking of the earth. The zippers opening I mean. And many zippers
will be opening at the same time which will in turn cause a separation of the north and south continents. but not until the people have been removed from where they are because those in the center, what you term Americas, just a little bit of land that are holding the two continents together, the Panama area.

But do not need to worry because by the time this occurs you won't be there to see it. You will be taken from that area. So do not fret do not fear and do not cause panic which is what these predictions are doing.

Plasma Technology = Free Energy from the combined minds of Keshe/Einstein and Galactics
And Keshe is an inventor that has been given the task to, not what is termed invent but to reestablish or resurface technologies that have been hidden and they are now coming back to the surface. The plasma technology and free energy devices and things of this nature.

Quazar: And who, by the way, is Keshe, Zorra?

Zorra: Incarnate? Einstein. And was he, has he ever been Tesla: no. That would be Tartus indeed. So yes Einstein is the incarnate that Keshe is.

Quazar: So yes he apparently Zorra has made a statement about this huge earthquake that would split North and South America so you've already addressed it. Thank you so much for that because it's causing a lot of fear in people.

Second Sun/Sister Planet
The other thing he has mentioned also is that there is a second sun, a sister planet to earth that is here now. So can you just expand on that?

Zorra: First off understand the second Earth as you term it is not Ellenin. The second Earth is on the far side of what is known as planet is known as Helios or you term it the sun.

Helios is not hot: Earth’s warmth from …
Now understand and many people who know this already but many people do not. Your sun is not hot. It is light, plain and simple It is light it is not hot. The heat that you feel coming from the sun is the light penetrating the atmosphere of the planet Earth. And the rotation of the planet which creates friction will create heat. This is what you feel: the light filtering through the atmosphere coming in contact with centrifugal force creates the heat that you feel. It is not the sun.

More lies about cancer
Understand also the sun does not give you skin cancer. Your own governments do that; have been doing that by poisoning the atmospheres with atomic explosions in the past sending radioactive particles up into the sky into the atmosphere.

Understand your sun is not hot. You know that now. It is a planet just as the earth is a planet.

Quazar: So we have a sister planet which is on the opposite side of us … (Zorra: It has always been there.) in the solar system. So maybe you can explain that sister planet again and what is the purpose of it and why don’t we know about it? I mean, is it invisible to us? Tell us what is it’s purpose and why we’re not aware of it not even our astronomers are aware of it, unless if they are they may have a different name for it.

And then also in terms of Ellenin, maybe you could tell us a little bit more about that. We understand that the sun is light. You’ve told us that a million times. Hopefully we all have gotten that part.


Zorra: Ellenin is the collecting vessel from the Sirius star system and it has taken up position in front of your sun.

And why the sun doesn't hurt many peoples eyes now is because Ellenin is diminishing the brightness of the sun by being in front of it.

There will come a time when it will separate from the sun and when it does it will appear as two suns in the sky.

Anne: Is that what Keshe is seeing? He says he sees two suns on the horizon.

Ellenin practicing for the Gathering
Zorra: Sometimes Ellenin does do a, what is termed, a practice scenario of separating from the sun and then going back. More of a precursor if you will but when it does occur it will be quite evident to everyone around the world that there’s two suns in the sky. So it will appear that way and that will also be your sign of knowing the Gathering is about to happen. (Quazar: The Gathering or Disclosure?)

The Gathering because when it separates from the sun that will be the what is termed the signal for Ellenin to collect all Sirians that are incarnate on earth; and there is quite a few. So that is that.

Who will inhabit the sister planet
Quazar: Anymore news… (Zorra: [Jokingly] Any more news?!?! There’s always news!!) Any more information about the sister planet? What’s happening there presently?

Zorra: The sister planet is preparing for the arrival of many of you. (Quazar: Really?!) Indeed. You have what is termed on the Earth you have many that are not what is termed are ‘not quite there’ … is that the term … as far as in consciousness and such. So they are going to at one moment they will be resting in their beds and whatever and then they will find themselves elsewhere on an identical world that will seem normal to them but they will not no longer be on Terra; they will be on sister world.

Quazar: Is it a higher vibration?

Zorra: No. This one here is going to be of the higher vibration. And full 5th dimension and going toward the sixth. Anyway. But after Disclosure and after Gathering this Earth will be renewed more so.


What is the Gathering
Anne: Zorra can you tell the new people very briefly what, because you’ve mentioned the Gathering so many times and made a slight comment about it but let's just put it to rest because it’s hanging there in their minds. What is this Gathering he's talking about?

Zorra: Understand, the Gathering is the awakening of your DNA codes. Everyone has a code within their DNA and very shortly they’re going to be reactivated or activated and at that point everyone is going to know from whence they came. And they're going to come to that realization and when they do, the vessels that are around your planet in orbit around your planet are from those specific star systems and they will be collecting their peoples their incarnates on the earth to take them home to their home worlds. This is what is called the Gathering.

So, many of you are going to come and visit with us in Hollow Earth. Many are going to be going into Inner Earth to some of the Agarthan cities Shambhala Aghartha … Shambhala The Lesser; Shambhala The Greater is in Hollow Earth. Many of you are going to go elsewhere. You're going to Sirius, you’re going to Andromeda, going to Alpha Centauri. Many of you are going to go to those star systems and many others that I will not even mention because you will not know whence they are. Orions, anyway.

Vessels mustering for the Gathering
Anne: How many vessels are up there Zorra, can you tell us? There’s large and small ones (Zorra: Indeed) and they’re all there for different purposes.

Zorra: Well the bigger ones are there for the collection for major populations. And the others are for shuttling back and forth from the earth back to the ships. Some vessels are15 miles across, some vessels are much smaller. And then you have some that are so large that they could not even attempt to land on the planet.

Anne: How many are up there would you say?

Zorra: More than you can count. More than a few million. There is one that appeared on the web and it was located where? (Appeared where?) In the Philippines, yes. And that [???] craft appeared quite large in a clouded sky however it was quite clear and very distinctive.

It was one of the ships from the Ashtar fleet but it appeared for the benefit of the Filipinos peoples to see it. And it remained there for several I would say several hours. So it was there long enough for many peoples to get pictures of it. So they are appearing in other parts of the world. More so in the ones that are not affiliated with the United States.

Not to worry, it’s only the Galactics
Understand it would be nothing for us to appear in your skies worldwide but what would that cause? Chaos … panic … terror, whatever. We do not wish to do that. We do not want to alarm your planet at all in any way shape or form.

When people say, ‘why don't you land?’ Well, if we were to land as you term it, what would occur? As happened in the past every time a vessel appeared in your skies your military would come up and try and take us down. Why? Because they do not understand why we’re there. Or they are in fear. Why, because they’ve been programmed as such to fear us and we are nothing to fear.

Quazar: So what is the plan then because of that?

Zorra: So we are doing it more subtle, more widespread as you term it. But we are doing it consistently, evermore increasingly, to occur to do it not to the government's or to the military but to the main body the main populations: the civilian as you term them. To appear to them because they are more accepting than the military or your governments would be. Your military and your governments have already had contact with us and on many occasions. And in each time they have been ordered to shoot us down or try to. Why? Because that is their status quo, if you will. Bring them down! But I can assure you we only come down when we want to.


What Zorra sees of the HEN family globally
Quazar: Well Zorra I was just wondering if you could just kind of give us an update. You said you've been up here observing to seeing what is happening on our world. Can you give us just a summary of what you have observed and what you see that will be happening; how are people doing; etc.

Zorra: I'm seeing an outpouring of love, globally. An outpouring of peoples especially of the HEN network giving forth love outward to areas that were stricken with drought; for areas that were stricken with what is termed different climatic issues, and the climatic issues changed.

Places that were drought stricken are now receiving rain. Why? Because of the love that you are sending forth. Continue to send forth this love that you are transmitting because it is the key. It is the main key for bringing your world into balance. It has been out of balance for far too long.

Subtle but Important Changes in Media
And you are going to also see a change in your Hollywood films. Less violent, more friendly contacts of alien origin, more reality and less science fiction to stop the reprogramming of the population, to be more accepting of the what you term extraterrestrial persuasion. So we will be when we do come forth it will be an accepting, more accepting population.

Anne: Zorra, while you're on this subject I have a question about our mainstream media. (Zorra: Indeed) You know every day I looked as the slideshow passed before my eyes. It was this police action; that police action; these people killed in the schools, and it went on from one to the next and I’d laugh and think boy are they pouring it on. And then all of a sudden I had to look and see if I was on AOL. It was human interest. It was recipes. It was friendly family talk. There was no ISIS anymore. There was no terrorist words, and I used to laugh at all of their adjectives, “grisley,” “chilling,” they must have a list to see which adjectives they're going to use for the particular story. It all stopped. (Zorra: Indeed) It’s come back a little bit but it looks like we might be getting control of the media. Is that a possibility?

Zorra: Indeed it is. And those that are resigning from government positions are being replaced by higher beings. (Quazar: Such as?) Such as the ones that resigned during the visit of the Pope.

Quazar: That brings up a whole lot of … (Zorra: Another ballgame.) We have a few questions regarding that. (Zorra: I'm sure you do!) Now before we move into that direction though we were talking about Ascension, we were talking about the Gathering. You haven't touched really on Disclosure yet.

At what level is Earth's consciousness now
So we have a question from one of our HEN family, Carol. She was wondering ‘at what stage is the collective in our ascension. I understood there were 12 stages and we’re at 5.5. Is that a correct measurement?’

Zorra: No it is higher now. (Quazar: Where are we?) 5.61/2 or .7 or 5.6. Anyway it matters not what level you are at. What matters is what consciousness you’re at. (Quazar: And where are we?) Some are where they should be and some are not.

Quazar: So Zorra, we understand kind of where that lies but if you could tell everyone what the difference is. How can people really know where they’re at in their consciousness.

Zorra: By going within.

Quazar: What are they going to realize if they go within? If they're at a higher conscienceless level what will they realize?

Zorra: Well their knowingness will change. And they will know where they are. (Quazar: What will they know Zorra?) [Zorra laughs] She is so good at prying/probing. They are becoming more enlightened than they have been. They are going to realize more and more that they are gods and goddesses and many peoples that are doing this are doing wonderful, wonderful healings and what is termed as wonderful disclosures to people.

Quazar: As far as where people are right now. I'm going to kind of go back and forth, Zorra, because I think Billie and I realize, and beloved Anne because she gets this. And she gets this from all different sides where peoples’ minds are at, and the frustrations and the turmoil, and the complexities. And so many people still are suffering and are in dire need. And you know it’s sometimes hard when you’re there because you can sometimes get caught in this realm so maybe you could give us some words of enlightenment in regards to – I know Zaraya already talked about the RV. You know but we’ve talked about this over and over and we sound just like Tony: It’s going to happen this week and then it doesn’t happen this week. It’s going to happen this month and it doesn’t happen this month. We all were supposed to ascend during the cosmic wave. You know so many people didn’t feel that they were moving into a higher vibration at all.

Some didn't feel the "Shift"
So much has happened and yet so many people still don't feel an elevation. Could you just go give your impression and your thoughts on that.


Zorra: Understand peoples are not all going to feel an instant change. (Quazar: We’re talking about the cosmic wave or ascension?) They're not going to feel anything because they have been so programmed of the opposite of their limited beings that they are what is termed must be controlled or they must be led. They must come to the realization. They may not be led by anyone but their own selves. (Quazar: It's really hard for people …) It is. It is because of their programming. And this programming has gone on for eons to make you think that you are lesser than you are and that has all been the programming of your so-called governments or higher educations and things of this nature. The cabal if you will and the programming has been ongoing.

Overcoming latent cabal programming
However that programming is ended and the other is starting. You cannot remove a program, you must program over it. So in a subtler way we are programming over the programming. We are replacing it with love. Once it has been fully replaced with love there will be no place for the old programming to even be [???] out.

Quazar: Okay. I don't mean to beat a dead horse as they say. [Zorra laughs] I’m picking up on Zorra’s little humor! I don't know where that came from.

But when we talk about ascension and the cosmic wave which just happened just last month (Zorra: Still happening.) there was such a huge push that things were really going to change. (Zorra: Things have changed.) So for those that didn’t feel, and you say it's because of the old programming. If it’s from the old programming does that mean that they did not rise as well?


Zorra: Oh they rose. They just have not realized it yet. (Quazar: In their own …) Within their own knowingness. Once you do what is termed as exercise, just try it peoples out there. Try it. What I mean by try it: exercise your inner knowingness, your Higher Self if you will. Close your eyes and visualize the god that you are or goddesses that you are. Close your eyes now, all of you. Close your eyes and visualize a world of pure love. Visualize a world without strife. Visualize a world without war; a world without malice, if you will. All these words need to be eliminated from your vocabulary. Now visualize a world as such. What do you see? Beauty. Happiness. Compassion.

No more war, no more conflicts between nations but a common harmony between all. That is what you have in store for you. That is what is becoming reality on this planet. That is going to reprogram the programming. The key is love. Loving thoughts. From this day forth, for yourself and others, you know you have the ability … the god ability within you to heal others. Now exercise that power.

When you go out in your daily life and you see someone who is in pain ask them: ‘Do you wish for me to take this pain from you?’ Step out there. Put yourself out there and use the god power that you possess, that you have been given from birth; that has been hidden inside of you – all of you.

You are gods and you are goddesses and you are healers. All of you are healers. From the smallest child in a crib to the eldest of elders, everyone is a healer. That may shock many but it is a fact. Even those incarcerated in prisons are healers. Everyone is a healer. Everyone is a god or goddess and sometimes both. However you must come to that realization of what you are which is god or goddess.

Knowing this will change your life and perspective for that is life as well.

Goodbye Quazar. Now my other beloved is coming and she will have words of wisdom as well.

When I say to you use your god power, what does that mean? What does that mean to you? It means to reprogram your programming. Program over the old programming realizing that you are pure love. That is what gods and goddesses are: Love. Pure, unadulterated love.

That is what you are. Let no one tell you otherwise. And once you know it and own it and proclaim it, then you transmit it, … your … life … will … transform. Your awareness will transform. Your consciousness will rise higher than you could ever imagine.

Know that you are your gods and you are your goddesses and then own it and proclaim it to others. It is very strange for someone to come up and say ‘I am god’ and they look at you and think you're crazy. However when you exhibit the god power that you possess there will be no doubt in their minds as to what you are. And there will be no doubt in your mind either.

There is no reason absolutely no reason why there should be anyone ill on this planet at all because you are all healers. You should be out there healing each other. I know that is a firm and what is called a tall statement but it is fact. And my beloved will iterate even more.


Saryya: Indeed beloved. Good day or good evening to all of you beloved ones, beloved gods and goddesses; masters that you are.

Anne: Welcome Saryya.

Saryya: Thank you beloved Lady Nada.

All of you I must say are becoming brighter and brighter in your light and in your consciousness. We see this from above. You however will see yourselves as perhaps maybe feeling still that you are in this density of more vibration. However if you look within you are at a much higher vibration in consciousness that you do not realize. Indeed. We are here as always to remind you and we thank you that you are doing beautifully for what is being as you call it dealt to you.

The dark ones are vanishing from our eyes from your eyes really. They know it is over for sure. You only have to realize that. We are definitely moving towards coming into your, into your atmosphere. Stay grounded. As we always say when you are feeling low, or not feeling quite which you’d like to feel this higher vibration of which you are, move into Mother Nature. She is there to comfort all of you. Talk to the trees and hug your trees. Give and send forth love to all that is on your beloved Terra. They are there for solace and nourishment for your spirit and for your body.

These are things that you can do for now. In regards to all of the maybe misunderstandings of different words coming from different sources and all of that, you must now use your own discernment of which you think of what you really know is to be the truth.

Ascension for many people is a different perspective in terms of how they interpret that. You must only know that you are already on your way to full ascension. Many have ascended of which you do not realize and do not know. When you reach full 5th dimension you will know without a doubt of what has occurred.

You are still on your way towards full 5th dimension and that is just fine. You are moving in that direction … all of you are. Even those that are asleep are moving forward in their own journey towards their next higher level of conscious and vibration.

We live in a matrix of our own making
It is for us to tell you again and again that all that you do and all that you think is that reality that you bring forth. Move always in your meditations, move always when you are one with Mother Nature that you are more than who you think you really are. We know that to be true. You are full gods and goddesses. When you touch each other, when you send love to each other you are healing not only yourselves but you are healing each other. You can move this Earth into full Disclosure and to full Ascension with only your intentions on a daily basis.

Know your god power! It is time that you now put it in full action. Go about and tell people of what you know.

Tell people that (they) cannot grasp (you know) what you [are] already knowing. And please tell them about Mother Nature. Tell them that they can be there to be able to heal them. But you can also go about and begin to heal each other with your thoughts, with your love, and with your hands.

This RV is happening. It has been happening. And those of you who think it is not happening that is also all right that you may feel that way. But soon enough you will know in full realization that it is a fact. So in your own reality just know that all of this is the truth.

We would not be here -- as well as with all of the ascended Masters -- we would not have been here for you to realize all of this if it wasn't time for you to know the truth of what is. We have many yet to come that are of great the great ones who will help you on this earth plane of the higher technologies such as Keshe. Many others are following. Many others that you know that are already coming into their own to begin to help the rest of humanity to ascend into a higher realization of what your Earth can be.

Do no longer be engulfed in all the negativity of whether it's earth quakes that are going to happen or more weather problems that are to occur for you are well protected. We are here with you every second of your day when things occur that are maybe like the weather like the drought like the hurricanes etc. and the quaking that you hear about we are there.

You must know that we are there to assist that if it's to occur it is for a reason. It is part of again the letting go of lower dimensional vibrations. But know that you are always cared for and loved through it all.

Many still will have to go through certain stages of their evolution and so be it. When things that are not fully of a higher dimensional level, send it love, send them love. All is well. Put that into your minds that whatever occurs that all is well. If you are not realizing yet but you are feeling depressed or you are feeling like things are not moving, they are from our point of view. Things are moving and accelerating beautifully. They are all within; they are all within accordance of the Divine Plan as you would call it.

Zorra: Indeed. Very well put.

Saryya: And so we shall continue with the questions (Zorra: Indeed) that we have my beloved.


There is a question … oh, if we can backtrack a little. Many questions in regards to the so-called the happening of the higher vibrations that have occurred of the last month. (Zorra: Indeed) We should address this because people have felt that they did not move into a higher dimension and we want to tell you all that you all have moved. And however, again because of the programming, people have not realized fully that they have moved forth into a higher level of dimension. How do we say it has not caught up with you yet however it has already occurred and you shall begin to realize that.

Just perhaps the analogy could be that the, (what do I want to say in regards to the what people are waiting for,) they are waiting and expecting and rightly so. You were expecting all of your monies to be revealed to you and so it is we see that it has already occurred. As has been said before not to give away your dinars or your dong because that part of the abundance program is here for all of you to share. But in accordance with that it is also for you to share who you truly are that we have moved already into a much higher dimension. These two go hand-in-hand. Your abundance of the money that you are expecting you know that goes hand-in-hand with your higher-level of ascension as you would term them.

So know that it is already here in your hand and that it does and all of this works in alignment with each other. Move yourselves into higher dimensional planes in your knowingness and your abundance as far as your reality of the dollars or what ever or what ever you realize in your own continent [country] to be. You know these are all at the same level.

All of this moves together in unison as far as the revelations that are coming upon all of you. [to Zorra] I shall have you speak further. (Zorra: Indeed)

So I think we have more questions here. Oh this is a good one here, I think, that Quazar had printed out.


City of Light Over China
This is in regards to the floating cities in the clouds in China.

Zorra: Floating city of light? (Saryya: Indeed)

City of Light over China, of course. Of course there are going to be others that are also going to experience the same what would be termed phenomenon. Showing Cities of Light in the clouds.

Saryya: Are those mirages people are asking.

Zorra: No they are not. They are Cities of Light that will be coming descending downward and will be touching down. Of course they will be touching down in areas where there is no population so as not to cause any destruction. So they are floating looking for the appropriate spot to descend to.

Saryya: These are revelations.

Zorra: Indeed they are. So many phenomenon that you're seeing in the skies are reality. They are not apparitions; they are actual sightings. And they shall become more numerous as time passes … as distance passes. I do not want to say time as time is an illusion.

Saryya: What is it a symbol of, people ask.

Zorra: Harmony. Bringing forth harmony to the world. All of you many of you are in despair or are in what is termed confusion and because confusion come forth from other sources from the Internet. As we have said before use your own discernment.

And as I have said before if what you hear brings you joy and happiness and contentment and harmony then stay with it. If it brings confusion, fear, pain, disregard it.

So what we speak of is love. And all of your discernment, all of you out there discerning will understand and will accept what we are saying to you is love. Uplifting words of love to encourage you to realize the gods and goddesses that you are.

I know we repeat this daily or every time we speak that you are gods and goddesses and we will continue until you get the message that you are gods and goddesses. And once we know that you have the answer and you have the knowingness that you are gods and goddesses, then you will not hear us say it anymore. But until then we will continue to remind you of who and what you are. You are healers, you are gods, you are goddesses and many times many of you are both.


Let Us Encourage One Another In Every Way
Do not condemn each other about anything. Do not condemn one another or envy one another. You all have what you need. We have given you the tools to use to help with your ascension. We have given you what is termed the headbands the technology that has been meant for mankind to use ever since Atlantis and Lemuria. And many of you have not used it. Many of you have them hanging on a wall or on a shelf you're not using them. And we reiterate to you. Use your tools that you have been given or that you have purchased.

For your healing the Soul, Rain International, WellMed Zero Point Energy, all of these are tools to help with your ascension. Use them. Have what is termed as headbands. I believe there is a sale going on with those.

I understand also from the creator -- not created but designer -- that the what is termed power rods or healing rods can not be discounted because it takes so long to make them. And it is time-consuming of course and the materials are gaining in what is termed value and more difficult to obtain. So I understand this.

In Lemuria, everything was the right price
Sharing is Love
Now in the time of Lemuria there was no such thing as currency. There is no such thing as monetary value because everything was held in common. All was supplied freely. But in your day and age that cannot be so you must avail yourself to purchase them. But they still are more powerful and more potent than they were then.

So if you can afford them go ahead and get one. And those that have abundance sponsor someone. Send them a headband; you have plenty why not share it. Pick someone who needs what is termed a headband and choose to purchase it for them and send it to them to help them with their ascension. Help each other less fortunate than you even now before your blessing arrives.

You have, many of you have more than you need and your holding onto it because you think it is getting worse. It is not getting worse it is getting better. And you will soon realize it is even getting even more better. Indeed.

So I say to those who have abundance now give forth a little of your abundance in the form of gifts. Understand giving a gift to someone you do not know is a blessing in itself and you will be rewarded for it. You will get back what you put out 100-fold.

So to those that are, in fact Anne you might do what is termed as set up a what is termed a I know you have much on your plate but we feel this is important. Put forth what is termed an attachment to the site for the people that are needing what is termed the tools for their ascension and request those that wish to share their abundance with these ones less fortunate. I think you understand what I'm saying.

Anne: Oh yes. I’ve got a page called Collective Balance that we post peoples personal need. I let them …

Zorra: I’m not speaking of personal needs. I'm speaking of the tools. Tools that are out there that are a little costly. Put together those that are that have the abundance to do it to help those that do not.

Anne: Yes, that's what Balance of the Collective is about. (Zorra: Indeed) Those that have funds balanced by helping the ones that don't.

And we did that with the tool for one of our members that everyone knew and she desperately needed StemFit and the response was wonderful. They all got directly with her. I didn't have to handle it in between. So people send her StemFit. She got her tool.

Zorra: Indeed. And the other tools I'm speaking of are the ones which is termed the healing rods and what is termed the headbands. Same situation. Put that out there for them. So, that being said. I will let my beloved speak further.


Unity is Forming
Saryya: Beloved ones. As you are moving forth in your levels of consciousness and vibration we see a unity forming more and more around this beautiful Earth globe. We see this as a way for you to continue to raise your levels of consciousness.

Know that you are all one. There has never been a division between any of you. Heaven is here, as you call heaven, is here right on your beautiful Terra. We see this happening worldwide as you are moving forth into higher and higher levels of vibration and consciousness.

Do not use your beautiful minds to dwell on those things that are really quite insignificant. When you concentrate on just who you truly are now: these higher, higher levels of beings that you are, the others will subside in your thought processes. Of the thought processes that you are in need, that you are feeling alone, that you are feeling desperate, and that there is no way out as you call it. These vibrations are at a much higher level now that they are already touching each and every one of you around this beautiful orb that you call Earth.

For we see it. We are this massive, massive -- you cannot realize -- mass levels of oneness above and around your beautiful globe as you call yourselves Earth to be there to assist you in every way possible to lift you higher and higher. Know this in your heart minds.

You are beyond the 3D and 4D and you still sometimes continue to see it. Go beyond that for you are all beyond this level now. Help each other as you are doing so with those that are in need.

And we see this coming together as the ones that you all are for we are all one. One in this entire galaxy and beyond. This is what you have been called forth to do for one another. For you are coming to a point of what shall we call it … (Zorra: Harmony) beautiful harmony. That is what we all are; and love and peace. And we are all one.

Zorra: Indeed. Now continue with the questioning Lady Nada. (Saryya: I shall bring forth Quazar.)

Anne: Have you completed what Saryya was saying? (Zorra: Of course. Indeed. Continue on.)


Listener Q & A -----------------------------

Rules of Engagement
I'm going to call your area code and the last four numbers of your telephone and when I do that make sure you are ready at the telephone. Don't have the computer on in the background. Will have to pass you by so and when you're number is called please introduce yourself with your first name and your location and very clearly and briefly one question. Please do not attempt -- I know it's tempting -- but try not to expand the one question into a conversation. Only if it's necessary and indicated by Zorra or Saryya.


Helping others stuck in 3D
970: Yes good morning beloved Anne, Saryya and Zorra. This is Barbara in Colorado. My question, even though it's about a personal situation I think it would relate to many. It has to do [with] my Twin Flame partner and this relates to other people who love others so much. I would really like your guidance on, what if the person that you love so much is stuck, is just stuck, in the grip of the 3D programming? It's hard because my mind says they’re on their journey, just send them love, they’ll go at it at their own pace. But my heart says, oh I know the beautiful being you are. I just want to help you see it and help you in any way. ‘Cause we really are going through a major clearing of what we have thought was reality into the high, you know, into the new knowing and it takes quite courage and perseverance and belief and faith. So could you please give some input on what I can do and what others can do that see their loved ones in such pain and they’re stuck.

Zorra: Indeed. You have what is termed -- is this being of the Christian persuasion?

970: He had a Catholic upbringing.

Zorra: Indeed. So he has read the Bible.

970: I don't know if he has read the Bible but he has definitely been, had the doctrines and teachings and all that instilled in him.

Zorra: Indeed. Old programming indeed. Well, you may him approach him or them on the basis of creation and what is termed as the first words and the first chapters of the Bible where speaking of the creation of man. And say to them, “God said: Let us make man in our image, in our likeness and with our powers and abilities." That is in your original Dead Sea Scrolls. That will give them a wake-up call.

Then go to what is termed in the New Testament where it is speaking of Sananda speaking to his disciples, or Jesus speaking to the disciples, when he said to them: “Marvel not what I do for greater shall you do if you only believe that you can.”

Those two what is termed Scriptures will give him will plant a seed within him for him to do more research; for him to think he is more than what he thinks he is. Give him that seed and watch them change.

970: What I'm feeling is to think he thinks a lot he listens a lot. But they’re words. If you don't take what you take the words and actually absorb that into your being and embrace around it as truth then it's just thought it's just words. (Zorra: Understand...) Yes and I don't know only each person can have the desire enough to not stay where they are to it is energy you have to work through it and pain comes up and all the stuff is coming up. (Zorra: Indeed) You have to persevere through it. So I don't know (Zorra: That is so.) what it is that helps someone to do that if they're so, if they're not, what does he need to feel if they’re not open to receive this and actually embrace it and vibrate it and internalize it.

Zorra: Just speak it forth. Just speak it forth. And that is all that is necessary because it will sink into his subconscious mind will receive it. And it will continue to work on him in the lower thoughts and these seeds that you will plant in him will plant a question within him, in his subconscious mind, that will what is the term it will haunt him until he realizes there is something different here. There is something beautiful here. Just plant the seed that's all you need do and let nature take its course as it is so termed.

970: Can you and Saryya possibly send a healing for all of us that may find ourselves and help us find ourselves in the grips of the old programming to be able to be more easily hold the light or send us the ability to be able to emerge through easier now.

Zorra: We will do that at the end.

Anne: Thank you Barbara. Okay honey, all the best to you.

Saryya: Lady Nada. Beloved Lady Nada, I should like to say one more thing. As you know in your world everyone develops and evolves individually. Knowing that we are all one, in the end all we need do is to send our love to that [???] vibration, that individual. They will come into their own knowingness at their own time. This is why in evolution some are ready and some are not quite ready. When we have full, as you say your full ascension, those that will be ready will move forward into other realms into other vibrations into other levels of consciousness and evolution whereas others as well will continue on their road to full consciousness.

We must each, for you, each is on his or her own journey. We only need to send love and they shall evolve accordingly to on their own path. You see although we are all one everyone also is on their own path if you understand what I am saying. Send love and of course healing and send as well your words of enlightenment or of knowledge and they will take it upon themselves then as my beloved has said. They will move accordingly in their own evolution. So be it.

Zorra: Indeed. Continue Lady Nada.


More on Keshe’s Free Energy
954: Oh hi this is Jessup up from Florida. I was curious about the Keshe files, the Keshe reactors. Will that be released on October 26th and how will that effect everybody.

Zorra: Say that again.

Anne: You're talking about Mr.Keshe and his training he is going to do next week?

954: Well he is supposed to release for sale his reactors on the 26th.

Anne: Well he’s training people how to build them all week long. I don't know how many he can individually make and sell per se. Let's see what Zorra says.

Zorra: And what is the question?

954: I guess how will that affect everybody when the reactors are released or when the information is released. (Zorra: How will people react?) There'll be big changes if everybody all of a sudden has electricity.

Zorra: Well if he had set forth the date that he is going to release his technology, so be it. That is up to him. And will it change people's lives? Absolutely.

954: Will we be able to purchase those in the US too or will that be held up?

Zorra: That will be up to him also if he makes them available to the public I would not see why anyone would not be able to get them.

Anne: John it's all, all the information and accessibility is all posted. We have a page full of everything Keshe has released and it’s called the Keshe Foundation page in our long list of pages on It's got all the information that he released on the 16th and also about his coming training program.

He can't make them for millions of people around the globe. He's giving out the creation technologies so people can easily create their own with his guidance. And it's going to be training all week long so go to that page everybody. Keshe Foundation on our and you'll find all the information that he has made available. Okay thank you John I'm glad that came up.

646: Kliniel from New York. I have two questions for Zorra: How much time do we have in New York? We were coming down before we got home we saw a cosmic light and then it just disappeared out of thin air. (Zorra: Say that again.) We were going straight home and before we got home we saw a light coming from the sky like a cosmic light or something and it disappeared way before it hit the ground. (Zorra: Indeed) I was just wondering what was that about or can you just give us some information on that.

Zorra: Are you speaking of a being or a tunnel of light?

646: Just a light actually, a big light and then it never hit the ground. It just disappeared.

Anne: Did it have a form or was it just get light and then it got dark/ What are you saying?

646: No it was just white light. It looked like big cosmic light it just came and it just disappeared. Just white light from the sky you could say but it never hit the concrete or the floor ground. I was wondering what was that if you have any idea what that could've been.

Zorra: Was it in clouds or not clouds.

646: No it wasn’t in clouds. It was nighttime.

Zorra: Well there are clouds at night too.

646: Yeah it was midnight.

Zorra: You need more detail in the appearance of what it was. [646 repeats his description]

Zorra: Could have been a ship. Could've been a meteor.

646: Yeah, it could have been. I'm coming to some conclusion it could've been a ship. I'm not sure. (Zorra: Indeed) It was just strange the way it came down and all that.

Zorra: And your other question was how long you are going to be in New York?

646: How long am I going to be in New York? We don't know yet.

Anne: No, you had a question about how long when you started you said how long will we be in New York or something like that.

646: Yeah, how long before the changes before all the changes in New York in the city. How long we have.

Zorra: Changes of what?

646: Changes before the concrete buildings come down everything comes down. How much time do we have before that happens?

Zorra: Oh! Well ... [Laughter] You will be well aware of what is occurring before that occurs and you will also not be there when it occurs.

646: Yeah okay. And how much time from now till then.

Zorra: I will not give you a timeline. No. We are not into timelines. But you shall know. You will be observing it from space.

Anne: Yeah our job is just to be ready so when it happens we can go with the flow and not worry about watching our watch and seeing how much time we have left. It doesn't work that way.


Old Wisdom Returns To Us
954: Hello this is Margaret in Florida. Hello Zorra. (Zorra: Indeed) Zorra would you please restore my telepathic abilities and return them to what they were in Resaro [phonetic] times, ancient times.

Zorra: You do that yourself. You say, from the Lord God of my being I wish to have my psychic ability restored.

Indeed. That goes for everyone.

Anne: Yeah I would think so as we this kind of opens a lot of people's thoughts. As we raise in consciousness old abilities start coming back as our DNA starts returning and connecting with the chakras our old wisdom comes back to us again. Is that the way it will work Zorra? (Zorra: Indeed)

That was a good question Margaret thank you.

661: Hi this is Deb in Helena, Montana. Zorra as I acknowledge that the RV is unfolding and the process keeps changing and what have you as we listen to Tony, I just want to know I thought you had said something that October was a good month and it looked like it felt like it was going to happen October and I wondered if that was still true. And then as the process keeps changing, should those in the General 64 group wait for that e-mail message before we take action or do we just listen to Tony?

Zorra: Well, listening to Tony you're going to get some information and you'll be getting information from the G64 as well. So should you just listen to Tony? Use your own discernment on this.

661: And is it to occur during the month of October?

Zorra: October is not over is it?

661: No it is not! [Laughter]

Anne: I'm going to interject something because people are asking me very similar questions throughout the month. General 64 was willing to pay us a very high rate because they wanted our dinar to use it to purchase oil. It's a Chinese family in General 64 and they want our dinars to be able to purchase oil which they desperately need. They have responded dramatically to Keshe’s new power information/free energy and China is getting on big-time on that which he has announced. And if they're going to have free energy they may not be that eager to get our dinars to buy oil. I think oil is going to go bye-bye with Keshe’s free energy.

So I think your best bet is to follow Tony. Tony’s talking about when it opens there will be high rates for a short time so get on there fast when Tony's announcement comes and get in on the high rates before they drop. And if China is still willing to pay premium contract rates for dinar to buy oil we'll just have to wait and see because they've gotten big-time into Keshe’s free energy now. And it does handle automobiles as well.

That was for everybody because I'm getting this question a lot myself. Thank you Deb.


Healing Autism
864: This is Sephora in South Carolina. Hello Anne, Zorra. Hello Saryya. (Zorra: Indeed) I want to thank Barb for opening the door to this question. I have been hearing a lot of people that are chasing after their Twin Flame. They don't know how to find them; they’re lusting after them’ they’re constantly chasing after them yet they are not doing the work on themselves first. They are looking outside for this Twin Flame. And my understanding was you have to be in balance with yourself first before your Twin Flame can come to you. Am I off base there?

Zorra: No you are correct.

864: That's what I thought. Our new listener I have been trying to tell her this for the last four years. She's constantly looking for her Twin Flame and trying to tell her go within; work on yourself. (Zorra: Indeed) And she, she has autism, she's autistic it takes a while for her to grasp things. I understand this. It just gets frustrating. How can I best help her and others in the same situation to understand they need to work on themselves first?

Zorra: Indeed but you also need if they have autism you might want to suggest them to take Soul because Soul is going to cure the autism.

864: Well I know one of the people has autism you’ve spoken with him once before a few calls ago. The other one is listening on the Internet at the moment as were talking. I had not thought of that one. Thank you. (Zorra: Indeed) What else can I do to help her so that she can balance herself and bring her dreams into fruition and manifestation?

Zorra: Understand beloved master autism is what is termed as an imbalance of brain cells. And what you wish to do is balance the brain cells so you know what to do.

864: Yes I do. So does she who I’ve been trying to tell her. I will work on that. (Zorra: Indeed) I know what I'm here for. I'm here to help heal to guide and to protect and it is not easy at times. That's all I have to say.


Zorra Gave Us the "Magic Bullet"
760: This is Peter in Southern California. As I'm listening today hoping to get a magic bullet to make everything easy and I realized that Zorra and Saryya have given us everything we need. And when I hear that from you Anne that us who had little success in business can help people out of disastrous situations we can send a little money and that's one of the things we can do to help. And when Jesus tells us that ‘the works I do ye shall do also and greater shall you do,’ that can be used to get people interested in having a discussion.

So I think we’ve really got everything that we need and when I have any negative thoughts now I realize Love. I'm going to disappear into Love and that can take care of that also.

So I want to thank Saryya and Zorra for everything that they've already given us and I plan to do a lot of it. By the way I also hugged trees all day long and people look at me strange. And it's my pleasure. Thank you very much.

Zorra: Indeed.

Anne: Well that was nice, thank you. It's always good to hear from you.


Healing Those Still Resistant
954: Hello everyone this is Darlene from Florida. I have a question I'm confused with the healing people because when we were taught/when you taught us that Jesus always, when he healed he always told the person ‘remember who you are’ and so the healing came actually from them themselves. So if you're trying to heal and they don't believe how does that work?

Zorra: It takes what is termed faith.

954: On whose part though?

Zorra: Both. Understand when you go to heal someone many times you can do it without their knowledge because they are not aware. The Higher Self is not aware. While the Higher Self is aware but the consciousness part of the person is not aware and the Higher Self part of the person is aware and will receive the healing. So you transmit the healing power from you to them.

954: Telepathically?

Zorra: Well if it is long distance, yes. If you are with them ask them if they are willing to receive the healings and get their permission first. If you are doing long distance then you transmit it with telepathy.

954: Okay and can I just ask you one more thing on the ascension symptoms? Is aching and sweating a part of the ascension process … the light trying to get into your body?

Zorra: Not necessarily. (954: No? Okay. Thank you) Indeed.

Anne: Zorra, I have understood that sometimes speaking of healing others do we need their assistance or can we do it without their knowledge, I was told some time ago that it's beneficial to send your love to them when they are sleeping. Is that a good time? (Zorra: Indeed, of course.) So that way you know that all their turbulence and concerned energies are quiet and your love can come through better.

Zorra: Indeed and they will receive it much quicker.

Anne: Oh that’s good. Thank you. I'm glad you confirmed that.


Discernment of "channels"
818: Hi good morning this is Melva from California. I think I sent you a video. This is in regard to a channeler who was Prime Creator was speaking to her. I like to know because if did Prime Creator spoke to her saying that the big wave of light it was paused. I'm not sure if it was stopped by him or somebody else and it was a small wave. Is this true?

Zorra: Now what was the small wave?

818: Yeah. This channeler Prime Creator was speaking through this channel and I going to say the name the name is Suzy Baylor and she says Prime Creator was speaking through her and that the big wave it was paused, the big wave of light, (Zorra: Indeed) and instead it was a small wave. Is this what did happen?

Zorra: No.

818: No? And is that the real Prime Creator speaking through her?

Zorra: Probably not.

818: So it's not Prime Creator speaking through her. (Zorra: No)

Anne: You know Melva we have such good information from Zorra and also from the ones that we do post. There are so many that I don't post. There is so much out there. And if you try to collect everything that's out there you're not going to get anywhere because they're all filtered through people's belief systems.

818: You know I did ask my God Being about this. I requested this is the real Prime Creator speaking through her? And I got and it says I'm not sure if it says yes.

Anne: Well that is your communication with your own Higher Self, which I do as well. I use a pendant. I try to keep myself as clear as I can be so that I am receiving clear information but even so we ourselves are filtering our own questions and we have to be aware of that. I had somebody come through as an imposter of Sananda I want you to know.

818: I know I realize that. But Zorra said no it's not Prime Creator who was speaking to her. (Anne: Right) Okay because she was having an interview with somebody else you know the other person was asking questions.

Anne: I don't think this is going to apply to the rest of the listeners. Some of them that have questions that might affect all of us. Zorra ......

818: [caller is talking over Anne] You know he was talking about the wave it was paused it was stopped.

Anne: Did you say I interrupted, Zorra? (Zorra: No) Well what did she say somebody get out of the way he was paused.

Zorra: No she was saying that the wave was stopped and it was only a small wave. [Zorra laughs]

Quazar: And you said…

Zorra: No!

818: All right then.

Anne: Yeah, we've crescendoed but the new energy is still continuing, is that true Zorra?

Zorra: Indeed it is in orbit around the earth.

818: Yeah so in the springtime there's going to be another one.

Zorra: It will be intensified with the other.

818: So is that will be the last wave or it’s going to continue?

Zorra: It will continue to engulf the planet.

818: Oh okay so through the end of the year to next year.

Zorra: Of course.

Anne: I think you're getting two waves interacting here, (Zorra: Indeed) one is the wave of energy that arrived on the 28th and crescendoed and is now staying with the planet Earth encircling earth and going no further. It's staying here with us. The other when you talk about the wave in spring you're speaking about waves of ascension. We were told there would be one that is under way now. But waves are not mass ascensions they are periods of ...

818: No this is for people who are not aware of this because you know so many even remote areas and they are not aware of this.

Zorra: They will be aware.

Anne: Okay thank you. Yeah the wave in the spring is another wave of ascension, it's not a another wave of energy. And then there's another one in summer we were told. That's a different kind of wave.

818: That's a you know Archangel Michael was saying the next six months which is in the spring was talking about that.

Anne: But remember everybody is going to have their own mentors so we don't have to worry about people being isolating and not knowing what's going on. Their mentor will be with them.


Release Attachments? Yes
928: Thank you this is Sue in Arizona. I want to say I love this call and everything that's been said by everyone. Thank you so much. This is my question: I am influenced by the book that [author indiscernible] in 1800s called [title indiscernible]. One of the prime guidance in that book is to not own anything or have any possessions. And I am wondering for myself perhaps this applies to others on the call I don't know but in light of the -- literally -- upcoming events of ascension gathering working to heal others, should I be releasing myself of possessions and things that I own including my home?

Zorra: That is purely up to you that is purely your decision. However you wish to prepare for ascension is your choice. Indeed.

Quasar: I just wanted to because Billie and I went through this, giving everything up, and of course I'm sure there was a purpose to all of that. However I think that this particular person that was talking she really needs to go within herself to really come to that understanding of whether or not she needs to let go of everything. Because I think it's all part of you have to become unattached. For people that are attached to where they live, to all of their belongings, and everything that's part of the things that we all have to let go of for ascension. So you know it's an individual decision. That's all I have to say. Thank you dear. (Zorra: Indeed)

Anne: Yeah that's good. And of course I did let go but I asked first. (Zorra: Indeed) And I'm finishing up the last remnant. I was asked if I was good to go and I had one last thing to do and I'm getting that handled now and then I'll be ready whenever the time is right. But it's individual. You have to just tune in to your own Higher Self. That's the one that knows is your Higher Self.


417: Hi this is Monica from Golden. I just want some clarification. I need Soul because it's for chronic pain. I want you to know I have been cured of Crohn's from Laminine. And I mean cured! I've had Crohn's since I was 13 and it has ever since I started taking Laminine I've had no problem whatsoever. Now I'm out of Laminine and I've been trying to get a hold of Soul. And another thing is I don't have a headband but I have a healing rod. Now do I really need a headband?

Zorra: You have a healing rod already, that is fine. A headband is always beneficial. However if you do not have one it is not a crisis however, but if you can obtain one by all means do so because it does help with focus, it helps with clarity. it helps with communications with your star brothers and sisters and raising vibrations and frequencies.

417: I've been using my healing rod and putting it up to my third eye at the magic side and the healing side and I do this on a daily basis several times a day but I do not know how to get a hold of Soul. My pendulum told me that I could stop taking the Laminine but I need to take Soul.

Anne: Do you know where the products are all shown on our website? Go to our website On the left in all those pages go to Health Programs where all the products will be listed. There's links to order. It's best just to call the company and let them set up your account. The home office number is there. Just call them. They're very fast and will get you all set up.

417: Thank you all. I love the program and I'm always here and everyone's in my prayers and I'm doing what I can do. [Laughter]

Anne: What more can you ask!


Zorra: Lady Nada after the next question we will do a healing pulse. Okay who will be the last one? Let me see.


How Much Good Will He Be Able To Accomplish With His Blessing
972: Coy Patterson in Dallas. I got a question that would probably affect a bunch of people on this call. The ones that have said who have volunteered / been chosen to distribute Divine Mother's abundance, Tony is telling us that they're going to put a cap on how much Zim the banks are going to exchange. And what they're going to do is the rest of the Zim that you've got, they're going to put it in a long-term payout.

What I'm asking is are the ones of us that have donated our life and time for this distribution going to be restricted to that cap? And if that is true then is it better to go ahead now and start giving away the excess -- which I’ve already gave away probably over a $1 billion of the stuff -- is it better to go ahead now and distribute this before the RV or what would your thinking be on that Father God?

Zorra: A cap on the Zimbabwe?

972: Well that's what Tony said. [The cap is] going to be somewhere between half a billion dollars and a billion. He's saying they're going to cap it and then the rest of what you have they want to pay out over the next 50 years, so much a year.

Of course one of the things I'll tell you I have no intention of investing any of this money because that's not what I'm getting it for. I'm getting it to distribute it. (Zorra: Indeed) And I'm definitely not gonna take it out over no payout period. (Zorra: [Laughs] Indeed) So if that cap does occur would it be better to go ahead now and continue to give away the excess like I've are already done or am I not going to be susceptible to cap. I've already put a team together or am working on one that is going to help me distribute this to get it to the best places that’s needed.

Zorra: Continue what you are doing. Would be my answer.

972: So go ahead and keep giving it away? (Zorra: Indeed) And hope the people are conscious enough to distribute it as I would? (Zorra: Of course.) Okay.

Anne: And the timing is what you give away before revaluation has a determination of tax implications … not that I think were ever going to be paying any taxes.

972: There's not going to be any tax implications. (Anne: No) There's not going to be any tax implications. Heaven would not give this money to us to give back to the cabal.

Anne: And the new government won't have taxes like that. (Zorra: Indeed)

972: Everybody needs to understand this there's no way Heaven would give us this money and let us pay it back to the cabal. That would defeat the whole purpose. (Zorra: It would indeed.) And that's the reason this is takin' so long is because they had to get the cabal out of the way, get enough love into them that they're willing to come back into the Light. And that's what's really been going on. (Zorra: Indeed)

That's the reason that I've learned a long time ago that you can't hold grudges or hold negative thoughts about anyone because every negative thought you hold whether it's about you or someone else is damaging your own energy. Everybody is sick primarily because they're holding so much fear. That's the reason most people in religions are all sick is they're holding so much fear in their body that their body is reacting into illness and imbalance. (Zorra: That is so.)

Your suggestion would be for me because I probably got another billion dollars to give away… Another question I would like to ask -- this is also about the Zim -- are we going to have time if I haven't got all this give away if they decide to cap it, are we going to have time for me to try to get this to the right people before the Zim is no longer accepted? I'm sure there's going be some kind of timeframe on the Zim.

Zorra: You will have ample time.

972: Okay. So one of the things I was thinking was will I have time to put this team together get them operating and I would actually give some of this currency even after the RV. Maybe some of the organizations that's trying to feed the hungry and a lot of different things like that that I could get accomplished. I felt like it'd be easier for me to give them this currency and let them exchange it than trying to transfer large amounts of money to them.

Zorra: Indeed. Less complicated.

972: I thank you for your help. That was my thinking too but I just wanted to see what you thought about that. (Zorra: Indeed)

Another thing I'm thinking is that trying to invest this money is a waste of time because we don't have that kind of time anyway and we don't have that kind of need. That is so. So I made plans not to invest a cent of it in anything other than somebody else's well being. (Anne: Yeah me too.) (Zorra: Indeed)

I was given the opportunity and the ability to purchase a lot of this currency and it's the old saying, what you give out comes back, and that's just basically what’s happening to me. It's what you give out you get more to give out. That is so. Well I appreciate your input.

I'm one of the ones that I know have accepted the challenge of staying here until the last one ascends. I actually enjoy being in 3rd dimension. At least I've enjoyed this lifetime. (Zorra: You're not in third dimension.) Well maybe not now but I enjoyed being in this physical body and I'm living with my Twin Flame and have been for 50 years (Zorra: Indeed) What's really been interesting is we agreed when we come in that she wouldn't wake up when I did so we would give each other patience, understanding and compassion. I’ve definitely developed those three over the last 50 years. (Zorra: Indeed)

Okay I'll let someone else put their two cents in. It's good talking to you. I'm gonna be interested in seeing you face-to-face one of these days. (Zorra: Indeed)

Anne: Okay, you were the last according to Zorra’s statement so I’m closing your line.

972: I wanted to get this information out and I told myself when you was getting’ ready to say last person I said the next person that's gonna be called is me. The power of belief! He heard me.

Anne: Well you’ve got it. I've already distributed all of mine with gifting letters and paper trails to individuals that can put it to use right away not some great foundation or something that takes organization and structure. I don't think we have that much time. I think were going to have free energy and I think were going to have food replication. We're not going to [need] … but people need it now. Getting it into the hands of the individuals.

972: That's what my thinking was. And the organizations that I'm looking at are people creating soup kitchens, beds for homeless, stuff that they could use this money right now.

Anne: Yeah. Right now. We don't have time for grand creations. We've got to get it in the hands of people.

972: Naw, I'm not trying to get and grand creations. I’m just trying to put enough of the right hands together to help me. An army I need really to distribute this.

Anne: Well okay. Zorra said keep doing what you're doing you're on the right track.

972: Well that's good to know thank you.

Zorra: We will do what is termed as the Healing Pulse so we have the any time left over we’ll take a couple more questions. But anyway let us go ahead and do the Healing Pulse now.


HEALING PULSE--------------------------

Five, four, three, two, one. Goodbye Quazar. And bring my Beloved back so she can help.

Five, four, three, two, one. Receive.

Now, all that are wearing glasses removed them. All that are wearing hearing aids remove those. All those that are on oxygen or other things to enable them to get around, remove them and sit.

Now the energy is entering thru the heart mind and spreading upward into what is termed the crown chakra. And spreading outward thru the inner ear working on the people who are afflicted with deafness and so the energy is now spreading outward and into the area of where the eardrum would be or would have been and now they are feeling a tingling sensation in that area. If you were born without eardrums they are now being formed. If you were born with hard of hearing that hearing is returning. If you've lost your hearing due to accident that is being reversed. If you had hearing loss due to loud noises on the job that is also being restored. So be it.

Now the energy is now focusing behind the optical nerves of the eyes. Those who have glaucoma those who have cataracts those who have what is termed macular degeneration that is all being rectified and renewed. Wash your eyes. Go in your lavatory and wash out your eyes. If you see little specs in the bottom of the sink that was your affliction being removed.

Now the energy is now dropping downward into what is termed the behind the sinuses and the nose and nostrils. The nose area breathing capacity has been improved 100%. And now those who have or are on oxygen because they could not breathe properly they’re finding they’re breathing normally without any use no more use of oxygen will you need because you now breathe normally.

Now the energy is now spreading downward into what is termed the mouth into the gums. People who have gum disease you are feeling a tingling sensation in your gums and suddenly now there's no more pain. All the pain is gone. So be it.

Now the energy is now dropping downward into what is termed into the throat area into the thyroid area and that is being rectified and cleansed completely and cured.

The energy is now spreading downward thru the neck outward to the shoulders into what is termed the collarbone area. Fractures of the collarbone are being rectified. Energy is now spreading outward thru the rotator cuffs of the shoulders. Those who have this condition raise your hands above your head now. Oh did that not surprise you? Of course it did. Those in Corpus Christi, Texas those in Denver those in Chicago those that what is termed Los Angeles. All the rotator cuff issues are gone globally. Done.

The energy is now dropping downward down thru the arms downward in the upper arms and down what is termed into what is termed the elbows of the arms. The pain that was there is no longer there. Go ahead and bend your arm. No pain. So be it.

Now it is spreading down through in the arm down into what is termed the carpal tunnel area of both arms and wrists and that pain is being removed. If you have those braces on remove them because they are beginning to hurt you. You are feeling pain just from the brace. Now take off the brace you will feel no pain.

Now the energy is now spreading downward into what is termed the heart area, the heart mind area into the lungs into the kidneys into the liver into the solar plexus. And I will stop and my beloved will continue.

Saryya: The energy within your heart this loving energy is healing all of you that have pain in your heart. Pain for those that you love; all of those that are suffering from the heart level through death as you call death, which is of course a no thing. Anything that has to do with your emotions anything that has to do with any psychological issues, all of those are now gone.

Feel the joy. Feel the healing within all of your emotional body and all of your mental body. The healing now is from your heart, your own heart that feels the aches and the pains of others as well. Those are all healed. The energy now is going into your lungs and into your, down your trachea down your esophagus. Those that have much pain in your stomach area or your intestines those are healed.

Just thru thought, just through your intention they are all healed. Any organ in your body that is that has issues or physical concerns you see them being healed. Whether they are your kidneys whether they are your spleen whether they are your lungs etc. see all of those areas completely healed. Your kidneys will be functioning normally. Your lungs will be able to inhale and exhale without problems. Your spine also is being healed and straightened without effort. You are gods and goddesses therefore you can heal yourself. Because if you can heal yourself you can heal others as well which is what we are saying at this time that you are to do. Your God Selves will come forth from you to do these things.

The healing now is proceeding down your spine, is healing all of these different chakras and all of the emotional and mental and emotional issues that are concerning them. It is now moving towards your pelvic area. All of those that have all kinds of aches and pains in your bones you are now healed. Stand up. (And bone marrow.) Standup, those that are in wheelchairs and you can walk. Those that have pain, no more pain. All of the organs in your body that have any issues see them healing -- with your powerful --intention that they are healed.

Moving forth down into your pelvic area all of your intestines, all of your reproductive areas, the prostate the uterus the ovaries all are being healed. And of course my beloved would say because they are being healed, be careful that you can also procreate. Set your intentions accordingly.

Now all of the areas, all this beautiful loving and light energy is going down your pelvic area down both of your legs. Where there is pain, no longer pain. No more pain in your knees no more pain in your hips going down into your shins and into your calves no more pain as well.

Those of you that have any blood issues disgraces[???] as they call them in your terms those are completely healed. Any other ailments or diseases within your body that you know of that have not been spoken of they are completely healed.

Through your higher knowingness you are a God you are a goddess you can heal yourself at any time. So those of you that are in wheelchairs, as my beloved would say: get up and walk. (Zorra: Indeed) Indeed. And you shall take it forward.

Zorra: Those of you in wheelchairs who are using them for crutches you no longer have that excuse. Get up and walk. Especially if you have you still have both appendages both legs and feet, get up and walk. There is no more any reason for you to be in them. Get up and walk. You will find you can if you get up right now and stand and walk. You in New York stand up and walk. Those on the corner of Fifth and Broadway get up and walk. Didn't think I knew you were there did you? Indeed anyway. Get up and walk. If you want to do this, if you want to walk then do it.

Those in what is termed hospitals, those that are bedridden, you are feeling strength coming into your legs into your body. Get out of that bed. There's no reason for you to be there unless you are being lazy anyway. Stand up and walk. Walk around.

Now energy is dropping downward into what is termed the lower calves into the ankles and you're getting more strength there, down into the feet. Those with flat feet are now beginning to feel an upward push from your feet because you're no longer flat feet there is now an arch forming on your feet. And those that have too much of a high arch are now lowering down to a normal arch and taking any pain, arthritic pain is now being pulled from the body is now being pulled down to the feet and out through the toes. It is done. It is finished. So be it.

Now Lady Nada if there's any others. Go ahead.


Continuing Listener Q & A ------------------

111: Namaste. Hi Zorra this is Alexandra. I wish everyone a blessed day. Would you share a little about the upcoming Landings and the Cities of Light.

Zorra: Well there is ongoing landings everywhere globally. Cities of Light are in the atmosphere and are looking for a place to roost or to land. So that will be coming forth straightaway as well. Some are already on the ground but they are camouflaged so you may walk into them without knowing it. So that is the answer to that.

Anne: Okay already that was interesting.


How to prepare
815: Hi there. This is Azalea Reed in central Arizona. This is a dumb question I'm afraid. My husband is remodeling the house. A lot of my questions already were answered. I was just wondering if there is anyway to know what I should be doing to prepare?

Zorra: Continue to raise consciousness levels and vibration levels. And focus on your ascension.

815: Focus on intention. I’ve been off grounding and I did see the colors so I'm excited and I'm getting rid of a lot. I don't have any attachments to anything anymore. (Zorra: Indeed) So I guess I'm on the right track. (Zorra: You are.) Thank you so much. You give us a lot of hope.

Anne: Yes well that's all we can do is tend to our own business. If your husband wants to remodel the house that's his business but you tend to yours. Just like Zorra says we all have our own work to do and no one can do it for us. Okay honey.

815: I figured just keeps him busy anyway.

Anne: And you're getting rid of attachments. That's the important part; that's the hard part for a lot of people.


619: Hi this is Donna from San Diego. I was wondering if you have any insights to this money that I am expecting from a job related situation. Maybe you could shed some light on something.

Anne: Oh you're expecting a settlement of some kind. When can you expect that? She's getting a settlement relating to her job. It's a personal question and I don't know if…

Zorra: No, that is a personal question. It would not relate to others so I would not answer that.


Workplace Requires Flu Shot. What To Do?
Zorra: Lady Nada, a question has just come to my attention. It concerns that we’re looking for guidance.

‘My job requires all its employees to get flu shots.’ A good question for everyone. ‘I’m very adamant about not getting my children vaccinated, now I am faced with the decision to make myself. I thought about telling my employer that vaccinations are against my philosophical beliefs. That works for schools but I don't know about for a company. I work at a big global hospital and they require seeing every single employee to get a flu shot unless they have a medical reason. If not it’s considered voluntary resignation. I've only been at this job a few months.’

My advice to her: look for another job. Anyway when it's concerning, understand this beloved masters all of you. When you get a flu shot they are giving you the flu. Why would you want to get the flu when you are not sick? (Saryya: Do they have to take it?) They must take it.

Well, go ahead and take it. But before you do, before they even give you a shot, do the purification technique on the syringe to neutralize the effects of the flu shot. And if they ask what you're doing you tell them you are purifying the solution.

Anne: [Laughing] I love that.

Zorra: And they can go ahead and give you the shot if they want but you are going to purify it before it goes into your body. (Anne: That's great!) And if they say you can't do that, say watch me!

Anne: That's great thank you Zorra. That’s a hard ultimatum. I know this person, she's been on our calls. It’s Carmen who we had the baby shower for and she's still nursing her baby and she doesn't want this to go into the baby's milk. But she really needs that job.

Zorra: Indeed. But once she gets the job and before she takes the flu shot just neutralize it by purifying it.

Anne: Excellent. And Carmen if you need any help get in touch with me.

We’re off the line in regard to the Internet listeners but the recording continues for both BlogTalkRadio and our call-in telephone people. I'm going to open this line. It could be an overseas call here.


Inspiring Others To Direct Blessings Forward
Int’l: Hello this is Melvin from Singapore. Zorra how are you? I have been starting from September 2, ‘13 until now and I have gathered about 50 to 60 people who are going to receive the blessings. (Zorra: Indeed) And most of the time with these 50-60 people I've been keeping them updated but there's only about 20 older people maybe 25 people that are keeping up with Dave and Tony call and everything.

So I have been hearing that the mentor is coming to advise us on all the mentors because my intention of this call is to ask so that this even though the other 20 other [older?] peoples who did not receive any news just have been keeping quiet patiently waiting for the blessing to come.

But in the end when the thing is happening I hope I could have some advice from you, Zorra, to make me clear because I want to do something great for all these people to raise their vibration to go up to ascension. So only 20 other[older?] people are receiving news from Archangel Michael, Sananda, all the message that Anne posted in the Hollow Earth here.

So yes my feeling is how do I need to encourage them to move forward when they receive the blessing?

Zorra: Encourage them to move forward?

Int’l: Yeah because some are, some are not even know what is happening. Because they have the old thoughts in mind I didn't want to disrupt them. And some 20 other[older?] people I have been constantly, I have been feeding them a lot of news about the wave is coming. But by the end of the time when the blessing come, I want them to maximize their thoughts and mind on the money on the blessing so I just want, I’m a little bit not so I don't have advice to move forward with them. So I just want to have some... The other day when I was sleeping I heard, “I am Zorra.” So for me you are in my mind. With my wife have been coming to the house. I just like want to have some mentor advice from you.

Anne: Let's see if Zorra has a suggestion now. You're going to give them money and you want them to be inspired but remember their mentors will be inspiring them too. They'll work with them energetically before they actually see them physically. Let's see what Zorra can tell us about that.

Zorra: Well just tell them to do what is termed as to take care of their immediate families. And once they have done that then take their excess and pay it forward.

Int’l: Yes okay. Okay good.

Anne: Follow their hearts.

Saryya: Beloved master it is important. You have a very kind and giving heart. Relay to them that how they spend, as you say ‘spend’ their money or to give away, let it come from their heart and then they will know what to do. (Int’l: Okay)

Anne: You know it will just bubble up inside of them as it does with all of us from the heart. And they'll know, they'll be compelled, they’ll know they have to help this person.

Int’l: All this person 50 of them I believe they have this heart. Because 50 to 60 people having this blessing is a mind boggling thing to me.

Anne: Well they'll be inspired. They have good hearts or you wouldn't have picked them.

Good to hear from you Melvin in Singapore. What time is it there? (Int’l: Well it's about three something o’clock in the morning.) Three in the morning!?! Well now you can go to bed.

[Anne opens remaining lines to no answer. Struggling with a cough as she does.]


Anne: Okay that's it Zorra we’re done.

Zorra: And we must do a healing on you.

Anne: Well you know I had a fever during the call and it's gone away. I was just thinking I've never been sick since we've been doing these calls. Not once. I've never had to take a day off because I was sick. Isn't that something?

Zorra: Indeed. And now you can rest.

Anne: I will just get some water I just choked I think.

Zorra: Now, for everyone. Five, four, three, two, one. Receive. Extra energy to get you through the rest of the day and to also give you extra energy for the remaining weekend. So be it. It is done.

Anne: Wonderful. Are we on for two weeks from now Zorra?

Zorra: Unless there is something occurs namely the revaluation.

Anne: Farewell. Thank you Zorra. Thank you Saryya.

Zorra: I hear a New World coming.

Anne: Here it is.

Cue music [3:09:14]

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