Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hollow Earths Saturday Call - November 21, 2015

Note: Zorra gave his insight into what happened in the last Paris Attack.  In essence, according to him the whole thing was planned in advance at least a week or two before the event of Nov. 13.  The governments of France, Britain, Israel, Russia, Syria had a meeting to plan this event.  The United States was not included in that meeting.  

Probably they did not want to escalate the situation into a full blown World War III and so that is probably the reason why they did not include the US to their plan and discussion.  Maybe they just want to stop the continuous flow of refugees into Europe in which they know already that the US was the one who masterminded the ISIS group in Syria.  And so the event that happened in France was to spark a worldwide "Martial Law" to make an excuse and stop the flow of refugees by tightening their borders, and that seemed to be working partly in France, Belgium, Europe and not to the whole world.  Their intended plan did not materialize successfully.  And now the world knows that most of the Governments of the world are indeed controlled by a secretive Oligarchy who are responsible for planning and creating false flag scenarios in this world.  

The event also revealed that there seemed to be a disagreement between the Oligarchy factions in Europe and the other Oligarchy factions in the USA. Obviously, those in Europe do not like the plan of the secret government of US to flood Europe with intentional stream of refugees which were artificially recruited and gathered to proceed to Europe.



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Words from Hollow Earth Network:
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Telephone Replay, after the call: 1 641-715-3589 + 771358# Ref No: 10#

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