Monday, November 30, 2015

Kudos for Chancellor Angela Merkel - the German Leader

She maybe a woman but her leadership is setting a good example for others to follow.  

A lot of people not just in Germany but also on other parts of the world disagrees with her decision to allow so many refugees into Europe and into Germany.  Of course she knows that they cannot allow the transfer of all citizens of those nations fleeing war torn regions of Syria, Iraq and elsewhere to come to Europe, but at least she showed to the world that they care by allowing some of the refugees (which is a good number of them) into their land and stay for a while.

For many decades after World War II, Germany was viewed as an evil nation who started wars and aggression with his neighboring countries.  After the war, Germany suffered defeat and humiliation.  For average Germans they would rather not talk about the war and just moved on with their lives and forget about the past.  And for most of them this has been their attitude ever since.  

However, the actions and decisions of their present leader: Angela Merkel is shattering the traditional view that the world sees about Germany.  The German leader is UNDOING the mistakes, the wrongdoing that the German army did to the world in the past.  They are earning respect for their admirable and mature approach in facing the problems of the world. The actions of the Germans today is erasing the bad image that they acquired.  Today, the world is seeing them as peace loving people, who welcomes those who are hurting and are in need of serious help. The Germans today are not the same people that we read in the history books and war documentaries.  They do care to people not just their own but also extended to other people of other nations.  We know that they cannot help everyone; but their resolve and actions to help people is a shinning light to a darkened world of selfishness and greed.  

Today Germany is one of the nations in the world who gives free tuition and scholarships and some financial allowance to students not just their own but also from other nations as well.  In fact, there are a lot of American students who are now studying in Germany as they try to avoid the high cost of tuition in their own country that can put them in serious debt.  Compare that to the USA and UK who have so many people who are in debt because of student loan while their governments are so busy in war activities worldwide that their priorities are mostly for military and war expenditures. Germany today is really not the germans we read in the history books.  They truly care and they are a peace loving people.


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