Monday, November 16, 2015

Transcript of Hollow Earths Saturday Show - November 7, 2015

And let's all, once again, thank Zoe for her hours of transcriptions!

Music Ends [2:10]

Anne: Okay this is Anne. We’re in for one short hour today so we’ll get off and running.

Welcome to our Saturday with Zorra from Hollow Earth in our fifth year. For those of you that may not have experienced this, very briefly Zorra will be trading bodies with his son Zaraya who has been up your on the surface for over 60 years. And he'll be speaking to us on the phone through Zaraya's body as Zaraya inhabits Zorra's body; it might be in the huge aeroship it might be in Hollow Earth. So with that also Quazar who is partner to Zaraya at one point will be told goodbye by Zorra and Zorra's other half, Saryya, will occupy Quazar's body. So we’ll start out with Zaraya and Quazar and before you know it we’ll be talking to Zorra and Saryya.


I've been asked to do an invocation prior to the call. I'm going to get right in to it so that we can utilize our very short one-hour call.

Let's start with our Violet Flame which is a special dispensation of grace to those of us who have endured so much on this planet helping us neutralize and transmute and consume all residue energies from mistakes we've made. We've been told they expect us to make mistakes but we never forget those things but we don't want to hang onto self-recrimination. We want to let that go and the Violet Flame is a good way just to erase it. So let's stand with our feet flat on the floor our hands down on our sides, palms facing Mother Earth and let's call on the Violet Flame. Okay here we go.

I Am the mighty Violet consuming Flame
that now and forever consumes and transmutes
all past and present mistakes
their cause, core, their effect,
and the Akashic record of these things.

It's as if it never happened. It's good to do it in a series of four is what Peter Olsen tells us and I always include that as the first affirmation in my meditations. Four times, right.

Now let’s call out your own beloved I Am Presence for protection. Again no one can protect us or put a pillar of light above us. Our pillar of light comes from our own Higher Presence just above us. It's an internal thing and we call on it. And we stand with our feet flat on the floor hands above our heads, fingers pointing upward to our beloved Presence and, as we say this I like to just pull that cocoon of pure positive white light down snugly all around me. So here we go.

Beloved I Am Presence intensify your protective pillar of pure positive white light substance in through and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection all powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.
Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and to your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.
And so be it.

Here we are all snuggled in our nice white cocoons of pure Positive White Light. With that, not another word.

Let me get the dateline in. I will do that. Today is Saturday, the 7th day of November in the year 2015. I'm opening Zaraya and Quazar's line now. And we will hear from them briefly and then as they depart Zorra and Saryya will be occupying their surface bodies. And Zaraya and Quazar will find themselves wherever Zorra and Saryya were. And with that the line is open guys. It’s all yours. We’re looking forward to it.


Government Blocks Admiral Byrd’s Message from Zorra
Refuses to ‘take it to the grave’
Zaraya: Hello everybody. This is Zaraya and we’re going to be talking about Hollow Earth and Admiral Byrd when he went into Hollow Earth and came back. He was sent to Washington to report his message to the world. But he got the surprise of his life when he got to Washington. Instead of accepting the information that was given to him by the Council of Hollow Earth, he told the following way things went. He said, ‘President Truman has been advised, staying for several hours 6 hours 37 minutes to be exact. I am interviewed intently by top security forces and a medical team. That was an ordeal! I am placed under strict control via the National Security of the United States of America. I am ordered to remain silent in regard to all that I have learned on behalf of humanity. I am reminded that I am a military man and I must obey orders. So everything was put under top-secret classification and it was not allowed to be given to mankind.’

[Note: Zaraya was present to witness Adm. Byrd’s initial visit to HE]


Quasar: Hello everyone, this is Quazar and good day to all of you out there and around the world. We love you all and thank you for being here today.

For those of you that are new to the Hollow Earth Network, Zaraya has felt that he had to give this information out to all of you again because it's an important part of our history that is not known to the majority of the population. As we are moving towards our ascension and towards Disclosure you know so many things have to do come together so to speak and one of these is that, as Adm. Byrd tried to do, he tried to inform the world of the evidence that there is a Hollow Earth. And then of course he had to be silent, he had to be quiet.

And now comes Zaraya of Hollow Earth whose intention and whose mission was to do likewise and to complete that mission that Adm. Byrd had when he had flown into Hollow Earth and was advised that he needed to divulge this entire information to the world and to the race. [‘Race’ meaning surface humans] So anyways for all of you that are not fully understanding about Hollow Earth, we do have, beloved Lady Nada has put on the website information about Zaraya and Hollow Earth, and Zorra his father/our father and then of course it begins from there. And Zaraya will be here until Disclosure.

So I think with that we wanted to be able to kind of go backwards a little bit and to give you information; give you information that we all need to remember once again because that is part of the mission. The part of the mission for you is, because you are knowledgeable about this information, is for you to spread that word out.

So with that Zaraya will be leaving here and we will continue with this short call that we have today. And we know also we’ve have several, many inquiries in regards to what is happening now as is relevant to all of us. The number one question has to do with the revaluation of the currencies: the RV. So Zaraya is… Are you ready? You're still here? Okay well I think we’re ready for your dad … unless you have something else to say.

Zaraya: And the other thing I have to say is my father is going to address the call that was given by Sananda, on Sunday. He is going to reiterate some of the points that were brought up and he is also going to confirm what was said as well. (Quazar: What about? The solar flares?) No not about the solar flares … well he’ll mention briefly about that but he’s also going to mention about the decision that was made giving the Galactics and other ships that are around the planet permission to show themselves.

Quasar: Thank you Zaraya. Okay so we will see you shortly. Have fun wherever you go. Of course it's always a treat these days when Zaraya can leave our surface world and go elsewhere – a treat for both of us actually -- to go elsewhere beyond this world where there is one of a higher dimension, one that is it is of total harmony, and of course that is also where we will all be, that we will all be realizing that one of these days soon.

Zorra? Zorra is here. It seems just like a second or two and Zorra is here. Welcome Zorra.


Adm. Byrd’s Attempts Blocked
Zorra Sends Own Children as Messengers
Zorra: Indeed, beloved masters. Indeed. Earlier before I began my talking Zaraya brought forth the last portion of what is termed as Admiral Byrd's missing diary. Now the interesting part that was read was that we gave Adm. Byrd a message to the world, to your race. And he was given orders from us to give out that information to your race. Not just to your country, but to your race! That's the important part. And he was ordered by your president at that time, President Truman, to not divulge the information to anyone. Neither his family, neither the population as a whole, told to remain completely silent.

Our message was not gotten, given out so I presume they presumed that the message would be hushed. Well it was for a time. But I, in my wisdom, sent my two children to the surface. And of course the message could not be given out until Zaraya ended the time in the military because there again, at that time, under orders to remain silent. But understand once that was accomplished the message is to the world. That was the intention and that is what transpired regardless of what your governments thought. They are going to get the message whether they want it or not. So that is what is being has been doing for the past 5 year.


Government Agents Attempt Disruption…
(Get miraculous healings instead)
Anne: Zorra? (Zorra: Indeed) So we are blatantly doing what Adm. Byrd was forbidden to do. Are they aware that we are announcing and making this known globally?

Zorra: Oh indeed! They are very aware. And that is why many times you have had breakages in your communications, you have had delays in information, and even all the time that the mission was put forth. But regardless, and I am speaking to the agents that are listening: You do not control what is taking place of our message. Our message is being given to the world and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. And you will not prevent it.


Quasar: Thank you Zorra. We’d like to be able to move forward since we have such a short time. (Zorra: I know that.) Okay thank you.

Reval Is Key To Governments Relinquishing Power
Who’s Holding Up the RV?
I think one of the biggest questions right now we've heard over and over again is if you could give us a thorough explanation of what in the world is going on and why we don't have the RV yet. You know delays after delays; it's supposed to happen; it’s going to happen; and is it one person, is it a whole agency, is it a multitude of different reasons? Could you give us an explanation … a real explanation of what is preventing this from going.

Zorra: It is known as the IMF.

Quazar: Well that sounds like Christine Lagarde.

Zorra: It is the organization but not her. It is the ones that are in the IMF that is holding this up. Understand just like the message that was given to Adm. Byrd the same is with the revaluation. Many want it to occur, many do not because it’s going to change their lifestyle the way they are accustomed. It is going to take away the control they have on the people. It is going to do what it is termed as give relief to mankind to finally be able to breathe without oppression or control.

Why Reprogramming?
So Everyone Can ‘Get With The Program’
This revaluation is the key in the relinquishing the power over the people.
That's why it's taking so long. Understand, a program cannot be removed it must be programmed over. So in essence what is taking place is the reprogramming of the mindset of the people.

Quazar: Who's doing that?

Zorra: We are. And the message that was brought forth from Sananda gave an in-depth understanding as to what is going to take place. And what was spoken of was the realization to the people of the world not just the United States but the world, that you are not alone in this universe and never have been. [Quazar: Inaudible] I have but there are many people on here who have not heard it … including the agents that are listening. So understand your little devices that you are putting forth trying to stop this information from getting out is not working. So forget it.
[Sananda’s Message:]

Quasar: If you have, you and Prime Creator and everyone above, have already given the okay for the Galactics to come forward -- and I remember Prime Creator had mentioned that a while back – (Zorra: And they are!) and are coming forth. So is there a specific event that is to occur that we are going to know for sure that this is going to finally happen? We know that it's not about the dates, although we’re thinking my goodness it's almost Thanksgiving, pretty soon it's going to be Christmas, we expected this in Spring, we expected this a year ago. I think for all of us, because were still playing a seesaw game with the dimensions that we’re in and not in, you know many of us are still thinking well when is it going to be. Can you give us something in terms of something concrete that we can kind of hang our hats on so that we don't have to be so frustrated with all of the delays that are coming?

P.C. Says No More Pussyfooting Around
Zorra: We understand your frustration. We have, just as Sananda had, brought forth the information and was given to your governments – all the governments -- and it was, instructions given also from Prime Creator and yet they did not heed. They did not follow protocol, if you will, of the Prime Creator. So Prime Creator said that is it! No more are they going to rely on your governments to bring forth the information. It is going to be given directly by the Galactics. (Quazar: For the RV?) Well that is in the works as well.

Understand, they must change the way of thinking of the IMF which is what they are doing presently. (Quazar: Who? The Galactics?) Indeed. They have people, beings in place in the IMF that are bringing this about what is called the change of understanding. And they are about to complete their work. And once that is done there will be no stopping the RV at all.

Quazar: Well there was some rumor that had happened a few days ago in which it was stated that Christine Lagarde had revealed that the RV was completed over there in Australia. Was that a … ?

Zorra: No it’s fact. (Quazar: Oh it is fact!)

Zorra: It is indeed.

Quazar: Well then the snowball effect would have been …

Zorra: It is beginning to what is called the snowball is beginning to slowly turn at the top of the hill and as this gains momentum it gets bigger and bigger and bigger as it goes down the hill. Same with the releasing of the revaluation. It will be the same.

Quazar: So now we know that you're not Einstein. [Laughing] So okay if we look at the snowball effect when do you think it might come to us then?

Zorra: You are trying to pin me down. You cannot pin me down.

Quazar: Well is it going to be before Christmas? Thanksgiving? (Zorra: Yes) Before Christmas or before Thanksgiving?

Zorra: What is the term, we are shooting for Thanksgiving. Like I said I will not give forth an exact date. Even though I have the date I cannot give it to you. (Quazar: So you do have the date?) Of course but I cannot give it to you. Prime Creator said no.

Quazar: [Laughing] Okay there you go. We got it from Prime Creator and Zorra. No timeline but they're shooting for before Thanksgiving. So that's where we are.

Zorra: The what is termed the entities in place with the IMF are shooting for the release before your Thanksgiving.

Quazar: Okay well we’re going to send them a ton of energy, support and love.

Zorra: Which can be any minute.

Quazar: Which can be any minute. So we've heard ‘any minute! any day!’ from Tony.


Gamma Blast?
Next we also have had this information come forth and this is in regards to the solar flares. I’m going to have to read this to you. Here's what's happening as of the 7th. Today is the um … I don’t know what today is. Today is the 7th. We’re supposed to have expected an inbound gamma blast scheduled for today. It’s a super-magnetized cloud of plasma from a strong-earth directed solar flare is expected to deliver a glancing blow to our magnetic field on November 7th. Can you tell us a little bit about what’s going on there?

Reiterating The Lesson About Our Sun
Zorra: I have said this before and I will say it again. What is termed as solar flares are an illusion. They are what is termed a holographic image that is being transmitted by the people of Helios.

Understand the sun is not hot. The sun does not have solar flares, what you term flares. It is an illusion, given, putting out by your government. They do not want you to … they want you to be in fear. Consequently they're going to tell you all sorts of things that are going to occur. Speaking from solar flares emanating from the sun: that will not occur.

Understand the sun is not hot. It is light. Plain and simple.

Quazar: Okay. So this talks about the gamma light that is coming forth from the sun. So forget about the solar flares. What is the gamma light that is coming forth from the sun starting today. So could you tell us a little bit more about the gamma light that's effecting all of us. Again affecting the frequency that is hitting the earth.

Zorra: What you term the solar flare or the gamma light is nothing to be concerned of because very, quite often your governments are doing what is termed – I should say your military and state administration -- they want you to be in fear. That is their plan. That is their goal. But that is also not our goal.

Not Gonna Happen – Nothing will be allowed to harm Earth
Who Are Our Protectors?
We are not going to allow this to occur. Nothing is going to come onto the earth that is going to harm it! I must reiterate this.

Quazar: Well it says here that this body of … that ‘this large frequent injections of gamma light’ it literally knocks the body out for a couple of days and much is transmuted and the DNA is only activated during the sleeping state. So that’s what they’re talking about.

Zorra: The activation of the DNA is not just done in sleep. It is done in waking hours too. It does not have a specific time to work on your DNA. Your DNA is being worked on since the arrival of the enlightened wave that is around your planet.

Quazar: Is that from October 28th?

Zorra: Yes. Peoples of the Earth understand and attention your Earth is in what is termed a protection of the Galactics, of Prime Creator, myself and others that are here for your benefit. The benefit of our ships being around you world first off, many have spoken or have had questions about what is termed a tipping of the earth, what is called flipping of the axis. Understand we have ships in place around the planet that have stabilized the Earth and it will not tip ever. It is not going to occur.

If this was to occur what would happen? There would be chaos there would be fear there would be all sorts of what is termed upheavals and things of this nature. We are in the process of ascension. Why would we want to deter that? Why would we want to stop that? And these events spoken of would do that. We are not going to allow that to occur.

Your world is safe.

Quazar: Thank you Zorra. Before we leave the topic of the RV could you tell us a little bit about what’s going on with Mark Hoza’s group?

Zorra: The G64? They are a private group that many are associated with and they will be getting announcements soon as well.

Quazar: And then lastly another question is do we have to have The Republic in place before the RV?

Zorra: No. Absolutely not. Understand the Divine plan or timetable will not be deviated from. Prime Creator wants the people of the Earth to understand that they are loved that they are blessed and they are soon to be free from the tyranny of your respective governments and the poverty that is on the world and the violence and the evil that is upon the world is to be abolished; done away with.

It is time for your world to experience harmony and peace and joy. And it begins with you. Peoples, understand it begins with you. Your change in attitude your change in the understanding of who and what you are. As we have said before you are gods and you are goddesses and many times both. But understand, let this sink into your subconscious mind: you are gods and you are goddesses and it's time you realized that.

The Only Way to Manifest
And we tell you this all the time and many people say, ”Well if I'm God why can't I manifest a million dollars.” Understand that is not the way it works. You manifest things that are going to benefit you and mankind not just the individual. The laws of the universe are specific and they govern the way things are going to occur. And when you do what is termed as want to manifest something that is going to benefit you and only you that is wrong thinking. You want it to benefit mankind, the world, the entire population. That is the way the universe works. As we said there are specific rules universal rules that must be adhered to and that is what will take place regardless of what you think.


Galactics To Go Ahead With Disclosure Themselves
Quazar: Zorra, the next thing we'd like to discuss with you is where are we in the activities of Disclosure that’s coming?

Zorra: Well, as I have spoken and Sananda has spoken; given a message to you of encouragement, of enlightenment, and overall given not just to a select few but given to the world. This information that was given forth I am here to confirm it. (Quazar: Confirm what Zorra?) What was said will take place.

Quazar: Which is? [Zorra laughs] You know some people don’t listen to every channeler.

Zorra: Understand the arrival or the reunion between your peoples and your star brothers and sisters. (Quazar: You’ve said this already.) Indeed of course I have said it already.

Quazar: Right. You’ve mentioned this many times already Zorra so what I'm asking is what further activities is going on towards Disclosure that is happening here that we can see or we can realize.

Zorra: Continue listening with discretion, discernment I should say not discretion, discernment your media. It is going to change and you will notice the changes subtly of course in the beginning and then as a snowball rolls down a hill it will gain momentum and more information will be given forth by your media. Sightings that cannot be covered up and many explanations that are given by your respective areas of government, explanations as to what they were seeing in the sky cannot be disputed and it will be at that point that that information will be given forth into your media and not hushed up.

Understand the other governments not the United States but other governments around the world report actual occurrences, actual sightings. And it is strange because your media presently are not doing that. So they are keeping you somewhat in the dark as it is so termed. And that is about to change also. So your media, your world media is soon to have a change of management if you will and this change of management will be our what is called our ground crew that we have on the ground will be instrumental in the change of management. So look for that.

Quazar: Thank you. So in the higher above our Earth what are our Galactics doing?

Zorra: They are still working on your oceans cleansing them; still working in the atmosphere cleaning it up. So as Sananda has spoken is that when this event takes place and the Landings commence, no aircraft on the surface of the Earth will fly. No weapons will work. Nothing that is going to bring harm to the Ambassadors coming to you will be allowed.

Quazar: Zorra I'm sorry you know I have to bring this up. This is a little while ago you had hoped or you had said that there is a great possibility that we would have Disclosure before the end of the month. (Zorra: I know.) Did you want to say something about that?

Zorra: Did I want to say something about that? (Quazar: Well would you?) [Both laughing] When we say something is going is in the process to occur by the end of said month it is not what is termed as set in stone as you term it but it is what we are shooting for. So now another month is come and we're still working toward the end of this one, before the end of this one. So we will continue to do this until it is accomplished.

Where Is Earth Relative To Photon Belt
Where Is Milky Way Relative To Universe
Quazar: Thank you for that Zorra. Indeed. You know we have spoken, you have spoken and we talked a little bit about the Photon Belt. The Photon Belt when it comes it's world wide. That Photon Belt is also a huge, huge wave of energy that will really lift people to higher levels of vibration, frequencies, consciousness, etc. So that being the case and in the movement of where we are, how far are we off from that Photon Belt.

Zorra: Closer than you realize.

Quazar: Sounds like next year.

Zorra: [Laughing] I can say it could be next year but understand the way your what is termed your solar system or galaxy is moving towards the center of the universe, the outer edges of what is termed your Photon Belt has reached Pluto. So it's on the outer edges of your Milky Way Galaxy.

So as you know the Photon Belt comes from midway in the universe toward the center. So it has reached the outer what you term outer planets of your perimeter. That’s why I said it is … But understand when it does occur there shall be no doubt as to what is happening. When the Photon Belt reaches the Earth some things are going to occur and they’re going to be disturbing to many on the planet.

There's going to be much speculation as to what is occurring. Your Christians are going to think it's the rapture and many of the other understandings around the world are going to be shaken. It is going to bring some fear because of the light that is coming upon the Earth to engulf the entire planet.

And the understanding is that right now you have night and day but when the Photon Belt engulfs the planet there will be no night anywhere; constant light for several days. Several Earth days. Will not be several of our days because our days is one day is a thousand years! So no I will not do that but Earth days several Earth days. Approximately what would be turned as 12 of your days.


The Changing Global Governments
Quazar: Oh okay. Thank you for that update, Zorra. And then lastly before we turn this over to Anne, is in regards to what’s going on with the governments of the world with Obama with Russia with everything else. Can you give us some quick updates as far as the United States and as far as the change in governance, and what's going on with Obama, General Ham, etc.?

Zorra: Well when I spoke of change of management, same with government. Change of government, change of management for the better. The purpose of the what is termed change of governance is so the world can breathe, so people can breathe. So people can experience the harmony that is meant for your world so it can become one with Hollow Earth.

Quazar: But does that still mean the RV can happen before that occurs? (Zorra: Of course.) Okay. I just wanted to make sure. [Laughter]

Zorra: Your reevaluation, global reset is in the process of being released and Australia was the first country to experience that. (Quazar: How many others have?) Well it is as you said the snowball effect. Presently besides Australia, you have New Zealand, you have what is termed the other South Pacific Islands are also experiencing the release and many are in the process of doing their exchanges. (Quazar: But Iraq has not?) Iraq has/is they’re what is termed a holding pattern. It is soon to be released as well because the RV under the Iraq dinar is what is termed the key for the global reset. (Quazar: Right) Once it goes they all go.

Quazar: So what’s going on there Zorra?

Zorra: It's going. Good bye, by the way.

Quazar: Zorra, we only have ten minutes.

Zorra: So? My beloved has a bit to say so you’re going bye-bye.

Anne: Bye-bye Quazar. Zorra, as this change is occurring with Quazar and Saryya, I'm a little curious about how the Galactics are interacting with the IMF personnel. Are they visible in physical form? How are they interacting with the IMF people?

Zorra: In physical form.

Anne: Okay. And are they recognized by their identity? What identity are they given by the IMF?

Zorra: Well understand the ground crew are in what is termed camouflage to the point where they will not cause undue attraction to themselves. But in the manner in which they present themselves: extremely knowledgeable, extremely compassionate, harmonious, which is something unheard of on the planet.

Anne: Yeah! Especially with the IMF.

Zorra: So yes it is physical. Physical appearance. They do not appear any taller. They're not appearing taller than the others that are present so they are not bringing any undue attention to themselves.

Anne: So the IMF considers them Earth citizens.

Zorra: Of course. They are appearing as extremely knowledgeable beings and they are bringing forth the logical what is termed changes that are being accepted without question. So it is definitely in the process of changing. So … Hello beloved. And here is my beloved to speak some words.



Anne: Hello Saryya. Welcome.

Saryya: Hello beloved Lady Nada. The world of our HEN family thanks you. We are very, very filled with joy of all of the work that you have done for this world. We just wanted to let you know that.

Beloved ones, beloved masters all of you that are listening to these words of us. All of you have risen to your mastership and yet we also understand that you still continue to need a little helping hand of guidance from above and that is all right. But as you continue to move within yourselves the more you will begin, the more you are realizing truly very fully who it is that you are.

You have been Masters beyond this world beyond this solar system. This is why you have volunteered to be here because you are able to withstand and take on the challenges that you have in many lifetimes; many, many thousands of lifetimes. We will not say millions because you cannot comprehend that either. You have the answers always within you. You have the powers within all of you to change this world, to help us to help you. This is why you have come upon this world, this beautiful Earth we call Terra.

For we are all one. We are all one with what you call Source. We are one with all of the universes. And so you are taking this step now to move this world, to move this cosmos into a different level of evolution. So when you do not go back to where you were yesterday in 3D or 4D you are realizing more and more that you are full 5D beings of Light of Love.

Only when you fully realize this, those things that you think are in your way are not there. They are not there. Your enemies are yourselves. You are all one. When you come to this to full realization, all of what you see around you is all part of what you have volunteered to undertake: to become and know fully who you are again and to remember fully what you want to be once again. As you rise into your full mastership of being a god, of being a goddess, of being creator, those are, these are the beings that you are. Indeed. (Zorra: Indeed) And so we shall commence with our Healing Pulse. Say some more words my beloved.

Because of HEN, Byrd's secret did NOT die - nor did Admiral Byrd!
Zorra: Indeed. When Adm. Byrd came back to the surface he was ordered to remain silent. But in his closing words of his diary he said, “In closing I must state that I have faithfully kept the secret as directed all these years. It has been completely against my values of moral right. Now I sense the long night coming and the secret will not die with me; but as all truths shall it will triumph and so it shall. This can be the only hope for mankind. I have seen the truth and quickened my spirit. It has set me free.”

This message we are giving to you these past five years is quickening your spirit and it will set you free.

He says, “I have done my duty toward the monstrous military-industrial complex. Now the long night begins to approach but there shall be no end.” What he's said by, meant by that, he was talking about his coming transition. However his transition did not occur. He was instead taken and is now in service to the Council of the Hollow Earth and he is alive and well in the southern portion of the Hollow Earth, in a ship that is stationed just inside of the opening of the southern polar opening. So Adm. Byrd is not dead. He is in our service.

Saryya: Our Healing Pulse my dear.



Zorra: Five, four, three, two, one. Receive.

Those who are wearing glasses remove them. Those who have other devices to help them to live what is termed somewhat normal life, remove or turn them down. The energy is entering through the Heart Mind spreading upward into the crown chakra and outward thru the shoulders and down the rest of the body.

The energy is focusing around what is termed the Vault of Knowledge. Your medical teams term it the brain. The what is termed as tumors that have attached themselves to different parts of the Vault of Knowledge they are now loosed. They have now been released. They are beginning to move down through the body to be done away with through waste.

Now. The energy is now focusing behind the optical nerves and outward to the inner ear bringing back hearing to those that have lost their hearing due to, veterans in areas of loud explosions and things of this nature; through accident, or being born without hearing, or being born without what is termed eardrums. They're being restored and re-created at this moment. So be it.

The energy is now focusing behind the optical nerves eliminating glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, optical, muscular. The energy is dropping downward through what is termed behind the sinuses. The breathing passages is now being cleaned, cleared to where you can breathe normally without the use of oxygen. That is being done now. Those who had hearing aids go ahead and turn them up. See if there's a difference in your hearing. There will be.

Now those who have what is called corrective lenses, such as glasses, such as what is called contacts, notice a slight blurring of your vision when you have your contacts in or when you are wearing glasses. A slight blur. Take your glasses off. You will find you do not need them anymore. Crystal clear what you term 20/20 vision.

Now the energy is now dropping downward into what is called the throat area, the mouth the upper and lower pallets have to do with possibly to release what is termed the abolishment of cancer of the mouth, of the gums and things of this nature. What is called the throat area is being healed. If you are having difficulty speaking you’ll now find you will speak normally without any difficulty whatsoever.

The energy is dropping down our through the shoulders to the rotator cuffs. People who are experiencing this affliction raise your arms above your head now. Do it. Don't think about it, do not hesitate, do it. If you did it you found that you have full use of your rotator cuff, no pain, arms above your head. Those who didn't you know what you're missing.

The energy is now dropping downward in through what is called down both arms down the upper arm down to the what is termed the elbows. Pause there for a moment removing all arthritic pain in the joint of the elbow. Continuing down to the lower part of the arm below the elbow down into the carpal tunnel area and being relieved of pressure. Those wearing the braces take them off. You do not need them. You are completely healed of the carpal tunnel syndrome.

The energy is dropping down through the rest of the hand, the ball of the hand to what is called the knuckles, the joints are being totally cleansed from any pain. Out through your fingertips.

The energy is now dropping downward into what is termed as into the lung, the heart area of the body is being restored. What is termed any lungs that are having difficulty both right and left in some cases only one but the other is about to what is termed re-create itself if you are missing one.

And what is termed into the heart area: Five, four, three, two, one. New hearts! Every one that has difficulty in what is termed the heart area you suddenly feel the a jump within your heart. And nothing to be concerned about because it is a renewal of your heart. Be able to breathe better and just take three deep breaths and you will notice a major difference in your being.

What is termed any what is called in the case of women in your breast area what is called you have lumps on your breasts. Feel them they are gone. No more cancer. And those who have had the operation to remove a breast, do not be surprised if you awaken one day and you have two again.

Same way with those who are missing limbs. You will regain you are feeling a tingling sensation in the missing limb. What is termed where it had been severed, you will feel a tingling in that area. Nothing to be concerned about because they are beginning to reestablish what is termed the missing limb. Many the person in the wheelchair is rubbing below his knee. He understands what I'm saying. Anyway so those who have missing limbs you are going to be in for a surprise. It will not happen what is termed instantly but it will happen over time. But you will feel a little more growth every day.

Anyway what is termed the energy is now dropping down into what is termed the solar plexus the stomach the digestive system are all being rectified and cleansed. And my beloved shall take over.

Saryya: The energy is now is moving down towards the reproductive areas, male or female or both. Those that have any issues or illnesses in the ovaries whether it's cancer or whether it is tumors or what have you, those are all being healed now. Those of you that have any inflammation in any of the reproductive areas also that is being rectified. You are healed now.

And as well we will move from there and go down towards your both thighs. All of you who are feeling any aches any pains any troubles in your bone marrows they call those blood discratias any problems with the blood, anything that has to do with any of the different systems of your body are being healed. When we talk about the different systems you call them the nervous system the respiratory system cardiovascular system etc. Those are being healed. Those are healed now as we speak.

The energy is moving down both thighs into your knees. Those that have any problems with movement, those that have problems with arthritis, once again those are healed. Moving down to your calves into your shins and into your ankles and into your feet. Feel this wonderful healing love energy feeling it glow, feeling it warm, feeling it healing all your different selves. So be it. It is done.

Zorra: So be it. And we hear the New World coming. Indeed.

Anne: Yes and we may not be hearing from you again but we may in about two weeks. Is that correct Zorra?

Zorra: We shall see.

Anne: Here comes that New World. We’re ready for it!

Saryya: Thank you beloved.

Anne: Thank you Saryya.

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