Monday, December 14, 2015

Barometer of US Presidential Election

 Will the Election take place or NOT?


Late next year will be the highly contested US Presidential elections.  

But here's my opinion on it.  There is a STRONG Possibility that there will be NO election to be held next year.  The reason for that are as follows:

  1. GCR or Global Currency Reset is just around the corner or just a few months from now. This will have a profound effect on the US economy.
  2. The New US Republic will be announce next year.
  3. The TRN or the new US Treasury Note which is backed by gold will be officially released.  And this will be the printed format. The digital version has been confirmed and is already being used in some governmental payments.
  4. It was mentioned by the people of Hollow Earth that President Obama could be the last American president under the reign of the secret government; meaning the next leader will not be under the old, previous ownership as it will become a genuine republic and no longer privately owned/controlled.
  5. The NESARA law will be enacted the few months prior to the anticipated elections.


The winds of change is in the air.   There will be an adjustment and a change in the value of some if not most of the worlds currencies.  Those currencies that are too devalued will be given an added boost that will increase the value of their currencies.  

The announcement of the New US Republic will be given early next year that will herald the return to their forgotten Constitution.  The fraudulent republic that overtaken America have an unlimited creative ways of avoiding the US Constitution and was able to get around it to accomplish their goals.   

Silently, the New US Republic was being ushered in for a number of years.  And initially it was General Ham chosen to be the interim President.  But now General Dunford takes over the interim position and in time will hand over the Presidency to a civilian elected president/government.  

What these means is that, the USA as a nation and its governmental functions will be "REBOOTED".  It will have to restart afresh, with a clean slate.  It's more likely that there will be reorganization of the whole system:
  • The entire Washington DC area will be closed down and will be returned to the American people and will no longer be held as a private property. 
  • Congress and Senate will be disbanded and will be overhauled and replenish with a new set of governing members who will be loyal to the constitution.
  • NASA, IRS, Federal Reserve, CIA and etc. will also be discontinued.
  • The printing of Federal Reserve notes has been stopped since 2013.  But the printing of the New TRN or US Treasury Notes will kickstart early next year. 
  • The relocation of the US Government will take into effect.  The best candidate for the new location will be the state of Colorado. 
  • NESARA law will finally be given attention and will be enacted and implemented.  
  • The start of the new Republic means it will cancel the upcoming elections next year.

When the New Republic is announce, the interim (temporary/transitional) President General Dunford will ask that the Private US Government and all its members from the Presidency, Congress and Senate to step down.  While in transition he will lead the nation to re-arrange the civilian government and re-establish the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

And it is also possible that President Obama will be reinstated as the President of the new US Republic.  This is because it was president Obama who made all of these changes possible.  Unknown to the american people their president was the one behind the scenes who fought against the secret government.  Obama took the beating of endless harsh words coming from everywhere that were thrown at him including all the blame.  They didn't know that the president was just receiving orders from the private secret government of what to say and do.  They did not notice that there are times when the president are DIRECTLY disobeying the orders of those above him.  The patience, tenacity and resilience of the president was amazing.  He definitely deserve some respect.

The smart and clever move and plan of the president along with the help from some good and loyal Generals in the Pentagon was the one that led to this ultimate transition of government and for the defeat of the secret government.  For now, I will leave it to General Dunford to reveal what exactly president Obama did in secret in order to overthrow the Illuminati and the NWO.  The change and transition will not be possible without the help and the brave actions of president Obama.  He is truly a lightworker.

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