Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Possible Interpretation of The Economist Magazine cover for 2016

People know that the Economist magazine is owned by the PTB (Powers That Be). For the year 2015, they also decorated their cover with various symbolism on how they see the world is to become on that particular year. And many of those clues did occur this year. 

In some ways, the cover image is a glimpse into how they see the world from their own viewpoint.

This article is just an attempt to interpret the possible meaning of the cover image of The Economist for 2016.

Three Classifications: 

A.  The leaders that are shown with gray scale (black and white) photo means they are controlled by their Puppet Masters known as the PTB or Zionist.

United Kingdom, USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, France and others are controlled by the secret International Oligarchy group; which means their Central Banks are privately controlled.  And that the leaders are puppets.

B.  The leaders that are shown with full color photo means they are NOT controlled by the Puppet Masters known as the PTB or Zionist.   

They are Russia and China. 

C.  The leaders that are shown with colored suit means they are BREAKING away from the control of the Puppet Masters known as the PTB or Zionist.

Germany, and the US as shown in the image: Angela Merkel along with President Obama having colored suit. This might mean that Germany will literally breakaway from Euro and or cease from joining the single currency union sometime next year and implement their own nationalize monetary central bank system.  The ECB is silently held as a privately owned corporation.  The red color of the clothes of Merkel might mean Germany is seeking an alliance with Russia and China. As for the USA, President Obama is gaining ground in freeing himself and his administration from the clutches of control by the PTB.  And so it is possible that next year 2016 these nations will be free from the control of the private bankers which are called by former President Carter as Oligarchy. 

India also seems to be breaking away from the PTB as indicated by the colored clothes that Modi was wearing. 

Another interesting to note is that the "NECKTIES" of the Chinese leader, also that of France and the suit of Feeral Reserve chairman Yellen is color coded with purple, means they are now in alignment with the Chinese Dragon family.  And so, their Central Banks will also be free from the western PTB control starting next year.  

And also by highlighting Marie Le Pen of France as a colored photo might mean that she could be the next successor, as the next leader of France.  And the colored photo might symbolize she will not be controlled by the PTB, which will finally free France from Oligarchical control. 

The depiction of Gold parachuting with a paper currency in the background sky might mean that starting next year Gold will become the dominant factor in the world of economics as it will become as the standard in backing of the worlds currencies.

The green tie that President Obama is wearing might mean that he is now moving away from the fossil fuel consumption and into a more environmentally friendly sources of energy.  The same thing with the leader of Japan.  The color yellow tie that the leader is wearing might mean of securing their currency to become gold backed and no longer fiat.

And lastly, at the very back of the image, a picture of President Assad of Syria sneaking from the crowd.  The colored rendering might mean that the western Oligarchy PTB could NOT control President Assad.   

The depiction of UFO on the ground as well as a flying UFO or spaceship in the sky. This might mean that eventually sometime next year will be the beginning of the official Disclosure and landings of the Galactics also known as extra terrestrials.

The changes in the colors of the United States flag might mean that the USA as a nation is breaking free from the Oligarchy and the many colors represents the return to the original and real "We The People" orientation of their government and that next year will announce the emergence of the "New Republic" of the USA headed by General Dunford as the new acting president; and that will be for the People (of many races) and no longer held, owned and controlled privately by a secretive group.  

The tall oriental tower in the background might mean that there will be a shift of power towards the east.  As seen from the image, the tower seems prominent while a small character on the roof represents an insignificant influence of the western colonial crusaders that sailed the world such as: Christopher Columbus and Magellan.


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