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Special Announcement by Zorra (Transcript)

November 30 2015

Leave the old programming away and replace it with
love, harmony, peace, joy, laughter.

Listen and share - widely!

For International Phone Numbers
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Ref. No: 12#

About 30 Minutes

Anne: Good morning everybody, or afternoon. This is Monday, about 1:30 in the afternoon on Monday, November 30, 2015.

This is Anne DeHart in southern Arizona linking you with our long-time friend Zorra. And Quazar is here. I’ve just received a phone call from them and with everything so imminent, it’s likely that we will not be having our Saturday conference call but Zorra has updated news. So I’m going to turn it over to Quazar and Zorra. Come on guys.

Zorra: And don’t forget your invocation.

Anne: Really!?!? (Quazar: [repeating] Really!! [laughing])

INVOCATION --------------------

Okay. So we will first do the Violet Flame that was given to us by beloved St. Germain. This is a state of grace to release us from any lingering memories that lower our vibration from mistakes that we may have made, either in the past or very currently. It’s to release us so that we can raise our vibrations and not be caught in these old lingering ones from mistakes that we were expected to make. We made the mistakes, we learned the lesson, and now we’re going to erase any frequencies that might pull us backwards.

So we stand with our feet flat on the ground, our hands at our sides, palms facing beloved Mother Earth and we say:

I AM the mighty Violet Consuming Flame
now and forever consuming and transmuting
all past and present mistakes
their cause, core, their effect, and their Akashic Record.
So be it.

And now we will enclose ourselves in the White Light of Protection given to us by our beloved Lord Ashtar dictated through his own twin, Lady Pallas Athena. And we again stand with our feet flat on the floor, hands above our heads, palms together, and fingers pointing toward our beloved Higher Self -- not far away just above us. And as we say this I like to drop my hands down and pull this beautiful solid pillar -- this is not a tube and this is not a bell it’s a solid pillar of pure positive White Light. And here we go. Let's draw it down around us. And this is between us and our Higher Self. No one, it's not a placement of something. We are calling upon our own personal Higher Self and [it] comes from our Higher Self down around us here in incarnation. Here we go.

Beloved I AM Presence, intensify your protective pillar of pure positive cosmic White Light substance in, through and around me. Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable, that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light. And keep it sustained. Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your protection/ to you and your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.
So be it. It is done. As above so below.

Thank you Zorra.

Zorra: Indeed.

Quazar: That was beautiful Lady Nada.

Anne: Thank you. (Zorra: Indeed)

Quazar: And yes this day, today is such a pivotal moment in our history and we thank Zorra for being here; which was a lovely surprise that he blessed us with his Presence and this call. (Zorra: Indeed) So take it away Zorra.

Zorra: Interesting.

Anne: [Laughing] We need fanfare. We need fanfare. We need a roll of the drums now. [All laughing]

Quazar: Here we go!

Zorra: Indeed. Well, as your blessing draws nigh…

Quazar: What does ‘nigh’ mean Zorra?

Zorra: … Hours. As your blessings draw nigh within hours, anyway, I'm here to explain to you a coming event that will be taking place. The healing vessels when they arrive they will be doing what is termed as manifesting themselves and before the main what is termed fleet does their manifesting also. Anyway.

They will be positioned, as they are positioned around the world ready for manifestation, and when they do the following will take place. Those that are termed homeless peoples that are missing limbs such as legs and arms, appendages, and things of that nature, some will be called upon to go on to the ships for their healing.

When the healing begins, which will be simultaneous, the power that will be emitted from the ships will engulf the entire planet. Not just on the ships but people that are not on the ships. People that are in their hovels and they will be healed also. Those that are in their wheelchairs, bed-ridden, ones that are not able to move for obvious reasons because they are missing different appendages, will begin to feel the appendages grow right in their own homes. And the immense power that will be transmitted will globally, worldwide and it will entail everyone.

All that need to be healed will receive the healing. All that are already healed will be enhanced. Enhanced meaning awakened fully. Those that have been sleeping will be wide-awake.

Anne: What a reality check. What a reality check.

Zorra: Indeed. And just imagine, if you will, in your mind, people everywhere: no more wheelchairs, no more crutches, no more canes. No more need for them for everyone will be fully and completely healed of any infirmity they may have. Of all diseases will become null and void.

Quazar: Zorra is this all going to occur spontaneously? (Zorra: Indeed) So the people in dire straits, people that are impoverished, that are hungry…

Zorra: Everything will be provided for them.

Quazar: So it’s instantaneous.

Zorra: It is indeed. (Anne: Oh, it’s amazing!) And the commencement of full restoration of the ozone, of the atmospheres, of any what is termed ozone holes in the ozone layer will be totally and completely restored. (Anne: Oh my.) The planet will become a pristine planet. (Anne: Oh my goodness!)

Quazar: Without The Gathering?

Zorra: No, there's going to be a Gathering. I'm speaking of what is going to happen now. (Quazar: Okay)

Anne: Oh my! Oh this is so wonderful. This is all happened with Divine Intervention that was allowed finally; that was announced by Garrith Lamanov that we have posted. That Ashtar Command announced that Divine Intervention had been afforded them and they were moving ahead now. And then St. Germain has announced his three weeks of meditation.

Zorra: All of the above. [Chuckling at Anne’s joyous reaction to the news.]

Anne: Oh my! Oh my! Oh this is…

Zorra: And understand people need to stop their 3D thinking. (Anne: Oh yes.) They need to start thinking 5D. Leave the old programming away and replace it with love, harmony, peace, joy, laughter. (Anne: Yes!)

Quasar: Zorra so when because the RV is within reach already and people have already exchanged … (Zorra: In Canada) all over the place, in many countries already. (Zorra: Indeed) So once that occurs people have all kinds of projects.

Zorra: Indeed. And many of you out there have projects that you are planning and you will commence with them.

And you had made promises, all of you have made promises of what you're going to do. And we are going, the Galactics are going to hold you to it. All of those promises that you have promised will be commenced by you and that will determine the next step.

Quazar: With the projects, with the RV and peoples’ projects -- and of course you have mentioned before that the Mentors will help people with their projects. (Zorra: Indeed. Of course.) So the Mentors then need to be coming as well.

Zorra: Oh they're here. They're just not knocking on your door yet. The Mentors are on the Earth, in the Earth, and around the Earth so they are ready for their disbursement as you term it.

Quazar: Someone to press their button to go. [All laughing]

Zorra: Final approval as it is so termed. Yes they will be given their, what you term, they will be given their marching orders.

Anne: [Laughing] Oh this is so wonderful.

Zorra: So people need to know what is being said is factual and true. As Tartus puts it, “Less words - more action!” Indeed. And so that will be transpiring. Yes?

Anne: The reason you're making this hurried instantaneous telephone recording here Monday, midday, is because we’re not really anticipating your regular call on Saturday and perhaps no more calls at all.

Zorra: Indeed. You will not need them. Understand beloved masters, you have all that you need. You have your own Being, the Lord God of Your Being. It's time for you to make contact with him or her, whatever the case may be.

And you need to also understand that you have all that you need. You have all the tools. You have all of the healing devices. You have your headbands; you have your healing rod; you have your StemFit; you have your Zero Point; you have your Rain International Soul and Core and Form; you have what is called Laminine. You have all of these tools that are going to afford you a wonderful life. Use them. If you do not have them get them. You can afford it now.

You no longer need to be in poverty. You no longer need to be in want. You no longer need to be in lack.

By the Power of Attraction is what you are going to get so be careful of what you ask for; be careful of what you want; be careful how you speak. (Quazar: Thought is everything.) It is. Thought is the creator as thought always is.

Quazar: So Zorra at this time everybody, especially with your words today, (Zorra: Indeed) should really be prepared now (Zorra: Of course) for what they're going to do with the …

Zorra: When you get your blessing, if you have not done it yet, align yourself with your wealth managers or private bankers or whoever you have close communications with concerning your financial institutions. And have your plan in order. Know what you’re going to do. And also beware of those that are going to be out there trying to take it away from you. So be mindful of your surroundings. Be mindful of what, how you are doing your exchange. Do not go singularly go in with someone, if you can. Take someone with you.

Anne: Zorra? Indeed. We do have members that don't have currency. (Zorra: I understand this.) They have a blessing coming from St. Germain?

Zorra: Of course. NESARA will also be enacted as well.

Quazar: When is that going to be enacted?

Zorra: Shortly after what is termed your blessing has arrived. No one will be left out.

Anne: Oh that's wonderful. That's wonderful.

Quazar: So no one has to worry.

Anne: It's all going to almost be nonlinear. It's going to just be a whole new world … a New World coming!

Zorra: Indeed [Laughter] Indeed. It is going to be a New World coming. A New World here! All of the worries and what is called strife and conflict and all of that will come to a halt.

Understand beloved master when ships appear in the skies over cities people are going to be … well that will also be after the announcement of Disclosure.

And so and that once the what is called the healing vessels come to the Earth/appear, and that will be the beginning of it. And the healing of all the peoples that are in what is called impoverished and things of this nature. That will come to a complete end.

Quazar: So the healing ships are prior to Disclosure is that correct? (Zorra: Indeed) And then the announcement that is coming from our Galactics for Disclosure will occur sometime after the healing ships have arrived.

Zorra: Most likely simultaneously. (Quazar: Oh, wonderful.) Because understand we do not wish to have what is called a panic or any what is called chaos so the Galactics will be giving the announcement over the media over all of your communication devices and at the same moment shall the healing vessels appear. (Anne: Oh it's so beautiful.)

And understand, the healing vessels are small, smaller than the regular Ashtar ships so they will not cause such a what you call a stir. But, after they have made their appearance, of course, then of course, then the Ashtar Fleet will make their appearance (Quazar: Along with Sananda) and bring a halt to all hostilities. (Quazar: Along with Sananda) Along with Sananda.

So Sananda you know is, what is the term, overjoyed …

Anne: Oh and so is his other half!

Zorra: … as to the prospect of what is occurring so.

Quazar: What about Prime Creator? What is Prime Creator wanting to say to us?

Zorra: It is already been said, what Prime Creator wanted to say, are the words that I'm giving. Indeed.

Prime Creator is also overjoyed as to, given what is termed the permission to the Galactic Federation of Planets, to the Galactic Federation of Light, to what is termed all of the minions and things of this nature, because She was tired of waiting for your governments to do it. (Anne: Yes) Because they so adamantly refused to do so She has said, “Enough!”

Anne: We've all said enough is enough.

Quazar: So we don't have to worry about anymore minions at all.

Zorra: No you do not have to worry about them because they are also being rounded up. (Quazar: So they’re insignificant.) So they’re insignificant. (Anne: Oh that's so wonderful!)

So go within yourselves, all of you! You have the tools, you have the knowledge you have the instruction and you have the harmony and the peace and the joy: The path of all understanding.

Quazar: And wouldn’t you also say Zorra that people have helped to move the vibration, the frequencies of our …

Zorra: Of course you've done your part, indeed.

Quazar: And where are we now in terms of that towards Ascension?

Zorra: [Chuckling] Indeed. They are ongoing Ascensions. I know your little trick. [Laughter] You will not pin me down … even though you try. I know that.

Anne: So this is so probably our last chat together.

Zorra: Well no, it will not be our last chat together such as Lady Nada and Quazar and Zaraya.

Quazar: While talking about that, Zorra, now you had mentioned that you are going to be around until Disclosure but it sounds like Disclosure is pretty imminent already. (Zorra: It is) So you will probably still make an announcement just prior to Disclosure?

Zorra: No, that will be Prime Creator's thing.

Quazar: Oh, so you may not have to do any more calls.

Zorra: We may not have to do any.

Quazar: Uh huh. And I think because of that, I think we can then let go of having these calls after today. You could make a call and maybe whenever you feel it necessary without it having to be on a Saturday. (Zorra: Indeed) Right? If we still have the website.

Anne: Well the website I guess will remain oh I think it was just paid for a month. I think the charge just came through. So if I'm gone it will still be there. And I will I'll leave instructions to -- and you'll be gone too Quazar -- but I'll leave instructions to my brother. But it was just paid.

It was just paid today so the website will be good for a month and by that time we’ll be in our whole new world and we’ll just let things take their course.

Quazar: Sounds beautiful. Any final words here for everyone Zorra?

Zorra: Be in harmony, be in peace, be in what is called laughter. Understand laughter is a healer. And so laugh a lot and be in harmony and be in peace be in joy and become who and what you are. You already know that. You are Gods and you are Goddesses or both. So.

Quazar: Give us our final Pulse.

Zorra: Give us our final Pulse. Five, four, three, two, one. Receive.

Anne: My head cracked inside when you did that. On the right side. [Laughter] (Zorra: Indeed)

Quazar: And we want to thank …

Zorra: We may still have what is called healing calls up until the vessels, the healing vessels arrive. And that will be all. If necessary, of course.

But understand when the peoples receive the blessing that will relieve nearly 100% of the illnesses that are present. (Anne: Oh my.)

Quazar: You mean from the pulse that you just did?

Zorra: No, when the RV is released fully. That will take the worries away. That will take much stress and ulcers and things of this nature away. And so the RV's arrival will bring much healing. (Quazar: In vibration and frequency.) Indeed in itself.

Quazar: Thank you so much Zorra. You have been just a wonderful, wonderful Divine Presence for all of us these past five years. We love you so dearly so I speak for all of us. And we will be seeing you and meeting up with you soon. (Zorra: Indeed!)

And we want to thank our beloved Lady Nada also so, so very much because if she wasn't there at the helm we wouldn't be there either.

Zorra: Indeed. And that … that is all. That is enough.

Anne: Well we’re very grateful. Speaking for our beloved HEN Collective dear Zorra, and dear Quazar, and dear, dear Zaraya who gave so much. Our beloved HEN collective embraces you with our open hearts.

Quazar: And we also want to thank our Tartus (Zorra: Indeed) Peter Olson who has done magnificent work as well in spreading the joy and the love the harmony and the knowledge that we all have appreciated very, very much. (Zorra: Indeed)

Anne: And as long as I'm here I will be posting. Just watch Breaking News. I will be posting any further messages we might receive from Zorra (Zorra: Indeed) Any announcements just watch Breaking News and it'll be there. And when they stop, I'm gone. But by that time you'll be busy with other things so yes.

Zorra: Indeed.

Quazar: It is done.

Anne: Well I guess we’ll conclude the call. Jane just said it is done. Quazar…

Zorra: We could do what is termed as a Healing Pulse. (Quazar: You just did.) No that was just a general.

Quazar: That was good right there Zorra.

Zorra: That is good. It is all. It is finished.

Anne: It is finished. All right then I will end the call then.

Zorra: May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing be with you always … even to the ends of the world.

Anne: Oh that's beautiful.

Zorra: And we hear a New World coming.

Anne: It's hard to say goodbye. I keep waiting. I don't want to push the button. [Laughter]

Zorra: But we will talk again, us, together.

Anne: Okay I just want to make sure that this recording went smoothly so I will go ahead and end the call.

As soon as I confirm the playback it will be posted on Breaking News for everybody.

Oh what joy! Thank you! (Zorra: Indeed) I love you both. Yes, thank you so much. (Quazar: Me too!) I'll never forget this day. I'll never forget this day. (Zorra: Indeed)

Quazar: We love you a lot Lady Nada.)

Anne: Okay here we go.

Quazar: Bye-bye from me and Zaraya.

Anne: Bye!

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