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The Story of Ramtha - Chapter 3

Note from Manuel:  Every spark that came from the Infinite God became a living conscious soul.  This in turn are assigned to a physical body whether animal, plants or humans and etc.  The soul is the real us (person) inside the body and we are not the physical body that we have. The body is no different from a garment that can be replaced and get worn and suffer wear and tear. Those who have just arrived in the created universe needed to have their consciousness strengthened, expand, grow, mature through their own personal experiences that they will lived out during their lifetimes.  A spark is a part of God that became a conscious soul. The soul is like an electro magnetic pulse that vibrates - perpetually and that is why it can empower to make a vessel like the human body to be alive and kicking! It is the power source of every living thing.

This soul is the engine of the physical body.  Ever wonder why all those multitudes of cells in the body keep on dividing, and atoms keep on moving?  The engine and or the catalyst of those motions are powered by the "SOUL".  The soul acts as the engine as well as the energy fuel that makes the physicality alive and active and function the way it was designed to be.  If you removed the soul or spirit then the body goes on to die and decompose as the cells, atoms, molecules of the body stops from their operation. This is also true that if you remove the engine of the car then it stops to function.  But the soul does not die - for it is not a material as it is part of the Great Creator God. 

Then how will a soul matures and grow towards having a developed consciousness?  This is one of the main reason why we are assigned in the current physical body that we have and that is also true to other lifetimes that we had.  We are here to grow and mature through the process of incarnation and reincarnation whereby we are assigned on a physical body. Incarnation and reincarnation is so true that Nicodemus (a member of Sanhedrim) needed to confirm this from Jesus Sananda as Jesus was teaching these subjects during his time on Earth.  The complete teaching of Jesus about this subject was edited from the bible by the Powers That Be at the time.

Life on Earth, living in physicality is the way to improve our consciousness.  This world was allowed to be FRAMED with so much LIES and DECEPTION, in order to have a natural progression of growth and maturity of consciousness of every individual soul who participated in this challenge and learning.  Each and every soul is an essence of love as if they were made from love as God is love.  Therefore, the default nature of every being is love.  

Now, the TRICK is to immerse all these souls who are not yet fully advanced in their consciousness by allowing them to experience physicality and let them discover through learning by their own life experiences. Experience is one of the best teacher a person or a being can have in his or her lifetime.  And when a person experience life based on the choices and decision he made then the consciousness grows, expands and matures.  How would you know personally the causes and effects including the direct consequences if you never experience and felt the complete distinction between right and wrong; good and evil, darkness and light?  

Every Soul was derived from LOVE and God is love.  Even though, it is made from love and its inherent nature is love but when it is still young its consciousness is still not yet developed and mature. And this is one of the main reason why it is very prone to exploring the other side of love and light which is evil.  This is true for all of us, for there is no exception.  At some point in our early existence we too succumb to bad behavior or evil actions on our part. Despite of all these, what matters is that we learned from our mistakes and not be destroyed by the trauma of the actions and bad decisions we made.  And so, to point our fingers and put the blame, accuse and give condemnations in judgment to others who are doing evil things; should be taken with a great caution.  For the reality is: once upon a time, we too at one point and to some extent did the same things they did whether in the recent past or previous lifetimes.  

Therefore, a soul that matures are those who have learned life's lesson from the heart; and this we can say as the spiritual evolution of a being.  That person is EVOLVING in his consciousness.  This change and transition must happen naturally not by force or coercion.  And we know that the soul is maturing when it can detect and IDENTIFY a lie from a truth, a light from darkness, hate from love.  An evolving soul is the one who learned to manage his own thoughts and feelings/emotions patterned after love. 

But the school (Earth) that was used as a world of learning is not going to be available forever.  In other words, the allowable time for this to continue like this has finally reached the end point.  This activity on Earth where the reign of darkness also known as evil is about to be over.  The Earth have been for thousands and thousands of years was used as a staging ground, as a venue for these activities. In the not so distant future, the Earth will move on and cease from allowing the practice of darkness to continue.  Just like every being, the Earth is also scheduled to evolve to the higher dimension.  Those who cannot evolve at this time; they will be transferred to another planet.  Possibly, that planet is the one located at the back of the Sun.    

And so, those who have matured and evolve consciously they are the ones who cannot be fooled anymore by the lies and deceptions of this world.  


The White Book

Written by JZ Knight
(Ramthas daughter in previous lifetime)


When You Were My People

"What is ascension? Taking all that I am into eternity
like the wind. If I listened to man, entity, I would
have perished in that life. Everyone here perishes, for
they know they are going to, and everyone here lives for
the opinions of everyone else. What a folly. I learned
to love myself when I compare myself to something
great and majestic. Whatever man in his being
contemplates himself upon, he will become it, for he is
the God hidden behind the mask of mankind. "

- Ramtha

When many of you were my people long ago, we crossed great continents together and laid siege on notorious tyrants. And through all the heavy battles -long marches, unknown countries, threatening seas and blistering storms - did all of you gain the prize of freedom, a freedom that you had at the end of the march only because you had crossed the borders of your greatest terrors and were still alive to reach a new homeland. When you reached it, so fearless were you, so courageous were you, so tired were you, that home became the planting of seeds in the fields, the harvesting of food, and the raising of children and animals because peace is the result when one has conquered his greatest fears. So all that you had gained by the end of your march was well worth the journey, far away from your homeland, into a new dimension of understanding.

When I was ready to leave, you were planting your seeds and having your children, building your hovels and plowing the land, enjoying good food and a sweet morning and a peaceful night. That was your destiny, for that was your desire fulfilled. That was your reward.

You were bedding your new lives, and it was time for me to go to my life, for what you were gaining in your understanding of peace was only contentment to me. But that which I was going to, which was my home, was the great, elusive Unknown God, the grand mystery that caused all things to occur.

The morning of my leaving was a wondrous day and a grand but short farewell. You had little ones to care for, fields to tend, and cattle to look after. And I, I went unto my Father, whom I sought after all my life and found in a wondrous place of understanding. That indeed was my destiny because I desired no other destiny.

Each of you has returned to live here life after life after life, and through each of those lives you have gained and progressed greatly in your understanding. Now many of you are wanting to know. Now you are searching for the understanding that I hungered for and found. You have had your homes. You have passed your valuable seed on to the world. You have had all the learnings, all the experiences. Now you are ready to learn what you could not learn before because your priorities were different then. So for the love of you and all mankind have I come back to teach you, as I promised I would long, long ago. And I will teach you as a grand teacher indeed, but I expect you to do only what you feel is right; that is all.

I have not returned to tell you of the splendor that lies beyond this place but to help you see it for yourselves, and not through philosophical understandings but through teachings that ring so blatantly true within you that your soul urges you to become the divine principle you had forgotten long ago. And for you to continue as a race of entities in this form, it is most important that you learn of your own divinity as well as everyone else's. Through the power of my being and for the love of your being, I will teach you, as I taught myself, how to return to your greatness and your glory. And in your joy, I will laugh with you.

And when you weep, I will send a wind to dry your tears. Through this teaching you will learn to become the sovereign that you were in all your glory when you began this remarkable journey. You will learn to listen solely to the voice within you and to follow only the path of joy. You will learn how to feel
profoundly so that you gain the truest treasure of this plane: emotion. And you will come to love yourself so grandly that no matter who stands before you, you will find God in them as you have found it in yourself, and you will love them as deeply as you have learned to love yourself. Then you who have taught yourself so eloquently will be a brilliant light to the world, only because you are a radiant example of the love of self.

Now this teaching is not a religious understanding, for religion is dogmatic, restrictive, and very judgmental. I am not a teacher of religion, for it has brought great division and great hurt to this plane. This teaching is simply knowledge. It is learning; it is experience; it is love. I will love you into knowing God and becoming the unlimitedness that God is.

This teaching is lawless. It possesses no laws, for law is a limitation that obstructs freedom. I will teach you of nothing but God and options. I am here to open the doors to greater knowledge so that you realize your options for living upon this plane; so you realize that your life is not limited to this plane, for life exists on other planes and in many other places.

I am here to help you who are enslaved by fear, entrapped by your own thought processes, to begin to see a new vista of unlimited thinking, unlimited purpose, unlimited life. That I will teach you this day, to whatever point you want to receive it, to whatever point you wish to live it. I am going to lead you from your cloistered self back into your own greatness. And that which is within you, which is called the lamp within, shall be lit brighter.

I ask of you nothing other than to be yourself. But most here do not know who self is. I will teach you how to find it again and, when found, you will never let go of it again. Then no one will need to teach you thereafter. Then you are sovereign in your own truth and free to live according to your own designs.

I have chosen to come back to you through the embodiment of a woman who was my beloved daughter in my times. When I was upon your plane, I married not any woman. But on my march many entities gave me their children as a gift of appreciation. There were cheesemakers who gave me cheese and winemakers who gave me wine. And there were those whose greatest prize was their children, and they gave them to the House of Ram. For an entity who had never lain with a woman, I had more children than anyone I knew. And the children were great teachers for me, for in their innocence and purity of Spirit children live a very simple truth.

My daughter was one of these children, and this child I loved greatly. The little girl did not want to be a little girl; she wanted to be a warrior. Being a woman and weaving and doing womanish things did not appeal to her. She never really understood war until a long time later. But the entity loved me dearly. And she wanted nothing more than to learn, and that I admired. On the day of my ascension I promised my daughter that I would return, though she knew not where I was going. I charged her to go to the land called Turk, where she lived out her days waiting for me to come back. I never did.

My daughter has lived many lives and has been burned and beheaded and starved for what she knew to be a truth. Through all of those lives she has emerged to be a noble creature who lives what she is humbly. It is because of that humility that I have been able to return through her to remind her of the heritage that she and you forgot long ago. This is her service to the world.
And to her, as to you, I have fulfilled my word.

I came to my daughter in the midst of her life at a time when such unexpected things do not occur. Because she was prim and proper and innocent, and did not venture into extraordinary beliefs, I chose her for this service and taught her for a long time what I am teaching you. Through knowledge and learning we began this work together, at first to be unannounced in your marketplace in order that it might grow one by one.

I have chosen to speak with you in this fashion because you are all prone to worship the images of others and exalt them above yourselves. So for those who come into my audience, I have no body to worship nor feet to kiss. And my daughter will not allow you to do it to hers, for they are her feet, after all.

When you leave my audience, you will have no image by which you can remember me - and no picture that you can dangle around your neck, put upon your wall, or carve into stone - for what is being taught here is not to worship me but to wholly worship and love what you are and this wonderful essence that lies latent within you called God Almighty.

I am no different than you are. There is no one, seen or unseen, who can ever be greater than you, and there is no one who can ever be less than you. All are equal in the kingdom of God. Those of you who desire to follow and worship, or to do more outside of yourselves than within yourselves, I wish you to know that I am not what you are searching for. I am here to help you become sovereign in your own truth, in your own understanding. As long as you serve or worship or devote yourselves to anything outside of yourselves, you will never express the sublime beauty that you are, nor will you ever become truly free.

Only you can be your greatest lover. Only you can be your greatest friend and teacher. There is no voice that will ever teach you greater than your own. There is no word written that will ever teach you greater than your own. Who you are this day is the answer to everything you have ever wanted. But if you insist on looking outside of yourselves for paths to follow and entities to
worship, you will never truly see or know the glory of God. You can only realize your divinity, your enlightenment, your unfoldment through yourself and your proclaimed love of self. The only way to peace and happiness and fulfillment in your life is to worship and love yourself - for that is loving God - and to love yourself greater than anyone else, for that is what will give you the love and steadfastness to embrace the whole of humanity.

So I, Ramtha, am not the standard from which to draw your ideal. You cannot understand the mystery of yourself through me, only through knowledge. The purpose of this teaching is to instill through knowledge and experience a steadfast knowingness within you who will seek out the Unknown God and realize it is yourself. And that is your journey - and yours alone - for it is
your life and yours alone. Teacher I am, splendid; but the ideal I am not. That you have made your way to this teaching I am indeed pleased, but you shall not linger here.

Whatever I teach you, whatever you learn, so shall it manifest into your life. Then you will know that what is being taught here is not a philosophy but an absolute truth. And from each manifestation you will grow and become stronger and more light and more quiet and more simple. And in that simplicity you will find the wind, and that power and that source will uplift you.

All of you have been governed entities, and your governess has been fear. It has always been. Knowledge permits you to do away with fear so that you are no longer enslaved by another's wishes but can live wholly in the freedom of your own. When you have knowledge, you will always be free - always. The more you contemplate, apply, and experience these teachings, the freer and more joyful you will become.

One day - whether in this life or in those that follow - when the marketplace no longer offers you any more, there will be a great emptiness, a great pull, and a great desire to become all. Then you too will look forward to every moment on the plateau, for there the wind is like strong fingers in your hair. Birds are taking flight to far-off nesting places, and the sun is brilliant with
golden rods across your heavens. And when you do as I did and become - for that is the most important thing to you - I will welcome you where Ram went, for the door to freedom, called knowledge, is there for you who will open your thought processes to a grander understanding and then live that understanding not outside of you but inside of you. When you have lived it, then you are finished here; then you are off to a new adventure. And the adventures that lie beyond this place are grander and more spectacular than you can imagine. So pliable are you in light that you can travel to outer space or to inner space, wherever you desire to go.

I love you deeply. If I did not, I could not come to you in the way that I have. When you learn to love yourself as I love you, you will understand these truths and you will understand the greatness that you truly are. And that shall be a grand and glorious day.

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