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The Story of Ramtha - Chapter 4

Note from Manuel:  In this chapter, Ramtha tries to define who and what God is.  Take note, his definition of God shatters our traditional and religious understanding of who and what God is.  The style of Ramtha in describing God, he explains it in such a way as though he is just summarizing God in a simple idea so that it will be easy for most people to understand.  But for others, I know it will confound them especially for those who are from a Judeo-christian persuasion.  And so, in view of that I will add some details that are lacking in Ramthas explanation, in describing who and what God is.....

Thought is the Great Creator the creator of absolute everything. All things that are both invisible and visible that has their own thoughts and is capable of self awareness, pondering in his/her own heart, has intellectual activities, plan, decides and make choices are all part of the larger greater Infinite scope of Consciousness known as the "CREATOR".  For thoughts is the creator.  Thoughts and or minds are like energy they can conceptualize the creation of something that has never been created.  And so what ever we see, hear, feel that are all part of the creation were all made, involving the great Creator God.  It takes thoughts to plan, intend and create something.  And when this great Infinite God of consciousness assigned himself into various creations whether animals, humans, and etc. then the whole physical creation of universe took shape teeming with endless life as each life bearing the "The Spark" of God the Creator. 

Take for example the wind that surrounds the Earth, although we cannot see it, but we know its true because we can feel its presence and see its effects on our surroundings.  If I partition a small portion of that wind into a jar or to a number of individual bottles.  Though, they appear plenty but as a whole it is still "ONE" and the same WIND that has a force or energy.  The same thing with GOD.  That which is immortal, infinite took on a FINITE form to empower created and designed physical, solid living things.  God is each and everyone of us.  

Didn't Jesus Sananda while he was teaching in the public areas of ancient Palestine mentioned and quoted the words of King David and said;  "It is written in your scriptures - that YOU are all GODS!!!   Go ahead open your bibles and read what David said.  

Now, knowing that we are ALL One as God is ONE.  We should then therefore observe and have utmost RESPECT for one another, in reverence for one another.  For we are all part of the Great I Am God.  Each and every one of us carries a portion, a spark of the life and light of God that constitute that great God who made everything.  And so God is not merely a female or male but rather it should be viewed as chosen roles.  Just like there are natural polarities in the realms of magnetism and electricity there is: positive and negative, the female and male are also similar in that respect.  But remember God is neither male nor female, but can be one or the other or at the same time - as God and his/her children chooses to be........ 

Now, here's the great paradox of what we are experiencing in the great saga of life on this very active and intriguing experience on Earth where FREEWILL is the prevailing mode of life.  Because people have varying degrees of consciousness and have the rights to express themselves in whatever fashion they chooses to be.  This brings conflict in expressing what is right and wrong, good and bad.  But all of these can be solve, when everyone eventually evolves into a mature being of having a loving character.

Partial Description of God - (with correlation of having respect for one another)

  • A God of love will not deceive another being in order to take advantage of them and hurt them.
  • A God of love does not find happiness in deceiving others.
  • A true God of love will not make Rules or Laws that will make other being earn penalty or transgressions.
  • A true God of love will not treat his people as though they are just lambs and sheep and confine them inside a fence.
  • A true God of love gives freedom to everyone as he treats everyone as EQUALS and not look down upon them.
  • A true God of love will not attack other nations regardless of their race, creed and belief system.
  • A true God of love shows and demonstrate a true loving character not just by words but by actions.
  • A true God of love will not initiate, or convince other people to sacrifice animals (instigate violence) by killing them and eat them as food.  
  • A true God of love will not have the HEART to take the LIFE (or lives) of innocent beings including animals by mass murdering them.
  • A true God of love has patience and forgiveness for those who directly and indirectly offended him.
  • A true God of love observes MERCY particularly to those who are innocent.
  • A true God of love will not lie and bear false witness of something that is not true in order to fool and deceive others to make them suffer.  
  • A true God of love will not put the blame on others who are innocent. 
  • A true God of love observes RESPECT for ALL creatures, big or small.
  • A true God of love will not eat animals as food for he knows that taking the life of others including that of animals is not a practice of loving character. 
  • A true God of love will not have an absolute prejudice over other races.
  • A true God of love strives to maintain balance and self control of his mind and heart with the help of constant contact with his higher self through meditation and prayer.
  • A true God of love gives freely without requiring something in return.
  • A true God of love does not give conditions; instead gives grace to everyone.
  • A true God of love DOES NOT seek Revenge for anything that offends him.
  • A true God of love does not give punishments. 
  • A true God of love will NOT ask to be worshiped, adored and served by people or beings for he observes equality for all.  For a god (lesser god) who demands worship and obedience is not a real god of love for he treats others as slaves and not as brothers and sisters.
  • A true God of love will not spread FEAR as a tactic to make people bow down to him in subservient submission.
  • A true God of love does not find joy and happiness in the sufferings of others.
  • A true God of love accepts and welcomes everyone as part of a family of God.
To become a true God of love is the process of spiritual evolution that we all should attain for.  There is more I can say, but I think this is more than enough for others to bear for now.       



The White Book

Written by JZ Knight
(Ramthas daughter in previous lifetime)


God Is

"The Father has never judged you in this or any
moment you have ever lived. He has been you and the
platform of life upon which you have expressed your
own divine, purposeful self. He has given you the
uniqueness of your own ego and the freedom of will
to become whatever you wish to become, to perceive the
life that he is, however you choose to perceive it."

- Ramtha

My beloved brothers, many of you have been taught for ages that the essence called God is a somber, fearsome, angry, judgmental character. But God is none of these things. The God who harangues, who judges, who persecutes, has never existed except in the hearts and minds of men. It is man who created a God that judges some and exalts others. That is a God of man, the creation of man and his will.

The God that I know, that I love, that is the power that issues forth from me and the kingdom that I am, is a God of complete and unjudgmental love. It is nothing else but everything else. God loves you with greater love than you have ever fathomed, for it is the life that you are, the ground that you walk on, the air that you breathe. It is the color of your skin, the magnificence of your eyes, the gentleness of your touch. It is you in every moment that you are, in every thought that you think, in every deed that you do, even in the shadows of your soul.

God is an all-consuming force that is everything. It is the wind upon the water, the changing of leaves, the simplicity of a rose deep in its color and hue. God is lovers in their embrace, children in their laughter, and the sheen of honey-colored hair. It is the sun rising in the morning, a star twinkling in the night, the moon waxing and waning across the midnight sky. God is the
beauteous insect, the humble bird in flight, the vile and ugly worm.

God is movement and color, sound and light. God is passion. God is love. God is joy. God is sadness. That which is - all that is - is what you term God the Father, the totality of life, and the lover of all that it is.

God is not a singular character who sits upon a throne and judges the whole of life. God is the whole of life, every pulsating moment. It is the ongoingness and foreverness of everything that is. Do you think that you have been judged by life? Not at all, for if God - which is what you are - were to judge you, it
would certainly be judging itself. And why would the supreme intelligence do that?

The life force that you term the Father does not even have the ability to judge you or any other thing, for life does not possess a personality with an ego that can divide itself into facets of good and evil, right and wrong, perfect and imperfect. If God possessed an ego, it would also possess the ability to perceive alteredness within itself. And if God could contemplate alteredness within its being, even for one moment, then the life that God is would cease in the next moment and it would never be again.

God of itself is wholly without goodness or evil. It is wholly without positive or negative. God is not perfect, for perfection is a limitation to ongoing, ever-changing, exuberant life. God simply is. The only thing that your beloved Father knows how to do is to be, so that everything - which is him - can
express the life that it is.

God is unlimited, supreme beingness, an undivided totality of Isness. And that Isness loves you so grandly that it has allowed you to create the illusions of perfection and imperfection, good and evil, positive and negative. And through your perception it has become what you have perceived. Thus God, being the totality of all that is, is the wrong as well as the right; it is the ugliness as well as the beauty; it is the vileness as well as the divinity.

The Father has never judged you in this or any moment you have ever lived. He has been you and the platform of life upon which you have expressed your own divine, purposeful self. He has given you the uniqueness of your own ego and the freedom of will to become whatever you wish to become, to perceive the life that he is, however you choose to perceive it. And nothing you have
ever done, nothing you have ever thought - no matter how vile or wretched or wonderful it has been - has ever been seen by God as anything other than being.

This God that I know loves you with greater, more profound love than you have ever conceived of, for it has allowed you to create your life however you have desired. The Father has always loved you. He knows of no other way to perceive you, for that which you are is he.

The Father sees no wrong; he sees only himself. The Father sees no failure; he sees only his Isness ongoing into forever. You create the blossoms of life and even the vileness of it, and the Father will become the vileness and the blossoms and yet never judge the two as to which is greater or which is less. He simply is. He is the Isness that allows you to express through him however you choose. And it is a good thing he is that way, for if he truly were this God created by man, there is not one of you who would ever see what is called pearled gates - not one of you - for there is not one of you who could ever live
up to the expectations of this God created by man.

Only you, through your own attitudes and the acceptance of the attitudes of others, have ever judged yourself. Only you have ever caused yourself to feel failure. With the ability to create from your Father whatever truth and reality you desire, you are the sole judge of your own life. Only you have ever determined what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong.
Yet in the Isness called life, no thing is any of these. Everything simply is a part of the Isness that is called God Almighty. Your judgment is only an illusion that you have created upon this plane of creative realities.

In your limited thinking, you have thought that some things are wrong, that they are evil. But that has been your selection of truth, and the Father has allowed you to have it. His truth is called Isness. God loves you regardless of what you do because everything you do or think enhances the life that he is through the wisdom that you gain from it. God knows that you are forever and that nothing you do can ever take your life force from you.

So when you pass from this plane and you ponder all the things you have done in your life - and you will - God will still be there loving you into all of your tomorrows, for he is the platform through which you create your illusions, your imagination, your dreams.

Now what is God in its most exalted form? Thought. The Father - the platform from which you create your life, the substance and life force of all things - is, in a greater understanding, thought, for thought is the ultimate creator of all
things that are, that ever have been, that ever will be. Thought is the substance from which all things are created. Everything that is has come forth first from thought, which is the supreme intelligence called the mind of God.

Have you ever pondered what holds all things together in their unique patterns and forms? It is thought, which is the cosmic glue called love. That is what holds all matter together. That is love on the grandest scale of all, for that is what the Father is. Everything - even your body - is held together by
thought, for everything has been envisioned through thought, which is God, and it is the Father's love of himself that holds everything in place.

You are held together by God. What allows all the molecular and cellular structures of your body to cling together is the love of the grand and magnificent thought that God truly is. Without thought, your body would not exist, matter would not exist, nothing would exist, for thought is the creator and supportive element of all life.

Do you think that God - the thought that holds and binds all things together - is a somber and fearsome entity? It is not. The Father is complete joy, for he knows of no other way to be. He is alllifeforms vibrating in harmony with one another, which emits a tone that sounds like the roar of laughter. If you listen
carefully, you can even hear the music of the Father, the laughter of God. It is most joyous. I have not once heard him weep.

So what is God, the cause of your precious being, the wondrous life force that flows and ebbs amongst all of you, that connects and binds you together, that is the promise of life hereafter and eternities to come? It is the Isness that is thought. It is the Isness of ongoing life. It is the Isness that loves all that it is. It is the Isness that allows life to be through love. It is the Isness that is
complete and utter joy. That is your heritage and your destiny.

Student: You have taught that God is simply an Isness. And you use many terms besides the term God to refer to this life-force intelligence. But why do you often choose to use the words "he" and "Father"? That seems to perpetuate the notion that God is not only an identity outside of us but a male character, and that seems a bit offensive to some women.

Ramtha: To educate the whole of humanity, one must utilize the different terms which have been used to describe God; that is, one must refer to the Isness in ways that all can relate to. Though the Isness has been referred to as the Father and thus thought of as a male gender, the Father is not a man; yet man in his gender is the Father. But so be woman, for the Father is both male and female.

The term God is sexless. It means supreme intelligence. Those who do not understand the term Isness need to know the word Father. Those who do not understand supreme intelligence need to know the word God.

Master, if one insists that God is a Father, that is his truth. If there are women who are outraged because someone has called

God a male gender, then that is their truth. But God will always be the perception of what God is, and that will always be unique for each entity.

God is not a word. It is a feeling that lives within each of us. And the more unlimited your perception of God, the grander and more joyful that feeling will be as it encompasses more of the emotion called God Almighty.

Ramtha (to an elderly woman in a wheelchair): Dear lady,
who rides on silver wheels, what say you?

Student: I love God, but I'm afraid of dying.

Ramtha: Why?

Student: I don't know. I can't reach the bottom of it. I've
thought of it and thought of it and thought of it.

Ramtha: Do you believe in hell?

Student: Yes, I do.

Ramtha: That is why you don't want to die, for that is where you feel you are going.

Student: Oh, well, I don't think I'm going. I don't believe God will let me go because I've asked for forgiveness for all the wrongs I've done.

Ramtha: My lady, my lady. Do you believe that the Father has less love for you than you do for your own children?

Student: No. Well, I just don't feel like he loves me sometimes. Maybe I feel that maybe I'm not forgiven. But still I know I am.

Ramtha: What have you done that is so wrong?

Student: Well, several things.

Ramtha: Have those several things kept you from living?

Student: No. I have tried to live, and I want to live and I want to live right.

Ramtha: And what does that mean?

Student: That means the devil won't get me.

Ramtha: Indeed?

Student: Well, you tell me, please, what it is.

Ramtha: Would you believe me if I did?

Student: I will.

Ramtha: What if I told you there is no hell?

Student: But I've been taught that there is a hell though.

Ramtha: But I am teaching you there isn't. Will you believe me as firmly as you have believed that there is a hell?

Student: Well, I believe you.

Ramtha: Then accept it, for there isn't. Do you know what hell is? It is a term that was used in the kingdom of Judea to describe a shallow, open grave where an entity would be put because he could not afford the drachmas or
the shekels to be entombed. And it was a damnation to have a shallow grave because at night the hyenas and wild dogs would dig up the body and devour it. And because the embodiment was devoured, entities believed that they could never go on to their utopia. That is all the term ever meant until a later translation, when preachers and priests and religion determined it to be a
place of torment.

Student: Well, I read my Bible regularly, and it puts emphasis on hell.

Ramtha: Who wrote the Bible?

Student: Different ones.

Ramtha: Who were they? Were they men?

Student: I don't know.

Ramtha: They were.
I have looked into the depths of your world, into the center, to find a burning lake of fire, and it was not there. I went to the farthest reaches of your universe to find a place of torment, and it was not there either. And I looked in the same places for a devil and could find him nowhere. And when I returned, I found him in the hearts of those who believe in him and in hell. But there is no such place.

Student: Well, I'm glad you think so.

Ramtha: I don't think so. I know so.

Student: You know, it doesn't seem like God would love us so much and then for the least little thing we did, he would send us to hell to live in burning fire.

Ramtha: That is precisely correct. The Father has not created any such place to torment anyone, for were you not created by God?

Student: Yes.

Ramtha: Then since you were created by God, do you not
have God in you?

Student: I have God in me. I love God.

Ramtha: But are you not part of God?

Student: Am I?

Ramtha: Indeed.

Student: Well, that means a lot to me.

Ramtha: My lady, since God is everything, what would he make you out of if he didn't make you out of himself? You are God. So why would he ever cast himself into a pit and not love himself for doing what is called a wrong that is also a part of the life that he is?

I will tell you a great truth: Man has created images of God that he could use to control his brothers. Religions were created to control people and nations when armies failed, and fear was the tool that kept them in line. If you take the divinity out of any man - take God out of him - then you can easily rule and control him.

God has not created a hell or a devil. Those were dreadful creations of man to torment his brothers. They were created through religious dogma for the purpose of intimidating the masses into a controllable organization. That is a great truth.

God the Father is everything, every little grain of sand in the sea, every butterfly in spring, every great and small star in the vastness of your heavens. All things are God. So for him to have a place such as hell would be like a cancer in his body, and it would eat him up.

There is nothing that will ever take you from the kingdom of heaven, for there is nothing greater than God and life. God the Father is forever loving you because he is every direction you turn, every thought you embrace.

Student: God loves all of us. I know he does.

Ramtha: Indeed, indeed, for he is all of us. And what about all of your wrongs? My wondrous lady, you have done nothing wrong. Nothing.

Student: Why, thank you.

Ramtha: For life has not been altered because of anything you have done. Everything you have ever done, however vile or wretched it has been, has enhanced life by the wisdom you have obtained from doing it.

Now I wish you to understand this: Your religion and your belief have caused the annihilation of civilizations for ages. Your Mayans and Aztecs were obliterated and murdered through the rule of the church because they did not believe as the church did. All of the holy wars in your Dark Ages were fought to further religious beliefs. And in a place called France, babes were plucked
from their mothers' arms because they did not believe according to the church. Women had their eyes burned out with hot irons and their chests branded, and the streets ran with blood, all because of a belief.

Then the Protestants took what is called hellfire, brimstone, and the devil, and kept their congregations intact by producing fear in the hearts of their little ones, telling them that if they did not do certain things and abide by the rules and regulations of the church, they would burn forever in hell.

Student: That's kind of the way I was raised.

Ramtha: My lady, you were raised in an atrocity. Did you ever wonder what happened to all those who existed before the Bible did?

Student: No. I just thought maybe hell destroyed them. Oh, well. I'm so sorry.

Ramtha: Don't be at all. That is the product of the belief. Now here you are, an old woman. You are not youthful and zestful anymore, and you are worried about dying. And all the ominous teachings that have been programmed into you for centuries are coming to bear upon you: "Is there hell? Will I go there? Have I been so wrong?"

I tell you, you will not go to hell, for there is no such place to go. You will leave in a twinkling of a moment when you pass from your body. You will be above it, and you will be a pure light-entity once again. Then great teachers will come and take you to a place of further learning where you may see for yourself that what I am telling you are great truths.

Now Yeshua ben Joseph, whom you call Jesus of Nazareth, is a great God, just as you are a great God. But he is not the only son of God; he is a son of God. He was a man who became God, just as you will become God.

Student: Do you believe Jesus was a son of God?

Ramtha: I do not believe it. I know it. Just as you are a son
of God.

Student: But I haven't been taught that.

Ramtha: Now, lady, what did Yeshua teach? That he is the son of God, and indeed he is. But he also openly proclaimed that everyone is also a son of God. He taught nothing other than that. Everyone is God expressing his perfection as man. And what good would it be for the Father to have so many children who are imbeciles and only one who is perfect? It would not be a very
good reflection on the Father's seed.

Yeshua is your brother, not your savior. He was a man who had God within him, just as you have God within you.

Now I wish you to understand this. Yeshua lived on this plane at a time when man did not love man, when man was in bondage to man, and love was not held in high regard. But Yeshua exemplified love for everyone. It was that same love that would foster his being hailed savior of the world, for he brought love to this plane where very few expressed it and he gave it openly to everyone. He also brought the teaching that the Father is not a

God of judgment and retribution but an all-loving God of mercy, grace, and compassion. Unfortunately, that understanding has been greatly altered throughout history and through the writings of those who very much failed to understand the simple teaching of this immaculate soul.

Yeshua loved. That was his great and magnificent gift to mankind. And he openly proclaimed that the source of that love was the Father that lived within him, the same Father that lived within all people. What gave Yeshua the freedom and power to embrace all humanity was that he knew that the Father and he were one and the same. He peeled away all the illusions that caused him to live an hypocrisy, and by doing so he expressed completely the Father that lived within him. In that, Yeshua became a Christ: man expressing wholly as God; God expressing completely in man. That is what the term Christ means: God/ man, man/God. A Christ is anyone who realizes that he is God and then lives that truth.

The only difference between Yeshua and you, beloved woman, is that Yeshua understood the principle of God within man and then he lived that principle completely. For that, he is indeed a grand entity. But you are also a grand entity who possesses the same nobleness and the same love to become what he became.

Yeshua is not responsible for saving you or anyone else. Through the realization that he was God living on Earth, he became the savior of himself, who then taught others how to be their own salvation through the God within themselves. He taught everyone, "What I have done, all may do, for the Father and you are one. Your kingdom is not of this place. The kingdom of heaven is within you." And he spoke not of hell; he spoke of life and its beauty.

Beloved woman, love the beautiful entity that you are and the God that you are and cease reading your insidious book. Know that the Father lives within you and that you will live forever, for you will. That is simply the way it is. And besides, what would the devil do with you once he had you?

Student: I don't want to find out, but thank you.

Ramtha: My lady, what kind of Father would create such an entity and such a place and such fear and make you so helpless against all of them? He is not the God of my being nor do I acknowledge him. I acknowledge life, the Isness of all that is.

God is everything, for if there is one thing that is not God, you must ask yourself who created that. Everything is the Father, for everything is life. And the Father knows only love. He has never judged you or anyone else - ever. He has no ability to alter himself to become less than love or life.

Student: Well, God is love. I knew that.

Ramtha: And is he hate?

Student: No, I don't think he is.

Ramtha: Who is hate?

Student: I guess that's a bad one, if there is one.

Ramtha: There isn't one.

Student: Well, how are we punished then?

Ramtha: What need is there for punishment, lady? You have been doing it to yourself all of your life. Believing that you are wrong and that you are going to be punished has caused you to live in your own hell, and you have created that yourself. There is no jailer in God's kingdom. There is no lynch-man
in his kingdom. There is no tormentor. If God is love, then he is explicitly that and nothing less.

Student: After you have been taught for so long that there is a devil, how can you feel that there isn't one?

Ramtha: You know how? By knowing there isn't, by the same process that taught you there was. My beautiful entity, I love you greatly. Contemplate what I have told you. Love yourself and meet the Father within you. And be at peace with yourself, my lady, for when you leave this plane you are going to brightly live again.

Student: Amen.

Ramtha: So be it.

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