Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Worlds First Fusion Energy Facility

It's been said that all of the Sun and stars in the sky are powered by "Fusion".  It's the opposite of Fission energy.  Some of the main differences is that Fission which are used on most nuclear power plants can be dangerous and contributes to the  pollution as what we've seen happened with Chernobyl and Fukushima; while Fusion is safer and releases no carbon footprint to the environment.  This means fusion is more ideal than fission energy source.  

Finally, fusion powered energy facility was born in Germany.  It will generate endless source of electricity without relying on gasoline or fossil fuel.  It can power several towns and cities. 


At the center of the Earth, there's another small central sun that is also powered by Fusion. It's been operating for several thousands of years without a miss on supplying light and energy to the interior space of the earth known as the Hollow Earth. The difference with this technology with the one built in Germany is that this one inside the Earth is made of ColdFusion.  It does not emit heat as oppose to the regular fusion.   The small central sun sits exactly at the center of the Earth.  It is stationary floating firmly in place without ever moving on either direction.  It's about six hundred miles in diameter. This small sun gives light to the interior world of Hollow Earth.  It was built at approximately and relatively the same time when the Earth was constructed.   Hollow Earth is the site of the famed Garden of Eden as mentioned in the bible. Eden is one of the city in Hollow Earth. The small central sun compared to the sun we have outside the Earth is more colorful as it changes its color every so often.  This light is reflected and seen in the surface of the Earth in the form of "Aurora Borealis" also known as northern lights.  

Dismiss the explanation that people say about how auroras are generated; for it was proven that they could not reproduce their theory about northern lights on a laboratory.  The truth is auroras are lights emitted coming from the small central sun of the Hollow Earth as when it hits the ice crystals on either north or south pole, it then creates a dazzling array of lights in the skies.  There are two main holes (polar entrances) in this planet one is on the North pole and the other is on the south pole.    


The people of Hollow Earth have a holographic technology that can cloak, camouflaged the openings (either northern or southern) in order to guard it from any intruder that might be unfriendly and pose some danger.  The hollographic would conceal the entrances in such a way that it would seem like as though its just covered with glacier ice. This technique combined with their force field technology shields the opening so that no one can enter particularly those who have evil intentions.  But those who have good intentions and are good people are welcomed to enter anytime.  As is the case with Admiral Byrd, they've allowed his entire airplane to enter the Hollow Earth.   Inside the Earth, you can see on the horizon (like a sphere-dome stadium) the other side of the Earth.  


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