Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Trees, Elementals, Nature Spirits

The TREES Speak
              Channeled by Dianne Robbins              


Living here on Earth gives you the opportunity to strive to develop all your talents and learn new skills - this is why you are here. You are not here to do “nothing”, but to learn to do everything. And you have the time to do this…at least you did up until now. Now you only have the time to wake up quickly, and gather your wits about you, and start taking responsibility for changing what you allowed to be created. Start taking part in your community activities and forums and local governments, and start standing up and speaking on behalf of your rights and the rights of other life forms to live in peace and abundance. Start taking responsibility for others. You still can stop all this. It just takes a majority of people to align their consciousness to topple the current regimes of darkness. It just takes all the people to come together in consciousness to break the spell…and then it is over.

We give you this advice, because in our long life spans here, we have seen it all. Because of your short life spans, you have been unable to see it all…you have not been able to see even a small part of it. Your lives hang on a thread - a thread of awareness that you can either strengthen or snap. Unbelief in what you see occurring around you will snap the thread, and you will become unconscious and a willing slave.

It is so crucial that you all wake up now to this game of folly. From our vantage point, we can see that no one wants to play anymore, but you are so mesmerized that you cannot stop. It is like you are caught in glue and can’t pull yourself away. Well, we will help you. All the kingdoms are aware of each and every one of you, and we will help you if you just call on us. The more you call on us and the more you become aware of us, the more of our consciousness we can share with you. As you merge with us, we become a greater forcefield of Light, and your consciousness expands exponentially until you can finally see through to the Light, and know instantly what you are to do to save your race. This we offer you.

So start walking among us, talking and communing with us, touching and embracing us, sitting under our boughs and lying under our branches. Our strength will then come up and permeate you and you will feel our connectiveness and become alive with our strength and vitality and encompass our awareness and merge with our consciousness and then, voila, we are ONE, and no one can imprison you again. We live in the Light - and we live on Light. By uniting with us you can free yourselves from your chains of density. It is only in density that you can be prisoners. Do you understand this? Good day.

We ELEMENTALS understood this eons ago; this is why our evolution has excelled beyond yours. We want to unite with you also because we, too, can show you the way to free your souls from the darkness surrounding you. But the pre-requisite is to unite with us and to recognize us as part of your family, your brothers and sisters of Light who have come here to experience life with you and to join with you now so that we can all work together to bring Earth into her ascension.

There is no time to lose. This has been a closed system, and it is time to bust it wide open so that we can all move into the next higher octave of existence, where all of life awaits us. This is your WAKE UP CALL. All the Kingdoms are calling you to wake up out of your deep sleep of the ages. For new ages are about to burst forth into a glorious future for human kind…so join with us now. Good day.

We are the NATURE SPIRITS, and our hearts are filled with love for humanity. We are the FAERIES, SPRITES, and DEVAS who grace your lawns and live in your Trees and walk beside you when you are outdoors in Nature. And being outdoors is the key. The more you are outdoors, the more you come in contact with us and the sooner you can begin to feel our presence. For feeling our presence will bring you into our presence, where you can then begin consciously connecting with us through your heart.

Once you are conscious of us, our merging begins and our hearts intertwine into the one heart of Creation. This oneness creates a vast portal that will speed our ascent and more rapidly propel us all into the next octave of Light…. that you call “ascension”. See you there!

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