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Ashtar on the Road - December 22, 2015


Ashtar on the Road

"The question I have been pondering on is, when everyone has all they need for happiness and abundance, and no one has to actually work anymore for survival, Who is going to do the hard labor work needed to build the new and nice houses that all people are dreaming and manifesting for themselves?..." A.N., TX

Ashtar: "There will still be some who desire to build homes, and to make all manner of things. For the most part, however, there will be robots who will do the labor, leaving people free to enjoy their new Golden Age Lifestyles, to pursue whatever they have passion for, and to continue to evolve!"


"By the power of the mind, is it possible to cure any disease?"
Virginie (Translated from French)

Ashtar: "It is to be in harmony throughout one's entire being, and to be utilizing the energies of Unconditional Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude which offer the 'miracle' of cure. I do not advise anyone to do this alone and by oneself, but rather to apply one's knowledge of this empowerment to whatever treatment is being utilized, whether it is given by traditional or alternative practitioners, or both."


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