Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Purchase

COMMENTARY:  Donovan Christie posted this image on Facebook, he was trying to inform people about what happened in the past when America was purchased from the British.  Was it the Crown of London to whom they made the purchase from or from someone else?  The buyers are a group of American businessmen which at the time (early 1900's) were already billionaires.  By now their combined wealth have skyrocketed and multiplied.  The purchase seems to indicate that the management of the domestic and internal affairs of the United States such as:  governments, business activities, judicial, law, military and etc will be given to the buyers.  But as far as taxes, rights and real estate ownership (which was obtained through fraud) and Central Bank partially those things still goes to the Crown of London and the Vatican - according to some intel. Also intel from the good people of the Pentagon said that when the real Republic of the united States is installed then they will collect all the illegal taxes that these business people and institutions took from the American people.  

The 1927 article was blurred and not clear.  And so, I enhanced it and found a better readable copy of the article.  Remember what President John F. Kennedy said about secret OATHS?  It is now revealed that every president that was elected was escorted to an underground/basement to sworn in to these secret and private government underneath the White House.  Later on, we found out that JFK refused to be governed by this secret higher ups who is giving him orders.  President Carter was right when he said that the US government is an Oligarchy.  And even president Obama mentioned on live television the exact words as: "that's what we're told to say".  In other words he is getting orders of what to say and do from the secret private government.

Apparently, this development is not only happening in America but also into much of the world.  For example in Canada they also discovered that their taxes are also going elsewhere.  In Australia, they found out that some parts of their governments are not genuine and is actually a private company and that great portions of their taxes are going regularly to Washington and then brought to London.  I will post the video of the testimony of these Australians in the future.

In short, people everywhere are waking up to the massive fraud that was done to the worlds society.  

The logic in all of this makes you ask questions such as:  If these private business people were able to magically print (worthless) fiat currencies in any amount they wish out of thin air and still manage to create an illusion of "lack" in the society that makes everyone literally work for every dime and penny whereas in reality they can just print as easily trillions and trillions of cash that would only cost some publishers a few thousand bucks in paper and ink! What kind of greed is that? That they just keep it to themselves and not share with people? On top of that, they were not contented, they still manage to collect enormous amount of Amazing Taxes and large portions of it was used for the advancement of war and military activities including weapons research and development.  Where on Earth did they use all the other funds after all these decades and centuries?  They definitely did not use it on Earth to alleviate poverty and suffering.  I do not think the whole world will be satisfied until they get a straight answer to these questions. 

It does not make sense.  What kind of greed do they have?  Why is it they never care?  I mean if I am the one who was able to have the kind of money these people have, I will make sure I will eradicate poverty and suffering off the planet right away.  I am not planning to become the president of the world, but if I were to manage those resources the secret government has in their disposal; never will I allow greed to take over.  I will make sure that everyone in this world will have enough food to eat, free education, free housing, free medical services, free financial allowance for every citizen. 


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