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Transcript of Hollow Earths Call December 30, 2015

Transcript of Wednesday Call, December 30, 2015

Call with Zorra and Saryya

Telephone replay:1-641-715-3589 + 771358# Ref17#
Total Call Length: 2:14:51



Great Questions Receive Great Answers


Anne: Well I don’t know why that is breaking up like that. I hope you can hear me okay. Hi everybody this is Anne. Here we are. You know what I was thinking when I was listening to this song? I was thinking years in the future in our New Earth if we ever hear this song again can you imagine the memories that's going to bring back to all of us? Oh my gosh!

Let's get the dateline in. Today is Wednesday night, December 30th of 2015 for another 24 or so hours and then will be starting a new year of imminent importance.

This is a call with Zorra from Hollow Earth, a special event call that is not a regularly scheduled call just to keep us abreast of things that are changing at a pretty high rate of speed right now and keep us on track. So Zorra has agreed to give us a two hour call.

Before we do it, for anyone who is new, Zorra yes he’s going to speak to us and he is from Hollow Earth. In 1951 his son Zaraya was placed up here as a toddler and he’s been up your for over 60 years now to establish a communication line between the surface and the highly advanced civil civilization that is there inside of our planet as all planets – we’re about the only civilization living on the outer surface of a planet.

We're quite an extraordinary group and we’re going to learn more about that pretty soon. But Zaraya will be trading bodies with his father Zorra, wherever Zorra might be, in his ship, in Hollow Earth, visiting with the Galactics, swimming with the merpeople. Zaraya never knows where he's going to find himself when they trade bodies. And then Zorra is able to speak to us using Zaraya’s adult body now. He finally accomplished the mission of the connection back in 2011 when six of us were on a call with Zaraya. Two weeks later he introduced us to his father Zorra and the rest is history. And we have over 6000 opt-in subscribers now. Just subscribers.

Thousands a day go to the website now and the sister site with all of our Galactic news. So we have two websites. I think that pretty well covers everything. I know if I keep going I’m going to get in trouble and have to stop and come back and do the invocation. I thought about it so let's do it.



We’re going to first do the Violet Flame that is a very special dispensation to those of us in the Earth collective that are experiencing events lifting us that no one else has ever … we're unique; quite, quite unique. We've had a lot of harsh experiences and some of them have left their mark. And once we had the experience and learned the lesson there's no need in suffering rehashing it let's get rid of the residual energies now and move on so we could accomplish going higher in our ascension. And so we’re going to call forth St. Germain’s Violet Flame which has the ability to consume and transmute these original nagging energies freeing us with a light heart to move on. And so we stand with our feet flat on the floor, or on the ground would be very nice grounding ourselves, our hands at our sides palms facing beloved Mother Earth and this is what we say.

I AM the mighty Violet Consuming Flame
that now and forever consumes and transmutes
all past and present mistakes
their cause, their core, their effect, and their Akashic record.

All gone. Peter recommends when we do a short affirmation like this we do it four times, it really sets it in, and it’s nice to incorporate that so that our energies – sometimes we think we’re clear and we’ve done it but you never know there might be a seed of something that we've just been exposed to. So it's nice to do that and catch things before they catch us.

Now let's do the Pillar of Protection which was given to us by our beloved Lord Ashtar as he dictated it to his flame Lady Pallas Athena who is here incarnate as I am. And she's very careful so we've got an excellent source here and we’re going to call on the White Pillar of Protection standing with our feet again flat on the floor, our hands above our head, palms together, fingers pointing upward toward our own I AM Presence our Higher Presence our Higher Self. And as we say this I like to just pull that pillar down around me, a diameter of nine feet across, and just snuggle into this wonderful solid -- this is not a tube, this is not a bell, it is a solid Pillar of White Light Substance and this is what we say.

Beloved I AM Presence,
intensify your protective Pillar of Pure Positive Cosmic White Light Substance in, through, and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable, that keeps us insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.
Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction
and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.
And so it is.

Here we are in a perfect setting to receive all the information from our beloved Zorra. And I'm going to turn this over now to Quazar and Zaraya. Your line is open and Quazar will be moderating. Zaraya will be here briefly before he and his father exchange bodies and then Zorra will be with us speaking through Zaraya's body. And before you know it Jane may find that Zorra’s other half, beloved Saryya is ready to exchange bodies with her and Jane/Quazar will then leave her Earth body and Zorra's other half Saryya will be here.

So we’ll start out with Zaraya and Quazar and then we will find ourselves talking with Zorra and Saryya. So now that we have everybody nicely confused I'm going to turn it over to Quazar and Zaraya. So come on guys.


Quazar: Hi there Lady Nada/Anne. We love you and thank you again for our call today.

Zaraya: Yep thank you very much.

Quazar: And we are. Zaraya and I are very happy to be here with all of you dear family today. and we hope that all of you as well had a good Christmas filled with love; filled with connectedness with your family and friends. And of course we’re looking forward to the New Year. So this call actually is going to help to prepare all of us for the New Year.

Of course we do have some questions still that are remaining as far as certain events that have not yet occurred that we’ll be asking Zorra but primarily we’re going to concentrate on this coming new year and how are we going to end it; and what are we going to do in the following year to come.

With that in mind when we have our questions and answers you will be asked to first of all tell us one thing that has been positive for you this year, and then the second thing is for you then to tell us all one or two of your resolutions for the coming new year. So that's how we're going to start the question and answer.

What Was The Most Important Thing You Experienced in 2015?
What Is Your Resolution For 2016?

Zaraya, Quazar, Anne Tell Theirs

But to start to with Zaraya and I are going to begin that before Zorra comes in. I'm going to now ask Zaraya what's one thing that has been positive for you this year or presently and then if you could share with us one or two of your resolutions for the new year. Is that all right Zaraya?

Or just give us another message that you would like us hear; maybe you have a message for our family to start with?

Zaraya: What I want to say to everyone out there is as we have said before don't blow your blessing by turning in your currency. Okay? Because when you do that then you have lost out on your blessing and that's something you don't want to do. The Lightworkers need the blessing and it’s meant for us and so there's no reason to do that.

Something positive that has happened this year is, for me I see the world changing for the better: more enlightenment, more knowledge, more understanding. From my point of view I think you guys have come a long way. However a lot of you haven't come a long way as well. I mean I can tell that by some of the questions that we've gotten in the e-mail.

Quazar: Positive! Remember positive.

Zaraya: I know I'm talking about positive. I mean we have received very positive emails too but, there again, we have also received some not so positive from people who think they should have it a different way. But anyway.

And my resolutions, one is to lose more weight and the other is to have more patience on the highway [Laughter] because of all these crazy drivers around here.

Quazar: I was just going to say Zaraya maybe you could fill some of that in. People you know are cutting in in front of you and people are just not driving… [Zaraya: inaudible off mic] Exactly. Okay. let’s …

Zaraya: What about you?

Quazar: Okay, what about me? What's positive for me for this year I think has been the growth of our family and that I also see that we are helping people to become more enlightened and I think that's very positive for myself as well as for many others.

And now to my resolution or intention, that I can be more patient. (Zaraya: With who?!) Well the patience actually it's really with me because it always starts with one's self. So I have a tendency to sometimes expect things, or sometimes I’m impatient with how things are, as many of you are. I have to learn how to just kind of relax and meditate and just feel centered and grounded. And I think that helps me but that's always been a challenge for me so that's one of my resolutions for the year: to become more grounded or centered so that I can be more patient. And I think I'll leave it with that.

Okay so now we can get started. I think we should ask Lady Nada. Hey Anne before we get started … Zaraya: What's been positive for you and what's your New Year's resolution?

Anne: Oh you guys I was wondering if I was going to get put in the hot seat. I don't relate to any of it.

What has been positive has been of course my relationship with my beloved Sananda. There's nothing more important and nothing more compelling than having him there with me all the time. That's the positive getting to be, when I was first told of this relationship I introduced him as my brother one time I just couldn't accept it. And now I'm very, very comfortable with him and he's with me all the time, laughing, we have fun. So that's the positive and that's waiting for all of you, all of you as you connect with your other halves.

As to resolutions I don't have any resolutions. I live my life minute to minute to the highest application that is possible and there is nothing that I want except of course the fulfillment of the mission and the perfect fulfillment of my own mission which is all that guides me through every single day so you can see I've kind of got a one-track mind.

Quazar: Well that was beautiful. (Zaraya: Very well said.) Resolutions can actually be intentions as well.

Anne: Yeah that's a nice word.

Quazar: Well I think with that we’re going to let Zaraya go and have your dad come. Are you ready?

Zaraya: My father said to put on my water wings.

Quazar: Put on water wings! You’re going swimming! Okay well you’ll enjoy the waters there. I’m sure they’re not going to be quite as cold as it would be over here in Lake Tahoe. It’s really freezing over there. All right so we’ll give Zaraya a couple of seconds here as he trades spirit or soul and Zorra will be coming in very shortly. So this will be a very wonderful evening for all of us.


So We Missed the Christmas Target Date,
What’s New Target?

Hi Zorra! (Zorra: Indeed) What a wondrous, glorious and loving evening that you're here. (Zorra: Indeed) Well sir, why don't you take over. (Zorra: you can hold the phone for the moment.) Well okay. You’ve kind of seen how we're getting this evening started. (Zorra: Indeed) So perhaps maybe before we do that, we’re thinking perhaps you would have a few words or messages for us since it is now to the new year and Christmas or the holidays have passed or most of them have passed. (Zorra: Not fully.) Okay.

Zorra: Indeed. Well beloved masters me, and Prime Creator have been on my ship; my ship has been stationed over the country of Iraq, so me and Prime Creator have been in the process of influencing the parliament of what is termed Iraq and they’re in agreement. Now they just have to do what is termed as get the others in agreement. Others meaning other countries that are not coming forth with the announcement and of course that does include the United States. And so we are still pushing for what is termed before the first of the year. And that is only a couple of days away so and Prime Creator is now in my ship over Washington.

But my beloved Zaraya is now in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Mexico and swimming with the dolphins and swimming with what is termed merpeoples and so that is why I told him to put his water wings on.

Quazar: We figured it would be some place warm.

Zorra: Indeed. Of course. The waters are very warm. Anyway.

Who Is Holding It Up
Quazar: Well if you wish to continue, otherwise I'm going to say on that subject that you just brought up. (Zorra: I know you are.) Are you ready? (Zorra: I know you have some questions.) Yes we do. (Zorra: Go.) Okay.

Now I understand that from where you are that sometimes when you say things are going to happen, when you say you are pushing certain people or countries to move forward with the RV or the GCR, how do you do that? I mean are you the little voice that is supposed to be …

Zorra: We are a very loud voice in their ears, in their minds. We were very soft and sweet before but not anymore.

Quazar: Not anymore, okay! So the last time we spoke this was before Christmas you had said and you didn't want to tell people who was holding it up …

Zorra: It wouldn't matter if we told them anyway. They would still ask questions.

Quazar: So at this point do you want to tell people or do not want to tell people or, you already rather said that you’re over Washington, you’re over Iraq, so we can kind of put two and two together and say okay those two are big players and then there are other countries that are also players (Zorra: And China) in pushing the button to go forward. So how much more specific could you be in the details?

Zorra: Well that is said I have been allowed to say by directed by Prime Creator. So as far as giving names as to peoples that are in the process of trying to hold it up I've been instructed not to. But I will say that it does it is someone in the countries of China and the countries of America are the last two holdouts as they are so termed.

Quazar: Okay well why Prime Creator doesn't want you to tell us who they are. (Zorra: What would it matter?) It doesn't really matter.

Okay, okay so then maybe another question maybe not that were getting news that there is a three day blackout which means everything is down and hopefully within these next few days the RV/GCR is going to occur or something is going to occur so that we can finally got our blessing by the 1st.

Zorra: What is down?

Anne: It's the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). They're not posting rates for three days.

Zorra: Oh but they're not down. ([All three speaking] They’re just not posting the rates.) They are not down they are just not coming forward with the rates as they are so termed. But they are not down.

Quazar: So what is the three day significance for the RV? So how do you see it, how do you see that?

Zorra: A revamping of the system, of the CBI.

Quazar: Okay so I guess I'm going to ask a real blunt question Zorra. (Zorra: Of course.) Of course. [Zorra chuckles] So you said we're shooting for 1st of January. So are you really looking at January 1 or let's just look at…

Zorra: Well January 1st is a holiday (Quazar: Right) and then of course the 2nd is on what is termed Saturday. And then the third is on Sunday. So it is on a weekend. So the next work day would be on Monday, yes?

Quazar: Well yes for the United States correct. So within that period of time that is what you're saying?

Zorra: That is what we are pushing for, yes.

Quazar: So within that period of time: from this weekend until the 4th or so something should be happening correct?

Zorra: Indeed. That is our, what is it termed, that is our plan.

Quazar: So I guess just so we can be really clear, I mean if it happens by then that's terrific, but what’s the probability that it may not happen within that period of time?

Zorra: Prime Creator and myself and Sananda are wanting to achieve this goal of this blessing by the first. That is all we need to say on that. It would be announced in the Americas on the Monday. Or around that date indeed. It will probably be announced on the computer over the weekend from Iraq.

Anne: Zorra what kind of pressure can you put on? What is your ultimatum? What's the deal that you are trying to bring about and what is your leverage? What are their choices? How are you putting pressure on? What's the deal?

Quazar: Yeah, what's the ultimatum for them?

Zorra: The ultimatum? Well they have already went past a couple of ultimatums, so this one that is coming should be the last ultimatum to give the announcement to let it go.

Quazar: And if they don't then what?

Zorra: More firmer steps. I cannot tell you what they are but it will be decisive and it will have to do with the Ashtar Fleet. Indeed.

Quazar: And that would be if they don't do as you’ve asked?

Zorra: Yes, we are continuing to ask. We are not telling, we are asking. [Inaudible]

Anne: You give them two choices but the choices are getting pretty concrete now. (Zorra: Indeed) They're not soft choices they are hard choices.

Zorra: They are hard choices.

Quazar: Okay, all right, very good. Thank you Zorra. Thank you. (Zorra: indeed)


Galactic Update: Disclosure, NESARA, etc
Okay so I hope we covered that pretty firmly. On another topic; a much lighter and loving topic Zorra, (Zorra: By all means!) Just tell us give us an update now on what is happening with our Galactic family and Disclosure and of those good things that are coming our way besides NESARA and St. Germain.

Zorra: Well you would have to ask St. Germain about that. The others as far as NESARA, and as we spoke that would be St. Germain's territory, but what is termed as the coming event of Disclosure is another day closer. I will not go into specifics. It is not necessary. (Quazar: Okay it's your show.) Well it's not my show it's everyone's show; every one of the Lightworkers show.

The World Is Changing, However Subtly
And all of you Lightworkers out there -- and you know who you are -- ones that have awakened [and] are no longer in slumber, you are beginning to realize who and what you are. Are you not? Many that have come to the realization of knowing who and what they are have changed their own worlds. They have changed the way they look at the world and that is what Zaraya was saying. He said he sees the world changing because the more and more peoples are being awakened, More and more peoples are coming to the realization of knowing that they are gods and they are goddesses.

The Energies That Came To Our Planet
Have Been Doing The Job

The Masses Are Awakening

Quazar: Well the energies are continuing to rise.

Zorra: To rise and get stronger, that is so. And as these energies rise and get stronger the more people will awaken.

Quazar: The people, when you say the people that are awakening, would you say that they are …

Zorra: The unrealized Lightworkers. The ones who do [did] not know, before they awakened that they were Lightworkers. Everyone is a Light worker but only a significant amount know who they are and what they are. We want more to know who and what they are.

Quazar: And what percentage of that would that be Zorra? How many are now awakened?

Zorra: You would term it 75% of the population of the planet are awake or awakening.

When It’s Not Time For Us To Know, Zorra Does His Best To Obfuscate
Anne: I have a question. I love this new 75% are awake!

At one time we were told that 45% of the surface population were actually ground crew from the ships. 45% came down here from the ships to get this planet lifted. (Zorra: Indeed) Okay now who are/were the other 55 who are not ground crew? Who are these beings that we came to save? (Zorra: Again?)

Well there's 100% of us on the surface. 45% came from the ships. Who are the 55% that we came to save? [Quazar and Anne trying to clarify the question.]

Well before the 45% came from the ships, who were [the people who were] down here [already on the surface of Earth] that we came to save? (Zorra: To save?) Well we all came down here to get the job done and here we are! Who was here before we came? [All laughing] [Quazar and Anne continue trying to clarify the question.]

Quazar: So if we have 45% come from the ships to help humanity, tell us about the 55% that’s left.

Zorra: Well they are awakening.

Quazar: Yeah but where did they come from?

Zorra: Does it matter? Does it matter from where they come from?

A Brief History of Life on this Planet

Anne: It's just interesting that so many of us came from the ships with the intention of… We’re here building a new timeline. We came from 20 million years in the future and we came back here because we didn't like the way the old timeline went because only 30 percent of humanity was saved and there was a violent evacuation. And we've gone back and re-run that and we’ve built a new segment in there and we've done a good job. So now instead of 30%, 90 to 95% stands a good chance of being able to … I’ll say be saved and not be lost. But who were the others? They were here before we came to do this job.

Zorra: Well on the surface or in the interior?

Anne: No on the surface. 45% are from the ships.

Zorra: From the surface, they are the ones, the beings of mankind population that were asleep and now they are beginning to awaken. (Quazar: But where were they from?) Other star systems.

Anne: They were descendents of star seeds that were planted here long ago (Zorra: Indeed) and they're the descendents of the original star seeds. (Zorra: Indeed) Yeah. Okay I’ve got it.

Zorra: Indeed they are. They come from other star galaxies they come from other star systems, other universes.

Anne: They say that we’re a mixture of about 12 different races and we are called the creator race or the God race because of our unique DNA mixture. Can you tell us anything about that?

Zorra: There’s actually 13.

Anne: Oh really! Thirteen races. And that's why these bodies are so valuable that we're going to take them with us …

Zorra: Because you cannot exclude the Elementals. Indeed. Elementals consist of the others that are spoke of in fairytales and things of this nature. That is the thirteenth.

Anne: Oh okay. I see. Twelve races plus the Elementals. How sweet.

Zorra: Indeed. Which would make 13.

Quazar: And what was that other question, Anne?

We Were the Annoying Know-It-Alls
from Other Star Systems

Anne Explains Why We Want To
Keep Our Bodies On Ascension

Anne: Well I think I got my question answered. Eons ago when there were people within some of these … this is my understanding:

These different star systems had their established way of doing things but there're always unique beings that think ahead of the masses. And from the masses’ viewpoints they're [these freethinkers] are bad because they don't conform. They've got new ideas. If the individual with a new idea (like Tesla) that is unique but the masses don't understand, they condemn them and say that they're wrong and they don't want them to rock their boat so they dumped them all here on the surface of Earth.

And so all these unique beings that were not conformists, they were really quite individually-thinking and fore-thinking. Then they intermingled as one race and that's why we've got such an extraordinary – Peter says we’re the best of the best because of this intermingling of these high individuals that were nonconformists of these other star systems being dumped on what was called a prison planet -- and then they intermingled and we are the descendents.

These bodies are the descendents of these very special unique and original star seeds. And that's why these bodies are so vital that we purify them -- those of us that can raise the body when we make our ascension – and don't leave the body behind. We can use them later on to enter other 3-D systems.

Zorra: Goodbye. I was telling Quazar goodbye.

Anne: [Laughing] Oh, I thought you were telling me goodbye. I thought I went too far!

Zorra: No, I was talking to Quazar. (Anne: Goodbye Quazar!) She's going swimming too.

Anne: Aww, well she'll enjoy it especially down there in the Gulf. That's nice. And folks what we're talking about if you are new, as I said earlier Quazar is trading bodies with Zorra's other half Saryya. And so Zorra and Saryya happened to have been swimming in the Gulf with the merpeople so that's where Quazar is going to find herself now [along with Zaraya]. And by this time Saryya is probably ready to say hello to us through Quazar's body. So now we have Zorra and Saryya here.



Zorra: So why don't we start with the questions now so we can get everyone in.

Anne: Okay let's just give it a shot here. Welcome Saryya! I'm presuming that you're here. We're going to go as quick as we can so please when it's your turn try not to enjoy a lengthy conversation. Let's present the question get the answer.

Zorra: Before the question, you're going to give a positive response and then do what is termed as to give your New Year’s resolution. One.

Anne: One New Year's resolution and one positive thing that you are grateful for in the year that is closing now. Yeah that's nice. Here we go. And folks just comment with your name your location and those two items that we just told you about and whatever your one question is.


She’s grateful for all she’s been able to do so far
661: Hi everyone this is Deb in Helena, Montana. The positive thing is the times that I've had been allowed to be in support of my grandchildren and my daughter here in Helena as I wait for the RV. I'm grateful for that. And my intention for the new year is to fulfill all the dreams that have manifested in my heart regarding the RV and set those in motion. And my question is: some of us you know are living with people who are nonbelievers. (Zorra: Indeed) And so in feeling like it was going to happen any moment, like it was going to happen by Christmas, it is going to happen whenever/ whatever time, we haven’t moved out of this situation thinking that it was going to happen any time and then we would be able to change everything. And I guess I would just like to know if we could have confirmation if we should we just stay where we are and it will unfold and then we will move forward versus leaving the situation and trying to find some other way of being. Do you understand?

How to wait for the RV
Zorra: Indeed. Do what is termed as live from day to day in the state of expectant. But also you be sensible about it as well. Do not over extend yourself financially thinking that it may occur. Use your what is termed good judgment and common sense and things of that nature. But rest assured your blessing is well on its way. Also if you are there where you are in Helena presently, do you live elsewhere or do you live in Helena?

661: I'm from Washington state but I've been in Helena since the end of July kind of waiting.

Zorra: Oh so you are wondering if you should stay in Helena or whether you should return to Washington?

661: I want to return to Washington when it RV’s but I was just wondering if I maybe need to go to my other daughter's house for now or something until we RV or do I just wait out here? The people are good here but I'm living in a nonbelieving house.

Surround yourselves with like-minded
Zorra: You need go to where like-minded peoples are. You need to be in positive atmosphere at all times. So I'm sure that is the answer you are seeking. So you need to be where you have the support, where you have the love and the compassion. And when you're in a situation or in a home where there is negativity it draws you down. And this you do not want. (661: Okay. Thank you.) Indeed. (661: Bless you all.)

Anne: Okay. There that was one question and was helpful for all of us. Thank you honey.


On being tolerant of those who’ve not yet awakened
352: Hi Anne. This is Rod from Florida. How are you doing? I somewhat have the same problem as the woman who just appeared before me in that I live with somebody who totally thinks this is a bunch of crap. So what I've tried to do this year is be more tolerant of her perspective of it until maybe she learns differently.

What I hope to achieve in the future is being able to, as you say Anne, just be. That is really tough because every time I think of myself just being I think of what I should do, what I didn’t do, what is left to do, how to do it, why to do it, when to do it. And you could drive yourself crazy doing that! And so I get up from my meditation get a drink of water go back and try it all over again. So that's about where I am.

ISIS no longer an issue
Well my question is how do we expect people in like ISIS to be loving? I can’t understand how that will ever account for itself.

Zorra: Indeed. The ISIS situation in what is termed in the Middle East is coming to a close because they have realized the origin of ISIS and now so they are in the process of eliminating the threat. Indeed?

352: Indeed. Thank you Zorra.

Be Love to Send Love to End Terror
– Be In Joy
Saryya: I should like to add to this. To all of you as we see the unrest still going on in the ISIS Iraq area, it can be quite troubling to see this happening before you on your planet. So how do you help the situation? As we have been telling you before, is only to send your love. The way to send that, well in order to send that pure love of Light and higher vibration is to be that and then you may send it. You can send it. That means you have to learn to be in joy, always. When you are in joy you are in the highest of frequencies because that is the joy that is the love that you would like to send to them. That will help to dissipate the troubles that are occurring or have been occurring there. So when you think love, think of harmony and joy and peace. That thought, send that to ISIS and then see that happening to them and then that will help to resolve and abolish the troubles that are there. (Zorra: Indeed)


No matter what rumor you hear,
Keep your currency

505: Hi how are you guys doing? My name is Peter I'm from New Mexico and I've talked to you Zorra a few months back regarding the RV. I heard that the Zim (Zimbabwe) is not going to RV is that correct Zorra? I heard that the Zimbabwe currency is not going to revalue because the Chinese Yuan is taking over and the Zim will be worthless.

Zorra: Currency is never worthless.

Understand beloved master you have what is termed, you have beings out there that do not want people to receive a blessing. And they are going to tell you negative things when it comes to this to convince you that it is not going to occur and that you should do away with it so they can have more. Do not listen to rumors. Rumors are negativity. Do not listen to rumors, only facts.

505: Yeah I was hoping that we would have the blessing before Christmas but I guess not.

Zorra: Well Christmas has come and gone and now we are doing what is termed as shooting for the first of the year or thereabouts.

505: And one in China and one in the US is that what you said earlier Zorra? I guess I know who it is but I just don't want to tell you who it is. [Anne attempts to get caller to pose his question.]

Zorra: That was his question.

505: Hey, hold on! Hold on! Don’t kick me yet! I have one last question. Apparently my wife she does not believe in this RV stuff and once it has RV’d do I need to carry my wife with me to the bank to do the exchange or I could do it by myself?

Zorra: Do it by yourself unless her name is on the currency receipt.

505: Do I need to present the receipt for the currency?

Anne: You know you're asking questions that are not pertinent to the call. This is something that you should be asking on one of the Dinar sites; it doesn't apply to everybody on the call. I'm going to have to close your line now. You've had two or three questions.

505: I understand Anne but I trust Zorra more than those people that's the problem. I'd rather hear from Zorra than, you know.

Saryya: What is your positive and intention for the year?

505: This year I'm going through a divorce right now so that's all I now. Yep I'm going to a divorce because I'm going broke and yeah things not going well for me so I'm hoping this RV will take place sometime this week so I can change my life and help others. (Zorra: Indeed)

Anne: All right well there you are making changes and sometimes those changes are necessary. All right. Thank you. We wish you well in your new life.

Zorra: I also wish to tell that beloved master that his twin flame is still out there waiting for him.

Anne: Oh you see there hand we've been told that if were in a relationship that isn't working free yourself of that so you in your twin can unite.

505: Wow I love that. Thank you.

Anne: Glad to see you smiling. All the best in your new life.


Upping the level of gratitude
413: This is Marilynn from Massachusetts. The one thing I'm grateful for is seeing more and more people waking up. And my intention for the new year is to keep myself more in gratitude. It's always my aim and underscoring that aim for the coming year.

Message being sent by St Nick
I need clarity on things Zorra that you have said in the past. (Zorra: Indeed) First one is about St. Nicholas. You said that he was a wood carver and that the royalty did not like what he was doing and asked him to cease and desist. What was he doing that they did not like?

Zorra: Giving gifts to the needy without getting profit from it.

413: So that was that it wasn't something like maybe he carved special little things [messages?] into the toys or anything?

Zorra: No he was [just] bringing joy and they did not want the joy.

Pyramids for Homes and Gardens
413: When you're making the grids the pyramid grids over your home or your garden or whatever, (Zorra: Indeed) I understood you to say that you put a crystal in the North the South the East and the West. (Zorra: Indeed) And I did that and in several places I hadn't noticed much difference but yet I'm thinking whenever I have worked with smaller crystals the instructions have always been to put the flat side to the north. So should the crystals have been like Northeast - Northwest -Southeast - and Southwest instead, the corners?

Zorra: No. In the case of a garden there is one of two ways to do it. You can take a poll and put it in the center of your garden and have the pyramid atop the poll and that will create a grid. And then on the house you go North – South – East - and West and in the center on the roof of the house you put a copper disc with a crystal.

413: A copper disc? (Zorra: Indeed) So that doesn't have to be a pyramid, just a disc.

Zorra: Well the pyramid will be in the disk. The crystal will be in the disc creating the illusion of the pyramid around the house.

413: You're saying in the disc but when I see a disk I'm seeing a round of copper, like a flat piece.

Zorra: Yes, a round flat piece of copper and you position adhere the crystal flat bottom on to the plate and that will give the grid lines of the pyramid, invisible lines over the house, and it will keep out your little pests and things you do not wish to have in your home.

413: So now the crystal, am I standing it up on there and adhering the bottom to … (Zorra: Indeed)

Okay those are my questions. (Zorra: Indeed) Thank you very much.

Anne: All right. Thank you. That was interesting.


Intending to live moment-to-moment
in full awareness
417: This is Monica in Golden, Missouri and I am grateful and thankful to be more conscious and more aware and I am for next year I want to live moment by moment and be more conscious and more aware.

Influencing un-awakened thru
Higher-Self communication

My question is can you pray to/ from your Higher Self to someone else's Higher Self to have them awaken?

Zorra: Indeed you can.

417: Because I live in a house of nonbelievers so that’s what I do. And I put out crystals and things like that to bring peace and love and harmony in the family and it brings a lot of stuff up to the surface but then it calms down and it's like it airs out the house. But I believe, I believe with all my heart in the RV and that this will also work.

Zorra: Indeed it shall.

417: I believe, I believe without a doubt. (Zorra: Indeed) And that's what I do. I continue to spread the word. Thank you so much Zorra. And thank you Lady Nada/Anne. You are a wonder!

Anne: Oh thank you very much. It's always good to hear your voice honey. And don't forget when they're asleep you can send them lots of love when they're asleep. (Zorra: Indeed)

417: Quantum love. Quantum love to all.

Anne: There you go. Thank you for joining us tonight. Bye-bye.


Her Higher Self is in her head now
530: Okay that's me. I’m Mariann from California. I can say my positive statement for this year is that I am waking up. Since July I am potentially integrating my Higher Self. About two weeks ago I could see my Higher Self above my head. Now it's inside my head. And that's amazing! And so I'm living more in my heart so that's my positive thing. Very grateful about that. Now my intention is to meet my twin flame next year, hopefully that's what it is. My question I know we’re going to be meeting our mentors soon which I am really looking forward to. I was wondering are we going to meet the Ascended Masters? Are they coming here too such as Sananda, Krishna, Yogananda?

Will Ascended Masters Walk Among Us Again?
Saryya: This is Saryya. When your mentors come it will be seeing each of you individually. When we have Disclosure that is when that occurs along with all of our many Ascended Masters. So yes you will see them all as well.

530: Oh great. Wow! That makes me so happy! Thank you.

Zorra: And your twin flame will be coming into your life in the sixth month.

Anne: Oh wow that was great. Good for you. Very nice.


Mimic Plant

(A plant that can mimic any food we choose)

860: John, Connecticut. I've got two of them now based on the last caller. One is to meet my twin flame next year and help as many people as possible after the RV. (Zorra: Very good.) My two questions is will you be distributing or will you be able to send to me the seeds for the mimic plant?

Zorra: Understand beloved master when what is termed as the Disclosure occurs the mimic plant will be global meaning it will be falling from the sky, in a sense, and it will be implanting itself in the soil around the world. So the mimic plant will be available because people will no longer be eating meat.

860: And the other question if the RV does not happen this weekend how long will it be until Ashtar’s ships help it along?

Zorra: That you will have to ask Ashtar. He is in charge of that.

860: Alright that's it. Thank you very much.

Anne: Well if Ashtar is in charge I have full assurance it's going to go just the way we want it. I have a little personal bias. He's a very good friend of mine; very close.


Maybe a couple of us could help to push RV thru
504: Yes Anne hi. This is Lisa in New Orleans. How are you and Zorra? Okay I'm just grateful to be awake and aware in this special time in this world. In my new year I'd like to be able to help the poor people that need help but of course that's my goal. I can't do it without an RV. (Zorra: That is so.) So my question to you Zorra is what will it take to make this thing go? I know y’all are doing everything and I think maybe we need a couple of people to get involved here. I volunteer my services.

Zorra: It is well in hand with Prime Creator.

504: Well I know I just want to help people and also help myself and I just hope that we don't have to wait until April and June and…

Zorra: No you will not have to wait that long.

504: No? Thank goodness! I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case.

Zorra: We are trying for before the end of this year.

504: Well I just wanted to say hi and hopefully things will come along for all of us because were really, really hurting.

Zorra: Indeed. We know that.

504: Well thank you Zorra I just want to thank you for all you do, and everyone else. My question really is, is there a way that I can find out where I came from?

Zorra: Well that is a personal question however I will tell you it is from the Pleiadian Star System.

504: I had a feeling. Thank you so much. That's exciting!

Anne: Well okay we'll let you get away with it. Don’t everybody try that now. You'll be helping everybody before you know it. It'll be so much fun; it'll be so good.


Helping Family Awaken
775: We are Rhyanna and her daughter from Schurz, Nevada. Namaste Zorra and Lady Nada. My positive for the year is that my family, who at the beginning wasn't necessarily believers fully have become awakened and our compassion collectively has become almost a weapon. It’s been so wonderful. My intent for next year is to send my vibrations with your mission as well, both of you, and also to remember who I am.

And I would say that my question for you Zorra would then be as we start to awaken and we start to have our memories, is there a way for me as the matriarch and the leader of my family at this time to help them and myself in a meditation or something that can help us remember who we are and our strengths so that we can truly come together as a force and do this? Does that make sense?

Zorra: Indeed it does. When we do the Healing Pulse this evening it will entail a meditation. Healing as well as memory. Remembering.

775: Oh that is wonderful then. My blessings go with you and I hope soon to meet all of you in person.

Zorra: Indeed.


Star of Bethlehem = New Jerusalem
804: This is Jimmy in Virginia. How is everybody doing? I'm grateful this past year I think most for I guess the trusting and learning to really trust in what we can't see, which you know on the RV a lot of us are really involved. And next year I'm expecting to be able to give more and to give back to people in my life. It's like I've become the issue rather than everything else. (Zorra: indeed) My one question that I think the central theme tonight is on twin flames. I've been told that I'm from the Star Of Bethlehem and I wanted to know if you could tell us something about you know our starship the Star Of Bethlehem.

Zorra: The Star of Bethlehem is the New Jerusalem. It is indeed [the same one]. And if you look in your night sky as the sun is dropping you will see a light appear. And if you look through a telescope you will see it is elongated meaning it is not round, it is not oval, it is elongated and you are looking at the side view of New Jerusalem.

804: Are a lot of us being taken up at nighttime when we sleep?

Zorra: Yes you are for training.

804: I notice dreams a lot more coming through a lot more. Well that's all I wanted to know. I wanted to know if you know my twin flame up on the ship. You know who she is?

Zorra It is not for me to say. You will find out.

804: Well I'm waiting for her. I’m wanting her to come down just like everybody else.

Zorra: You will meet her very soon.

804: And Anne, I'm mailing out the pyramids tomorrow. It's interesting the number 13 because I've got 13 dragons on the pyramid so it'll be good with Hollow Earth and everything. So God bless everyone.


[Zorra inquires about number of questioners remaining. Sets limits on remaining calls.]


Making room for Joy and
Arrival of the healing vessels
501: This is Marilee from Arkansas. I'm grateful what happened this past year I learned how much more I could endure and what I was capable of doing. I had adopted the saying of ‘everything is happening for me’ and is been a great transformational help to interpret life with this wonderful statement: Everything is happening for me.

My intention for the new year is to make more room for joy and feel more joy so that my vibration can lift even higher and trust what's going on around me is in perfect divine order. And raise my vibration so I can experience it even more.

My question is I'd like to know whether it's possible for me to regrow my organs that have been removed and would it take time or can I expect it to be spontaneous/instantaneous healing the closer we get to zero point?

Zorra: When what is termed as the healing vessels arrive on planet Earth and you are taken to it, it will be instantaneous replacement.

501: That's awesome. I thank you so much. I'm grateful to the Hollow Earth Network for the beautiful slides they have on the Blog Talk Radio website tonight. Thank you. I'm done.


Memory of past life returns
765: This is Will from Indiana. The positive thing happened this year I've got a whole bunch of head shockers[???] like seven or eight and they're really very eventful really awesome. My resolution is to be more direct in the way I post things and not be so nice. But I've got a question about this portal experience I had where was going to lay down is like a hole in space opened up and I could see this coastline the water and I thought I seeing a vision but I could feel the cool breeze and I could feel the water. It only lasted 30 seconds but I figured I was either experiencing life as a dolphin or as a merperson or one or the other. It wasn’t a boat because I could feel myself swimming. So I'm asking Zorra about that about any, how to integrate that experience and not let it … I kind of my 3D self got in the way and shortened the experience because it was really awesome.

Zorra: Indeed. You were a former merperson in your recent past life.

765: So is that recent past life it feels like it's simultaneous from my point of view it's happening simultaneously. Is that a correct perception?

Zorra: Yes you are getting your memory back.

765: You know that was a very awesome feeling to be that comfortable in the water. It was really warm out wherever I was. It felt like China first thing that came to me was the South China Sea. To be able to experience that more often do you have to wait and let things integrate? What it’s kind of meditation where you tend to get the way of things you know. It's kind of hard to ask the question I was hoping you could fill in the blanks. [Zorra chuckles] You’ve been there.

Zorra: Ask the Lord God of your being to bring the memory, to return the memory to you of your former merperson life and it shall become.

765: Right on, okay. Well Zorra I appreciate you. It's kind of a rush when I talk to because I could feel this electricity running through my body and connecting to (Zorra: indeed) all that life that runs through you. Pretty neat. Well I guess that’s it.

Zorra: that energy that you are experiencing is what is termed as your Godself coming to the surface.

Yeah I’ve realize that I'm affiliated with the Elohim which is very cool there's a lot of levels that I’m really grasping the effects of from the 13th on to the third. Anyways, Zorra if you could throw me any clues about the twin flame thing since everybody else is getting a little clue. [Laughter] I think mine is on the ship. I think she's on the ship.

Zorra: She is on the earth.

765: Have I met her yet?

Zorra: You have indeed.

765: Somebody from when I was young?

Zorra: I cannot say. You will know when you meet her again you will know.

765: What's life without all the mysteries! All right thank you very much.


Is this Filipino Trust legitimate
808: Hi this is Jared Hightower from Hawaii. I just wanted to say for my New Year's resolution I wanted to help out this Filipino Benevolence Association that me and my family are part of. (Zorra: Indeed) and also for my question I just wanted to know if you know the history about it or if you can enlighten me more about it because I was listening to Karen Hudes and she brought up the founder of the Association who is Jose Serazar. I was just wanted to know if you knew anything about that. It's a missionary organization so what they do is they go around the Philippines and spiritually heal people that live in the province. So the people who don't have money for doctors and things like that they go around and they do prayers and things of that nature. It's called the PBMA.

Saryya: And the question you have is what again in relationship to this?

808: If you knew any of the history behind it. I was just curious.

Saryya: This is regarding a trust correct? (808: Yes)

Zorra: It is true, yes.


Save a Neighborhood -- Save the World
678: Thank you. I'm glad to be on your show tonight. The good thing that I'm doing here when the RV comes I'm planning on helping a whole community which is one mile-long and one-mile wide -- my old community -- to redevelop it and bring new blood back into it. (Zorra: Indeed) Right. It has failed was so many not enough kids in the neighborhood they are closing our schools, the different things that would help my neighborhood to grow back. So I'm planning on helping them with money funds as far as housing development, education development, business development, and a garden in the neighborhood. New different types of housing instead of the old housing some underground from roundhouses that are coming out of Texas to do that.

Asking Adama for an invitation to visit Telos
The question I wanted to ask you was is Mount Shasta will it be opening as far as the information where a person can actually go to Mount Shasta this summer and could I be invited in? I know it's in the higher elevations are in the high meadows but what's the possibility of me actually getting in? Excuse me, my name is Franklin. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia.

Zorra: Franklin understand this Mount Shasta entrance is physical. It is not in the higher realms, it is not in what is termed in another dimension. It is in this dimension.

678: Okay but what I’m saying it’s in the Meadows at Mt Shasta.

Zorra: Oh, you are speaking Upper Panther Meadow. Yes, it is between Lower Panther Meadow and Upper Panther Meadow is where the entrance is located.

678: So what would be my chance of actually visiting and if I visit, can I stay?

Zorra: That would be up to Adama.

678: I had one I kinda wanted to sneak in. I was going to ask you Is there any way possible that I can get a visual message sent to me from one of the mother ships or one of the ships of the Federation?

Zorra: By asking.

678: I asked but I have not received. I’ve been asking for a while.

Zorra: Do you have what is termed a headband? That would help. If you get a headband from Amy or Christine, get one of those, wear it when you go to Mount Shasta. And upon wearing it you should be able to see the ships and you should be able to communicate with them. You can actually communicate with them from Atlanta, Georgia.

678: That wouldn’t be what they call the Mammoth Cave would it? Mammoth caves are in Tennessee or Kentucky.

Zorra: That is one of the entrances going into what is termed the Agarthan underground cities. But as far as going into Hollow Earth, that would not be the way to go there.

Anne: And when you were saying that he could communicate with the ships from Atlanta that has nothing to do with the entrances. It just means you don't have to go anywhere, your headband will get you there. Oh and the headband sale is still ongoing right now. It's on our site


Obama of the First Race from Mushaba
334: Yes this is Anita from Alabama. My New Year's resolution is to help others help themselves. And my question is who is Mushaba people? Have you heard of Mushaban people?

Zorra: The Mushaban peoples are from the first race that populated Terra or populated Gaia. They are the ones known as the dark ones. And they are from the Pleiadian star system from the planet of Mushaba.

334: Do they still live here?

Zorra: They do indeed and you are one of them.

334: So we [are] like ‘old souls,’ right? We old souls? They call us old souls.

Zorra: Indeed you are.

Anne: And so is Obama, he's Mushaba isn’t he? (Zorra: Indeed)

334: Michael Jackson, he was Mushaba I heard.


Who Exactly Are Zorra and Saryya and Prime Creator
865: This is Christine from Knoxville, Tennessee. I'm grateful for connecting to all the groups I have in the last year and I'm hoping that next year I can connect to some in my highest good, whatever that is.

My question is, and it may be somewhere on the HollowEarthNetwork, Zorra people refer to you sometimes as Father-Mother God. I don't understand that. Can you explain that quickly to me or is there somewhere I can research that?

Saryya: Indeed beloved master. Most people think that Mother-Father God are One. And yes we are One, and yet we are separate as well. So when people relate to Mother-Father God they do say they only relate to the one being that they both are because they really are truly One. They are one with each other eternally. Does this answer your question?

865: Um, no, not really. I'm sorry. I don't understand -- and it's going to be a weird way of saying it -- the chain of command. There's Prime Creator and then there's who and who and who? I mean a lot of people pray to God, and I mean most people are praying to God. Are you saying that that's who you guys are? Your lower selves as you are now in Hollow Earth? Or your higher selves are? I'm confused about that because I'm not comfortable praying to somebody in a body because I consider everybody equal and unique so I'm kind of confused about who to pray to now.

Saryya: Let me try to make it simple for you my dear beloved master. We have Prime Creator. Prime Creator is One. He is the creator of all. Many people also speak of Prime Creator as being God; the One and only God. People also speak of Prime Creator as sometimes as even being male and sometimes people see him as female. Prime Creator can be whoever he wishes to be. He could come and visualize or he can come unto this planet as a female or he can come onto this planet as male to experience and to observe what is happening on this planet. He can be in many, many thousands of places all at once. This is Prime Creator that we speak of. And I know this is difficult for you to understand how this could all be.

In regards to who Mother-Father God are, we are the creators of your galaxy as One. So there is a male and a female counterpart of Mother-Father God. So when people talk about God, another God which is not the Prime Creator but the God, people see him or her either in either gender as you say.

You see there are many, there is not just a male or female gender anyway so understanding how we can be one and yet separate is something that you will understand when you become fully conscious. There is much for you, so many truths that are yet to unfold for you so many things that yet you need to remember of who you truly are. For you yourself are a goddess in this life in your form. I will have Zorra also speak of who we are because we are also of Hollow Earth, which is another aspect of who Mother-Father God are. Indeed.

Zorra: Indeed.

Saryya: She needs clarification of who we are. (Zorra: Who we are?) And also as beings of Hollow Earth as well as Father-Mother God.

Zorra: Ah! Indeed. We are that which is termed the creators of what is termed as the Milky Way Galaxy. Also and then Prime Creator is the creator of the universes and the galaxy and us. We are children of Prime Creator. Did that help?

865: Yes it did. So when people are praying to God are they praying to you?

Direct your prayers to your Higher Self
Zorra: [Chuckling] They should be praying to the Lord God of their Being because that is where all the answers that they seek lie -- within themselves.

The power of editing
Took the power away from the people
Understand, in the beginning if you have your Bibles handy go into your Old Testament. And in the Old Testament where it speaks of the creation of man it says, “God said let us make man in our image in our likeness and with our powers and abilities.”

In your New Testament in Matthew where the Disciples were speaking with Sananda, asked him about the healing part and he said, “Marvel not what I do for greater shall you do if you only believe that you can.” Again, a reminder of who you are.

The part where it speaks of “If you only believe in my name,” that was an addition added to the Bible or to the writings of the Bible from the King James cabinet. What was termed as elements in the Bible that went against the King were not permitted. So the power speaking of saying, “Marvel not what I do for greater shall you do if you only believe you can,” returns the power to the people's. And that is the way it should have been given to the population of England but it was not. And again in the Old Testament where it was speaking of God creating man said “Let us make man in our image in our likeness and with our powers and abilities,” that was left out also because the writers of the Bible did not want the people to realize their power. Indeed.

Anne: Okay I think we’ve pursued that about as far as we can and that was interesting for all of us. Thank you very much.

Don’t sweat the [small] universal stuff
Just be patient with ourselves we've got these little tiny human brains and we can't encompass all the multidimensional aspects of all of our individualities. So be patient, it's all going to open up as Zorra just said when we’re restored to full consciousness. So don't expect to be able to take it all in. I always love that saying: “Man thinks he can handle the vastness of the universe in the one quart capacity of his human brain.” It just won't hold it all. So don't torment yourself with it.

Zorra: They're having difficulty managing their own little world.

Anne: Yeah! Don't take on more than your little human brain can handle, it’ll never satisfy and you'll be spinning your wheels going around in circles. It's all going to be revealed very soon. Right now our most important focus is raising our vibrations and getting there and then it’ll all open up so clearly. (Zorra: Indeed)


What is a Twin Flame?
786: Hello this is Nikki from Florida. Good evening to all of you. I am grateful and my positive ideas for this year was that I am grateful to all of you for keeping up my spirit and for having learned also to survive despite my many challenges. And for next year I plan to meditate in the morning. I usually meditate at night but I plan to do it in the morning in order to raise my vibrations much more. And my question is this: what exactly is a twin flame? Is it like twin who looks exactly like me, when you say twin that’s what I imagined. Or is it like a brother or a lover? What is it exactly?

Zorra: It is your mate in life. It has what is termed as your help mate, your lover, your friend. One that is what is termed your other half as is termed of your soul.

786: How come this other half of the soul is living up and not with me down here? Does that happened to everyone or is it just …

Zorra: Well understand your soulmate could either be on a ship or it could be in another country or it could be in the same country. But circumstances will bring you together if you were meant to be together.

The Peoples of Helios
786: Now another question, this comes from my husband his name is Leo. He's a little shy but he wants to know if our sun, the sun that we have now on top of us is hollow and beings actually live inside of it.

Zorra: Indeed it is. It is hollow. It has a civilization living within it. They are known as The Shining Ones. The name of the sun is Helios.

786: Do they ever come to earth?

Zorra: They have been here and gone. (786: Recently?) In the past.


What is the sequence of events of The Event
434: My name is Morgan I'm from Virginia. I appreciate the learning and growth that I had this year and I look forward to the new world that we’ll be experiencing soon. My question for Zorra is what is the first event or can you tell us the first couple of events so we will know when they’ve happened? There's been lots of stuff out there and lots of rumors and this and that and I would appreciate hearing it from him. Will it be the RV or a wave? Will there be taken over, you know, getting back the radio and TV so that it's real and not given to us what they want us to know?

Saryya to Zorra: What is going to happen first.

Zorra: Indeed beloved master I will explain what is termed as the way the events will come out. What will be termed as you will be sitting wherever you may be or standing or driving or whatever, and suddenly you will receive communications coming over your car radio or what is termed coming over your iPhones or coming over what is termed your computers or what is termed all forms of media and it will be an announcement announcing the arrival of the Galactic Federation. And so the question as to where and whether you're alone will be answered at that time. Preceded by the RV.

After which time after the Disclosure has been fully realized which will be globally, and will also be … we are not here to eat you either. That is entertainment from your Hollywood one of your upcoming movies what is termed Independence 2, I think it is so termed. Anyway. But understand everyone on this planet are extraterrestrial. Indeed.

434: Thank you Zorra.

Zorra: Indeed and now I will turn it over to my beloved … (Saryya: Are we finished with our questions?) Yes we are.

Anne: You know if they were going to eat us they could have done that centuries ago.

I think that that reassures people when they see all those ships and say oh they’re coming to eat us! Why didn’t they do it a long time ago! Just because they're showing themselves now? They’ve been here all this time.

Zorra: They're coming to enlighten you, they’re coming to educate you, they’re coming to awaken you. They are not coming to devour you.


Now we shall have what is termed as a meditative healing.

Healing Pulse

Saryya: So everyone we want you now, all of you, start doing a couple of deep breaths; in and out. And close your eyes as we begin this meditation healing. As you breathe in, breathe in pure Light: this wonderful energy. And let it come through the top of your head and let that just stream all the way down your throat your arms your body your legs all the way down to your toes. As you do this just breathe in slowly and exhale out slowly.

Zorra: Breathe in the positive and exhale the negative.

Saryya: As you do this you are now aligning with your Higher Self. You are now feeling only that you are vibration. You are energy. You are Light energy.

This time of the year is a time to look back to see how far you have come; to see where you are now. All of the deeds that you have done’ all of the deeds that you have felt were perhaps not quite as nice as you would've liked. The times perhaps that you were in lower vibration; times when you have been angry; times when you have been sad; times when you had been in judgment and resenting things that have been around you; unhappy about all of the events and the weather's that have been in your surroundings. All of those things I want you to think about and bring up. As you bring those negative feelings and emotions up I want you to feel them because we are going to release and cleanse them. All of those things of the past that you did not like of yourself, really of the world, as well. And now we are going to be able to resolve all of those things, not only negative but those things also that are in your present: illness and suffering.

Zorra: Five, four, three, two, one. Receive. So be it.

Saryya: Feel those things lifting, lifting through and out of yourself, out of your body. Feeling them removed completely. And now feel the energy of Light and of Love replacing all of those lower energies. Bring them in through the top of your head. Bring them in into your heart. Bring these highest energies into your heart to your hands to your feet throughout your entire body, entire bodies. Indeed. Five, four, three, two, one. Receive.

Zorra: In addition to that, picture yourself on a sandy beach - nice warm breeze blowing off of the ocean. And I want all of you to picture yourself walking into the water, into the ocean and continue walking soon you are up to your waist, so you are up to your chest, and soon you are below the water. But you are not drowning because you can breathe underwater.

This I can assure you, all of you have the ability to breathe underwater just as the merpeoples do. You have an inbred survival mechanism within your bodies that was brought forth during World War II in Pearl Harbor when what is termed the ships were sinking. Many of the sailors dove into the water to avoid the oil fires and things of this nature and they were able to breathe underwater. They did not drown. They breathed underwater. Their survival mode took over and they realized they were able to breathe underwater.

So many of you wish to try this you can. But do not be what is called foolish but do gradually take the plunge as it is so termed and take the plunge and understand and not panic whenever you are under the water. Breathe normally. You will be able to breathe underwater. Your body will go into survival mode and you will breathe underwater.

We do it in Hollow Earth all the time and without any air tanks or anything of that nature. Go out and swim with the dolphins and when you lay your hands upon them or on their dorsal fins allow them to take you under the water and you will be able to breathe underwater.

You are amphibious beings all of you. You all are gifted with disability but you must do away with the fear that you cannot breathe underwater. Do away with the fair and do what comes naturally. Indeed. Indeed.

And five, four, three, two, one. At this moment do what is termed as to announce to the Lord God of your Beings the issues that you are facing concerning your bodies concerning your health and the Lord God of your being will in like manner heal your bodies because you are gods and goddesses which means you are all healers too. So be it.

Saryya: Indeed Zorra: Indeed

It is finished.

You may come and relax and open your eyes and feel the newness of your bodies, the newness of your health, the energy of who you are. You are gods and goddesses and have always been and always shall be. It is done. Indeed.

Anne: Thank you. Zorra: Indeed. Are we on standby as far as any future calls with the you Zorra and Saryya?

Zorra: Understand beloved master it is not necessary for us to have what is termed an every other Saturday call. If something comes up that we deem necessary for you to hear or information that is sent forth from Prime Creator, I will have a call. And we will bring forth that information. But to have a ongoing call from what is termed every other Saturday that is something that if I was to do this again, again people would fall into the old 3D and expect. This is something that you need not do. They need to go within themselves and receive the answers that they are seeking from the Lord God of their Beings. They must make contact with the Lord God of their Beings and that is where their answers lie.

The purity of truth lies within
Anne: And this is in every message anymore. Sananda also talks about it as well. (Zorra: Indeed) Going from human to human is only confusing and adding someone else's confusion to your own confusion. The purity of truth lies within and there is no other place to go. People try to avoid that - they think somebody else knows more than they know and they’re only adding someone else's confusion. Zorra: Indeed.

It is time for you beloved ones to fully realize you have left the 3D. The 3D reality can no longer pull you down into its reality which is really a non-reality. Bring yourselves higher and higher into whom you really are. Indeed. That is all.

Zorra: That is all. I hear a New World coming.

Anne: All right. Thank you. And it’s right around the bend. Here it comes. Thank you Zorra. Thank you Saryya

Saryya: Thank you beloveds.

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