Sunday, January 17, 2016

Zorra Heals from Hollow Earth - January 16, 2016

On this episode of Zorra's healing ministry; not only he assisted to heal those who needed help but also tried to answer the questions given by Jane with regards to the minions and or the people who are responsible for the delay of the RV. 

Zorra gave us insights into what is actually happening behind the scenes and the actions the Galactics did as well as the Company of Heaven and the Prime Creator in ushering the intended blessing for the people of the world. According to Zorra they decided to transfer those people to another planet which is the second earth that is identical to Earth located at the back of the sun. These people who were transferred there were given several "ultimatums" and or warnings in the past but they refused to back down and instead they continue with their defiance. And so, with the permission of Prime Creator those people who are standing in the way, blocking the RV blessing were transferred to another planet. A clone was substituted, put in place of these people. And these new people looks exactly like them but having a different soul or persona inside the body. And they will then take over the position and work of those who were transferred to another planet which they should have been doing in the first place. 

The Prime Creator,  Mother/Father God, Company of Heaven and the Galactics had been consistently patient for a very long time.  But the minions and some governmental personnel are so extremely timid to give way to the changes.  And so a decision has been made to transfer those people who are extremely defiant against the dawn of the new era of peace and prosperity ushering the New Golden Age of the Earth and its people.

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