Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ashtar - Question & Answer

Ask Ashtar

"Will those of us who have STOOD UP to the DARKNESS in these courts; fighting for our homes; have our homes returned to us & see that those who "went above duty" to cause further "harm" see justice? L.C., Illinois, usa

Ashtar: "You will either be able to return to your homes or find new ones. In other words, there have been provisions made for their return in some cases. In others, there will be sufficient funds for the purchasing of new homes, without the need of mortgage loans. This will provide all people with the Security of knowing that their homes will be freely owned!

"This is all a result of the coming announcement and activation of NESARA, and the dark hats will no longer have any empowerment to take anything from you! They shall be held accountable for their many deeds, and it is for Humanity to rise up and into Forgiveness of them. Meanwhile, my advice is to focus upon NESARA as the most Joyful beginning of the Golden Age, so as to help to bring it forth!" 


"Greetings Commander Ashtar - Can anyone can come aboard your mother ship and meet members of the galactic federation?"
S.L., Melbourne Australia.

Ashtar: "My ship, The New Jerusalem, is generally in a location beyond Earth's 3D, and I welcome you to the Bridge whenever you are so inspired! In Truth, many in human uniforms come during their sleep and meditation times, in an out-of-body kind of way. Almost all of them are members of my Command, and they may be with us also in their Higher Dimensional identities, for you are all multi-dimensional beings!

"Members of the Galactic Federation are often here on my ship as well, for we all are working together. I suggest that you enter into your meditations and sleeptimes with specific intentional requirements to come aboard to meet them, and to remember your visits within your conscious self, upon returning or awakening. You may wish to keep writing materials close by, in order to make a journal, for you will remember more and more as you repeat your visits!

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