Monday, March 14, 2016

Blakers 2017

And now for a little humor:  It's been too serious the last several days I thought of adding humor into the mix, to lighten up a little bit.  (:

The Blakers  (Fiction) by Manny Pineda

Quick Synopsis:
The Lakers were invited to play basketball in the nearby neighboring planet of Venus for a 2017 Solar System Invitational Championship Cup.  The story begins when Cindy Blackwell (role played by Blake Lively) who lives in northern LA receives a text message on her smartphone an invitation to play basketball in Venus.  And she was asked to send the best players on Earth she could find.  She immediately contacted the LAKERS which at first were so hesitant to respond to her persuasion.  And then eventually she was able to persuade and convince the entire team to come with her to meet the people of Venus who parked their spaceship (UFO) near her house somewhere in the nearby woods cloaked with invisibility.  

Aboard the dome shape spaceship they were able to reach Venus in a matter of minutes. They decided to call the team as "Blakers" which B stands for Ms. Blackwell plus the Lakers. They landed on the planet of Venus via its northern polar opening. And then Cindy became the coach of the team as they played against the best players surprisingly from all planets of the solar system such as: Mars, Venus (Host Planet), Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, including the Sun (Sol) sent in their best teams for a friendly tournament.  The games were televised/shown on the internet as one of the Venusian ships stayed on Earth who received the electronic transmission and broadcast the telecast on the worldwide web.  And the whole world became glued to their computer screen to watch the event.

To the surprise of the entire team including Cindy; they found out that all planets in the solar system have civilizations living inside the interior of their planet as all planets in the universe are all hollow inside including Earth and that only planet Earth have their peoples living and residing outside of their planet due to the experiment that was done to the Earths surface thousands of years ago. They quickly realize that their scientists on Earth were looking for extra terrestrial life in the wrong places; when they should have looked inside the interior of every planet, just like there are beings or advanced civilizations inside the Earth!

The Blakers when they came back to Earth they were given a HEROES welcome.  They were paraded on the streets of LA with ticker tape.  Even President Obama congratulated them.  There was a worldwide celebration as people consider their trip as similar to the voyage of the Apollo eleven to the moon.

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