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Fraudulent Birth Certificates

Long Form Birth Certificate Question - Who are you?

by Anna Von Reitz

There are two certificates-- The Certificate of Live Birth and the Birth Certificate (Short Form) ---- BOTH are securities and BOTH are bonds.

The difference is that the Certificate of Live Birth shows your given name in Upper and Lower Case and tells the day you were born and where you were born.

The short form shows a "birth date" and a birth place and everything is in all capital letters.

The Certificate of Live Birth belongs to the State of _________ corporation issuing it as an indemnification receipt--- that is, an insurance receipt guaranteeing that you shall come to no harm as a result of their use of your given name to profit themselves.

The Birth Certificate on the other hand is issued by the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE which seizes upon your given name against the interests of the state where you were born and uses your given name to create a PERSON --- which is not "born" but is "birthed"---- with the "birth" of this PERSON you, the baby, are declared "civilly dead" and your name and estate are deemed "granted" to the British Crown--- the banks and the judiciary as chattel property--- the "cargo" of a "vessel" in commerce.

This unholy and clandestine "system" results in your enslavement.

And it goes on worldwide wherever the banks and bar associations are tolerated.

The Certificate of Live Birth is proof that a baby was born and given your name on the land of a state of the Union.

The Birth Certificate is proof that your natural political status was changed without your knowledge or consent and that you and your estate were seized upon by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation in criminal malfeasance and act of war against an innocent non- combatant "vessel" that is owed protected status.

These vile, despicable claims are against all law of the land and human dignity and against all treaties and international laws including all the United Declarations these scum have signed and hidden behind.

The other thing that people need to to grasp is that they themselves are the only source of this supposed "wealth"---- bonds are debts.

They are promises to pay. Your work and your labor and even your body has been pledged by these bastards so that they could borrow virtually unlimited credit "in your name"---- and so they have.

Just like any identity thief, they have used your name and borrowed assets from others using you, your labor, and your land, your homes, and your business as collateral.

They have claimed that your Mother gave you up knowingly and voluntarily as a baby and left you a "ward" of the "State".

Later when you came of age you did nothing to free yourself of this despicable presumption because of course you were never told anything about this and neither was your Mother--- so the vermin "presumed" again that you were incompetent and should remain a "ward" of the STATE even as an adult because no sane man would tolerate the status of a slave and dependent surviving on whatever crumbs the criminals choose to give him as a "beneficiary" of the "PCT"--- the Public Charitable Trust which was set up as welfare relief for indigent Negroes displaced from the plantations after the Civil War.

This is your thanks for fighting for the Union and standing by the British Monarch through Two World Wars.

If you are not angry yet, coldly, bitterly, intractably angry with all of it, and highly motivated to put an end to it--- you should be.

You should in fact be willing to crush all such "presumption" under your outraged feet and ready to see these "governmental services corporations" put out of business --- permanently--- and replaced by honest vendors of "public services".

This requires the liquidation of the World Bank, IBRD, FEDERAL RESERVE, IMF, WELLS FARGO, and numerous other major banks which have operated the "governmental services corporations" as store fronts.

The FEDERAL RESERVE is operating THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC and the French-based IMF is operating the insolvent UNITED STATES, INC.

Both are crime syndicates engaged in armed racketeering, unlawful conversion, inland piracy, identity theft, credit fraud, probate fraud and impersonation of public officials.

These criminals have borrowed vast sums of money against you and your public and private assets, used the borrowed money to benefit themselves and their cronies, pushed the "credits cards" as far as they will go, then bowed out and sought bankruptcy protection for themselves---- while leaving you named as the "secondary" responsible for paying back all that money they borrowed and gave away or squandered or reinvested for their own benefit.

You see, they claimed to "represent" you like any flim-flam man.

They offered your "registration" as proof.

They claimed to own you and neither you nor anyone else was the wiser until the credit cards were maxed out and the bills came due.

That is what happened last March. The UNITED STATES, INC. run by the IMF didn't pay even the interest on its debts, couldn't even qualify to continue reorganization under Chapter 11.

So now they are being liquidated by mostly Swiss, Getman, and Chinese creditors who THINK that they are owed most of the land and mineral wealth of the western United States because these loathsome criminals behind these bank-run governmental services corporations--- "pledged" you, your private property, and your public property to pay theirs debts without your knowledge or permission.

People think that these "Birth Certificates" are "worth millions"----- yes, millions of DEBT.

Your supposed debt.

And the people who owe you all the money and assets they received by pledging your labor and good name and credit?

Why, they are either bankrupt, running, or nowhere to be found.

The thieves have in recent days tried to gag their accusers and made plans to murder their creditors so that they won't have to pay back what they owe and so that they can claim the "leftover property" --- everything that belongs to the victims -- as "abandoned" property, just as they did to the Jews in Germany.

Time to wake up and put these vermin under the bus. Time to call up the Pope and the Pentagon and Secretary Ban Ki-Moon and Queen Elizabeth and all the others responsible for this circumstance and point out that the "derivative insurance" of the banks amounts to huge life insurance policies on the Americans and all the hapless people on this planet.

It is worse than a BAD Grade B Movie where the straying husband quietly takes out a million dollar life insurance policy on his wife, then kills her so he can run away with his mistress to the South Seas.

This is what these sickos think they can get away with, with nobody noticing--- not even the other banks and insurance companies on the hook for this.

Everyone and I DO mean everyone needs to wake up and start bitching to the local politicians and documenting their family records and recording affidavits regarding their identities and natural birthright status and complaining to the Highest Heavens about this outrageous, immoral, criminal fraud scheme which has been played upon the whole world.

These vermin need to be tracked down, hunted as the criminals they are, all their assets seized for malicious tort fraud, identity theft, personage, barattry, probate and securities fraud, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, and FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD---which vitiates all claims and all contracts and for which there is no statute of limitations.


As for your "Certificate of Live Birth" get and Authenticated copy -- authenticated at both the State Secretary of State and the U.S. Secretary of State.

Record with the local land recorder's office to prove you were born on the land and are a living American, not some "PERSON" and then "Return it for value" to these felons in suits--- if you can resist the impulse to wad it up and shove it up their asses.

Buy no stories of free gold or vast riches or something for nothing.

Take no wooden nickels.

Sign nothing without a reservation of all rights.

Study, study, study and realize that this "thing" that appears to be your government is NOT your government.

It is a corporation --- a "governmental services corporation" run by corrupt banks, having no more granted authority than JC PENNY or SEARS to run your life, extract your labor, make false claims against your property, harass you, indebt you, or make demands upon you based on statutory military common law.

Tell the "Members of Congress" that they don't represent you and never have; tell them that instead, they are nothing but spokesmen and flunkies for a bank run governmental services corporation that is in commercial and administrative default and which needs to do away with Section 17 of the Trafficking With The Enemy Act as amended by the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 and stop pretending that we -- their employers, benefactors, and priority creditors -- are "enemies"--- or we really will become enemies and start liquidating "government" corporations and laying off millions of "givernment" employees and liquidating the assets of the banks and the bank owners and operators-- tell them that millions of people now know the truth.

There is no escaping it now.

So they might as well come clean and do the right thing because everyone is tuned in and watching and we will all know what to think and do if they don't.

Sorry this became such a long explanation but I have all these people wandering around thinking that they can get rich off their birth certificate when all that certificate has ever done for them is allow thieves to charge against their credit and rack up debt against them.

I hope that this explanation has made the situation clear--


See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website here:


Readers Response to this article of Ms. Von Reitz:

Thanks to Anna Von Reitz, there is more and more fraudulent practices and procedures of the hostile entities of the status quo revealed! Things that "we" knew but didn't know how they came into existence.

The comments below, are about words and terms that are used in her article titled; The Genesis of The fake Corporate “Personas”

Here are the words and terms used in the article.

“semantic deceit”
This is an indication by her that subjective language fraud is at work within the status quo legal justice system.

There are two kinds of language frauds.
1 - Subjective
2 - Objective

The entities of the status quo did, do and will use "subjective" language fraud, which is volition and semantic, (what you meant is not what I meant and not in the context what I meant).

Beside the devious subjective language fraud, practiced by the entities of the status quo legal justice system, the entire 100% legal status quo justice system structure is based and built on "objective" language fraud. Fraudulent grammar. More precisely the absence of "correct-sentence-structure and communication-parse-syntax". Commonly known, changing facts into fictions.

EVERYTHING, the status quo legal justice system has is complete 100% fraud! EVERYTHING, the entities of the status quo justice system gained were/are based on fraudulently conveyed language and racketeering.

One of their main central hub of racketeering is “Porto Rico”. Literally and on paper! The port of racketeering, since everything must come through a “port”. Hint, hint! You can't sue your own country from within your own country!

Any word that starts with a vowel means “no”! It is impossible to fulfill a negative condition!

Any word that starts with the preposition “pri” means “no”!

Any word that starts with the preposition “pro” means “no”!

Any word that starts with a vowel followed by two consonances means “no”! The word is also outside of what is stated. It is not “with” it or “in” it or “on” it. There is a lack of the “continuation of evidence” between what is stated and what follows after it, because what is stated is “under” what follows. Plainly, there is no “joiner” what is described!

Any word that starts with the preposition “in” means “no”!

Any word that starts with a vowel, followed by two consonances means “no”!

When upper/lower case words and terms are mixed, it breaks the continuity, the rule of “one and equal”. Can't mix apples with oranges! “JOHN DOE” is not the same as “John Doe” as this same principle is also stated in her article!

“State of Ohio”
“State” is a pronoun
“of” is an adverb
“Ohio” is a verb
Anybody can show us the verb “Ohio”?
It is nonexistent! It is nonexistent (legal fiction) in volition and nonexistent in grammar! Only “nouns” exist. Where is the “noun” the fact?
Adverbs, verbs, adjectives and pronouns are fictions!

“Hans Luke Jorgenson”
“Hans” is an adjective
“Luke” is an adjective
“Jorgenson” is a pronoun

Where is the “noun”? Where is the fact?
There is a lack of “continuation of evidence” between the living entity and the name that is written on the paper.
The entity is a vessel. The cargo of that vessel is the thought/volition of that living entity.

The paper itself is a vessel. The cargo of that paper are the words that are written on it. The cargoes of the words are their meanings, what they represent, which supposed to be nouns. Facts. When the living entity and the meanings of the words on the paper are modified to be adverbs, verbs, adjectives and pronouns where are the facts? Nonexistent!
The facts do exist but not on paper! Adverbs, verbs, adjectives and pronouns are not facts!

“No law or fact shall be tried in court!” Pretty obvious, isn't? Nobody can argue with facts. Not sane people anyway. When you bring a fact into a status quo fiction court, they can't deal with facts.
Example: Bill Clinton
The ONLY way to express a fact (noun) if it is in a prepositional phrase.

In parse syntax
“A” means no
“meri” means mercy
“ca” means sheep
“No mercy for the sheep”!

“UNITED” is an adjective and it is in past tense, which doesn't exist
“STATES” is a pronoun
Anybody can show us the adjective/pronoun term “UNITED STATES”? It is nonexistent! It is nonexistent (legal fiction) in volition and nonexistent in grammar!

“United States of America”
“United” is an adjective and past tense
“States” is an adjective
“of” is an adverb
“America” is a verb
Anybody can show us the adjective/adjective/adverb/verb term “United States of America”? It is nonexistent! It is nonexistent (legal fiction) in volition and nonexistent in grammar!

These are only a few words and terms to show you the depth of the language fraud that is practised on you, to your expense! There are literally hundreds of mistakes in that short document and millions in the status quo documents they use to convict you with if you end up in their snares.

Obviously, everything you read in this article is 100% fraud too! Language fraud. There are no “nouns” in it! Just to further show you how deceitful these entities of the status quo are, even the word “noun” that supposed to represent a fact, actually means “no”=no, “un”=no. Double whemmer. Talking about deceitful vermins, these status quo entities!

On the other hand, when you are unable and can't describe facts, you agreed to be a fiction, you agreed to be in fiction from cradle to grave, you deal with fiction in all of your life, you use fiction language in all of your life and you are totally immersed in fiction, you have no authority to even complain, let alone get equity!

Something that is nonexistent cannot be damaged or harmed! Something that is dead, cannot be damaged!
One day you wake up, don't like what is happening to you, and you present your standing, your volition in fiction to another fiction.


THERE IS NOTHING! How can a “nothing” be damaged or harmed?
Have you heard the story of Odysseus and the one eye cyclops? Briefly; at the beginning of their encounter Odysseus told the cyclops that his name was “Nobody”. After Odysseus blinded the cyclops, the cyclops was asking for help from his friends. When his friends asked him “who hurt you?” the cyclops replied; “Nobody”. So, his friends said to him, if nobody hurt you why are you yelling? Stop yelling that nobody hurt you! Sadly, this is a “picture” of most of the people!

When objective language fraud and negative language used in contracts, that contract means NOTHING!
The “Magna Carta” is NULL AND VOID!
The “Treaty of Vienna” is NULL AND VOID!
The “Treaty of Paris” is NULL AND VOID!
The “Free Trade Agreement” is NULL AND VOID!
Every one of them! No exception! Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!

Each and every contract is based/built on language. Language is the foundation of every contract!

When the language itself is fraudulent, how can any contract written in that fraudulently conveyed language be true and honest?
Impossible! ALL contracts are pretenses. Frauds!

EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING the status quo legal justice system has is NULL AND VOID! NOTHING the status quo has, satisfies the “Correct-sentence-structure and communication-parse-syntax”!

Please note that I am NOT knocking Judge Anna but showing you that the fraud is much, much deeper than you thought. Perhaps she is careful not to choke you on the info she knows and give them to you bit by bit. I don't know. I know for sure that what you read here about language is strange and foreign to you. That is because the entities of the status quo don't want you to know about this language fraud they practice and want to keep harvesting you. You went through their propaganda (they call it school) matrix, so at least partially you were brainwashed. Whoever you are. Now it is up to you to undo the damage they caused you.

Just because you don't understand now what you've read here, keep it for later reference when you will understand it.

When you understand this short sentence, it will be an indication to you that you started to grasp the immensity of the language fraud. Right now you can't even comprehend it because of its size!

Here is the sentence!
“The the is for the the”

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