Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Go back to Nature


There are many people in the world who are now discovering that going back to Mother Nature is making them feel less stressed and are relieved from the chaotic world that we live in. It removes the mental confusion associated from living in an urbanized world. Mother nature is the physical world/planet that we inhabit along with nature (plant kingdom and etc.) that thrives with it. The mother nature or the Mother Earth longs for her children to come back to her and be re-united (at one with nature) by physically connecting to the Earth. This is also known as "Grounding" (see the video below).

Unknown to the vast majority of mankind that there was a time in the very distant past when humanity used to be connected with Mother Nature. People during those days (Lemurian Era) even though they were advance technologically as they do not use fossil fuel for energy source but rather use free energy devices to power their homes and their societies; they were in CONSTANT connection with Mother Nature. They practise grounding everyday. They did this by spending time OUT in nature and they did not wear anything that can block that connection with nature by going BAREFOOTED. Yes, this act of grounding oneself by being connected with mother Earth is what the body needs as it performs an electrical circuitry connection that is needed by the physical body. Once this connection has been establish it balances the electrical flow in the body and thereby it removes the stress and the feeling of restlessness which all originating from the imbalance of electrical impulses in the human body.  And this can all be relieved and remedied by just GOING BACK to Mother Nature.  

At least spend an hour or two a day. If you can spend more time (the more the better) either walk barefooted in the sand on the beach or on the grass of the park.  Better yet, go to the government protected Parks and walk out in the woods without sandals or shoes.  The science in all of this is that grounding re-establish the electrical connection and balance it throughout the body, making the body re-configure to the vibration of the physical Earth.  This is especially helpful to us right now as the level of vibration of the Earth are steadily increasing. If you looked around the nature, the leaves of the plants and trees are becoming more greener and livelier than ever before compared to what it was ten years ago.  And this is happening despite the fact that there are still some chemtrails raining down to the ecology of nature.  

Mother Earth is progressing on its "Ascension" and she will be more than happy if her inhabitants which is us, is in line and in tune to the rising vibrations of her constant ascension.  And so, why not start going back to nature and re-connect with Mother Earth.  Let the nature relieve and release the stress that we all accumulated from the mundane/chaotic life we all live in the urban areas of the world that we converted into an asphalt or cemented jungle that only serves to distance and BLOCK our connection to our Mother Earth.  

It is very appropriate to call our planet as Mother Nature or Mother Earth because she is indeed a living "BEING" just as we all are individual - beings who are all spiritual and not really made of physical matter.  Just like Mother Earth, she was also divinely assigned to be the being that will operate the physical planet that we live in.  While we were assigned to a physical body that we live in as a soul or spirit in a body.  Remember, we are not the body that we live in but rather we are the person or being that was placed on the body; a process known as incarnation. 

And so may we all come back to nature and be at ONE with nature.  Reconnect with Mother Earth as she waits patiently for her children to ascend.      

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