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Other Perspectives of Truth and Lies

Note:  Caution is to be observe if this topic is not comfortable to you and its  advisable not to proceed. This subject is very difficult for others to discuss. But I will attempt to explore this subject in order to clear away the long standing misconceptions, misunderstanding and confusion about this subject.

For those of us who grew up from a judeo-christian society we were taught to avoid lying and consider the very act of lying as sinning against God, as you violate one of his law as stated in the Ten Commandments.  Although, being honest is adorable and admirable to have that trait as well as a REPUTATION for being truthful at all times, it does have some side effects.  The only problem with this legalistic view of being expected in doing it right all the time is that creates a stigma called "Guilt".  Guilty feelings are low vibrational emotions, as it pulls the person down and affects the psychological make up of the person.  And so, once a person was caught lying or not being honest it automatically evokes a response of judgmental attitude towards those who committed dishonesty.

But there are other perspective that dishonesty and lying that we forgot to address and these are: 

Motive and Intentions

Did you know that it is possible to be brutally honest (not lying) and yet be totally evil and dark with their intentions?

Let that question sink in for a moment.  And the other perspective is that it is also totally possible to tell some lies (not true) and yet the intentions and motives are absolutely GOOD!  Did you know that?

These perspectives are what's missing and lacking in the Judeo-Christian beliefs system.  There should be freedom to QUESTION the motives/intentions of those who gave the regulations of honesty (the law).  And at the same time we should also consider the other factors of why they lied about certain things.  We should not be quick to judge because we all make mistakes. 

The vulnerability of making mistakes is true for everyone and there is no exception.  It now behooves to question the ideal of having a regulation or law.  Why setup a legalistic system whereby it creates unnecessary guilty feelings to those who failed sometimes when we all make mistakes?  The obvious question goes back to the giver of the regulation or law asking him what is his original intention for making a law when he himself haven't establish his own honesty in the first place?  

Because now we know that the giver of the law was not being honest about who he is and where he came from (he is an Annunaki).  And that he just wanted everyone to be honest so that he can invoke guilty feelings among them and then have them under his controll by giving punishment.  This in itself cast doubt about the true character of this being who gave this law and yet he himself does not want to keep it and he himself not immune to that regulations which is not fair.

And so the other Perspective should be addressed.  What are the motives and intentions?  Let me just emphasize once again that it is entirely possible to tell an absolute lie but your motives and intentions are totally GOOD.  An example of that will be:  if you have a daughter and that the only way to make her stop doing things that is bad for her is to tell a little lie to save her life; is not a bad way to be dishonest.  

Let's say it's World War II, if your friend is about to be taken by a Nazi soldier; is it wrong to tell a lie that there are no jews inside your house?  There are plenty of examples that we can draw from that we all experienced in our own lives. From my own personal experiences where I lied in some instances in order to protect people from being arrested.  The person thanked me for protecting him. 

What if we tell the truth and the resulting effect will be devastating and shocking to those who will hear it?  Is it wrong to skew the truth a little bit in order not to hurt those people? Sometimes the truth should be given in its proper time or when the time is right.  

Lying is really not totally bad at all that is if we consider the circumstances surrounding the issue especially the motives and intentions for doing so; which unfortunately was lacking in the christian tradition.  But if we LIE and having the intentions to hurt and deceive others to take advantage of them - then that is not good.

We should move away now and grow to maturity to not label right away someone as being bad if they have lied in some way.  Who knows they could be just in high emotions and that their internal guards are not so active that day and they lied a little bit, as it slips through their lips accidentally.  Don't we all do that sometimes?  We all make mistakes sometimes.  What is important is that we learn from our mistakes and strive not to repeat it again.  

Discussing this unexplored subject about lying and honesty points us to also consider the motives and intentions of the giver of words of whether they were telling the truth or not in order to hurt and deceive others. Be aware that there are news today that are prepared to deceive people.  But of course, there are also news that are delivered having contents that are entirely true.  In the end we should use our own discernment with regards to these things.

And here's one good example where the perspective of intentions and motives comes into play.

The recent saga and drama between the forces of light and darkness.  Those who are not yet familiar with the terminology I will just explain that a little bit.  Those in the Light are those people or beings that are committed or loyal to the principle of LOVE, love in which it's basic premise is to treat and respect others like yourself. And that they observe ONENESS, in which they consider everyone as ONE like one family unit.  Those in the camp of darkness- they are the ones who are committed to falsehood, to deceive others and take advantage of others as they lean on the opposite principle of love which is INDIFFERENCE and hate and that they consider others as strangers and treat them differently without respect.  Those in the light are not necessarily have white skin and those in the team of darkness are not necesarily have dark skin.  Dark and Light Teams are not about skin colors though their members have various colors.  The distinctions are in their "MOTIVES and Intentions".

These two sides at this moment are battling in the economic front in the world stage.  The forces of Light their intentions are always for the good of everyone.  While those of the dark; their intentions are consistently selfish and greedy.  For a very long time the economic situations of the world are under the control of the dark teams.  But lately, the tide has been turn in favor of the forces of Light.  

In this complex struggle, it came to a point where the forces of light needed to speed up the resolution of this struggle to reach the final conclusions.  To do that they setup some trap or what you may call as "sting operations".  This was done in order to catch the dark teams from their own game.  But in order to do this operation they needed to spread some lies.  This means even those people who are of the light will be persuaded to believe some untruths in order to create the scenario that will catch the dark ones in their evil act.  And so, we can then see that although they lied in some areas but their INTENTIONS are good.  Do we see the point now?  I really intentionally wrote this explanations because there maybe some people who are offended to find out that the forces of Light lied to them somehow. But again, their original motives are not to deceive anyone.  They are not wishing to hurt anyone, they just used the tactic in order to catch the bad guys whose intentions are always bad, that is all.

And with that I hope, I cleared the fog that has clouded the atmosphere of our understanding.  To those from christian persuasion and upbringing I say to you to not be judgmental of those who said some lies, instead understand from where they are coming from and the circumstances they are into.  Be not judgmental as we all make mistakes sometimes.  Knowing those white lies could have been said with good intentions in mind and heart. Instead, observe grace, mercy, love, forgiveness to everyone around us because everyone is trying their best to shine their light into a dark world. 



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