Monday, March 21, 2016

Radio Signals from Inside the Earth

NASA Receives Radio Signals from the
Center of the Earth

ALIEN Civilization Beneath World's Surface

"...scientists agree that this is the most startling and important discovery of the century."

"Whoever they are, they obviously know far more about us than we know about them," he said. "For one thing, they have found a way to communicate with us in a regular basis, but we have little or no inkling how to communicate with them in return."

"And for another, their transmissions have displayed a thorough understanding of life on Earth while we have no idea how intelligent life could form and survive without sunlight or oxygen."

"We have long thought that space was the final frontier, but now we realize that inside our planet lies uncharted territory that could prove to be far more important to our future."


This is the real geological structure of the Earth

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