Sunday, March 27, 2016

Return of the Christ Consciousness

Message of Mikos of Hollow Earth through Dianne Robbins

Greetings. It is Mikos, your brother from the Hollow Earth, bringing you glad tidings for the ascension wave about to sweep the surface and funnel you into the Fifth Dimension of Light and Love and everlasting Peace. We bless you from below, as we feel the flow of energy engulfing our planet and all life in and on it.
Every living specie will be catapulted into a new world of Love and Light—a world where all can continue their everlasting evolution into Eternity, free from constraint and limitations and poverty and wars.

It is “now”, dear ones, the Kingdom of God is at hand, just as Jesus predicted. The return he spoke about is the return of the Christ Consciousness within your heart flame and not somewhere up in a cloud.

So stand erect, feel your sovereignty, and connect with your Holy Christ Self, bringing it fully into your physical body and experiencing the strength and understanding that surpasses all. Feel us within you, for indeed we are a big part of you, as you are a part of us.

Your God-Selves are ready to take dominion within your hearts and minds, and this will bring your consciousness fully in union with us—where you will be able to perceive our world, even as you remain in yours.

We are feeling your closeness and waiting for your consciousness to ignite with ours into one blazing light, bringing all surface humanity into the “Father’s house” where there are “many mansions” that Jesus spoke of.

As you make this trip “up” in consciousness, you will also be going “down” simultaneously, enabling you to see us as clearly as you see the house across the street. You will be able to see everything that exists in your solar system and galaxy. You are so close and we are so overjoyed at your progress and your ability to absorb so much Light so quickly. We cheer you on from below and wait for the pleasure of your company. We are ready to receive you into our homes and physically embrace you in our arms. We wait and pray for your entry into our realm of Light. I am Mikos, speaking to you on behalf of the citizens of Catharia.

{ If you are new to the Spiritual Path or not familiar with the Ascended Master Teachings, "Christ" Is not the name of a person - the word "Christ" is a state of consciousness and means "Divine Mind".

Jesus was called Jesus the Christ because he attained the Consciousness of God and became the Mind of God. }


Some additional notes from Manuel:

The image above illustrates the real geological structure of the Earth.  The center of gravity is at the middle of the solid crust around 400 miles from the Earths surface.  The actual thickness of the crust is 800 miles and after that is hollow interior where advanced civilizations existed for several hundred thousands of years even before the civilizations on the surface came into existence.  All of the planets in the entire universe are all hollow inside just like Earth.  And they all live inside the interior of every planet. The planet Earth was the site of the "Experiment" that was done to see if living things can exist on the surface of the world.  During the experiment the Earth was invaded by a group of conquerors who call themselves Annunakis.  They were also joined by another violent group known as the Reptilians from Orion and the Atlantians from the star Atlantia.  Prior to the invasion; the Earth on the surface was occupied by various residents from allover the Galaxy and beyond.  The Earth (on the surface) at the time was clustered into a few major groups such as those from planet Lemur and Sirius and called their territorial land as: Lemuria which sits mostly on the eastern part of the world including the Pacific Ocean; as that time the Earths surface was not covered by large oceans.  In the west, it was occupied by combined residents from Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromedans and many others from various star systems. They were the ones who built the small landing port known today as the "Stonehenge".  It was designed to allow small scout spacecraft to land on its shoulders that are coming from various motherships and neighboring planets in the solar system.  

All of the Pyramids on the surface were placed at the same time more than 100,000 years ago.  This means the Statue of the Sphinx is much more older.
The Aryans are the people who are living inside the Earths crust.  They and everyone else have the technology to utilize free energy devices that harness the energy that is freely available around us.  When the conquerors and invaders arrived they initiated wars that resulted in the destruction of the ice canopy that covers the Earth.  The canopy fell on Earth and became the worlds oceans and flooded much of the Lemurian land in an area in what is today called as the Pacific Ocean.  The center of the Lemurian civilization is Hawaii.

The conquerors bombed the existing residents on the Earths surface and took away the peace that once enveloped the entire planet Earth.  All of the deserts areas on Earth are the results of the bombing of the invaders.  Their weapons are capable of pulverizing cities
and rocky mountains into a very fine powder we now call as deserts sand.  After the war, the Lemurians and all the others vacated the surface and joined the Aryans and the Agarthans inside the Inner Crust of the Earth and the Hollow Interior of the Earth known as the Hollow Earth.  For thousands of years they did not mingle with the violent conquerors on the surface and instead allowed them to continue their own way until the End of the Age has come.  On December 21, 2012 marks the end of the Age of Pisces, the allowed time for the invaders is over.  The Galactic Federation of Light long time ago confiscated the advance weapons of the Atlantians and their partners Reptilians and the Annunakis and have given them ultimatum that they are allowed on the surface only until the end of the age.  We are now into overtime.  And now the incarnated Annunakis (who intermingled with humanity) have only until this year to surrender or face the consequences of their decisions. Based on Ashtars Words and that of Zorra this could be the year when the Galactics will finally decloak and allow themselves to be seen globally and land on Earths surface and retake the Earth. This will be a global disclosure as the invaders deceived the whole world into believing that we are alone in the universe.

Redemption and Harvest as told by Jesus (Sananda) in the bible is NEAR!  

The evil controllers of this world are the incarnates of the Annunakis.  They do not want you to know that there are civilizations inside the Earth because they do not want people to discover who they really are. 

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