Monday, March 21, 2016

Scientific Reasoning About Flight FZ981

Examining the evidences:

Could this be another similar Germanwings incident to what happened with FlyDubai Flight FZ981?  

When one examine the crash site it appears that the plane exploded even before it hit the ground.  There is a video recorded by those on the airport itself which showed it exploded before it hit the ground and that the descent of the plane seemed head-on straight to the ground which indicates that the planes pilot lost control of the plane and that the mechanisms of the plane was locked to proceed forward all by itself as it nosedive to the ground.  What could possibly do that?  Either it was remotely controlled by an outside electronics or there was some devices that was installed prior to the flight and when the landing started to commence then the apparatus was activated which overrides the pilots control of the aircraft. 


For example scientifically, when you throw a solid object from a distance and then it hits a brick wall, then there will be traces of that impact to the surface of the wall.  The greater the strength of the force combined with the speed and the mass of the moving object the greater the resulting impact of the friction between the moving object and the brick wall.  The damage to the surface of the brick wall will be determined by the size and mass of the object along with the speed of the object that was thrown.

What we see from the crash site indicates that the plane disintegrated before it hits the ground.  The solid ground itself does not indicate a STRONG COLLISION between the aircraft and the ground which evidently means that there was not a direct impact but rather it impacts the ground when there was already an explosion in mid-air just before it hits the ground.  If the crash of the aircraft was accidental or caused by mechanical or engine failure then there should be a direct impact between the aircraft and the ground.  But evidence suggest that there were no direct impact but rather indirect contact to the ground when it already exploded in the air before actual impact to the solid ground took place.  If there really was a direct impact then there should be a very visible dent, damage to the ground creating a deeper depression resulting from the direct impact. 

Another example can be gleaned upon during the atomic explosion in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan in World War II (case in point about indirect impact).  The atomic weapon was unleashed in mid-air, seconds before it hits the ground they detonated it resulting in the explosion above the ground.  This explosion does not create a strong and direct damage to the solid ground compared to when the explosion happened at the ground level.  From this we can clearly see that the motive for the weapon was to spread and expand the scope and size of the explosion by allowing the explosion to take place while in mid-air which created a much damage to the civilian population as its spread the detonation to a much larger region but not to the solid ground.  Because if the explosion took place in the ground then the explosion will not be as wide as it can be as the ground will absorb some of the explosion and creating much damage to the solid ground.  Compare that to other nuclear explosion test site in the world that was done with direct contact to the ground;  and one can see the resulting effect to the solid ground as the force of explosion tries to push away the surface of the ground creating a deep, hollowed crater, dent and damage to that surface.

Examining the crash site it appears there's "NO" deep hollowed depression or dent that will indicate that there really was a direct impact to the ground.  And this scenario is similar to what happened to Germanwings which crashed to the French mountain side last year.

This photo of Germanwings crash site does not show a deep dent/depression to the solid ground which indicates the possibility the plane did also exploded seconds before it hits the ground.  

After examining the evidences the next questions are:

  • Who did this?
  • Why?
  • What is the motive? 
It is now up to the investigators to find the answers to these questions. Whoever did this obviously have access to a very expensive and sophisticated technology. 

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