Thursday, March 17, 2016

Stay Positive!

Thoughts are FASTER than the Speed of Light.  Thoughts and consciousness can exist and dwell multi-dimensionally.  The Creator has always move in conjunction with the Divine Plan and along with it is the actual  implementation of the Divine Timing.  Most of the time, the Divine Plan is heralded by the major movements and alignments of the celestial bodies in the Galaxy and the Universe.  This is done so that we know that the Creator has allowed it to happen with the signs in the sky.  But the timing can also be influenced by either one of us or majority of us.  This is because we are ALL part of the DIVINE God.  Each and every soul in the Universe regardless of distance and wherever they maybe locally residing are part of the divine.  Because Thoughts is the Creator and the Prime Creator is like the complete embodiment persona of this Divine God.  This is why its been said that God is ONE.

You and I are part of the Great Ocean of consciousness of the mind of God.  It traverse within and beyond the universe and that is why thoughts are faster than the speed of Light.  It can take you instantly in a blink of an eye to any part of the cosmos (back and forth).  

Right now, everyone on Earth is on training to be the Masters they can be.  The training includes the mastery of OUR own thought processes as well as our own emotions.  Learning to control and manage our own thoughts and emotions is a primary important to God, because a god who is not in control of his or her thoughts and emotions can be a disaster.  Just like a student driver who does not maneuver and managed the car properly will end up going no where.  

We were all assigned on a human body which functions in someway like a car because we can tell it where to go.  But there are those who completely lost control of their own thoughts including the control of their own body as well as their own emotions.  And all of these happened "Psychologically" in their own thoughts and minds.  One primary aspect or the main foundational problems why they lose control is because they refuse to be "POSITIVE" and spent more time being "NEGATIVE".  In other words they have allowed doubts to interfere. And this drained not just their energy but also caused devastation with their emotions and the resulting effect with their ATTITUDE.  And it all stems from that basic premise of improper mental aptitude/outlook of being always negative.  

The difference between a well managed thoughts and from someone who have no amount of control with their thoughts and emotions can mean the difference between "Light and Darkness".  Now, what do I mean by that?  You see, light is generated by an energy source.  But without an energy source the light refuses to shine and thereby creates the opposite condition which is darkness. A person who does not managed his thoughts/emotions can become like an explosive who just explode from even just minor irritation.  And this happens because they have allowed negative thoughts/emotions to take over and dictate what they should be rather than them having control of themselves.  And when a person is no longer in control of himself then that person drifts away from his basic nature of love.  And we know that God is love. But it is possible for a being and a group of beings to refuse to be on a loving attitude.  And if love is no longer the prevailing attitude of the person, then it leads to being someone opposite of love such as being: impatient, hatred, angry, indifference, arrogant, does not care to anyone, having no respect to others and etc. 

Love is the ENERGY that perpetually propels the entire creation that includes the universe through the mind of God.  This is because God is love.  And love can only exist in a positive mental attitude which results in joy and harmony.  And since LOVE is an energy, those who refuse to be in a positive mental attitude can dampen their energy as well.  This causes their vibration to slow down and appearing as though their light has grown dimmer and dimmer as time continue to progress. This is why it is often said that those in the dark or those who practice dark actions are simply those who refuse to be in a positive attitude of being loving as their intentions are always evil.  

Having said all this, it is not too exaggerated to say that with just a unified, combined THOUGHTS we can actually manifest anything we intend to happen.  If we focus our thoughts collectively as ONE; we can willfully stop a raging storm from coming into a certain location or certain region; and this has been done and proven before.  In China for example, they have proven that a combined thoughts and intentions can heal and destroy cancer.  They did it collectively all at the same time and chanted repeatedly that the cancer is gone, declared it by their voices along with their knowings/mind and they saw the progress right from the MRI screen that the cancer vanish right before their own eyes.

What does this all means?  We humans are not really just flesh and blood.  We are a soul/spirit that is housed on a physical body.  Each of us is a spark of God, a part of God.  Didn't Jesus said in the bible that if you believe in your heart and have faith, you can say to this mountain to move and it will do so?
And since we are also part of God, we can then also create just like God.  But thoughts is the foundation of it all.  And we cannot create anything if we are always on the negative side.  Can you light up a bulb if your circuitry/wires is not correct? It's either it will not work or it may only burst if you have setup a close or short circuit.  But if your electrical circuitry follows the proper way (the right way) then the electricity flows to the wire without problems whatsoever and the bulb lights up.  A creator in order to create must have a positive mind. And so, let us remove the grumpy culture out of our vocabulary and start being positive. 

The Divine Plan and its proper timing is in the control of God.  But since we are all part of God we can also add some aspect to its timing of implementation. This is called "Manifestation".  Yes, we can add some nudge or an added push to make it happen by just being positive to it and say it is DONE!  Obviously, it can only slow down and delay it when we are harboring doubts and negative thoughts which only further aggravates the situation.  

"Our combined (collective) intentions can influence the Divine Timing.  But first we must know and BELIEVE that we can.  And we do that by staying positive in our thinking." 

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