Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This Is The Moment You Have Been Waiting For! (A Message from Ashtar - March 14, 2016)


March 14, 2016
7:15 PM Mtn

Ashtar/Pallas Athena

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One, the Christ, in his Mission of Love.

Greetings Beloved Family,

It's been a while, but you are not forgotten. Now that you are coming into the full moon, it always reminds me of this song:

I see the moon, the moon sees me, shining through the leaves of the old oak tree. Oh, let the light that shines on me, shine on the ones I love.

Now I am so full of love for all of you, my dear family. You are the ones you have been waiting for. And my heart is full of joy to see how far you have come.  I do not think that most of you realize where you are and how you have fulfilled your mission, as you promised, when  incarnating here in this lifetime. 

I must say, at this moment, that there is a big huge blaze of light that has been coming, and the climax is here - no further away than the 15th of March. - The Ides of March are upon you.

Those who have already come and gone on the first wave, which were 2.5 billion souls, have been raised to the frequency 21 hertz - you are now in 5d. When you came back, you did not even realize that you had gone with the first wave. But, my dear ones, you did it in your sleep!  Some of you may remember, like it was a dream... if you had any dreams that you were sitting at a table with many, many brothers and sisters also sitting at that table.

And NOW you have come back to help the second wave, which is upon you at this moment... in your Springtime, which is this month of March.  I want to be there soon with all of you.  It's not going to be years, my dears. Also, the twin flames - the higher twin flames -  open the portal for the second wave to begin. We feel so much love. Mother Earth, feeling also her crystal heart of love.



isn't that true?

We want to tell you that we can see it all happening and I am sure you are feeling it.  Some of you think you are seeing lights coming from your eyes - this is from the shifting of your bodies into your light bodies, beloved ones. 

You have added on chakras and they should be starting to work and you will need them in 5th dimension.  You still have your physical bodies. For you to be able to dwell in time, you must be in the physical body.  That is so you can still operate in your senses.   I do... I am going to say "I" - this is me speaking - I do support my brother, Archangel Michael in his loving message in the Now. 

Remember, dear ones, that you all are special.  I know we keep saying this over and over.  The reason is, that it is hard and very difficult for you to adjust.  When you volunteered to help with the Divine Plan, there are those who volunteered and then, were chosen.  You are the 144,000 - the 144,000 that promised to help Sananda, your brother Jesus.  There were those who couldn't believe that you would do this.  They said, "You're going down there and committing suicide." This is because you precious, precious brothers and sisters are doing something that has never been done before. This is why we congratulate you, dear Ones.

Don't you understand what you have accomplished?  We up here can see what you are doing!  How faithfully you have been working to help Mother Gaia and she appreciates it. She loves you with all her crystal heart. This year - your year - those in the Now of action - no more waiting - no more wondering - no more suffering.  It is going to happen. It is happening while we speak.  Just keep up your meditations.  Be calm, and go with the flow. There is nothing more that you must do. 

Many of you are wondering when you are going to begin your Mission. Dear ones, you ARE doing your Mission!  Ever since you awoke.

May we say to you once more, as we have said before, "Rejoice! Love Yourself! Take good care of yourself!"  You are running on the water. Smell the roses! For you are loved beyond all measure.


I love you, I love you, I love you.  Stay into love. That is all you need to do.



Your brother,


Thank you Beloved Ashtar,

    Pallas Athena

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