Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ASK ASHTAR - April 18, 2016


(Please remember to ask questions of general interest only - this is NOT a forum for personal questions and information requests, and HE WILL NOT GIVE DATES!)

"Could you please enlighten us as to how those Light-workers that don't have dinars/dongs nor bank accounts would receive their Abundance following the GFR/RV?" Divsy, Cameroon.

Ashtar: "Firstly, I will say that those who do not have any dinars/dongs or other currencies will not in any way be left out of the distribution of wealth! But, it will not come from cashing in these 'investments.' Those who sold these currencies never intended that the ones who invested in them would be allowed to keep any sums paid out in the so-called 'RV.' It was all a dangerous scam.

"Now, here's the really BIG news! Every man, woman and child, regardless of location in the World, will receive a most generous sum from St Germain's bank. It will be up to St Germain to determine the exact manner of delivery for each person, and he will be sure that all recipients have bank accounts, because the amount will be far too large to keep under one's mattress!

"This secure distribution will not happen until NESARA is announced and implemented. And yes, this Worldwide Law does include an equalizing of the values of all currencies, so that they will be at par with each other, but this is not intended to give fabulous wealth to those who have invested in dinars, dongs, etc. This 'at par' provision of NESARA will end that kind of speculative investment!" 


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