Sunday, April 3, 2016

Humans Are Amphibious Too!

Just like Dolphins we humans are also capable of living and breathing underwater.  This truth was shared to us by Zorra from Hollow Earth.  This characteristics and capability has been lost and or forgotten for some unknown reason.  

"Did you know that during the embryonic stages on fetus development inside the womb of every mother that there are plenty of similarities between dolphins and humans?"

The only obvious differences are the formation of fins and tails.  But as far as "Pharyngeal Gills" is concerned instead of being positioned outside of the body was actually tucked away hidden inside the "Human Throat"!  This human gills are present on all races of humans regardless of geographical origin. It is amazing that this part of human throat is actually capable of absorbing not just oxygen from the air but also can breathe underwater as any amphibious animals.  The human gills is accessible via both the nose and the mouth.

If you examine this using a camera and or a medical endoscopic retrogade instrument which can look into internal organs; we can see the human gills just slightly below the mouth. 

No wonder why the Dolphins are very friendly to humans is that they know we share some certain physical similarities with them;  and that we just forgot how to breathe underwater.


If the dogs are mans best friend.  But in the ocean, dolphins are mans best friend. It has been told even during ancient times that dolphins actually saved humans who are on the verge of drowning in the open seas.  The dolphins are very friendly to humans they must have known that we are not that very different from them.  It is time that we treat dolphins with a better treatment and respect than just assigning them in a controlled secluded environment intended for entertainment.  We are not so different from them.  We should set them free and allow them to enjoy the freedom just like every humans do.


The design of the human body do in fact includes the capability to breathe underwater.  How did we forget this?  How did humanity lost this knowledge?



Human fetus on its few weeks of development shows remarkable similarities with dolphins.  Every human being on Earth who were born with their human parents (no exceptions) - all of us were breathing not by umblical cord as medical science told us, we were actually breathing when we were inside our mothers womb through the "WATER"!!  And this is a FACT!  The umblical cord that was attached to the human fetus/baby was actually just for physical nourishment and not for breathing purposes!


What triggers the temporary shutdown of this feature in humans is when a baby was spanked by nurses or doctors right after labor, which gives the baby an emotional fear and immediately revert into breathing through the nose and not the human gills.  Whoever instituted that practise of terrorising a child who are just newly born into this world should really stop.  As every human can actually be born on the water and or released from birth right from the mothers womb during labor into the water.


As Zorra somewhat suggested that "Fear" can be a factor that will make this human organ unable to function the way it should.  


There was a story that was told by US Veterans of World War II.  Some of those survivors said that for unknown reason they were able to breathe underwater when their ship was sunken during the war.  They jumped into the water and descended several feet underwater so that to hide from enemy fire.  Those who have no fear experienced something strange and that they were actually able to breathe underwater for a prolonged period of time.  




For those who may want to try this should observe some precautionary measures:

Yes, we can breathe underwater but it is only ideal with freshwater as salty water from the worlds oceans can literally damage the human skin when having a prolonged exposure.  And so try this experiment of breathing underwater only on a clean and pure pool of freshwater.  If you have crystal clear lakes somewhere nearby then that's fine but if not then don't bother trying.  It should be 100% clean fresh water.


An ideal place is a swimming pool provided that you remove "chlorine" from the water.  And start with just a very shallow level of water.  That way you can stand up right away and not swallow too much water during the initial attempt.

And most of all, remove fear from the equation.  Start out with a calm and relaxed mind, body and emotion. 



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