Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nessie is a Native of Hollow Earth

In Scotland, Nessie has been spotted by the locals several times in the past.  Now, the people of Hollow Earth revealed that the creature that people named as Nessie is actually a visitor from Hollow Earth as Nessie is a native of that world inside the Earth.

Underneath the Loch Ness lake in Scotland there is an extensive entrance to the Hollow Earth whereby a manmade submersible can go through and explore the underwater caverns that leads to the world inside the Earth known as the Hollow Earth.

Hollow Earth is not just inhabited by people but also with creatures that for us in the surface world are considered extinct and pre-historic.  Some of these creatures are fond of exploring the surface world not through the Northern Polar opening but via a SHORT CUT route using the underwater small cavern of the Loch Ness lake in northern Scotland.  This underwater opening is not unique only to Scotland but is also found on other parts of the world. 

Yes, there is an opening to Hollow Earth underneath that lake and its been there since the days of the people who built the Stonehenge which is the people from the Pleiades.  For those who dont know where Pleiades is it was mentioned in the Old Testament bible.  And its from a very far star system. They are the ones who built the StoneHenge structure in southern England. 

Coincidentally, the creatures that visits the lake in Scotland the closest dinosaur that we know of that similarly resembles that animal is a Plesiosaur.  It is a plant eating animal and not very aggressive.  And so, the word monster the term that people use to call Nessie may not be an appropriate terminology as Nessie is not violent and not carnivorous creature.  In other words they are harmless creatures.


People saw Nessie as he surveyed the lake of Scotland.  This mammal can live both in land as well as in water.  The brief visits of Nessie in the past only validates the fact that Nessie is just visiting/touring Scotland and that he came from another world (not in another planet) but from a world INSIDE our planet; where these creatures thrive and live without the threat of pollution that is very rampant in our surface world.  


On a similar note:

Back in the 70's and 80's the Japanese fishing vessels found in the Pacific Ocean large carcasses of an animal that resembles the prehistoric Plesiosaurus

The bone structure reveals that it is a Plesiosaur.  The problem with that is where on Earth did it come from when this animal is suppose to be extinct a long, long time ago?  The decaying and decomposing animal indicates that it died a few weeks before.  

But now we know that this creature must have come from inside the Earth.

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