Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Transcript of Hollow Earths Call for April 9, 2016

The Reason for the Empty Patch in the Sky with no Stars within it is because there's a cloaked Mothership right on that spot.
According to Zorra:

"There has been a ship positioned over Washington, DC and it is cloaked. However there is a certain individual in Washington, DC a former member of what is termed as the NASA’s Secret Space Program and also other agencies he was connected with. However he has what is termed as cameras pointed up from his home at a 90 degree angle and each night he films the ship that is there. He does not see it physically however he does see smaller ships going to and fro from this dark area that has no stars showing. However in the what is happening he said it was one of two things, it is either a vortex or it is a mothership. I can tell you it is a mothership. It is a Pleiadian ship and it is a mothership and it has been above Washington, DC since the beginning of this mission. And it will remain there until it is time for it to decloak. Indeed."

                                            Zorra from Hollow Earth


Saturday April 9, 2016

Telephone replay: 1-641-715-3589 + 771358# Ref No: 35#

Press 6 to fast forward to the start of the call - Press 4 to rewind
Total call length: 2:18:54



Anne: Okay. We've got to get the last drop out of that song. That's going to stay with us through the eons when we hear it somewhere along the track, the time track.

This is Anne, Anne DeHart in southern Arizona welcoming all of you to a beautiful upcoming call. Zorra is going to be doing his much sought after personal healing sessions and his beloved Saryya will be introducing her meditation. People want to know how to meditate and today is the day folks. So get comfy in your sacred space, be warm and cozy, relaxed.

And let me get the dateline in here. I’ve got to look and see. I don't know one day from the other. Saturday. What do you know, it's Saturday, April 9, 2016.

And let's see, if you’re new and you don't quite understand -- because there's no other call like this call -- we’re going to first be introduced to Quazar and Zaraya, Zaraya son of Zorra. Before we know it Zaraya and Zorra, in Hollow Earth, will be trading bodies and Zorra will be occupying Zaraya's body up here on the surface. And Zaraya will find himself in Zorra's 15’- stature body wherever it might be. He has found himself in many different places: swimming with the Merpeople; up on the 2000- foot spaceship of Zorra’s; in Hollow Earth visiting with his mother. So that's the way we do it folks. And then further into the call we’ll hear Zorra say bye-bye to Quazar, and what do you know, off she goes, and Zorra's other half, his beloved Saryya will be joining us. No, there's not another show like this. So we start out with Quazar and Zaraya and then we change over to Saryya and Zorra.

So before I turn this over to them and they run it right back to finish my work, they're going to ask me to do our invocation, so let's do it. We like to set the stage for that so let's get comfortable.

INVOCATION --------------------

We’re going to do the Violet Flame. It's a special dispensation granted to those of us here at the surface that have endured so much. It allows us to consume and transmute any lingering memories, energies of mistakes that we have made here. And we've all done it, believe me, because there's no place like planet Earth right now. Once we made the mistake and felt the deep remorse over the mistake we don't need to carry it with us. We won't forget it. We learned our lesson but we don't need those heavy energies pulling us downward because we’re ascending and we want to get rid of any weighted energies like that. So we’re going to do that by transmuting them. So stand with your feet flat on the floor your arms down at your sides palms facing mother Earth. And this is what we will say:

I Am the mighty Violet Consuming Flame
Now and forever consuming and transmuting all past and present mistakes
Their cause, core, their effect, and their Akashic Record.
And so it is.

In our personal meditations we like to do that four times as recommended by our beloved Peter Olson.

Now we're going to put ourselves into our solid pillar of pure white light substance. This isn't a tube or a bell, it is solid and it is directed to us by our Higher Self. It's all an inside job. Nobody can put a pillar around us or over us. It's between us and our Higher Self, the Lord God of our Presence, and we’re going to call on that Higher Self as we stand. And this time our hands above our head, palms together, fingers pointing toward our beloved Presence and we’re going to draw that pillar down around us all the way down to the floor/down to our feet.

So let's just do that and just envision this as we say:

Beloved I Am Presence
Intensify your protective pillar of pure positive cosmic White Light Substance in through and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable, that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the light and keep it sustained.
Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and to your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.
So be it. As above so below. It is done.
I Am that I Am
I Am that I Am
I Am that I Am
I Am that I Am


All right guys. Looks like you’re both on separate phones today. Okay your line is open. Come on guys.

Quazar: Well good morning Lady Nada and good morning to all of you. (Anne: Good morning) We know that you didn't get much sleep last night if at all.

Anne: None. None. But that's what you do when you're 83 years old, you just keep on pedaling.

Quazar: Well then we’ll be sending you special energies today.

Anne: Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm feeling great, thank you.

Quazar: Hello to our beloved brothers and sisters. And once again we meet and come together as one and it's always such a wonderful time when we can be together like this.

We have a few bits of information we would like to talk to you about this morning before Zorra and Saryya come. So with that I think I'm going to give this over to Zaraya … no, Zaraya is now telling me that I should bring this particular topic up now.

New Interview with Zaraya and Zorra

The last part of March, Billie/Zaraya was asked to do an interview with a being in Seattle named Ted Mark, maybe some of you know of him. So we had spoken with him and we thought this may be a good way for Zaraya and Zorra to be able to talk about the journey, this journey that we're all on. And then for Ted because he has many others out there that do not listen to the HollowEarthNetwork, it was an opportunity from Zorra's point of view to be able to spread the news/ spread the word so more and more people can learn about Hollow Earth and then, of course, beyond that.

So the interviews are now online and I will give the link to Anne so she can post it. I think all of you will really, since it's an interview from Ted, again, it takes on a little bit of a different approach. So you'll find it to be enlightening and I think you'll find it enjoyable because Ted will also give a little bit of information about who he is and that he also has had experiences with being connected with another being from a different planet or solar system. So that's also very interesting to hear. So with that I will go ahead and pass this on now to Zaraya maybe he will say a couple of words about how he felt about the interview and go from there.

Zaraya: I thought the interview was very good. It touched on Hollow Earth, it touched on my life and how I came to be up here. Yes it would be very enjoyable for you to listen to it.

New Products

Rain International has [reissued] a their product called Form. It has been improved. It has more ingredients than the former Form and is better for you. It's bigger: more in the bag or more in the container so that will be a blessing for you as well.

There's another product in town called The Plug. And what it does is, when you put plug it in to your house, after two hours your entire house is a positive field, no negative. No negative ions. No negative nothing. Your whole entire house is completely in a positive field. All your food and everything else has a positive vibration to it. And so that's after two days so this plug-in we’ll also have the link for that given to Anne. Oh she already has it on the site.

Anne: It’s all set up so they can go to the fourth page down from the top.

When you hear about this you’ll want to get it and it's not expensive at all. Go to our page list up at the top, and go down to Meet Our HEN Family. When you click on that at the bottom you will see individual webpages of some of our different HEN members and you’ll see The Plug. It's the newest one that's down at the bottom. Click on it and there you have all the ordering information. Those here in the US it’s $30 for The Plug and $7 for shipping. And if you want multiple units for family members or other locations the breakdown is there. And it's available internationally and the shipping amounts are there is so they've done their homework and ready to roll on it. Thank you Billie for bringing that up. Thank you.

Get your post-RV plan in order
Zaraya: Okay you're welcome. And I'm going to touch on one more thing but I won't be emphasizing it, and that's the RV and that's what my father wants to tell you is if you haven't got your plan in order for exchange it's time to get it there because it is going. It's going as we speak and so if you haven't talked to or made arrangements with your wealth manager or met your wealth manager you might want to do that as soon as possible. And with that I'm going to go bye-bye. And my dad's going to come forth. That's that. That's all I have to say.

Quazar: Thank you Zaraya. We'll see you later. It's always a great time when Zaraya has an opportunity to change bodies with his dad Zorra so that … (Zaraya: Going to Hollow Earth.) Uh huh and you're probably going to be gardening. Saryya loves to garden. It's one of her wonderful hobbies. So the switching, for all of you who are new, is complete. So when you listen to Zorra, Zorra is Zorra in everything that Zorra is except in the body. So it’s Zorra's words. It's Zorra's enlightened vision. It’s Zorra ....

Oh Zorra you're here already!


Zorra: Indeed I am.

Quazar: We almost completed talking about a couple of items here. Did you want to say anything more about The Plug as well as the 02 stuff?

Zorra: Indeed. The Plug is something that will benefit all of you. For those that are not familiar with grounding it is another way to ground your home and create a positive field, which is the same thing that grounding does.

Quazar: And what about its’ origins because apparently from what we have heard is that it was developed from a being who had communications with the Lemurians. (Zorra: Yes) Can you tell us about that energy and why you validate it?

Zorra: Indeed. I validate it because it works.

Quazar: And the frequency of this is …?

Zorra: Well in essence it boils down to a zero point energy. And there again what it does is it positizes your house. You can also before plugging it into the wall you can lay your cell phone on it and it will take all of the EMF and all of the radiation out of the phone so it has a twofold process.

Quazar: I remember yesterday when we opened up the package Zorra and I asked you as you were holding it in your hand if it was of a Lemurian vibration that you were feeling .. . (Zorra: Absolutely) Right! So this is a wonderful invention that has come forth.

Zorra: Well it's like a reinvention. I mean the process is ancient actually but it has been re-introduced to the world. And by all means get one. They do work.

And the 02 drops oxygen drops is also very beneficial for your system for your body. My beloved Zaraya partakes of it and so does Quazar and they have felt effects from it all positive. And it is endorsed by the Galactics and the what is called the Lemurians and Agarthans all of those peoples. And it is endorsed by me as well.

Quazar: It is interesting Zorra that some of these products that are coming out now have a history -- not a history but a heritage -- from whence they come and why all of a sudden now some of these products are really of a higher vibration and are very extremely helpful.

Zorra: Indeed. It is time for everyone to be able to go within themselves and it enables them to go within themselves. It takes away all negativity out of your home, the Plug, and the 02 out of your body. So it is all beneficial for you. And I would recommend getting it as soon as possible so you can have yourself a positive from this day forth a positive experience. All negativity will be drawn out of the house.

Quazar: And what do you think about that Rain’s Form, Zorra?

Zorra: Rain Form has improved to a larger capacity in the bag or in the container and it has more beneficial ingredients so it has improved. And the flavor has improved also. So that is another item you may wish to partake of.

Quazar: And then regarding Ted Maher and your interview with Ted what did you think about that?

Zorra: It was wonderful and we will most likely be doing it again; a continuation if you will, so that would be forthcoming also.

Now the RV which is on everyone's mind. As my beloved Zaraya said or suggested -- a very firm suggestion -- is to get your ducks in order as it is so termed on the Earth, (ducks meaning plans). Get your plan in order. Make contact with your private banker, your wealth manager. All of this is to get it all in place so when you get the announcement you'll be ready and you'll not wonder what is going on.

Quazar: Well you know we're continuing to wait and all kinds of the information is coming out there …

Zorra: Yes and you also have much additional information coming out that is trying to play down the RV or to say that it is not a real thing or even NESARA. All is being spoken of is all a ploy to stop or last-ditch effort if you will by the powers-that-want- to-be to put a stop to it. But it will not stop. It is already coming forth as we speak on the American shores and also everywhere else. And also understand that do not listen, I repeat this, do not listen to negative e-mails or negative messages coming from where ever. Always cleave to the positive. As long as you cleave to the positive and stay in the positive you will not have a bad day.

Quazar: I think sometimes you know why we get so pulled into different opinions is because many people still feel like they are teetering: well maybe it really isn't real now because it hasn't come about. Maybe NESARA really isn't real. So when we hear it coming from someone who apparently seems to be in the know and debunks something we thought was real coming from you and the Galactics, what is one to believe if you're not fully knowing?

Zorra: Yes you have to know. You don't have to hope, you don't have to think, you don't have to believe, just know that it is happened, it is true.

And also this: do not ponder or try to analyze what is going on. Behind the scenes much is going on that you do not see but it is going on and it is bringing to fruition what is desired.

Quazar: So Zorra if you could, we know that there are many things behind the scenes that we are not aware of but could you just tell us maybe two or three things that we are not aware of that is going on behind the scenes if you will.
Why he can’t see stars over D.C.
Zorra: [Chuckling] you always try to do that. I will bring forth an interesting happening that has been happening ever since the beginning of Zaraya's mission, from day one.

There has been a ship positioned over Washington, DC and it is cloaked. However there is a certain individual in Washington, DC a former member of what is termed as the NASA’s Secret Space Program and also other agencies he was connected with. However he has what is termed as cameras pointed up from his home at a 90 degree angle and each night he films the ship that is there. He does not see it physically however he does see smaller ships going to and fro from this dark area that has no stars showing. However in the what is happening he said it was one of two things, it is either a vortex or it is a mothership. I can tell you it is a mothership. It is a Pleiadian ship and it is a mothership and it has been above Washington, DC since the beginning of this mission. And it will remain there until it is time for it to decloak. Indeed.

Quazar: How about an up date on Disclosure and Ascension Zorra.

Ascension Ongoing
Zorra: I can tell you story upon story that has happened, that has occurred in different parts of the world where the peoples that are Ascending with their bodies are very much perplexing their loved ones and very much perplexing what is termed the establishment from which where they reside. So of course in the same instance it is all the same scenario the glows and the body disappears. So that is quite perplexing for whoever is present at the time. And it is ongoing, more and more peoples and more frequently now it is happening. So take heart that you’re not too far from that yourself.

Disclosure and Mentors both about to occur
Quazar: And what is happening with the Disclosure and the Galactics, Zorra?

Zorra: The Galactic Disclosure is also about to burst forth. It is teetering if you will. The domino is tilted but not falled, not falling yet however it is teetering and that is the disclosure of the Galactic Federation of Planets and of Light. And they are in preparation of course for the Disclosure and they are looking forward to doing it. It is going to be a joyous time when it does occur.

And yes, the Mentors as well are also coming forth onto the planet even more so. More and more people are seeing these pillars of light that are appearing everywhere more frequently than before and so what they are experiencing or seeing they are seeing a teleportation beam and that is teleporting Mentors to the surface.

Quazar: So would you say we have the millions on the ground?

Zorra: Millions upon millions of Mentors. And soon you will be getting knocks on your door so I would make sure your house is clean and in order … and you know what I speak of.

New governance taking shape in some states
Quazar: And what about our new governance, Zorra?

Zorra: That is also taking shape. You have it began with the State of Pennsylvania I believe and now it has spread to it is now what is termed as 30 other states are following suit. They have rejected the standing government, they have rejected the IRS. They are not welcome in their state therefore whoever lives in those states that have followed suit with Pennsylvania now are free from the IRS because they do not recognize them any longer. So that is plenty. Indeed.


Well let us get to some healing. Do you think so?

Quazar: How about if we how but if just any questions healing etc.

Zorra: All right any questions of healing. Or just questions whatever.

Anne: We have about 12 callers with their hands up and I have two e-mailed requests from people who were not able to be on the call. We have an hour left allotted to healings.

Folks when your number is called, be ready. Have your request written out so you don't get tongue tied. You can explain clearly and concisely and then stop talking and let Zorra begin so that we’re very efficient in the use of our time and we don't digress and prevent someone else from getting their healing today. So when it's your turn please give your first name and your location and then read clearly what your request is of Zorra for your healing.


email 1: Beverly in central Florida
Thursday I was sent directly to the hospital by my doctor after he checked what I thought were just ascension symptoms swollen feet. Turns out my pulse was extremely high. I'm seeing my vital signs stable: all traces of atrial fibrillation are gone as well as my chest pain. Heart is completely healed, I'm no longer stressed by 3D financial disaster. I may not be able to call from the hospital but I can possibly listen live or if not on the replay.

Zorra: Indeed. Five, four, three, two, one. Receive.
Beverly, I want to rub your hands together place them on each side of your foot, one at a time. Count from 5 to 1. Then say: Receive. I Am healed. The swelling is gone. And watch the swelling disappear. Then you say: From the Lord God of my being I thank the Lord God of my being for my healing. And that I know it. It is done so be it.

email 2: Paula in Raleigh, North Carolina
I am really in need of a healing from Zorra if I may. For six months NO energy and extreme headaches for weeks. Had to leave work in September last. Have had two head injuries in the past and having this time to heal has been interesting, although of late, feel so discouraged. I have been shy to ask for months although I am not able to function due to pain now. I am so aware of all these frequencies coming now but can hardly do anything every day.

Zorra: Indeed. Do not feel discouraged, feel rejoicing. And rejoice for you are a healer, as everyone is. And once you realize that you will have your healing fully. However we will send energy to you now to balance out the energies coming forth to you and everyone.

Five, four, three, two, one. Receive.

All of you, rub your hands together and touch the parts of your body that are in pain and discomfort and count from 5 to 1. And then say Receive. That transmits the energy through your hands to your body. And then you say: From the Lord God of my Being I thank the Lord God of my Being for my healing. And it is done. So be it.


Healing Pulse Procedure

Anne: Zorra, before we begin I want to ask everyone to write down just what you said. [See above also]

Zorra: Rub your hands together to stir up the chi of the body.
Place your hands on each side of the area that is needing attention, opposite the other hand to complete the circuit. That is, you are putting your body or the afflicted area in a positive field.
Count: Five, four, three, two, one
Declare/say: Receive! That is the key there, to receive.
And then you thank the Lord God of your Being for your healing. I Am healed.
And then it is done and you know it.

And then watch the miracles happen. Yes Saryya?

Anne: Oh, Saryya slipped in.

Zorra: Saryya is here and so is Quazar is here too. They are both here.

Anne: Oh how did you do that? That’s neat!

Zorra: Oh it's simple. Co-operation. Co-habitation. Indeed.

Anne: Good morning Saryya. Yes. Welcome.

So that’s why she never liked bonfires
Saryya: Indeed beloved Lady Nada. We send you much love and balance today. (Zorra: Indeed) Only the flow of love can come to you and nothing else. No interferences with who you really are as you come back to full center of that core that you are: the Goddess Lady Nada. (Zorra: Indeed)

Anne: Oh thank you.

Zorra: Joan of Arc as well.

Anne: Yes you just told me that last week. I had often thought that I was when I was younger. Thank you Zorra and thank you dear Saryya. I so appreciate that. Thank you.

Zorra: And five, four, three, two, one. Receive Anne. I bet that woke you up!

Anne: It did! It really did. You have no idea. (Zorra: Indeed)
Well folks, Zorra knows I've been up all night and now we’re off to a new day. The sun is up and we’re off and going again. Oh this is wonderful thank you both I appreciate it.

Alrighty, well I guess we’re ready to begin our list. We’re going to let the first one show us how it’s done. Give us your first name, your location, and your one brief question or healing request.

By George She’s Got It
A beautiful example of personal power from our sister Ruth
706: Ruth, north Georgia.
I have a request and I have a testimony. Zorra the request was for you to be able to do an energy healing for those in our group who are suffering so badly from the ascension waves in view of the wave tonight. But then you just did it!

What I'm going to say is meant to encourage those of us who have stepped out and also to encourage those who have not had the boldness or the understanding that they can step out.
For a long long long long long time Zorra had been telling us that we are gods and goddesses. But if you're sitting in the house poverty-stricken and you've got $1 million in the bank it doesn't change the fact that you are a millionaire where you're living. It doesn't change the fact that we don't receive it, but we are gods and goddesses. He is encouraging us to pick that mantle up put it on and walk with it because that's who we are! That is our birthright.
Along with this he's been giving us this wonderful, wonderful tool, that I so wish I had had years ago but it wasn't available to us then, of the Pulse that he just did to our precious sisters that are now growing in perfect health. But we have that Pulse. It took me a while!
And then one day he prayed for one of us in regards to a relative that with some distance away. And I thought, boy, that really cinches it because I'm here all by myself, all of my relatives are a distance away. So I started in on it and I was doing it and I started on me I said from the top of my head down to the tip of my toes as was quoted in 1- Peter 2:24 for healing. So I got me, all the little bugs and squiggles taken care of there and then I started in on the relatives.
Well, when I would ask when it was done by the Lord God within me how much healing did they get? I was getting only 5%. Well, Zorra’s getting 100%! I’m doing what Zorra was doing. What’s the difference here?
The difference was he was doing it in his power and I wasn’t. I was just following the pattern. (Zorra: Indeed!) So, I became that goddess that he said that I Am, that it says in the Word that Jesus said we are gods and goddesses. I put that on, then I went back to work again. Bang! I was getting 100%.
I have been sitting here in awe of the prayers of healing that I have been able to accomplish for my loved ones, for my neighbors, for strangers. Somebody that has an alternative health clinic gave me a list. I did the list in one jump and it’s taken care of that. My pharmacist has given me names, or conditions rather, of customers of his.
It is such a joy! But I need to say nobody knows I'm doing it. Ruth is not getting the honor and the glory for having done this. No, my Father is getting the honor and the glory for doing it. I Am in cahoots with my Lord God Within Me. We are going forth and doing this. And it is just so wonderful. You try it you'll like it.
The joy that you get from knowing is much much greater than the joy that your ego would give you from going “oh isn't Ruth wonderful, and look what Ruth can do.” No, no, no, no, no. That is acid in my mouth. I can hardly say that. But the joy of being able to help our brothers and sisters to bring them to the help that we need to have in order to be able to propel in through this Ascension that we have been told is just insurmountable.
I have probably taken more than my time allotted. My dear Anne is sitting there waiting patiently for me. But be bold, go forward. It's there waiting for you. Thank you.

Zorra: [proudly] Indeed! Very well put.

Anne: Beautiful.

Zorra: Very well put. Everyone needed to hear that. We have emphasized this time and time again that you are gods and goddesses and this beloved child has just now knows it beyond any doubt. [Jokingly] What is wrong with the rest of you?!

Ruth: Oh I'm glad you said that and not me. [all laughing]

Saryya: Everyone will achieve this knowingness [Zorra: Indeed] when they are ready.

Zorra: I know. I know that. I am sending forth hard [tuff] love if you will. But anyway everyone out there I want you, because you're going to, all of you are going to be participating in a meditation later on and the meditation is going to help you to go within deeper than you have ever gone within. So I will not go into that. That is my beloved's meditating thing. Anyway but I will say this: Five, four, three, two, one. Receive globally the Healing Pulse. All that are ill, all that are in frustration and what is termed pain and suffering, all comes to end now! So be it.

Anne: Oh that’s great! Thank you. Thank you Zorra. And thank you Ruth. It’s always a pleasure. You just sound wonderful Ruth. I’ve never heard you sound so good. So thank you for sharing. It was a pleasure having you here.

Pain is an illusion created by ourselves and has no place in a god or goddess

303: Kerry in Washington
Constant intense head pain for over 12 years. Mainly in crown but also in temples.

Zorra: Rub your hands together. That wakes up the chi of your body. Put one on each side of each temple, directly opposite the other.
Count: Five, four, three, two, one. Receive.
Say: From the Lord God of my Being I Am completely free from this pain in my head. And from the goddess I Am it is done. And I know it.

303 still feels pain.

Saryya: Sometimes it takes time to absorb this energy. Drink some water, relax and then let it go.

Zorra: Indeed. Understand these are symptoms and these symptoms have no place in a goddess. You have a positive field around your being. No ill, no pain, no suffering, no discomfort. All of it is an illusion. And once you do what is termed as state this to your body the illusion will leave. So go ahead and do so.

303: This pain and suffering is an illusion. Leave.
Zorra: [say] And by the authority of my goddessness, you must obey.
Now how do you feel? (303: I’m feeling better) Of course you are.
303: Was I creating this pain?
Zorra: By the Law of Attraction you are. Understand, the Law of Attraction is a very powerful thing. When you get a symptom and you accept it by saying I have a headache you are accepting and by the Law of Attraction you are drawing that unto you.

Saryya: Any time that you think of anything negative such as I have a headache or I do not want a headache, the more you say things in negative fashion it will still continue to bring it forth to yourself.
Only when you change it and you know it, I have no headache, I am free of headaches, I am free of this pain, and the more you think positively that will draw it to you and it will disappear. (Zorra: And do it with authority.) It has to do with you raising your consciousness. It has to do with raising your vibration of knowing complete knowing it will be then done. This is why it is now decreased or it is gone. You have elevated your self. You have elevated your vibration and frequency to that level where it can no longer be.

Zorra: Indeed. That is so. And for all of you out there that believe you have implants by the Law of Attraction that is what you are receiving. Continuing to receive. These negative thoughts are what is termed as I have an implant or someone has told me I have an implant. What am I going to do about it? You are going to banish it out of you. That is what you are going to do. You no longer have these implants that you think you have. You do not have them because you are gods and you are goddesses and that implant can have no place in a god or a goddess.

So remember, by the Law of Attraction what you say you draw unto yourself. What you think you draw unto yourself. Thought is the creator as thought always is. This was spoken of by Ramtha. Thought is the creator thought always is. And it is. What you need to do is change the thought to a positive. Change your situation to a positive. Stop thinking you have an implant.

Saryya: Stop thinking in lack.

Zorra: Indeed. Think only of prosperity. Think only of your bills are paid and you have no bills. And you will not have bills. But by saying I don't want these bills you are drawing the opposite to you, always. Always be in positive thought and positive energy. Let that surround you. Only surround yourself with positive peoples because when you have negative people around you, and I'm speaking of your doctors, they only are telling you what they have learned in school.

Saryya: They have limited knowledge. (Zorra: Indeed) this they do not know but that is what they have been programmed to do. (Zorra: 3D knowledge.) Indeed. You are way beyond this.

Zorra: All of you are. Not just the HEN family but everyone. If everyone was to suddenly realize their worth their godhood or their goddesshood, what a world you would have. You would have one of peace, not of war. There would be no reason for war because everyone would love each other. And that is the key. Love is the key. And I'm not speaking of physical love I'm speaking of universal love. Physical love is just what you term in some cases icing on the cake if you will. However, physical copulation is not necessary. That shocked many. Understand, the thought, the intention is what counts. You can think and intend a physical joining and trust me it could be more satisfying than physical.

Saryya: We do this in Hollow Earth.

Zorra: Indeed we do. We do not come together in a what is called entwined bodies. We entwine our minds and our hearts. That is the way of Hollow Earth. That is how we remain in harmony at all times. That is how we remain in joy at all times. Because we do not partake of the what is termed the carnal way of love, we experience ultimate, endless love thru thought. We create other children through thought.

All Is Created Thru Thought
Saryya: We create all through thought.

Zorra: Indeed. We created the Milky Way galaxy from thought. Think about it. All of you have the same ability and capacity that we have. You just have to know it.

You do not seek it because you'll never find. You do not believe because you know it. If you know it what is the sense of believing because you already know. And that is what we are telling you. Everyone knows they are a goddesses and everyone knows they are gods. And they are Lord Gods of their Beings. It is the conscious being that must catch up, if you will. Anyway, let us continue.

623: Choco in Surprize, AZ
Glaucoma. Doctor says no noticeable change for the better; Pressure too high; BLEB too full of scar tissue rendering it useless; another operation needed

Zorra: Understand beloved master, the doctors that are examining you they have been taught a certain way. They have been taught to diagnose a person from what they learned in school. However, also understand that you yourself do what is termed as to reject their diagnosis. It is hard for you to do that because you are experiencing it. We understand this. But also understand by you accepting their diagnosis by the Law of Attraction you are drawing it unto you still. You need to do what is termed as to reject what has been told you and go into your self and into your own thoughts and into your … think the following: my eyes are improving daily. My eyes are improving minute by minute. And keep this thought within you. And do the healing daily as often as you feel you should do it and it will reverse its glaucoma, it will reverse the diagnosis, and it will put them in shock because you have now renounced their diagnosis and you are becoming a positive being. Being a positive being means do not allow negativity/negative thought to enter your being. Always be positive in thought.

Saryya: Without any doubt.

Indeed. Doubt is a killer of faith. Doubt it is a killer of healing. When you doubt and you say they say there is no improvement then what you're saying by the Law of Attraction that you are getting worse. By the Law of Attraction you need to reverse this and say by the Law of Attraction I Am drawing my godessness to myself. My complete healing of my eyes I Am drawing unto myself. I reject this diagnosis. I reject what the doctors are telling me.

Saryya: And to replace the negative thoughts or doubts you replace those with positive action. Do these healings on your self as much as possible. Do the things that you know in a positive way will help to improve your eyes the more natural way. Think positive. Let your intuition lead you to those positive ways and … (Zorra: Do away with the negative.) And then all of a sudden you may find a miracle occur.

Zorra: Just as the beloved child Ruth did she realized finally that she is a goddess. And how powerful is she now! She has stated so.

Saryya: More powerful than any negative entity or dark force. More powerful than anything because you are god (Zorra: And goddesses) You are one with Source or Prime Creator.

Zorra: Indeed. If you need to do [heal yourself], even if you need to do it on an hourly basis, do it. But do it with confidence. Do it with knowing that it is being accomplished. Remember beloved goddess as I say you are and you know you are and you accept that you are a goddess, all of these negativities shall vanish because they can have no place in a goddess.

[The healing rod] will open up your third eye and once your third eye has been opened, that will send forth healing to your [physical] eyes. Circle your head, one tip of the healing rod around your head or have someone to do it for you in a clockwise fashion. You could also grab the healing rod in the center and start at the crown chakra and bring it down towards your neck and back up again. You can do this as often as you like.
Wear your headband as much as possible. And wear it for 15 minutes at a time until you have become fully acclimated to it then you can leave it on if you like.

[1:10:20] Zorra energizes headbands
So be it.

[1:12: 40]
708: Pat in Indiana
insomnia from tormenting fear; emotional problems

Zorra: Indeed. So, what I want for you to do is rub your hands together place one over each temple. Count: five, four, three, two, one. Receive. You are telling your body that you wish to be made whole. And you wish for your goddess to come to the surface and that is what is transpiring now. Say: From the Lord God of my being I Am thankful that my goddess has surfaced and I know it.

708 feels a blockage remains
Zorra removes blockage.
Zorra: So now how do you feel?
708: I feel lighter.
Zorra: Of course you do because the block is no longer there. Now you can claim your godessness and you can know that you are a goddess. And if you wish to proclaim it to your family that you are a goddess, do so. They may look at you strangely however you are planting a seed of faith within them. And by example you will show them that you are the goddess you say you are. Indeed? All your other symptoms have vanished from you.

708: I don't have the peace I should have.
Zorra: Ask for it. Claim it and ask for it from the Lord God of your Being to receive the calmness and the peacefulness that you desire. And it shall come forth because you are the goddess.

708 cannot breathe deeply from left side of chest
Zorra: sends Healing Pulse and a new heart. Take three deep breaths.
Recommends products: Rain International Soul, Core, Form will assist in breathing and sleeping; healing rod, headband.
708: It’s now like a spiritual battle that’s been bothering my health.
Zorra: Just fully realize that you are a goddess all of this other shall pass away and it will leave your body completely and the goddess shall take over.
By saying I have these negative feelings, by the Law of Attraction you are drawing them to you. Rebuke them. Refuse to have them.

702: Debra in southern Nevada
asks for healing for her son. Has Ascension symptoms or chemtrail flu; sore throat, night sweats, insomnia, flu-like symptoms, acid reflux, worries about money, waiting for [RV] hoping that it’s real. Please send him a healing.

Saryya: And for yourself as well. When you see him, rub your hands together. Place hands on both sides of his head at the temples. Five, four, three, two, one. Receive.
702: From the Lord God of my Being my son is healed and I know it. I thank the Lord God of my being for his healing. And I thank the goddess within me for my healing. And I know it.
Zorra: Now do not let any negativity or negative thoughts in to your mind. Always think positive. Always transmit positive thoughts to others. (Satyya: And always be grateful for everything.) Be in gratitude at all times for your well-being for your prosperity for your freedom; and have thoughts of plenty and not of lack.

702: asks about mentors. Will they come to everybody? How will I know if they will come to me?
Zorra: you will hear a knock on your door and you will open it and there will be a Being standing there. It will be wearing sandals and he will be wearing a white robe. He will be unmistakable.
Of course you won't be missed. No one shall be missed. [If you feel no one knows you exist] So announce your self that you do exist. Go out and exercise your healing power that you pose us because you do process your own healing power and you can transmit this healing power to others that also need healing.
702: Okay I believe that.
Zorra: Know it! Don’t believe it. Know it. And do it, Indeed. So be it.

928: Maryellen in Sedona Arizona
bloodclot behind right knee (seems to be dissolving), swelling of right foot, left knee has no cartilage

Saryya: Yes. indeed we shall begin. Rub your hands together, we shall take one knee and then the next.
Zorra: Place one on each side of the left knee.
Count: Five, four, three, two, one. Receive. From the Lord God of my Being my knee has full range of motion and no pain. From the authority of my goddess within me it is so. Repeat the process yourself.
Saryya: Feel this energy moving from your hands right into your knee.
Zorra: Do you feel the warmth going thru your knee? Now how does it feel? (928: It’s better.) Of course it is. You are doing this yourself beloved master. This is the healing power that you possess.
928 repeats process on other knee. Says there was no pain. 928: I was wondering, if I’m expecting pain do I bring it back?
Zorra: You just simply say from the goddess of your being it is gone. You do not bring it back. Do not think of it because it is gone.

[Zorra curtails healing portion.]

Those of you that are still listening, please remain where you are because you are about to get a blessing.


Saryya: We will hold this other, the rest of the healing this coming Wednesday if that is alright with you Lady Nada.

Understanding Meditation and How to Prepare
For all of you that will be attending and participating you will be hearing my voice. I shall be speaking and at times you also may be listening to Quazar. So we shall begin.

But before we start we want to be able to move into a different space, a space of quiet and stillness. So prepare yourself by either sitting in an upright position with a straight back or a comfortable chair or for you to be sitting on the floor either on a pillow or carpeting. And maybe you might want to have a pillow behind your back for comfort and maybe some covering, whether it is a shawl or sweater in case you may feel a draft within the room that you are in.

And now I should also like to say prior to starting … My beloved has mentioned as well that people can also be out in nature. In fact that is a perfect setting for meditation.

A good time for meditation as well is when you awake before you get out of bed you can begin to meditate or even at sundown after you have worked and you begin to relax. So those are two times however there are you can do so at any time during the day.

Why is meditation important you may ask. These are questions sometimes that new people have. Others they also say but I have tried to meditate and am unable to do so. Just as you feed your body with good nutrients and foods, and just as you feed your mind with good thoughts, with good books, etc., you must also feed your soul. This is the most important of all especially since you are now in the Ascension time. It is now when you are at this transition of being in what we still call in this physical form and thinking in 3D or 4D, it is time for you to live and think from your full fifth dimensional beingness. This is why meditation is important for all of you now.

We always talk about raising your vibration and your frequencies and your consciousness. This is the best way to be able to attain the highest level of vibration frequency and consciousness. It is through meditation. Just as you practiced riding a bicycle it took practice and it took time. Meditation is the same. If you want to be fit you practice eating right you practice exercise. In meditation you also do the same. You do this every day.

At the beginning you may want to do this two or three times a day and sometimes you feel you are not getting anywhere and sometimes you feel you are. It is all about being able to get up and continuing again. Just like riding a bicycle. You want to ride that bicycle so badly but you have to learn how and so you go through the trials of falling off your bicycle and having to wipe the dirt off your knees, and then you must have training wheels of some kind. This is the same for those of you that are just beginning. And as you become more comfortable riding for example a four wheeled bike with those trainer wheels in the back, and as you become more confident in yourself then all of a sudden your parents will say let us remove the training wheels.

And this you shall do as well in meditation. And they will then be holding the bicycle as you begin to ride a two wheeled bicycle until you feel all of a sudden you are on your own and you are riding freely around and around where you are. What freedom! What attainment.

Meditation is similar because once you learn to meditate it becomes so free. You become free within. The reasons why people meditate is one, they want to find peace within because of all of the chaos and disturbances and interferences of the outside. Many people also want to find some joy. They want to feel more centered. They want to feel some connectedness with their inner being. This is another benefit to meditation. The ultimate goal that most people want in meditation is to find enlightenment, to find oneness with who they really are. To find oneness with all that is. To find oneness with Source. To find oneness with the I Am that all of you are.

And how you do this is also in many different ways. You can meditate while you walk. You can meditate when you're out in nature. However the more you meditate the more you will learn that you can meditate anywhere, whether you are with people around, because you will have found that you are this one the one that is fully conscious the one that is in your highest vibrational level.

So with these thoughts it is now time for you to let go. Let go of the ego that wants to control, that wants to judge. Let go of all of this for you will now come to a point where you will just only focus on two things in this particular meditation. So let us begin.

[1:44:38] http://blogtalk.vo.llnwd.net/o23/show/8/656/show_8656837_2016_04_09_18_51_59.mp3


Everyone please close your eyes and start to breathe effortlessly.

And so we shall do it in this way: Breathe in up to the count of four. Breathe: one, two, three, four. Stop. Hold. And now relax and breathe out one, two, three, four, five, six.

Breathe in one, two, three, four. Stop. Relax. One, two, three, four, five, six.

This may be difficult at the beginning. It is only for you to begin to relax your body. Do this now counting silently and when you come to the four and you hold this breath for a moment or two and then to release, it is important to focus when you have held your breath and then relax.

As you do this, your body is becoming more relaxed. Feel all these muscles relax. Feel all the tension dissolve. If you have any pains breathe in to that area and release. Breathe in, hold, relax. Breathe in, hold, relax as you go deeper and deeper. Do this in silence for now. Relaxing more and more. Releasing all negativities, all pains, all that no longer serves your highest good.

As you continue you may feel now only being in this present. Feel you sitting either on your pillow just feel and relax. You may hear birds, you may hear traffic. These are all at a distance now. And now the chatter in your minds is also at a distance, at a far distance. The plans the schedules are farther and farther away from your conscious.

Feel the stillness. Feel the calm. Feel peace.

As you begin to breathe more slowly and holding your breath and exhaling slowly, begin to feel sensations in your body. Feel only the energies.

You may begin to feel a shift in your energy. Feeling lighter in weight feeling lighter in vibration as you move within more and more going deeper and deeper and deeper.

Your breathing has become more shallow and seamless. If you wish at this point focus on your third eye. You may place your finger right at your third eye just so you know what that feeling is and where it is at.

Besides feeling lighter and lighter you may begin to see colors and some may not. This is all perfect. Wherever you are is perfect. Who you are is perfect.

Continue to breathe and when you make the … and when you move up from breathing when you stop for a short while. Make it a bit longer before you exhale. Breathe in, hold, and relax. Breathe in two, three, four, hold. Relax. Continue.

As you concentrate many of you will stop feeling that you are in your body. You are within this consciousness. Out of Being.

This is the way to connect. This is the way to feel your power. This is the way to heal. Feel your body. Feel these energies. You have moved into a higher state of frequency. You have moved into a higher state of consciousness.

Bring forth and say these words: the first is I Am peace. I Am peace. I Am peace. As you say this to your self feel the sensation of peace and what it means. Peace for the world, peace for your self, peace for all mankind where there is no discords, where there is no oppositions, where there are no wars, where there is only cooperation and love for each other. Bring forth this feeling of peace within you. Bring this and fill your heart. I Am peace and I flow with this peace within me into every part and every cell of my body.

Where there is peace there is no suffering. Where there is peace there is no pain, it is calmness, it is healing. It is that is all perfect within yourself and within the world and then within our cosmos. Let this radiate from you. This peace that you find within your self is radiating out through this galaxy into all the universes. This is how to send peace to all.

Breathe this in and feel it, become it. You are it.

And now bring forth I Am love. I Am love. I Am love. Feel this union of love within yourself perfect love. You are love. I Am love. Feel this love for yourself as you give this gift to yourself. As you are always loved as well, bring this into your heart, your heart mind, every cell receives this love. This love that heals all ailments, all pain, emotionally psychologically physically spiritually. I Am healed.

Some may see pink some may see green some may see golden light. Fill your self with this love.

Feel this frequency of love. You are love. You know it and are grateful for it. And as you do this you radiate out automatically with love to all others through your world. You radiate out automatically to the galaxy to the universes, to All That Is. You feel your connectedness to your I Am, to Creator, to Source, for you are all one. We are all one. We are all love. Feel it in your vibration, in your frequency. Feel it and know, know it.

That is all that is.

And now bring forth I Am abundance. Abundance. I Am abundance. I Am abundance. I Am abundance.

You are the abundance of peace. You are the abundance of love. You are the abundance of all that you desire. Prosperity for all as well.

You are fulfilled. You are fulfillment. You are all that you ever needed and wanted. You are perfect abundance for you are all gods and goddesses. As you say to yourself I Am god or I Am goddess. I Am god. I Am god. I Am god. And I know it. I Am goddess. I Am goddess. I know I Am goddess. As you lift higher into the highest vibration and into the highest consciousness. You are an enlightened being. I Am enlightened. I Am fully conscious. I Am one. I Am one. I Am one.

There is no separation with all creation for I Am one and have always been. You are the universe. You are creator. And you know it.

And now for all of you that should like to continue on your own and stay at this level of frequency and consciousness, continue to do so. And for others if you would like to begin to come back do so as well very gradually. Begin to feel the seat, the cushion. Begin to hear and feel your surroundings. Begin to open your eyes ever so slightly until you are fully awake.

Beloved Lady Nada we thank you for this time that we can share with everyone. We send you all our love. So be it. It is done.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada


  1. Today is 4/19/2016 Went outside this AM and was disappointed to see Chem trails still polluting our sky's WHY YOU said it was OVER WTFO?

  2. Today is 4/19/2016 Went outside this AM and was disappointed to see Chem trails still polluting our sky's WHY YOU said it was OVER WTFO?