Monday, May 9, 2016

Canadian Wildfires

There's a raging fire going on for several days now in Alberta, Canada.  Authorities say that it might cross to the other states/provinces of Canada.  Alberta is just across the border from the state of Montana. Fires like this is not very common in Canada as wildfires usually happens on a dry draught stricken locations such as those in Southern California.  Some people suspect that this could be an intentional fire to damage sizable areas of Canada.  The wildfires has already demolished large residential areas as well as lush forest land.

So our thoughts/hearts goes out to the people of Alberta who are affected by this calamity.  May we all join in requesting for divine intervention to stop the fires from further spreading to nearby areas.  


Commentary: Perhaps it is time now to switch into using building materials that are not made of wood.  Wooden products are easily combustible and susceptible to fires.  If houses/homes are somewhere between 65 to 80% made from wooden material then this can severely damage the home; as wildfires can literally reduce a typical wooden homes into ashes in a matter 25 to 45 minutes of intense fire.  There are several materials nowadays that are much stronger than wood and yet fire resistant.

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