Saturday, May 21, 2016

Earth is Expanding Diametrically


Scientists have been scratching their heads for quite sometime now.  They are buffled by the fact that the Earth is supposed to be flooded by now because of all the accumulated industrial emissions from cars, factories and etc. which is suppose to heat up the atmosphere of the Earth and cause the temperature to rise and significantly melt the ice in both north and south pole. But so far, as of now the ice in both polar region are not melting significantly as expected.  There were signs that some glacier ice did actually melted and became iceberg. But no matter how much ice berg there is that disintegrates from the polar cap, it just not enough to cause the worlds sea level to rise.  

And what is more intriguing is that the size of the Earth is constantly growing.  It is growing in terms of its radius (when measuring from the center point and to the edge) as well as its diameter from one edge to the other edge of the globe.  

This reality was shared to us by the people of Hollow Earth particularly by Zorra.  And this brings us to the interesting conclusion in that we now have a new glimpse on how the planets in the universe are growing or expanding proportionally in the course of their existence in space.  

Just like every tree in the world are known by their age through the concentric rings that are formed within its trunk (when you cut the tree you see the rings in its radius).  The older the tree, the more rings are formed in its radius.  And so time can be a deciding factor as to the age of the trees and that includes its physical growth. 

And this is the same way with Earth.  As the Earth progressed in terms of time along with its growth towards ascension then the Earths physical growth are also becoming apparent through its size.  This means the Earth is not the same as it used to be.  Otherwise, the worlds sea level should have risen significantly and flooded the lower levels coastal areas of the world.  But the rise in the sea levels is not happening.  And that is not surprising when we consider the planet is growing physically.  

For example, how did Jupiter attained its present size in terms of diameter?  Was Jupiter really designed from the very beginning to have that kind of size or it grew overtime?  The same question with other planets and or stars systems.  But with the revelation from Zorra, we get a glimpse on how planets resize and grow diametrically.

And so, the planets and all the stars in the Galaxy attained the kind of size or growth simply because of two factors:

1.) Planetary Evolution - Ascension
2.) The amount of time that they exist in space

And with this, we get a clue as to how and why the planets and stars in the Galaxy have varying degrees of sizes.  Some are small and some are large.  Those that are large must have been in space for a very, very long time.  And that they have progressed significantly over the course of time that they exist in space.  This means there was a time when they were small in size but grew larger and larger in time. 

Another factor is of course the planetary ascension.  As planets ascend to a higher dimension and so does its people and or inhabitants of that planet.  Remember, all these stars that we see in the sky are not really HOT, as the light is actually generated by a COLD FUSION system of creating light source.  All the beings and or living things are residing inside the interior space of every planet as every stars in the Galaxy are technically also a planet that has inhabitants inside.

This is also true with the Sun.  Our Sun (also known as SOL) is also powered by a luminance of light through Cold Fusion.  This version of fusion is obviously as old as the Galaxy itself as they were propagating this technology for eons and eons of time.  The truth is the Sun is NOT HOT! The heat that we feel on Earth is generated by the centrifugal force that envelopes the Earths atmosphere.  This magnetic friction that surrounds the Earth is whats causing the heat that we feel.  When the light of the sun reaches the atmosphere it then projects the heat to the surface of the world.  But as mentioned, the sun is not really hot at all, because the source of its luminance and brightness is coming from cold fusion.  We can ask every astronaut that went into outer space and they will say that it is not hot outside of the Earths atmosphere.  Once we reach the region in outer space of zero gravity, then everything becomes sub ZERO temperature.  It's actually very cold in space and not hot even when the suns light is directly beaming at us.

The burning flame that we see on the surface of the Sun is only a holographic image that they projected on the atmosphere of the Sun in order to make the people of Earth stay away from the Sun because we are not yet dimensionally compatible with the standards of the Sun.  Meaning, they (people of the Sun) setup that visual fence in order to discourage people (particularly the powers that used to be) from making a journey to the Sun as they might only spread their evil mess in the world of the Sun.  The Sun spots that people are seeing are like an animated PROCEDURAL textures and nothing more.  In other words, the fire that seems to surround the Sun is just visual holographic projections.  The truth is the surface of the sun is no different from the surface of the state of Nevada. Because the people from Hollow Earth had been traveling there frequently for eons of time. And it is not hot there on the surface of the Sun.  The solar flares and solar storms are just simply propaganda designed to cause people to have something to be concerned or be afraid of given by the powers that used to be, when in reality these solar flares are just plain hollographic and nothing else.

The growth and expansion of the Earth must be the main reason why the suppose rise of water level on Earth is not happening at all.  It's because the expansion of the size of the Earth is causing the worlds ocean to have more space to accommodate the water it presently hold, and therefore the worlds sea level is not increasing.

The Earth is growing physically which can be measured from its edge to edge.  And the primary reason for the expansion is that the planet is indeed "Ascending".

There may be some mild earthquakes that will happen as the planet adjust itself physically; but overall it's good for the planet as a whole.  

I was hoping that the Galactics would somehow reduce the amount of water in the worlds ocean so that there will be more land for residential purposes as well as enlargement of boundaries and territories of countries.  But with the Earths expansion it may not be necessary.  This means, as the Earth expands there will be more land space that people can explore and reside upon and not have to be too concentrated on a compacted and compressed in tiny communities as well as congested, over populated cities of the world.

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